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Deluxia Park Residence

Cost: from 169 070 USD


Real Estate in Turkey – Get Your Istanbul Apartment in Deluxia Park Residence

Official TurkStat figures show that real estate in Turkey is getting more and more popular with foreign investors. The demand has been growing steadily, even though we observe a simultaneous surge in prices on the market. With its comfortable apartments priced at EUR 2030 per 1 square meter, the Deluxia Park Residence offers a unique opportunity to its future residents to secure a happy carefree life in Turkey for both themselves and their loved ones.

The Teknik Yapi construction company, famous for its innovative approach accounting for top quality, security, comfort, and aesthetics, is the developer in charge of the project. The Deluxia Park Residence apartment complex in Istanbul, Turkey, is to be commissioned in 2023.

Benefits of owning an Istanbul apartment

In terms of significance, Istanbul comes second after the Turkish capital city of Ankara. As for its worldwide popularity, it is well ahead of its competitor. It is for a reason that Istanbul has been recognized as the unofficial center of Turkey.

With its 49 ancient churches, 70 museums, 64 mosques open for tourists, it is hardly surprising Istanbul has been long known as an important global cultural hub. You may come across a centuries-old aqueduct or an ancient fortress wall right at the city streets. Due to shopping tours to Turkey, providing for an opportunity to visit noisy and colorful oriental bazaars, Istanbul has won great popularity with tourists around the world.

Owning real estate of EUR 400,000 and above gives you the ground to apply for citizenship by investment in Turkey. This is often a difference maker for people considering an opportunity to get a second passport. The fact that the applicant’s dependents may apply for the citizenship of Turkey as well, adds to the appeal.

Reasons to purchase an Istanbul apartment are obvious:

  • The city is located in the subtropical zone, and your life in Turkey will be comfortable all year round.
  • Modern city infrastructure, combining new business and office buildings with historical sites.
  • Convenient transport junction, with global transportation routes crossing. Istanbul disposes of an international airport, 2 railway stations, and 3 international seaports. Cable railways and ferries are used to cross the Bosporus. Both local residents and tourists may use subway, buses, commuter trains, and share taxis to reach their destinations.
  • An Istanbul apartment is your solid and reliable investment in the future, as prices for properties in Turkey keep rising.

It is relatively easy and perfectly safe from a legal standpoint to purchase an apartment in Istanbul, Turkey. It will be a real asset for both regular people and businessmen wishing to stay in the midst of the Turkish business life and keep abreast of the latest commercial developments.


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Maltepe district in Istanbul

The Deluxia Park Residence real estate project is to be found in the Maltepe district of Istanbul, Turkey. It sits in the Asian part of the city and is a popular and modern neighborhood on the Marmara sea. The Maltepe district is situated in the southwest of the Kocaeli peninsula. It offers a breathtaking view of the Princes’ Islands to both its guests and local residents.

The Maltepe district houses one of the largest Istanbul mosques, that is regarded as the center of Maltepe. It is here that buses and minibuses stop on their way from Kadıköy to the outskirts of Istanbul.

The district boasts several huge supermarkets with Burger King restaurants, cinemas, diners,  kebab houses, coffee shops, and tearooms.

Transport junctionFrom Kadıköy district − 20 mins by car
From Kadıköy М4 to Esenkent – 33 mins
From Esenkent M4 to Deluxia park – 3-min walk
Bus station – 2-min walk
Gevizli subway station on the Marmara subway line – 9 mins by share taxi
MetroBus – 10 mins
Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen International Airport – 20 mins
Taksim Square – 35 mins.
Kartal Anatolian High School (Turkish: Kartal Anadolu Lisesi)
Maltepe Fen Bilimleri Anatolian High School (Turkish: Maltepe Fen Bilimleri Anadolu Lisesi)
SchoolsKartal Anatolian High School (Turkish: Kartal Anadolu Lisesi)Maltepe Fen Bilimleri Anatolian High School (Turkish: Maltepe Fen Bilimleri Anadolu Lisesi)
UniversitiesKartal Campus of the Marmara University (Turkish: Marmara Üniversitesi Kartal Yerleşkesi)
Cevizli Campus of the Istanbul Medeniyet University (Turkish: İstanbul Medeniyet Üniversitesi − Cevizli Kampüsü)
Kartal Dr. Lütfi Kırdar Training and Research Hospital (Turkish: Kartal Dr. Lütfi Kırdar Şehir Hastanesi)

Deluxia Park Residence − project details  

The Deluxia Park Residence real estate project encompasses 3 apartment blocks 35 stories high. The Teknik Yapi construction company is in charge of the development.

Project completion2023
Deluxia Park Residence total construction area53,287 square meters
No. of floors35
Construction typemonolith
Building typeapartment block
No. of apartments364
SecurityCCTV monitoring
Building security
Payment by installmentsDown payment makes 50% of the apartment price, the rest shall be paid by installments within  the next 24 months
Amenities playground
parking lot
swimming pool
fitness studio
underground parking

Prices for Deluxia Park Residence apartments  

Apartment prices in the Deluxia Park Residence project start from EUR 2030 per 1 square meter.

Deluxia Park Residence

Apartments for sale

Apartment typeMinimum priceMaximum price
1+1169,070 USD194,510 USD
3+1241,000 USD245,150 USD

Turkish real estate developer Teknik Yapi

The developer in charge of the Deluxia Park Residence project is Teknik Yapi. It is a well-known Turkish construction company. The developer has been successfully operating in the construction market of Turkey since 1974. The total area of properties completed by this company exceeds 6,000,000 square meters. It has designed and built many plants, industrial premises, residential real estate, and business centers. The company is led by its founder Nazmi Durbakaym. The developer pays great attention to security and installs highly reliable security systems at all its development projects. Properties commissioned by the company are beautiful to the eyes of the buyers, comfortable, and safe. They are designed for longevity. Surrounding landscaped areas with planted greenery add appeal to this real estate. Where possible, the company tries to leave the original green zones surrounding the development intact.

Expert support with real estate sale and purchase deals in Istanbul, Turkey

You should carefully select your future Istanbul residence, paying attention to every tiny detail.  If you decide in favor of a Deluxia Park Residence apartment, consider consulting the International Wealth team. Expert support will ensure your success. Real estate experts and lawyers will help you with property selection, prepare a sale and purchase agreement matching your needs, and consult you on every important issue. You are welcome to contact the International Wealth team using any contacts on our website.

May I pay for my future Deluxia Park Residence apartment in Istanbul, Turkey, by installments?

Without a shadow of a doubt. You shall pay 50% of the apartment price as a down payment, and the remaining amount shall be contributed within the next 24 months.

When will I receive title documents to my Deluxia Park Residence properties?

If you pay the full price of your apartment, you will receive your title documents forthwith without any delay. Where you pay by installments, the title documents will be handed over to you after you have discharged the debt in full.

When will the Deluxia Park Residence project be commissioned?

The Deluxia Park Residence real estate project in Istanbul, Turkey, is to be completed in 2023.

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