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Real Estate in Turkey – Potentially Profitable Land Plot in Prestigious Area Awaits You

The current trend is that real estate in Turkey arouses keen interest among foreign investors. Compared to analogous properties for sale in Europe, the ones in Turkey cost less, thus resulting in strong demand.  Inexpensive immovables in Turkey are known for their high comfort and outstanding safety. Foreign buyers purchasing real estate in Turkey enjoy an opportunity to live in places boasting breathtaking natural landscapes and scenic views.

With the global economic downturn, investing in Turkish properties may be an effective way to protect your assets. No matter what happens after the global pandemic is over, you will remain the asset owner, able to resell your properties when they go up in price. Seasoned investors have already made up their mind as to the land potential in Turkey (e.g., for residential and commercial real estate construction and greenhouse facilities), this is why they are actively purchasing real estate in the country to diversify their capital.  

Real Estate in Turkey

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FYI: if you need to open an account with a foreign bank, purchase real estate abroad, or incorporate a company overseas, and the matter is urgent, you are welcome to contact the International Wealth experts via [email protected] or our online chat for help. 

Building plots in Turkey as profitable investment

Turkey pays great attention to developing the country’s tourist sector. New 5-star hotels are built, hotel room capacity is increased, city streets are kept spotlessly clean, and waste is collected and recycled. According to the Forbes magazine, Turkey tops the lists of the most popular places for family vacations with kids. It got into top 10 travel destinations. Antalya, Ankara, and Kemer are among the best places to stay in Turkey. Antalya is one of the three most favorite spa destinations, enjoying a real tourist boom. Young people, married couples, or retirees – no matter who you are, you will always feel welcome in Antalya and your every wish will be done.

This is one reason behind the importance of investing in Turkish real estate at present. Hotel room capacity in Turkey is insufficient to accommodate the growing tourist numbers. High standard, expensive hotels need to be built. Hence, construction lands are in high demand, and the land plot offered makes a good asset over a long-term horizon.

The second important factor is that fruit and veg consumption is increasing in Turkey, with export thereof growing in parallel. This means, new greenhouse and agricultural businesses will be set up. The country’s government is particularly interested in developing the above industries, and therefore strongly supports overseas investors in the said economic sectors. 

Here are some other benefits of investing in land purchase in Turkey:

  • Turkish land grows in price non-stop (land parcels have gone up over 100 times within the last 15 years)
  • vacant lands have decreased in number due to rapidly expanding residential and commercial real estate market
  • property maintenance expenses are next to nonexistent
  • agricultural lands may be reclassified into building lands
  • land in Turkey is a readily obtainable low-risk asset
  • its value is forecast to grow by 50-100% per year
  • land plots in the country are limited in number, and this guarantees the price thereof will grow no matter what and regardless of what is going on in the world.

Foreign investors purchasing lands in Turkey enjoy the right to apply for citizenship by investment in the country. You may get Turkish passports for all your family members under a simplified procedure based on the ownership certificate (TAPU), mentioning the value of the land plot you purchased. Since 2022, you will have to pay USD 400,000 for any properties in the country to be eligible for citizenship by investment program in Turkey.

Purchasing real estate in Turkey means the investor will be able to save considerably. In spite of being readily obtainable, land plots in Turkey still remain relatively inexpensive compared to the ones in Europe. All you need to do is seize the moment. Turkish real estate entered the international market later compared to its rivals, and influence of Europe is not that significant.


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Investing in a profitable and favorably located Antalya land plot in Turkey

Do you feel like purchasing lands in Turkey to protect your money? The International Wealth team recommends you study the profitable investment offer above in full detail. A fertile and profitable land parcel 10 km from Antalya priced at EUR 10,000,000 minimum is to be found several kilometers from EXPO-2016. These are highly fertile lands, and a federal highway is to cross them in the near future. If you make up your mind to build modern greenhouses here, you’ll eventually get a profitable business. Remember, Antalya, with its 12% of all greenhouses available in the world, is among the leaders in greenhouse production. 

