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Register a Company in Hong Kong with a Bank Account in Luxembourg

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Registration of an offshore company in Hong Kong is the right and promising step. In recent years, the jurisdiction has been offering the most favorable environment for doing business. Technically, Hong Kong is not offshore, but the specifics of taxation and corporate laws will not allow you to feel any particular difference. There are certain distinctions, but all of them are exceptionally positive for business.

As for a corporate bank account in Hong Kong, things are a bit more complicated. The Hong Kong financial institutions operate under rather strict regulations. Avoiding issues when opening a bank account is virtually impossible, and the probability of rejection is quite high even for the most transparent businesses. Therefore, when choosing a bank for their Hong Kong offshore company, business persons most often look at the classic offshore jurisdictions such as St. Lucia, Vanuatu, Seychelles or BVI.

Company in Hong Kong

But we believe that serious business deserves the best. Therefore, if you are interested in setting up a company in Hong Kong, we recommend our exclusive offer, a corporate bank account in Luxembourg. This is a very interesting option for a solid, promising and long-lasting business when the reputation of the bank and/or jurisdiction is as important as the country where you register your offshore company.

Hong Kong is the Best Option for Setting Up an Offshore Company

The choice of jurisdictions where it is now possible to register an offshore company is very broad. There are all sorts of options, from relatively low-cost to exclusive ones, when the cost of company formation is quite high. There are at least 15 classic offshore jurisdictions, and 11 more can be considered mixed offshore zones. In addition, there are a few dozen countries where only part of the offshore features can be found.

So why do we recommend Hong Kong?

  • It is a dynamically developing economy.
  • The reputation component is extremely high. An offshore company in Hong Kong is already half the success in negotiations with potential clients/partners. Provided, of course, that the offshore company registration is carried out in accordance with all the rules.
  • It is the best, exclusive option for entering the Chinese market.
  • There is no foreign exchange regulation in Hong Kong.
  • The fastest and easiest procedure for the offshore company registration in Hong Kong. But this does not mean money-saving. Any amateurism will cost you too much.
  • Well-developed infrastructure, including financial institutions. We could recommend you opening a business account for your company with a bank in Hong Kong. But first, the procedure here would be extremely complicated with a high probability of rejection. And secondly, opening a corporate account for a company in Luxembourg is a whole other level of opportunities and prestige.
  • Low taxes (territorial principle of taxation), tax incentives and preferences for new companies. Under a number of conditions, the company in Hong Kong actually goes offshore, as it no longer has to pay taxes.
  • Simplified accounting and financial reporting. Hong Kong doesn’t want the companies to do a lot of paperwork. They believe that a company registered in the jurisdiction should contribute to the country’s well-being. And it’s hard to argue with that.
  • English is one of the official languages.
  • Comprehensive business support at all levels.
  • The opportunity to immigrate to Hong Kong after company registration here.
  • Very high level of economic freedom.
  • Use of British common law.
  • No citizenship restrictions for shareholders and directors.
  • No requirement to have a local director.

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Company Registration in Hong Kong. Main Facts

Availability of information on business registration in different countries has led to the situation when people and firms without proper experience started engaging in it. That is why we recommend you to be extremely careful when choosing a partner to assist you with the offshore company registration in Hong Kong. The best option is working with Offshore Pro Group. If you have not yet made a final decision, please read some basic information on the offshore company registration in Hong Kong that we prepared for you.

