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Real Estate in Turkey – High-End Offices for You in Downtown Antalya

With present-day global turbulence, foreign investors are forced to look for extra opportunities to protect their assets. It all comes down to personal choices. Some prefer to invest in cryptocurrencies or precious metals, while the others may have eyes for real estate in Turkey. If you are not able to visit Turkey in person, you are welcome to purchase lux commercial or residential real estate, exclusive land plots, or a peninsula in Turkey remotely. To sign the necessary documents, the investor won’t need to leave their home country.

Real estate in Turkey is appealing to both legal and natural persons from the UAE, the USA, Europe and other regions. Investors are fast to analyze their potential benefits and prospects. They see asset purchase as a reliable way to protect their capital, which is important considering what is going on in the world. It is advisable to invest your funds in safe assets. The International Wealth team recommends you consider a great opportunity to purchase high-end offices upwards of EUR 2,000,000 in the Downtown Antalya.

offices in the center of Antalya

International Wealth will readily assist you with purchasing properties in Turkey (and anywhere else in the world), opening bank accounts abroad, registering inheritance, or getting migration documents. We offer legal support where you need it. 

Purchasing real estate in Turkey – what properties are the best?

It all depends on your goals. If you are purchasing real estate in Turkey to be eligible for the local citizenship by investment program, and wish to add to your passport collection to enjoy extra protection, you may choose from cheaper options. Real estate industry in Turkey features multiple sale offers, with the optimal price and quality combination. Hence, you may buy comfortable, lux residential real estate in either spa regions or the country’s capital in no time.

To be eligible for citizenship by investment in Turkey, a potential investor shall purchase properties of at least USD 400,000. You are welcome to buy several cheaper residential or commercial real estate units totaling the necessary amount and get Turkish passports for all your dependents.

Investors purchasing properties in Turkey to set up and run a profit-making business in the country on a permanent basis should pay heed to high-yielding real estate. Here’s what the International Wealth partners in Turkey recommend:

  • land plots in Antalya for agricultural purposes
  • downtown shopping and entertainment centers in Antalya
  • business centers and offices in modern high-end buildings sitting in the main streets of spa cities
  • peninsulas and lands, with building permits for tourist and residential real estate available
  • villas, town houses, lux ranchos to lease out later on or resell when the property prices go up.

Properties like the above ones in Turkey will secure you a good income, no matter what. Even if the economic situation in Turkey deteriorates, although it is unlikely due to the country’s strong economy, you will be able to sell your asset at its purchase price. Investors have nothing to lose, and their chances to win are backed up by the highly developed tourist industry in Turkey.

Turkey boasts superb family vacation opportunities, and welcomes vacationers and travelers from anywhere in the world.


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What commercial properties are best to purchase in Turkey?

Let’s take a look at Antalya, the tourist capital of Turkey. It is a spa region with greater tourist number than many European capitals can boast. After London and Paris, Antalya comes 3rd as a popular tourist destination. The number of lux hotels, entertainment centers and exclusive villas in the region is beyond belief.

Purchasing land plots in Antalya, Turkey, is another profitable way to multiply your capital. With over 2,000 hotels, room supply is still insufficient in the area. Hence, vacant construction lands are excellent to start your tourist business. With over 2,500,000 residents, Antalya is a large Turkish city frequented by entertainment fans all year round. Both local and international companies require commercial premises to open either representative or regular offices in Turkey.

If you wish to purchase real estate in Turkey to profit therefrom  long-term, International Wealth recommends you consider high-end offices in the Downtown Antalya upwards of EUR 2,000,000. Here’s what the Turkish property has to offer:

  • property type – business and shopping centers
  • real estate market – primary
  • number of rooms – 17
  • number of bathrooms – 17
  • total area – 3,000 square meters
  • land plot area – 15,000 square meters
  • number of floors – 6
  • elevator – available
  • commissioning deadline – 2019
  • property status – existing facility.

If you are about to purchase real estate in Turkey to make gains from leasing it out on a regular basis, the above lux offices are a great investment opportunity. The property is forecast to go up in price by 10% to 15% per annum, and you will be able to sell your asset at a profit in the future.

Benefits of purchasing high-end offices in Antalya, Turkey

With multiple representative and branch offices of both foreign and local companies in the city, Antalya, needs commercial premises for office employees. New legal and natural persons, both residents and non-residents, are incorporated in Antalya on a daily basis, and they need offices. Most companies are preoccupied with their prestige, and high-end offices in the Downtown Antalya are ideal for long-term rent.

Premium offices in Turkey upwards of EUR 2,000,000 are a good buy due to their premium location in the Downtown Antalya. The latter is a popular spa resort and the 5th largest city in Turkey by population. Here are some additional benefits offered by the commercial facility above:

  • modern ventilated facade
  • exclusive exterior with outdoor lighting
  • authentic and classic decor
  • full interior finishing and fully furnished offices
  • necessary bathroom equipment available in all bathrooms
  • employee kitchens
  • modern elevator
  • prime location on the main street, close to the Antalya Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Here’s what overseas investors purchasing commercial real estate in Turkey will get:

  • 17 spacious and light offices of 171 to 1250 square meters
  • modern premises for your company’s top management
  • meeting rooms and summit offices
  • building’s own microclimate
  • cutting-edge double-glazed UV-reflecting modern windows (providing for all-year-round comfortable temperature inside)
  • unique and elegant vertical facade lighting (the business center is most impressive at nighttime)
  • smart office system to manage the building’s utilities and monitor the premises remotely (via a mobile app)
  • underground parking lot with 100 parking spaces
  • outdoor terrace restaurant, boasting a panoramic view of the city and the mountains, to enjoy business dinners and romantic evenings.