Property characteristics are provided below:

  • real property type – land plots
  • total area – 391,750 square meters
  • land status – agricultural lands
  • coastline distance – 18 km
  • distance to the Antalya International Airport – 8 km.

The idea to invest in the above land plot in Antalya, Turkey, is even more appealing, as a ring road is to be built in the vicinity. With the construction completed, the land parcel may be reclassified as building lands. After that, you’ll be allowed to build residential real estate, luxury hotels boasting well-developed infrastructure, or commercial facilities thereon. This is a great opportunity not only to acquire a high-yielding asset, but also to set up a profitable company in Antalya. 

The investment offer above will be particularly profitable for investors planning to start their agricultural business in Antalya, Turkey, since it provides for an opportunity to grow and supply organic products (that are always sought-after). The Turkish government offers multiple incentives to both world-class companies and corporations wishing to invest in the country’s agricultural sector. Investors not only enjoy multiple tax exemptions and beneficial loan terms, but may also apply for various export subsidies.

It is worth detailing the advantages Turkey offers to major international companies. Here’s what they will enjoy in the country:

  • favorable geographical location allowing Turkey to be the major energy corridor in Europe
  • access to a huge consumer market with over a billion buyers
  • free trade agreements made with 22 countries, and the Customs Union with the EU
  • growing tourist flow (profits from the tourism sector made USD 34,500,000,000 in 2019)
  • high living standards coupled with relatively low cost of living
  • well-developed medicine and education, with social security system in place
  • foreign investment protection at the national level
  • mild climate securing the country’s top positions in multiple international ratings.

The land plot for sale in Antalya, Turkey, that you may invest in will be highly profitable if you set up a greenhouse business to grow organic products, with fruit, veggies, and berries among them. Another important property characteristic is that it sits close to the main highway (4 km) and Antalya (10 km). The land plot for sale in Antalya will be of interest to potential investors planning a hotel business in Turkey. 

The price for the fertile land plot for sale in the Antalya region makes at least EUR 10,000,000. Let’s go deeper into important legal subtleties.

How can I invest in and purchase a highly profitable land plot in Antalya, Turkey?

To begin with, land investments in Turkey are safe, and the procedure to obtain ownership thereof is clear and transparent. Legal and natural persons disposing of the necessary documents may become landowners in Antalya, Turkey, within 2 or 3 working days. 

FYI, non-residents will have to get their taxpayer identification number from the corresponding Turkish bodies first. Here are some more things for you to consider:

  • foreign legal and natural persons may not purchase land plots above 30 hectares
  • investors are allowed to buy no more than 10% of the total district area with private property therein
  • settlements with the property seller may be in mutually agreed currency, however, you may only pay from your Turkish bank deposit (you will have to open the account first)
  • Turkish legislation sets no limitations, allowing land purchase to investors of any origin or nationality.

Where an investor intends to purchase a profitable fertile land plot boasting a favorable location in Antalya, Turkey, the International Wealth experts will provide full support to them. We will assist you with adaptation and getting the required migration documents if you wish to apply for citizenship by investment in Turkey and move to the country. The land plot for sale in Antalya costs at least EUR 10,000,000. The property in Antalya may be registered under the ownership of a company, and be in single or joint ownership.

Is running a business a precondition for real estate investment in Turkey? Jurisdiction and its benefits

The World Bank ranks Turkey as the 33rd easiest country in the world to do business. Back in 2019, it was number 46 globally. It is safe to say that the measures taken by the Turkish government to create an ideal investment environment left their mark, and the FDI inflow increased dramatically.

Land plot buyers in Turkey enjoy all the possible benefits. They may set up a local or an international business in Turkey. A purchase like this in the vicinity of Antalya comes with an opportunity to run your own agricultural business. Turkish foods currently enjoy great popularity with both local and international market consumers. 