The most important points on the topic:

  • Name of the company in Hong Kong. It doesn’t need to be unique, but respect for other people’s intellectual rights when registering an offshore company in Hong Kong is mandatory. We recommend having 2 or 3 backup options.
  • Company director(s) in Hong Kong. A company in Hong Kong must have at least one individual director. No restrictions on citizenship or tax residency. The director needs to be over 18 years of age, with a clean police record.
  • Company shareholders in Hong Kong. The company needs to have at least one shareholder (but no more than 49). The requirements are similar to the requirements regarding company director(s). It is allowed to combine the position of company director and shareholder.
  • Company secretary in Hong Kong. This position is mandatory. It can be a natural person or a legal entity (residence/registered address in Hong Kong is required).
  • Company share capital in Hong Kong. No formal minimum amount requirements, no restrictions on currencies. Bearer shares are not permitted.
  • Registered address of the Hong Kong company. When registering an offshore company, it will be enough (this requirement is mandatory). But we still recommend considering the actual presence of the offshore company in Hong Kong.
  • Publicly available information about the Hong Kong company. This applies to the details of the director(s), shareholders and secretary. This information is publicly available. If you need enhanced data security, please discuss it with our experts. Perhaps you could use the services of professional directors/shareholders.
  • Company taxation in Hong Kong. Corporate tax is 16.5% of taxable income. If the latter is earned outside Hong Kong and is not transferred to the jurisdiction, the offshore company will not have to pay taxes (with a number of conditions). There is no GST, tax at source, dividend tax and capital gains tax.
  • Preparation and maintenance of the company accounts in Hong Kong. It is mandatory to get the accounts verified by a certified public accountant (from Hong Kong only), and to file the report together with the tax return.
  • Annual general meeting of shareholders in Hong Kong. It is mandatory to hold it every year (18 months from the date of the offshore company incorporation). The alternative is a written resolution.
  • Further obligations of the company in Hong Kong. It is mandatory to file annual reports with the Companies Registry, make annual payments of registration fees and renewal of the Certificate of Continuing Registration (in some cases it can be done every 3 years).

Offshore Company Registration in Hong Kong. Basic Services and Costs

Please see the information on the cost of our services below. This set of services is included in the basic option. Yet you need to know that in certain cases (for example, if the case is complicated), extra legal arrangements and steps will be required. If such a situation arises, we will immediately contact you, and we will develop our tactics for further steps together.

The cost of registration/maintenance of an offshore company in Hong Kong is 2,640 USD which includes:

  • Company formation + payment of state fees + obtaining the company documents and building of seals = 1,200 USD;
  • Services of a registered secretary (the cost does not include the price of mailing as well as the receipt and forwarding of letters related to the client’s business activities) is 350 USD a year;
  • Registered (legal) address for an offshore company in Hong Kong is 350 USD a year.
  • Creation of the Significant Controllers Register is 350 USD.
  • A representative in charge of keeping and updating the Significant Controllers Register is 390 USD a year.

Government fees and mandatory services one year after incorporation of an offshore company in Hong Kong amount to 1,625 USD as follows:

  • The business license renewal fee for the company in Hong Kong (Business Registration) is 300 USD.
  • Filing of the annual report on the corporate structure of the company in Hong Kong is 235 USD.
  • Registered company secretary is 350 USD a year.
  • Registered (legal) address is 350 USD a year. Please note the comments in the section on offshore company registration in Hong Kong.
  • A representative in charge of keeping and updating the Significant Controllers Register is 390 USD a year.

Bank Account with a Luxembourg Bank

One of the most important components of a successful business is a financial institution that will take care of the company. It would seem that there are no issues here. There are enough banks in Hong Kong, and any of them will be happy to work with you. But the reality is quite different, much less rosy.

Banks in Hong Kong are very cautious in their approach to selecting clients, so the probability of rejection is very high. It often happens without any reason at all. And if an offshore company in Hong Kong considers only a Hong Kong bank, they may end up without a bank account at all. And this situation has persisted for years.

You might think that opening an account for an offshore company in Luxemburg is a compromise which is only used in complete lack of other alternatives, but it is not so. Moreover, the respected financial institution is a much more advantageous and interesting option for opening a bank account for an offshore company than other widely-advertised banks.

Yet another interesting point is the comparison of Luxembourg and Switzerland. Twenty years ago it would have seemed completely irrelevant, but times are different now. Switzerland means exclusive top class financial services for wealthy individuals and transparent businesses with solid background and high reputation. The only relative disadvantage is a fairly high cost of service. Therefore, not every offshore company (no matter where it was registered, in Hong Kong or any other jurisdiction) can afford  opening a bank account in Switzerland.

