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Cost: from 4 000 000 EUR


Real Estate Investment in Alanya Peninsula, Turkey, with Construction Permit Available

Are you about to purchase properties in Turkey, but have no idea where to start? It may be indeed challenging to find your their through legislative provisions and paperwork procedures in a foreign jurisdiction for an investor looking to increase their capital and gain profit. The International Wealth lawyers will assist you with purchasing real estate in Turkey at a profit. It is worth remembering that Turkey boasts the cheapest properties in Europe that will earn you good income if you decide to lease them out or sell later on.

For your real estate transaction to be profitable, you should keep in mind not only the Turkish real estate status, but also its location. At International Wealth, we suggest you consider investing in the Alanya peninsula, with the construction permit for the property available. The property price is upwards of EUR 4,000,000.  

peninsula in alanya

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FYI: where necessary, the International Wealth experts will assist you with urgently opening an account with a foreign bank, investing in real estate abroad, issuing the necessary company documents, or receiving a residence permit. You are welcome to contact the International Wealth lawyers via our online-chat or at [email protected] to resolve the matter in no time.

Is purchasing Turkish real estate profitable, and why is it so cheap?

The country’s robust economy is the key factor stirring up foreign investors’ interest in Turkish properties. Additional government measures taken to increase security, improve Turkish social welfare system, medicine, and education, boost the Mediterranean country’s global ratings. Turkey boasts prime geographic location. It is among the most popular tourist destinations in the world.

Foreign investors and businessmen treat the jurisdiction as their second home. Purchasing properties in Turkey to live in on a permanent basis is the fondest wish of many Europeans and Oriental investors.   Turkish real estate owners enjoy an opportunity to get citizenship by investment in Turkey and visit the country freely as residence permit holders.

No matter where your interest in Turkish properties originates from, the benefits offered by the jurisdiction are indisputable:

  • mild climate with no frosty or snowy winters
  • low expenses combined with high living standards
  • no matter who you are – a businessman, a pensioner, young parents with kids, or a student, Turkey is a great place for you to reside in on a permanent basis
  • favorable geographic location providing for easy access to the country
  • simplified citizenship by investment procedures
  • low taxes and estate inheritance rights for foreigners
  • any ownership forms are allowed, from sole or joint to company ownership.

Foreign investors contemplating to purchase properties in Turkey will enjoy excellent asset protection, thus securing their funds from full depreciation or a global recession. Property investment advantages in various countries are clear to experienced market players, and the Turkish legislation provides multiple opportunities therefor.


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Purchasing real estate in Turkey – how to choose the right region and property

Choosing properties in the most appealing tourist districts is important if you wish to profit from your property purchase in Turkey. Tourism industry plays an important role in the Turkish economy. In 2019, around 51,700,000 foreign guests visited the country, and the resulting income for the state amounted to USD 34,000,000,000.

Here are the most popular and frequented Turkish cities:

  • Antalya
  • Alanya
  • Ankara
  • Side
  • Istanbul.

In 2019, Turkey joined the TOP-10 global tourist destinations. Tourists, inspired by lack of cold winters in the country, are eager to visit it all year round. Real estate sales in Turkey peak in spring. Before the summer holiday season, foreigners eagerly purchase cottages, villas, and apartments to lease them out to tourists and foreign guests.

Let’s take a look at Turkish land plots. Since early 2020, Turkish lands have enjoyed great popularity with investors from the USA, the UAE, and Europe. Both overseas investors and businessmen realize the asset value, providing for an opportunity to set up and run a successful business. Land plot owners in Turkey, may incorporate a company, build residential or commercial properties on their parcels, or create a small paradise for their family and friends.

Below, you will find several things to remember if you wish to buy the Alanya peninsula in Turkey upwards of EUR 4,000,000:

  • Turkish laws allow overseas investors to purchase land plots up to 30 hectares in the country
  • real estate sold to non-residents may not exceed 10% of the total land area in the region where the property sits.

The Alanya Peninsula for sale in Turkey with a construction permit available meets all the local legislative requirements.

Purchasing real estate in Turkey – the Alanya peninsula in detail 

A foreign investor having eyes for the heavenly Alanya peninsula will get a land plot ripe for development, with the construction permit for both commercial and residential properties. With a detailed long-term business plan at hand, you may create a highly comfortable tourist place, build your own cottage or a high-end hotel on the peninsula.

Here’s what the peninsula for sale in Alanya has to offer:

  • real estate market – primary
  • land plot area – 5,000 square meters
  • direct sea access
  • construction permits – available
  • distance to the Antalya International Airport – 25 km.

The land plot benefits from its prime location by the main highway, with breathtaking landscapes around. You may create a true paradise for your family or set up your own tourist business on the land plot above. A yacht club offering extra services is a brilliant idea to draw tourists and travelers to the area in huge numbers.

The Alanya peninsula in Turkey is a good buy due to its relatively low price. Analogous properties in Europe and the Middle East are significantly more expensive, as the choice thereof is limited. Turkey was late to enter the international real estate market, and the prices thereon remain low and attract investor crowds to the area. Local residents manage to buy properties in Turkey with no loans or mortgages.

