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Real Estate in Turkey – Orchard Ranch to Start Your Business

Turkey offers potential real estate investors appealing citizenship by investment terms. It is hardly surprising that foreigners get more and more interested in real estate in Turkey. An overseas property buyer may get citizenship by investment in Turkey if the real estate they purchase in the country costs USD 400,000 or more. Such investors may not only include their spouse and underage children under 18 in their citizenship by investment application, but also enjoy a simplified citizenship reception procedure. An applicant under the citizenship by investment program will receive their Turkish passport within 1.5–3 months, provided the property they purchase is USD 400,000 or above. They will get a residence permit and keep it while the citizenship by investment application is processed.

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In this article, we will consider a number of opportunities to combine citizenship by investment in Turkey and profiting from your own horticultural business in this sunny Mediterranean state. FYI: fruit and veggies from Turkey are nowadays a brand. They are organic green products exported to Europe and many EFTA countries. Turkey today does not grow enough fruit and vegetables to fully satisfy the importers’ demand for them. This makes our offer to learn more about the stone orchard rancho suitable for horticultural business in Turkey even more appealing. The orchard ranch price makes EUR 1,850,000 and above.

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Horticultural business in Turkey – its potential and profit prospects

Turkey presents you with great prospects to start and develop your horticultural business if you plan to grow and export fruit and vegetables in the country long-term. Take a look at the official figures from the West Mediterranean Exporters Association:

  •  since January till March 2020, export of fruit and vegetables from Turkey grew by 27.6% (amounting to USD 581,000,000)
  • Turkey exported 956,000 tons of fresh fruit and vegetables within the said period  (compared to 858,000 tons YoY)
  • since January till March 2020, total exports topped USD 500,000,000
  • main importers purchasing Turkish fruit and vegetables were Russia, Romania, Ukraine, Iran, Iraq, Germany, Poland, and Bulgaria. Smaller amounts were exported to Serbia, Saudi Arabia, and Georgia.

Once the COVID-2019 pandemic came to an end, Turkey has been increasing its horticultural production to eliminate shortage of fresh fruit and vegetables on the market. With its production volumes, Turkey is capable to fully satisfy its domestic demand, however, the growing exports result in the shortage of new horticultural companies and greenhouse businesses.

According to a DKIB (the Eastern Black Sea Exporters Association) representative, no negative factors exist today that could influence this economy segment. The COVID-2019 pandemic turned out to be a positive factor in terms of its influence on both the industry and fruit and vegetable exports in Turkey, as demand for organic green products has grown on a global scale. With all this, investors and businessmen planning their horticultural business in Turkey, enjoy favorable terms. The county’s mild climate comes as a nice bonus for them.    

Start your horticultural business in Turkey fast with a glorious orchard ranch

If you are about to start your horticultural or greenhouse business in Turkey, we suggest you take a closer look at the appealing real estate investment offer below. A high-end orchard ranch ready to move in is invited to your attention. The orchard ranch is unique in a sense it has a full-grown orchard on the surrounding land, and thus provides for an easy start of your gardening business. 

The orchard ranch price makes up EUR 1,850,000. Below, you will find the property’s key characteristics:

  • property type – ranch
  • real estate market – primary (new home)
  • number of rooms – 9
  • number of separate bedrooms – 7
  • number of separate bathrooms – 7
  • total area of the ranch – 450 square meters
  • total area of the land lot – 55,650 square meters
  • outdoor swimming pool of 770 square meters – available
  • floors – 2
  • commissioning deadline – 2017.

The orchard ranch sits 59 km from the sea and 69 km from the International Antalya Airport.

The stylish property has been designed under an original project, well-thought to the smallest detail. It boasts not only a landscaped area with a unique design, but also modern interiors and cutting edge technologies. The orchard ranch is fully equipped with home appliances and bathroom equipment. It disposes of modern furniture and interiors. The real estate is ready for a big family to move in. The first floor of the orchard ranch houses a spacious hall leading to an open kitchen with a dining area. A glazed gazebo you may enter from the kitchen is the cherry on the project’s cake. You can enjoy your family time while observing the surrounding landscapes.

The orchard rancho price tops EUR 1,850,000, making it suitable for citizenship by investment program applicants. The amount includes the International Wealth representatives’ services in Turkey for sale and purchase transaction execution and paperwork processing, as well as real estate and land lot title registration. Where necessary, we will assist you with business registration in Turkey. An orchard you will own provides for a long-term, profitable horticultural business.

Horticultural business in Turkey and your own orchard ranch – legal support with any potential issues

The International Wealth recommends that foreign investors intending to start their horticultural business and apply for citizenship by investment  in Turkey study the above property in full detail. It provides all the possibilities for a quick and easy business start. It is fairly easy to open your business in the country with the support of the International Wealth lawyers. The seller and buyer relationship and communication with any registration authorities in Turkey will also be mediated by us.

With the required reforms instituted by local authorities, the procedure for new company registration is much simpler now, inter alia, for companies with 100% foreign capital. Please take note of the legal information below:

  • investor purchasing the orchard ranch may get citizenship by investment in Turkey for their whole family
  • sale and purchase transaction may be carried out remotely, by POA issued to your Turkish agent
  • if you have no wish to visit the country in person, you may order a virtual property tour
  • settlements may be carried out in any currency (an equivalent amount in the corresponding currency shall be paid)
  • where the investor needs to get their Turkish passport under the citizenship by investment program, legal support shall include dealing with immigration services.

