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Регистрация компании и открытие счета в Молдове

Cost: from 1500 EUR


Register a Company and Open a Bank Account in Moldova

International Wealth services include company registration and bank account opening in Moldova for both businesses and individuals. We will help you navigate the legal and regulatory framework of Moldova and offer customized solutions to meet your specific needs.

Company registration and account opening in Moldova

Why choose Moldova for company registration?

With its prime location, Moldova connects you to diverse markets and consumers from all over the world. As an active member of numerous international organizations, the country actively fosters the expansion of sales channels and the cultivation of valuable business connections.

This is what makes Moldova a perfect choice for you to launch a business:

  • Favorable Tax System: Moldova has a competitive tax system that benefits businesses. With low rates and attractive tax conditions, the jurisdiction helps you increase your profits and reduce taxes, especially if you export products and qualify for corporate income tax exemptions.
  • Moldova’s Free Economic Zones (FEZ): By operating in Moldova FEZs, companies can benefit from lower corporate taxes (reduced from 12% to 7% or even 6%), no customs duties, better VAT conditions, and more.
  • Tech-Friendly Environment:  With its dynamic and growing IT sector, Moldova is an ideal place to start an IT company. Multiple IT parks provide the necessary infrastructure and attractive tax benefits for such businesses.
  • Skilled Workforce: By starting a business in Moldova, you can tap into a skilled and capable workforce. The country has a young and well-educated population with skills and knowledge in various fields.
  • Economic Growth: Moldova is undergoing rapid economic development, creating new possibilities for businesses. The country boasts a high potential to grow and attract more investments.
  • Stable Business Environment: Given Moldova’s future EU integration, the jurisdiction harmonizes its laws with European standards, ensuring a stable and reliable business climate for investors and their long-term projects.

The government of Moldova is committed to improving the country’s business environment and protecting its investors. It offers a simple and fast procedure for setting up local companies, with minimal red tape and paperwork. Ultimately, businesses are set for a quick and smooth launch.

Taxes in Moldova

TaxTax rate
Corporate income taxLLC: 12%
SMEs (undistributed profit): 0%
Agricultural enterprises: 7%
Giurgiulești International Free Port: 3%
Personal income tax12%
FEZ company taxesCIT: 0% to 6%, depending on your investment amount
VAT and import tax:  0%
Taxes that IT park residents pay
VATStandard VAT rate: 0%
HORECA industry VAT: 8%
Natural gas industry VAT: 8%
Pharmaceutical industry VAT: 8%
International service sector VAT: 0%
Royalty rate for residents and non-residents12%
Dividend rate for residents and non-residents6%

Free Economic Zones in Moldova

In Moldova’s Free Economic Zones, entrepreneurs enjoy favorable business conditions, which are regulated by the local Law on Free Economic Zones. Moldovan FEZs are separate parts of its customs territory with a special regime that supports business activities. All in all, the country has 7 FEZs located near important transport networks like highways, railways, airports, and ports.

Free Economic Zones (FEZs) in Moldova offer a range of benefits for businesses:

  1. Tax Incentives. You can save on taxes by operating in Moldovan FEZs:
    1. No VAT on goods and services you supply. 
    2. Half of your income is tax exempted if you export goods and services from the FEZ or sell them to other FEZ residents. 
    3. A quarter of your income is tax exempted for other activities. 
    4. No excise duty on goods you import into the FEZ from abroad, other FEZs, or the rest of Moldova.
  2. Customs Benefits. As a FEZ resident in Moldova, you will enjoy hassle-free trade: 
    1. No import and export duties. 
    2. Free movement of goods and services in FEZs, requiring no customs declaration.
  3. Minimum Territorial Taxes. In Moldovan FEZs, you will pay extremely low territorial taxes:
    1. Net sales taxes of 0.5% to 2%, depending on your activity type. 
    2. Land lease tax of EUR 0.5 to EUR 1.5 per square meter per year.

