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Real Estate Investment in Turkey – Exclusive Antalya Land Plot

Foreign investors, who realize purchasing real estate in Turkey is profitable, are trying to buy properties in the country to protect their savings from economic recession. Investing in Turkish properties is an effective way to shelter them from negative economic developments. 

Experts believe that if investors and business people hold various assets in different jurisdictions, they will be able to choose the country to reside in on a permanent basis and run business later on. This is why purchasing properties in Turkey is an appealing investment opportunity to set up and grow your company and move to the country as a permanent resident together with your loved ones. The country’s immovable assets are relatively cheap, since Turkey was late to enter the international real estate market.

plot of land in Antalya

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FYI: where you need to urgently book a consultation with industry experts or get legal assistance with opening bank accounts, selecting properties, or incorporating your company abroad, you are welcome to contact the International Wealth experts via our online chat or e-mail us at [email protected].

Real estate investment in Turkey – attractive Antalya land plots  with high potential

The investment appeal of Turkish lands in general, and the ones in Antalya in particular, is beyond belief. It is especially true if you are about to start a tourist business in Turkey. Antalya ranks 3rd among the most popular tourist destinations globally. Turkey does a lot to develop its tourist industry. In 2019, around 51,700,000 foreign tourists and travelers visited the country and brought a USD 34,500,000,000 profit for the state. To put it into perspective, back in 2017, the number amounted to 35,000,000. It means, the country’s appeal for recreation and tourism amateurs is growing by the year.

Here are some other benefits for property investors in love with Antalya properties:

  • minimum risks – even assuming real estate prices may drop in Turkey, you will still be able to sell your land at its purchase price
  • no maintenance expenses (relevant to residential and commercial properties in need of regular renovation)
  • highly liquid assets – anywhere in Turkey, construction lands are in high demand
  • you may use your land plot for construction purposes (to build residential and commercial properties, hotels, or entertainment centers)
  • forecasted land plot price growth will make up to 50% per annum.

The country’s government sets practically no legal restrictions for real estate investors wishing to purchase lands in Turkey. The one thing to keep in mind is that a foreign investor may purchase land parcels up to 30 hectares. No other limitations are provided for by the local laws.

Real estate investment in Turkey and purchasing land plots in Antalya come with high investment appeal. Residential and commercial construction is booming in the country, and developers purchase vacant lands to build properties thereon. Non-resident investors are free to independently put up residential apartment complexes to lease out or resell them in the future. This is a great instrument for them to multiply their capital.


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Real estate investment in Turkey – exclusive Antalya land plot

At International Wealth, we suggest you consider purchasing an unparalleled Antalya land parcel. It is an exclusive property within the large North Antalya tourist center project. 

An investor choosing to purchase a unique Antalya land plot upwards of EUR 10,000,000 in Turkey will enjoy the right to build residential properties or commercial tourist real estate thereon.

Here are the key benefits the Antalya land parcel offers to potential real estate investors in Turkey:

  • total land area – 235,779 square meters
  • prime location – 250-300 meters above the sea level, with breathtaking sea and mountain panoramas
  • short distance from the Downtown Antalya (20 mins by car) and the Antalya International Airport (15 km)
  • optimal average annual temperature and humidity – you will do well without an air conditioner, even during hot summer months
  • land plot with multiple paths, bike lanes, and jogging paths crossing it is in the middle of an old pine forest
  • your land parcel sits in Kepez, the largest Antalya district.

Located within the North Antalya project, the property enjoys a bright future. It is a grandeur concept developed by the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism with a view to establish a new regional tourist center. Around 30,000 hectares are to be allocated for the project development. A world-class horse course is currently under construction. It is being built on the basis of both new and existing Turkish equestrian clubs.

Investors about to purchase the exclusive land plot in Antalya, Turkey, will participate in a large project developed by the Turkish government. They will own a high-yielding asset boasting excellent prospects. Hotels with at least 50,000 beds (same level as the Belek resort), 8 golf courses, large international campus and film studio sites, Turkish universities, and stadiums are about to be built here under the project’s specifications. Training fields, sports grounds, and swimming pools are also provided for. The project involves bicycle and motorcycle track construction and improvement. Alongside with them, multiple other facilities will appear in the area.

Real estate investment in Turkey – Antalya land plot for the International Wealth customers

The exclusive Antalya land parcel in Turkey is unique. It boasts an advantageous location and offers breathtaking views to enjoy. The International Wealth team offers the property to our selected customers after preliminary online consultations and agreeing on the necessary details. You may become a part of the grandeur government development and set up a high-yielding tourist business in the largest Antalya district of Kepez, Turkey. 

You are welcome to contact the International Wealth experts via our online chat or email us if you feel you are ready to purchase the unique Antalya land plot and become a property owner in Turkey. Our representatives will assist you with anything you may need, from real estate deal closure and resulting paperwork to any post-transaction formalities (including, inter alia, the ones related to getting citizenship by investment in Turkey).   

Antalya is not only a popular tourist destination (it belongs to TOP10 cities for family vacations), but also a city with a great real estate investment potential, offering multiple properties for sale. The land lot above is a great way to both protect your savings and develop your property to sell it later on at a much higher price.

