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Cost: from 97 000 USD


Real Estate in Istanbul, Turkey to Meet Your Every Need

Do you feel like investing in real estate? Here are some elite options in Istanbul, Turkey, and you may choose the ones that seem the most tempting to you.

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Please note that to get expert assistance with choosing properties in Turkey as soon as possible, you should fill in an online questionnaire and the International Wealth experts will be happy to offer you a free initial consultation on the subject.

 A few facts about the real estate market in Turkey

What should you know to successfully purchase real estate in Turkey?

  1. The primary and secondary housing markets differ to a great degree in Turkey. Real estate prices for apartments in two buildings next to each other may vary considerably in the same district.  With their top engineering solutions, world-class architecture, and superb infrastructure, new developments are especially noteworthy.
  2. Foreigners enjoy an opportunity to pay by installments for their real estate in Turkey. The Turkish government confides in foreign investors. It is not a rare occasion that developers offer potential real estate investors an opportunity to pay for their future properties by installments or to get an interest-free loan therefor.
  3. Sale and purchase procedures are simple, effective, and transparent in Turkey.
  4. The country’s real estate market is open and transparent. A mere 15 years ago, only local citizens might purchase real estate in Turkey. Since 2004, the list of potential buyers has been extended to include the nationals of those states, Turkey had collaborative relationships with. As early as 2013, the Turkish government amended the housing law, and foreigners were allowed to purchase properties in the country on a par with the locals. Ever since, the number of foreign investors, wishing to purchase apartments or houses in the country, has been growing steadily.

As a result, the number and intensity of real estate sale and purchase transactions has grown in leaps and bounds in Turkey. Foreigners buy progressively more properties in the country than in earlier days. The upward trend is about to stay unchanged in the near future. The above surge in demand is logically followed by supply growth. International Wealth suggests you consider several superb real estate options in Turkey.


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Alyvia Houses

In the constellation of the Istanbul real estate, the star of the Alyvia Houses apartment complex shies the brightest. The Alyvia Houses residential project is to be found in Şile, known to be among the most popular and well-developed Istanbul districts. The elite apartments of 181- 426 square meters are conveniently located in detached villas. The Alyvia Houses apartment complex in Istanbul is currently under construction. It will have been 35% ready by December 2021.

More is coming. The Alyvia Houses project in Istanbul, Turkey, will house the total of 44 apartments. The developer offers potential buyers to choose from 3- and 4-room properties. All Alyvia Houses apartments are to be found in 2-story detached villas. Each villa boasts a huge terrace. Future dwellers may use it both as a garden and an outdoor dining area. They may turn it into a home office, a home workshop, or a game room for kids.

The Alyvia Houses real estate in Istanbul, Turkey, has superb amenities. With its playgrounds, sports grounds, a car park, various shops, an equestrian center, a swimming pool, a fitness center, as well as walkways and bike lanes, the Alyvia Houses apartment complex bundles the best of the Şile district in Istanbul, Turkey. If you are into sports, healthy lifestyle, and love life in all its forms and manifestations, the Alyvia Houses apartment complex is ideal for you.

Transport junction

The Alyvia Houses apartment complex enjoys a convenient location in Istanbul, close to the city’s main landmarks:

  • Üsküdar square – 35 mins
  • Downtown Şile – 15 mins
  • Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen International Airport – 30 mins
  • Kadıköy – 45 mins
  • Taksim square – 75 mins
  • Istanbul airport – 90 mins.

You may take a closer look at the apartment prices for the Alyvia Houses properties below:

No. of roomsPrice, USDArea, square metersPrice, USDArea, square metersNo. of bathrooms
3 + 1267,000181.00376,000301.032.5
4 + 1321,000225.47420,000426.532.5

Arch Renaissance

The Arch Renaissance properties is another appealing real estate project in Istanbul, Turkey. It sits in the modern and popular Avcılar district of Istanbul, bustling with business life and student activities. The Arch Renaissance apartments of 79 to 342 square meters range from USD 97,000 to USD 552,000.

Project details

The Arch Renaissance real estate project sits on a land lot of 7800 square meters boasting superb exteriors, unique landscapes, and top-class amenities. Each state-of-the-art apartment block here houses 124 properties. Potential real estate investors may choose from 1-, 2-, 3-, and 4-room apartments. They are all fully equipped. With built-in appliances, ceramic bathroom equipment, hardwood floors, fittings, and batteries, the Arch Renaissance properties in Istanbul, Turkey, will secure the highest living standards for future dwellers. You are welcome to live in a fairy tale of Arch Renaissance. Everything you need to meet your demands is literally steps away from you in the neighborhood, including shops, sports grounds, playgrounds, coffee houses, and restaurants.

Not only is the Arch Renaissance apartment complex in Istanbul ideal for satisfying and productive life, but it also has a great investment value.


The transport junction at the Arch Renaissance apartment complex is one of its greatest merits. And here’s why:

  • proximity to the Е-5 and the ТЕМ highways
  • metrobus station close by
  • 10 mins from the Avcılar bus station.