But as George Gordon Byron once wrote, “A dog has all the virtues of Man without his Vices.” In relation to the topic of our conversation we can safely say the following: Luxembourg banks have all the advantages of Swiss banks except the high cost of service. Therefore, you should not regret that you are offered to open an account for your offshore company in Luxembourg. At least you lose nothing, and at best you acquire a reliable and time-tested financial partner that will work with you for many years.

Advantages of the bank in Luxembourg:

  • Long history. The parent structure has existed since 1920 (Portugal).
  • Slogan of the bank. “Swiss approach and warmth of the Portuguese sun.”
  • Highly advantageous geographical position in the heart of Europe.
  • There is no European bond tax in Luxembourg, so banking and financial services are particularly interesting here. This equally applies to our partner bank.
  • All customers are divided into conditional groups, so they can get financial services focused on a specific target audience.
  • In case of force majeure the bank in Luxembourg is ready to make a compromise which makes it very convenient and especially homelike.
  • The sole shareholder of the bank is the Fundo de Resolução state fund so the level of customer protection is very high.
  • The bank has representative offices in 25 countries.
  • The bank’s service portfolio includes numerous financial instruments, covering all customer needs and beyond.

Types of corporate accounts that an offshore company registered in Hong Kong can open with the bank in Luxembourg:

  • Settlement (current) account. Supported currencies: USD, EUR, GBP, CHF. Minimum deposit 250 EUR. Interest is not paid.
  • Savings account. The supported currencies are the same. Minimum deposit is 500 EUR. The account is renewed every quarter, so you can make a deposit for a year, half a year, 3 months or 1 month. You may use the account as a reserve account yet make profits.
  • Fixed-term deposit. The supported currencies are the same. Minimum amount is 500 EUR. Maturity periods are similar to the savings account. The interest rate is determined when you sign the contract. It depends on the investment/deposit amount. Maintenance of the account is free of charge.

Cost of basic services at the bank in Luxembourg (for electronic and written confirmation respectively):

  • Account opening is free of charge.
  • Current account maintenance fee is 48 EUR a year.
  • Minimum account balance is 250 EUR.
  • Supported currencies are EUR, USD, GBP, CHF, NOK, CAD.
  • Domestic payments in Luxembourg to beneficiary accounts are either free of charge or cost 0.5 EUR.
  • Transfers within Luxembourg to partner accounts are either free of charge or cost 0.5 EUR.

International transfers:

  • Bank transfer orders (IBAN/BIC are valid). Domestic transfers up to 12,500 EUR / over 12,500 EUR are free of charge / 0.25% of transfer amount (maximum 110 EUR) [electronic confirmation]; up to 12,500 EUR / over 12,500 EUR are 15 EUR / 0.25% of transfer amount (maximum 110 EUR) [written confirmation].
  • Urgent transfer* is 15 EUR / 32.5 EUR.
  • Incoming international transfer is 12,5 EUR.
  • Incoming international transfer in manual mode (not STP) is 17 EUR.
  • Transfer to the wrong or incorrect BIC or IBAN number* is 16 EUR / 20 EUR.

International transfers in SEPA:

  • Bank transfer (IBAN / BIC are valid). Up to 100,000 EUR are free of charge, over 100,000 EUR are 20 EUR [electronic confirmation]; up to 10,000 EUR are 1.5 EUR; 10,000 to 50,000 EUR are 5 EUR; 50,000 to 100,000 are 15 EUR; over 100,000 EUR are 35 EUR [written confirmation].
  • Urgent transfer* is 20 EUR / 22.5 EUR. 
  • Incoming international transfer is free of charge.
  • Incoming international transfer in manual mode (not STP) is 17 EUR.