Construction may be another option to choose. With a large densely populated city 10 km away, demand for office, warehouse, and industrial premises is sure to be high. You may set up a successful and profitable rental business or sell elite real estate to foreigners and local residents, if you decide in favor of residential construction.

Here are some other benefits Turkey offers to foreign investors looking to purchase lands and do business in the country:

  • minimum operational costs
  • skilled labor
  • strong consumer spending
  • great number of major international representative and branch offices to partner with
  • government benefits, offering an exemption from VAT, customs duties, and other public charges
  • hard-working business community.

If you contemplate to set up an agricultural company in Antalya, building up a customer base is fairly easy in Turkey. With its mild climate and ideal location on the Mediterranean coast, the country is perfect to reside on a permanent basis, which results in higher domestic consumption.  The country’s geographic location offers access to huge markets of Europe, Africa, and European Free Trade Association member states. With customs and tax benefits available, your company’s operational expenses may be minimized. The international community is careful about foods it consumes, and organic ones are in high demand, with consumption numbers growing constantly. Purchasing a land plot of EUR 10,000,000 and above in Antalya, Turkey, is a first step to use your savings effectively.

Is investing in Turkish real estate worth it, if setting up a construction company in Turkey is not on the horizon?

Fertile lands with an advantageous location in Antalya, Turkey, will be a reliable protection for your money in any case.  Overseas investors and businessmen purchasing land plots in Antalya, Turkey, will manage to securely safeguard their capitals. Even if the global economic situation deteriorates drastically, you will be able to sell your land in Antalya at its purchase price. Sitting at the main roads crossing, the land plot for sale is highly appealing, and you won’t have any issues finding marketing avenues for your agricultural produce. 

The country’s economy is strong enough, providing for the active development of vacant lands, with the numbers thereof plummeting. Viewed this way, investing in the Antalya land plot is potentially profitable. The asset will earn you good income if you resell it within 2 or 3 years (inter alia, after taxes).

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Potential real estate investors interested in purchasing lands in Turkey, with the beneficially located fertile land plot 10 km from Antalya among them, are welcome to contact the International Wealth experts at [email protected].

No matter, what issue you may encounter, we provide full legal support to our customers and consult them every step of the way. Where necessary, we will cherry-pick and offer you any other properties in Turkey to save and protect your capital, including the ones that will make you eligible for the citizenship by investment program in Turkey.

Are foreign investors allowed to purchase real estate in Turkey?

Turkish laws provide for only 2 kinds of restrictions for foreign natural and legal persons in terms of real estate purchase:
one foreign investor may purchase a land lot of no more than 30 hectares
investors are allowed to buy no more than 10% of the total area of the district with private property in it
Turkish legislation contains no other restrictions. Natural and legal non-resident investors may own residential or commercial properties as well as land plots in Turkey. It is only forbidden to sell lands in highly strategic areas and protected conservation areas.

How much will I pay for a land plot in the Antalya region?

Turkey is one of those countries with land supply shortage, where land value remains appealing enough. You may purchase various land plots in the Antalya spa region, with varying prices depending on the land plot area:
beachfront land plots in Antalya – from EUR 10,000,000
land plots within the grandeur Northern Antalya bypass road project – from EUR 4,000,000
highly profitable peninsulas, for construction or farming – from EUR 10,000,000.
A small selection of exclusive land plots boasting favorable locations is still available to foreign investors in Antalya, Turkey.

Will I have to open an account with a Turkish bank to purchase lands in Turkey?

You will. The country’s laws stipulate that non-resident investors shall necessarily submit a recommendation letter from the bank to confirm the buyer is solvent. The corresponding funds shall be first deposited in an account with a local bank (chosen by the applicant or recommended by a professional lawyer), and the bank will issue a corresponding document. The future owner receives their TIN, together with the incorporation certificate of the company buying the land and owner information. The TAPU shall mention the property price, hence you will need to hire a certified appraiser.

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