You may optionally order a full package of services for new company registration to run your gardening business on the orchard ranch. Industry experts will assist you with choosing the best taxation scheme, the necessary business structure, and opening a corporate account for your company with a local bank.


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Running business in Turkey – the region’s benefits for growing fruit and vegetables

An investor considering a garden ranch to invest in should pay attention to the other benefits of Turkey for horticultural business. The mild local climate comes as the most obvious advantage. With as many as 300 sunny days per year and no ground frost threatening to kill your crops, your success is guaranteed.  

Here are some other advantages of running your horticultural business in Turkey:

  • Turkey is the leaser in dry fruit production and export (figs, dried apricots, and raisins)
  • around 11,000 plant species grow in Turkey (keep in mind that Europe has approximately 11,500 species)
  • horticultural business in this sunny state secures quick return due to high domestic demand (Turkey has a great number of food outlets)
  • the country belongs to the biggest regional markets, thus allowing to market fresh fruit and vegetables without any delay
  • agricultural industry keeps growing lately, with growth therein amounting to 9% of gross value added
  • local government implements effective reforms to minimize limitations in horticultural and greenhouse business and creates multiple incentives to bring in foreign investments.

Modern Turkey is definitely the leader in agriculture. It is fairly easy to find partners and direct fruit and veg consumers due to great interest in high-quality organic crops on the global level. A horticultural company from Turkey will easily find its niche, as fresh products are mostly sold in local markets, and tourists coming in huge numbers to Turkey buy a lot.

The orchard ranch ready for you to move in worth EUR 1,850,000 and above is a reliable real estate investment allowing you to quickly start a profitable business.

Horticultural business in Turkey – things a foreign businessman should know

The horticultural sector is of particular interest to international companies keen on having their regional headquarters in Turkey. Not only boasts the country advantageous geographic, but also has the largest  food market and a well-developed supply center. It pays great attention to logistics and transportation. Besides, the state keeps simplifying its customs procedures, allowing for profitable fruit and veg export.

A horticultural business in Turkey comes with extensive foreign trade opportunities as the country is the largest exporter of agricultural products in the Near and Middle East, Eastern Europe, and North Africa (EMEA).

Here’s what you may use to run your business in Turkey:

  • mechanisms to assist foreign investors putting up their money in the food industry
  • enabling legal environment for investments;
  • own taxation structure, allowing companies to decrease their tax burden
  • incentives for foreign investors
  • competitive and affordable labor
  • international agreements allowing to reduce company service expenses.

FYI: the Turkish government plans to grow and develop their agricultural sector by 2023. Gross agricultural production is to make USD 150,000,000,000, and export – USD 40,000,000,000. The authorities also try to make the country join the top five leaders in agricultural production. Strategies are being developed to increase the irrigated land area (to 8,500,000 hectares by 2023), and reforms are being  prepared to make the Turkish fishing industry the best performing one in Europe.

Investing in horticultural business in Turkey with a professionally prepared long-term business plan in your pocket means your investment is protected, and your risks are minimal. The orchard ranch worth EUR 1,850,000 and above is an easy way to start your horticultural business here. You will also enjoy a comfortable life in luxury apartments.

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You are welcome to contact the International Wealth experts at if you are interested in this real estate and starting your horticultural business in Turkey. We provide full legal support to our customers till they are comfortably settled in the country. Where necessary, International Wealth will select a different real estate option for you, assist with bank account opening or getting your citizenship by investment in Turkey under a simplified procedure.  

What is so special about the orchard ranch in Antalya?

The real estate boasts unique design of both its interiors and exteriors. It is a fully furnished and ready to move in orchard ranch sitting on a land lot of 55,650 square meters. A future owner will enjoy a well taken care of landscaped yard and estate, as well as a comfortable house layout. The real estate has 9 rooms – 7 bedrooms and common areas, an open kitchen with a designated recreational area. A spacious hall with high ceilings, vintage stairs leading to the second floor, and LED-lighting of ceilings and steps will bring joy to the property residents. With a young orchard on the land lot, you will be able to start your horticultural business in Turkey without any delay and grow fruit and vegetables in abundance.

Is horticultural business in Turkey profitable?

With exports constantly growing, foreign investments will be attracted in the agricultural industry of Turkey. Fresh fruit and vegetables make the central line of regional development programs. The government of Turkey promotes horticultural industry growth, and creates new incentives to reduce tax burden for foreign companies in the agricultural sector. In January-March 2020, export of fresh fruit and vegetables from Turkey grew significantly. The said growth amounted to 27.6% YoY. The government of Turkey intends to make the country join the top 5 agriproduct exporters by 2023, including, inter alia, fresh fruit and veg supplies.

When may I sell my property if I purchase it under the citizenship by investment program?

If you intend to use the above orchard ranch only to get citizenship by investment in Turkey, you may sell it 3 years after the purchase date. The term applies to any investments under the government implemented citizenship by investment program in Turkey. This means, if you deposit any funds with the bank or purchase shares of an active Turkish company, you will be able to divesture in 3 years only. A potential holder of citizenship by investment in Turkey shall agree thereto in writing. Due to its huge land lot with an orchard on it, the orchard ranch will rise in price by approximately 7-9% per year.

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