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Cost: from 92 168 USD


Real Property in Phuket for Investment Purposes, Vacations, or Permanent Residence

Thailand and the island of Phuket in particular is a popular holiday destination for many Europeans. You can buy real property in Phuket at an affordable price and thus qualify for legal residence in Thailand. 

Profitable real estate in Thailand

We are bringing four development projects to your attention. If you let an apartment in one of the projects on a lease, your return on investment is going to be at least 7% per year. There can be different reasons why you should buy property in Thailand: to spend holidays there, to apply for a residence permit in the country, or to acquire a source of passive income. If the latter reason is the one that guides you, you can hire a management company to rent your apartment out and enjoy receiving a passive income while living in another country.

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If you are interested in purchasing foreign property to obtain legal residence in a foreign country, please apply for a personal consultation on the matter with our experts. 

Apartment complex on Nai Harn Beach with a guaranteed income from rent: from US$ 104,150 / Code NH-831P

A new residential complex is located next to Nai Harn Beach in the southern part of the island. This is a peaceful place in Phuket where you could go for a leisurely walk with your family and enjoy a wonderful beach, sunshine, natural beauty, and quietness that is atypical of other resorts on the island such as Patong, for instance. 

Unlike some other beaches in Phuket, Nai Harn Beach has a sandy sea bottom, cerulean water, and fabulous vegetation around. You can visit Promontory Cape that gives extraordinary views of the sunset. Rawai Beach is three minutes away from Nai Harn and there you will find dozens of restaurants.

Description of the residential complex

The residential complex at Nai Harn Beach in Phuket is an hotel-type multistory streamlined building. The building contains 218 apartments (suites) with different floorplans. This is the kind of hotel where you can buy suites and rent them out with a guaranteed profit of 7% per year. All you have to do is sign a contract with the developer putting the suite under their management. You can reserve a period when you are going to use the suite for your own purposes.  

Technical characteristics of the property:

  • Construction completion date – February 2024.
  • Number of apartments — 218.
  • Distance to the sea — 1,2 km.
  • Floorplans – studio apartments, 1- and 3-bedroom apartments.
  • Livable area — 27–70 m².

Buy an apartment, make a 3-year rent agreement, and enjoy a 7% return on investment.

Residential complex location and distances to infrastructural objects:

  • Airport — 50 km.
  • Patong and hospital — 20 km.
  • Trade center — 3 km.
  • A supermarket and restaurants are within walking distance — 500 meters.
  • 10 km to a golf club, 25 km to a yacht club.

Complex infrastructure and equipment:

  • 3 swimming pools, one of them on the roof giving views of the sea;
  • Restaurants and recreation areas;
  • A children’s club;
  • A children’s swimming pool;
  • A playground;
  • A SPA salon;
  • A gym;
  • A sauna;
  • Car park (outdoor and indoor);
  • Round-the-clock security.

There is a lake within walking distance from the building with trails and a wonderful landscape design. You can walk or run along the trails to keep fit.

Prices for apartments

The prices are quite competitive and the price of a particular apartment naturally depends on its size:

  • A studio apartment of 27 m2 — from US$ 104,150.
  • A 1-bedroom apartment of 35–48 m2 — from US$ 126,801.
  • A 3-bedroom apartment of 70 m2 — from US$ 372,024.

All apartments are built in a modern laconic style; they have closets, fully equipped bathrooms and kitchens, and air conditioning. These items are included in the price and you will have to buy your own furniture. Our partners in Thailand will be happy to assist you with that.

A new condo hotel at the seafront – furnished apartments from US$ 131, 102 / Code NT-155P 

A unique 5-star residential complex sitting right at the seafront in Phuket is ready to be lived in. It is located at Nai Ton Beach whose golden sands are part of Sirinat National Park. This region of Thailand is characterized by tranquility, silence, natural beauty, and fresh air.  

The development project should be of interest to families that prefer quiet vacations. You can also use your apartment as a source of passive income by renting it out. You can choose from two financial options:

  • A fixed rent of 7–10% per year;
  • The profit is shared 60/40 between the property owner and the manager.

The property is managed by Wyndham Garden Hotel 5*.

Characteristics of the property

The construction work was completed in 2023. The general characteristics of the development project include the following ones:

  • Studios and apartments with 1 and 2 bedrooms.
  • Apartment area — from 30 to 69 m2.
  • Total area of the residential complex — 99,200 m2.
  • Finished, fully furnished, fully equipped (kitchen, bathroom, air conditioning).

You can purchase an apartment in the complex on an installment plan.

Complex infrastructure

The complex premises are impressively attractive and well equipped. You are going to feel comfortable whether you decide to live there full time or use your apartment from on vacations:

  • Floral alley — 500 meters.
  • 6 swimming pools.
  • 25 boutiques.
  • Restaurants.
  • Recreation areas.
  • Playgrounds.
  • A gym.
  • Round-the-clock security.