Moldova’s Free Economic Zones (FEZs) host numerous enterprises of different types that represent various industry sectors. To enjoy the incentives in these zones, you need to be an individual or a legal person registered as an entrepreneur or a profit-making entity in Moldova. Mind that you will have to compete for FEZ residency in the jurisdiction. The criteria for competitive selection include your investment amount, infrastructure needs, and export orientation.

To apply for residency in any of Moldova’s Free Economic Zones, you need to submit the following documents:

  • duly completed application form
  • copy of your state registration certificate
  • detailed business plan for the next 2 to 3 years
  • participation fee payment receipt (EUR 400 to EUR 1200)
  • manager’s ID
  • current financial statements
  • proof of required available premises
  • plan for infrastructure development.

To become a resident of Moldova’s Free Economic Zone, be prepared to pay the following fees:

  • resident registration fee: EUR 600
  • operating permit charge: EUR 1000.

Moldova’s FEZs allow you to engage in various activities:

  • Providing public catering, utilities, construction, storage, and other auxiliary services.
  • Producing industrial goods for export, except for alcohol and some spirits.
  • Labeling, packaging, and sorting goods.
  • Trading with foreign partners.

However, you aren’t allowed to make or sell weapons, import or produce tobacco products, or do anything else that is prohibited by Moldovan law. The Customs Service and the FEZ administration oversee customs rules in the FEZs and make sure that you comply with the set regulations.


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How to register a company in Moldova

If you want to start a business in Moldova, the International Wealth team will gladly help you register a local company. Here’s what our services include:

  • preparing your corporate documents
  • checking and approving your company name
  • completing all the registration steps
  • finding a qualified accountant for you
  • getting a company certificate and a seal
  • providing you with a legal address for the first six months.

Before you proceed with the company registration, you will have to confirm the following details:

  • Your citizenship and current residence.
  • Your business profile and any existing activities in Moldova.
  • Your plans for doing business in Moldova.
  • Whether you need to obtain Moldovan residency or citizenship.
  • Whether you are on any sanction lists.
  • Whether you have any ties with politically exposed persons.

It only takes 24 hours to set up a company in Moldova. You will also get a legal address for the first six months for as little as EUR 24 per month. 

Bank accounts in Moldova: opening requirements and procedures

You can open a bank account in Moldova without any issues, whether you are a resident or not. Moldovan banks welcome customers from around the globe. At International Wealth, we help our customers open accounts in Moldovan banks for both businesses and natural persons.

You only need a few documents to become a client of a bank in Moldova. International Wealth experts work closely with Moldovan banks and financial institutions, so your risk of being rejected is practically nonexistent. As a local bank customer, you will enjoy access to multicurrency accounts in reliable banks that support USD, EUR, RUB, GBP, CAD, CHF, RON, SEK, and JPY. If you wish, you can also open an account remotely, and get a bank card from Moldova delivered to any place in the world.

Service costs 

Company registration within 24 hours (full service package)EUR 1500
Company setup within 5 hours (after we receive a PoA from you), including all the above services EUR 1950
Legal address for the first 6 monthsEUR 24 per month
Legal address after the expiration of 6 monthsEUR 100 per month
Bank account setup for a resident companyEUR 1500 per account opened with each banking institution
Opening a bank account for a non-resident legal entityEUR 4000
Opening a bank account for a non-resident individualEUR 3000
Accounting expensesfrom EUR 150 per month for existing and operating companies
Changes in your company’s structure (that apply to its director, shareholders, registered office address, or company name)EUR 580
Certificate of Good Standing EUR 590
Residence permit in Moldova for citizens and/or residents of non-EU states EUR 7000 for an investment visa, EUR 5500 for an IT visa, and EUR 5500 or more for a work visa.

If you are a citizen of a non-EU country, we can also help you get Moldovan citizenship. For more information, don’t hesitate to contact International Wealth via our company website.

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