Procedure for Remote Registration of an Offshore Company in Hong Kong with a Business Account in Luxembourg

Our experts will tell you about all the peculiarities of the practical implementation of your project, so this article will only cover the most important aspects. Please note that we are ready to work with any case, even the most complex one, in which case the typical sequence of steps may not work. But be sure that our team of experts will take you all the way through.

How can I order the service of company registration in Hong Kong and with opening a bank account in Luxembourg?

  • Please do not hesitate to contact our experts. The easiest way to do it is emailing us at, but you can choose another communication channel (please see here).
  • Tell our experts about your project, discuss possible options, extra sets of services, and potential alternatives. Please feel free to ask questions and find out more details. It is the only way to get the best hit for your actual needs. Our goal is not just to sell a service of the offshore company registration in Hong Kong with the opening of a corporate account in Luxembourg. We strive to ensure that our customers get the best of what is possible, rather than a typical service. We hope you do not mind.
  • If we are convinced that your project is feasible in general, and you are satisfied with our terms (conditions, cost, format of work), you will need to pay our invoice, 7,090 USD (please see our money transfer options).
  • After that you will need to prepare a set of documents which we will discuss during our individual consultation.

In order to register an offshore company in Hong Kong you will need the following documents:

  • Company Articles of Association.
  • Registration form. It includes the data on the number of shares, share capital (which needs to be specified before the offshore company registration in Hong Kong, not afterwards), distribution of responsibility, data on the shareholders, directors and secretary, a brief description of the company’s offshore business, registered address, company name.

Extra requirements for corporate shareholders/directors (copies of documents):

  • Certificate of Incorporation.
  • Articles of Association.
  • Documents representing the UBO (ultimate beneficial owner).
  • Hong Kong identity card / travel passport of UBO(s).
  • Proof of residence.

Extra requirements for resident shareholders and directors (copies of documents):

  • Proof of residence.
  • Hong Kong identity cards.

Extra requirements for non-resident shareholders and directors (copies of documents):

  • Travel passports.
  • Documented address of residence abroad.

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Important note. Officially certified translated versions of any Hong Kong offshore company documents must be provided if they are submitted in a language other than English.

The documents for opening a bank account in Luxembourg are a bit more complicated. The verification procedures for potential customers are very sophisticated. If you wish to register an offshore company in Hong Kong with a bank account in Luxembourg without any issues, please handle the preparation of documents very carefully. If it is not done, the probability of rejection can be rather high.

Documents required for opening a bank account in Luxembourg for an offshore company registered in Hong Kong (founders and directors of the company):

  • Copy of travel passport.
  • Your contact information for the courier (name, delivery address).
  • Copy of second ID (passport, driving license), translated into English and notarized.
  • Proof of residence (a utility bill).

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Important note. The utility bill must not be older than 3 months by the moment of submitting the set of documents for opening a bank account in Luxembourg. Translation into English and notarization is required.

  • Proof of employment issued by a company, organization, or individual that confirms and describes your activities.

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Important note. The bank in Luxembourg conducts Due Diligence for opening the offshore company bank account.

  • A brief resume (CV) in a separate document.
  • KYC check. A document that will describe the operations of your offshore company in Hong Kong, showing certain information about your customers, invoices, company turnover and other business details.
  • The set of corporate documents of your Hong Kong offshore company.
  • Declaration on shareholders who own more than 25% of the company.
  • Declaration on the company’s executives.
  • UBO’s declaration on the ultimate beneficial owner.

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Important note. The bank in Luxembourg always requests a Certificate of Good Standing for all companies regardless of their jurisdiction and date of incorporation.

What else to consider?

  • Opening of a corporate account in Luxembourg for a Hong Kong offshore company is a time-e-consuming process. Normally we need about 3 to 4 months.
  • Proof of funds must be documented.
  • If you are the only natural person who will be a signatory on the application for opening of a bank account, and the only beneficial owner, you will need to send us  a set of documents for a natural person only.

When your project is completed, you will become the owner of a running offshore business in Hong Kong and a Swiss-style corporate account with the bank in Luxembourg. Further on, everything will depend on you, but we are sure that you will do fine.

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