Factors directly influencing Antalya real estate price hikes are easy to spot and remember:

  • with 2,500,000 people living in it, Antalya is the 4th most populated city in Turkey
  • it is Antalya that 50% of all tourists and travelers visiting Turkey arrive in (accounting for 14,000,000 visitors annually)
  • after Paris and London, Antalya is the 3rd most visited city globally, with tourist number significantly higher compared to Rome, Istanbul, or Singapore
  • international events held in Antalya, Turkey, boost the city’s global ratings (EXPO-2016 brought 5,000,000 extra visitors to the city)
  • constant investment inflow resulting in transport and public infrastructure improvements promotes the city’s popularity as a tourist destination
  • Antalya International Airport servicing around 25,000,000 passengers on an annual basis is the largest in Europe.

Real estate investors who’ll purchase the exclusive Antalya land plot upwards of EUR 10,000,000 in Turkey, will enjoy strong government support. With hotel numbers insufficient to service a huge tourist flow, the hotel business in Turkey is among the most profitable industries to invest in.

Real estate investment in Turkey – more reasons to choose Antalya as your land plot investment destination

Calling Antalya a well-developed city is a statement of fact. Yet, simply bringing foreign investors to the region isn’t enough. Let’s have a look at some figures illustrating the city’s investment potential:

  • Antalya houses around 2,000 hotels, and at least 400 of them are 5-star rated
  • it is known as the major food and vegetables exporter
  • city boasts 25 largest shopping and entertainment centers (FYI: the biggest one is currently for sale)
  • 250 airlines are serviced by the Antalya International Airport
  • Antalya ranks 2nd in the country in the number of vehicles per capita, with representative offices of major global automakers present in the city
  • in terms of its climate, the region boasts 3 springs and a summer (4 tourist seasons and 300 sunny days per year)
  • top healthcare and social security standards
  • clean city streets (in Turkey, all waste is recycled)
  • over 60,000 high-end apartments sold to foreign buyers.

Purchasing Antalya land parcels is a high-yielding real estate investment in Turkey for buyers interested in setting up their own tourist business. Investors having no mind to build properties on their land plots will be able to sell the parcel at a profit within several years. The city’s investment appeal is crystal clear to multiple international investors resolving to start businesses or settle down in this beautiful region. 

The land plot for sale in Antalya, Turkey, is unique without exaggeration. A future buyer having eyes for the property will be eligible for citizenship by investment in Turkey and a Turkish passport. In case of any negative developments in your home country, Turkey may become your escape hatch and your second home, as the country allows dual citizenship. You may hold several passports and choose the location you like best afterwards. 

Real estate investment in Turkey – how to purchase a unique Antalya land plot

You are welcome to make a first step on the way to success and high profits by contacting the International Wealth lawyers at [email protected] to receive a detailed online consultation. If you intend to visit Turkey and the property you are about to purchase in person, our employees will pick you up at the airport, book hotel rooms for you, and arrange for a land plot visit. If coming to Turkey is not an option, you may book a virtual property tour to study the Antalya land plot in detail.  

International Wealth mostly provides services online, and it makes sense for you to issue a PoA to our representative in Turkey, who will take care of all your affairs and will deal with the seller and government bodies on your behalf. The issues necessary to take care of include, inter alia, getting a Turkish TIN and opening a bank account with a local bank. For more information, please contact the International Wealth experts and lawyers. You will receive full support with all business issues, moving to Turkey, and adapting to the life in a new country.

What makes real estate in Turkey appealing for international investors?

Properties in Turkey attract investors due to the combination of high quality and low prices they offer. The citizenship by investment program implemented by the Turkish government is available for investors themselves and their dependents. Due to great tourist numbers, real estate in Turkey is constantly in high demand. With the continued government support, the tourist industry in Turkey flourishes and investment therein quickly pays off. Antalya, for instance, gets hefty financing to improve its infrastructure, water supply systems, entertainment industry, etc.

How can I purchase the Antalya land plot in Turkey?

If you are about to buy an exclusive land plot upwards of EUR 10,000,000 in Antalya, Turkey, please contact the International Wealth experts to learn the details. Here are the documents you will need to become the property’s full owner and register it under your company’s ownership:
application for land purchase from the buyer
the buyer’s state registration certificate (where the buyer is a legal person) and the corresponding documents for a natural person
full detailed information about company owners
PoA issued to your lawyer in Turkey
Turkish TIN
bank letter confirming your company is solvent.
The International Wealth lawyers will assist you with remotely closing the sale and purchase deal for the exclusive Antalya land plot within 2 or 3 days.

How can I use my Antalya land plots to earn high income?

Real estate investment and land purchase in Turkey is an effective instrument that will work for you long-term. Most investors reclassify their lands into construction land plots and receive an opportunity to build entertainment centers and hotel complexes, hotels, townhouse villages, and villas thereon. Antalya experiences hotel and residential real estate deficit. This is why construction lands are in high demand, and a high-end hotel offering extra services will bring its owners great revenues on a regular basis.

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