High-end offices in Downtown Antalya are ideal if you need real estate in Turkey ready for use. All premises for sale boast white-box finish, have utility line arrangements and engineering network wiring. Offices in the building come with original steel entrance doors and floor screeds. The 6-floor commercial office building in Antalya will cost you upwards of EUR 2,000,000.

Purchasing high-end offices in Downtown Antalya, Turkey –  surrounding infrastructure

Not every real estate unit in Turkey is a good asset to invest in. This is why potential real estate investors in Antalya commercial premises should account for all the related benefits and possible risks. At International Wealth, we recommend you pay close attention to the premium offices in the Downtown Antalya, in close vicinity of multiple organizations and institutions. Here’s what you may come across within 1.5 km of the office building:

  • shopping and entertainment centers
  • banks
  • coffee houses and restaurants
  • cinemas
  • healthcare centers
  • fitness centers
  • representative offices and show rooms of major global brands (with Mercedes-Benz, Honda, Citroën, and many more among them).

Future tenants are sure to choose the property for their offices since all the necessary infrastructure is within a walking distance from the building. The business center is 10 km from the sea, and the Antalya International Airport is 7 km away. If you are about to purchase commercial premises in Turkey to receive stable passive income therefrom, high-end offices in the Downtown Antalya, Turkey, are a worthy option. With an experienced management company at hand, you won’t need to visit Turkey in person to look for tenants or monitor your business affairs. The high-end offices in the Downtown Antalya, Turkey, are upwards of EUR 2,000,000.

Full legal support and facilitation for real estate investors purchasing commercial premises in Antalya, Turkey

The International Wealth experts will be glad to assist foreign investors about to purchase real estate in Turkey and become full owners of Antalya high-end offices. We will represent you in any Turkish organizations and establishments. The International Wealth industry pros will not only provide full support for your sale and purchase deals and receiving your title certificate (TAPU) in Turkey, but also resolve any potential organizational or document-related issues. The latter may include receiving a TIN in Turkey necessary to make the deal in question or opening an account with a local bank.

Here’s what makes Turkey an appealing jurisdiction to invest in for foreigners, inter alia, by purchasing properties in the country:

  • dynamic and vibrant economy
  • government-inspired reforms, with a view to creating an investment-friendly environment
  • competitive and highly skilled labor
  • well-developed infrastructure (with around USD 1,000,000,000 already invested in the Antalya water supply and sewerage treatment system)
  • Turkey enjoys a strategic position when it comes to energy resources transportation
  • tourist numbers grow rapidly from year to year
  • local mild climate with 300 sunny days per year is appealing to investors contemplating to permanently live in the country
  • multiple economic stimulus measures alongside with low taxes.

When you purchase real estate in Turkey, you receive a reliable asset that won’t depreciate due to economic recession. Even under the worst case scenario, real estate in Turkey won’t lose its leading positions in the global property price ratings. Historically, real estate prices in Antalya, Turkey, have grown 1000-fold in TRY and 100-fold in USD or EUR in the past 15 years.

If you have eyes for high-end offices upwards of EUR 2,000,000 in Antalya, Turkey to invest in at a profit, the International Wealth experts will represent you in Turkey and provide full legal support for your sale and purchase deal. When needed, we will submit the necessary documents to the migration service for you to receive a Turkish residence permit and a local passport.

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If you are not completely happy with the property unit above, our Turkish partners and representatives will select commercial and residential properties or land plots in Turkey to suit your needs and wishes to a tee in terms of their location, size, and other parameters. For any questions you may have, you are welcome to contact the International Wealth experts at [email protected].

What benefits will I enjoy as a real estate investor in Turkey?

Apart from its highly developed tourist industry, Turkey is appealing due to multiple tax benefits and government FDI stimulus measures. Buyers purchasing real estate in Turkey will be able to keep their capital safe and protect it from any potential economic or political shocks. Turkey boasts a large enough home market, promoting high demand for residential and commercial rentals. With a rapid GDP growth, the country’s economy is strong enough. As of 2020, Turkey was the 33rd easiest country in the World Bank Rating to run business in (moving up from No. 47 in 2019).

What advantages do high-end offices in Antalya, Turkey, offer to future tenants?

Premium offices in the Downtown Antalya, Turkey, boast a prime location in the city center and modern finish. They are fully furnished and highly comfortable. The property unit upwards of EUR 2,000,000 is ready for use. This is a new construction, so you run no risks when getting title thereto. With unique facades boasting outside lighting, their own climate system, UV-blocking double-glazed windows, and superb surrounding infrastructure within a walking distance from the building, the offices will be a pleasure to work at. Investors looking for properties to invest in long-term, will jump at the opportunity to purchase the above real estate in Turkey.

How can I purchase high-end commercial real estate in Antalya, Turkey?

We recommend you send a corresponding request to the International Wealth experts if you want to purchase premium offices in the Downtown Antalya, Turkey. You will receive all the necessary information and details as to this property unit in particular and purchasing real estate in Turkey in general during a free initial online consultation. Our representatives in Turkey will take the investors through the necessary documents, the procedure to receive a title certificate in Turkey, and other important details. You may book a virtual property tour or take a look at the properties when you visit Turkey in person (the International Wealth employees will meet you at the airport and assist you with every single detail while closing the sale and purchase deal, up to getting your title certificate (TAPU) and a Turkish passport).

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