Purchasing real estate in Turkey – extra benefits

The country’s strategic position is favorable for stable economy growth, with tourism industry playing the first violin. Minimum risk investment is important for overseas investors and businessmen, and non-resident investors have a strong interest in owing Turkish properties.

Turkey is appealing for the benefits it offers:

  • political stability and safety
  • environment favorable for liberal reforms
  • sound educational atmosphere
  • healthy attitude to foreigners and foreign societies (Turkish citizens welcome people from other countries, regardless the origin)
  • clean city and village streets
  • nation’s integrity
  • inherited property transfer allowed.

Future investors planning to purchase properties in Turkey, with the Alanya peninsula among them, will receive detailed information about the property. You are welcome to visit Turkey in person to get acquainted with the Alanya peninsula, location thereof, and other peculiarities. The International Wealth representatives in Turkey offer only secure real estate backed up by verified and audited documents to its customers. The Alanya peninsula may be used to start a high-yielding business or build a house to permanently or temporary live therein.

Economic feasibility of investing in Turkish real estate

Tourists flock to Turkey in great numbers on an annual basis. Foreigners are eager to spend money on entertainment, high-quality food, and rental housing. Profits from tourist facilities sale and purchase are easy to calculate. Foreign investors are eligible for citizenship by investment in Turkey, where the transaction price is over USD 400,000.

Legislative amendments, adopted in 2012, cancel limitations for foreign real estate investors. Nationals of any countries enjoy an opportunity to purchase properties in Turkey today. If you plan to apply for citizenship by investment in Turkey, your purchase will be verified by the country’s immigration service, and you should keep it in mind.

Good value for money is important for investors about to purchase real estate in Turkey. High-end beachfront apartments are for sale in the country at a reasonable price. You may buy a lux fully furnished villa with furniture, modern equipment, CCTV-monitoring, and many more. Please, remember, that the primary real estate market in Turkey comes with multiple offers from developers, and it significantly reduces the risk to purchase any distressed or troubled properties.

Purchasing real estate in Turkey – the Alanya peninsula sale and purchase procedure

Here’s what you need to do before you proceed with purchasing real estate in Turkey:

  • get detailed information on the property in question (including, inter alia, all legal details)
  • consider recommendations from the International Wealth lawyers and experts offering the most profitable and promising land plots
  • exclude all risks property owners in Turkey may encounter.

It is enough for overseas investors looking to buy construction land plots in Turkey, namely, the above Alanya peninsula, to contact the International Wealth industry experts. Our lawyers will see to it that you have no issues with property ownership in the future and that all the related documents are issued by the corresponding government authorities, including a title certificate (TAPU).

Here’s what the International Wealth pros will do for our customers wishing to purchase the Alanya peninsula upwards of EUR 4,000,000:

  • potential customer sends their request to [email protected]
  • International Wealth experts contact the customer for further details and to decide on the time to visit the property for a closer look
  • where the customer plans to visit Turkey in person, the International Wealth employees will meet them at the airport and book a hotel room for them (all sale and purchase procedures may be carried out online)
  • International Wealth representatives will get TIN in Turkey and open a bank account for the customer to make settlements with the seller
  • we will close the sale and purchase deal and get the documents issued to the new owner on their behalf.

The International Wealth experts will assist you with submitting documents to the Turkish migration service to get your residence permit and citizenship by investment in Turkey. Our Turkish representatives guarantee full legal support and facilitation between the investor and government agencies at every document processing stage. With the sale and purchase deal closed, the new peninsula owner will be authorized to proceed with building facilities up to 5,000 square meters thereon The land plot price makes upwards of EUR 4,000,000.

You are welcome to contact the International Wealth experts if you feel like purchasing residential or commercial real estate in Antalya or Side (Turkey). Experienced industry pros will cherry-pick properties in Turkey to your liking, accounting for the customer’s wishes, preferences, and the desired property location. You may choose from high-yielding Antalya facilities, with a shopping and entertainment center, a club hotel, and many more among them.

Are land plots in Turkey a good buy?

Turkish real estate boasts a great value-for-money ratio. With low real estate prices in Turkey, local properties are a good buy, especially considering the country’s booming tourist industry. Purchasing real estate in Turkey is both safe and reasonable due to the lack of economic and political disturbances in the country. The state removed all limitations for foreigners, except for one – overseas investors may purchase land plots up to 30 hectares per person (in all other cases they require the Cabinet permission therefor). The property in question is inheritable.

Is it profitable to purchase real estate in Turkey in 2022?

Like any other real estate in Turkey, local land plots constantly go up in price. In the past 15 years, the price per 1 square meter of land has soared 100-fold in foreign currency and 1000-fold in TRY. Purchasing real estate in Antalya and Alanya (Turkey) is profitable, as this is what the above spa cities may offer to overseas buyers. With assistance and detailed consultations from the International Wealth experts, your real estate investment in Turkey will sure be both profitable and secure, as provided for under the applicable legislation. You don’t need a residence permit to get TAPU in Turkey.

Why are real estate prices in Turkey so low?

Turkey was late to enter the international property market. Turkish real estate is currently available to any non-resident buyers. The other factor behind its low prices is the great number of properties for sale. Foreign investors are free to choose options they like best for their future business or private construction development. Potential investors wishing to purchase properties in Turkey should consult the International Wealth lawyers and enlist the support of their agent in Turkey.

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