The complex sits at the seafront surrounded by green hills. You will find a nature reserve and lush forests in the vicinity.

Floorplans and apartment prices

The apartments are modern, comfortable, and cozy. You can choose a smaller or a large apartment but please be aware that 2-bedroom apartments give direct access to the swimming pool. 

Apartment typeArea (square meters)Price
Studio30–41from $ 129 100
1-bedroom apartment41–57from $ 159 500
2-bedroom apartment52–70from $ 171 100

There are two ways of obtaining a guaranteed income from your apartment in the residential complex:

  • Sign a 5-year contract with the management company and receive a guaranteed return on investment of 7% per year;
  • Receive 60% of the factual profit that your apartment brings. 

Complex location:

  • 10 km to the airport;
  • 30 km to Patong and trade centers;
  • A supermarket, cafes and restaurants are found on the premises of the residential complex;
  • 30 km to the hospital and 10 km to a golf club.

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Please note that you’d better open a foreign bank account prior to purchasing an apartment in Thailand. You will be able to use it for many other purposes too.

Apartments with sea views at Rawai Beach – from US$ 120,098 / Code RW-935P

The residential complex under the management of Wyndham 5* Hotel can become your home or it can bring you a stable profit. The apartments for sale are located in a picturesque area right at Rawai Beach. The developer has taken good care of the infrastructure and a return on investment of 8-10% is guaranteed.

Complex details

This is a large residential complex consisting of 9 buildings, 8 of which hold apartments and 1 holds the infrastructural objects. Main characteristics of the development project include the following ones:

  • Year of construction completion: 2023;
  • Distance to the sea: 400 meters;
  • Floorplans: studio, 1- and 2-bedroom apartments;
  • Apartment area: from 29 m2 to 156 m2.

If you sign a contract with the management company, you can have a guaranteed return on investment of at least 8%. You will not have to worry about anything: the company will take care of finding the tenants for you and cleaning the apartment.

Complex infrastructure and apartment interiors

Because Rawai Beach can only be used for aesthetic and technical purposes and you have to go to Nai Harn Beach if you would like to swim in the sea, the infrastructure of the complex compensates for this drawback. You will find the following items there:  

  • Lobby;
  • Reception area;
  • SPA salon;
  • Restaurant and a banquet hall;
  • Fitness center;
  • Several swimming pools with lounge areas;
  • Children’s playgrounds;
  • Car park;
  • Round-the-clock security.

All apartments are ready to be lived in; they are finished, fully equipped, furnished, and air-conditioned.

Residential complex location:

  • Yacht club is 8 km (a 10-minute drive) away.
  • Airport is 45 km away.
  • Patong and trade centers are 18 km away.
  • Hospital is 20 minutes away by car.
  • Supermarkets, cafes, restaurants – 300 meters away.

The advantage of this residential complex is the opportunity to receive 80% of the profit that your apartment brings if you put it up for rent. Alternatively, you can have a fixed return in investment of 8-10% per year.

Prices of apartments in the residential complex

Apartment typeArea (square meters)Price
Studiofrom 29 to 44from US$ 120,070
1-bedroom apartmentfrom 35 to 44from US$ 145,206
2-bedroom apartmentfrom 59 to 156from US$ 206,652

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Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to learn more about purchasing real property in Thailand. We have some attractive offers for you!

Apartments at Surin Beach from with a guaranteed return on investment of 8% – from US$ 92, 168 / Code SR-467P

Surin Beach is an ideal place for relaxation as it has sand that is almost as white as snow and the water of the Andaman Sea is tender. Not far away from this idyllic location, you will find a residential complex with apartments for sale. The prices are quite attractive!

By purchasing an apartment in the residential complex and letting it on a lease, you can have a guaranteed passive income of 8-10% per year. Summer never ends in Thailand and there are plenty of tourists in the country all around the year.

Complex characteristics

The residential complex under the management of a hotel company was completed in 2021. It holds 1- and 2-bedroom apartments 31 to 78 square meters in size. The total number of apartments is 82. 

The infrastructure of the complex allows spending quiet vacations with your family at a nice place. You will find the following amenities there:

  • A swimming pool;
  • A bar;
  • A fitness center;
  • A shuttle bus to the beach;
  • Car park;
  • Reception area;
  • 24/7 security.

Distance to the sea is 800 meters. A supermarket, restaurants, and a trade center are also nearby. You can get to the airport in 15 minutes from there and Patong and a yacht club are 25-30 minutes away. 

Prices for apartments

All apartments are finished and they have fully equipped kitchens and bathrooms. Air conditioners have also been installed.

You can buy an apartment at the following prices:

  • Studio apartment of 31–40 m2 — from US$ 92,168;
  • 1-bedroom apartment if 51 m— from US$ 156,686;
  • 2-bedroom apartment of 78 m2 — from $ 239,637.

You can see examples of apartment furnishing in the photos above. You can furnish your apartment in your own style but this will have to come at an extra cost. 

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