A subway line with a subway station will appear in the Avcılar district of Istanbul anytime soon. As a result, the Arch Renaissance residents will enjoy extra comfort and won’t have any issues getting to their desired destinations.

Apartment prices

Below you will find the price range for the Arch Renaissance apartments:

No. of roomsPrice, $Area, square metersPrice, $Area, square metersNo. of bathrooms
1 + 197,00079118,000791
2 + 1179,000123211,0001482
3 + 1185,000176.9267,000176.92
4 + 1423,000282552,0003432

Asteria Houses

The Asteria Houses project in the Esenyurt district of Istanbul, Turkey, is another top-quality real estate offer for you to consider. Property prices in Asteria Houses range from USD 162,000 to USD 312,000.

The Asteria Houses residences are to be found in a new and dynamic district of Istanbul with superb potential.

The local well-designed road junction at the Asteria Houses real estate project brings everything near:

  • airport − 20 mins
  • beach − 15 mins
  • Downtown Istanbul − 42 mins.

The Asteria Houses apartment complex occupies 25,000 square meters in Istanbul, Turkey. The project houses 8 apartment blocks, boasting superb architectural design. Top-class amenities providing for all your needs will secure your comfort and trouble-free life in the Asteria Houses real estate project.

Money spent on an Asteria Houses apartment in Istanbul, Turkey, will be the number one investment in your whole life.

Apartment prices

No. of roomsPrice, $Area, square metersPrice, $Area, square metersNo. of bathrooms
2 + 1162,000133258,0001432
3 + 1225,000172312,0001753

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FYI: the developer offers beneficial payment terms to potential investors. You may pay for your apartment by installments, with a 50% down payment, and the remaining amount paid by installments within 12 months.

Etoile Houses

Etoile Houses is a residential complex in the Avcılar district of Istanbul, Turkey. It is 100% complete. Apartment prices here range from USD 198,296 to USD 436,826, with property areas of 94 to 224 square meters.

Let’s take a closer look at the Etoile Houses project in Istanbul.

Project details

The Etoile Houses apartment complex may be found in the Avcılar district of Istanbul, where it sits on the Firuzköy boulevard. The real estate project encompasses 4 apartment blocks, with various apartment layouts for potential real estate investors to choose from, from miniature 1-room studios to spacious residences boasting 4 bedrooms and 1 living room.

With their top layouts and superb architecture, the Etoile Houses residences are also equipped with the smart home technology. With its help, property owners are able to manage the apartments from their mobile phones. The system provides for high security and property protection, controls climate, as well as the other living conditions.


The Etoile Houses real estate project sits 380 meters from the E-5 highway, 600 meters from the metrobus station, and 1.1 kilometers from the Istanbul University.

Amenities close by:

  • Istanbul Airport – 45 mins
  • Eurasia Tunnel – 30 mins
  • 15 July Martyrs Bridge – 30 mins
  • Marmara Park shopping center – 12 mins
  • Pelican shopping center – 5 mins
  • Avcılar campus of Istanbul University – 4 mins
  • Avcılar hospital – 3 mins.


Below, you can get acquainted with the amenities the Etoile Houses residents may enjoy:

  • swimming pool
  • sports center and sports grounds
  • social zones
  • shops and coffee houses
  • walkways
  • beautiful landscape zones.

Potential real estate investors are welcome to take a closer look at the Etoile Houses apartment prices:

No. of roomsPrice, $Area, square metersPrice, $Area, square metersNo. of bathrooms
2 + 1199,73394270,1421492
3 + 1198,296185296,7252112
4 + 1331,211224436,8262243
3,5 + 1333,367203357,7952052

Real estate consultations to choose the right properties

Finding your way on an unfamiliar territory is a challenging business. With Turkish residential properties you are about to invest in, you will make a better choice and generally benefit from a consultation with a real estate expert. Experienced and highly-qualified International Wealth industry experts will detail each of the below projects to you:

  • Etoile Houses
  • Arch Renaissance 
  • Alyvia Houses
  • Asteria Houses.

You will learn about the benefits and peculiar features each option will give you. The International Wealth experts will help you with real estate sale and purchase deals and offer full legal assistance to make your life easier.

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You are welcome to visit the International Wealth website for more information.

You may as well book an individual consultation at [email protected]. The International Wealth pros are eager to promptly discuss everything that interests or worries you.

Is purchasing an apartment in Turkey for USD 100,000 realistic?

It is. However, we are talking about the minimum threshold here. In the Arch Renaissance residential project (Istanbul, Turkey) you may buy an apartment of 79 square meters with 1 bedroom, 1 living room and 1 bathroom for as much as USD 97,000. Additional options are offered to those investors ready to pay at least USD 200,000 – USD 300,000 or more.

May a foreigner pay for real estate properties in Turkey by installments?

Sure thing. Both the Turkish government and developers are loyal to foreign investors. You may pay by installments or use an interest-free loan therefor when purchasing properties in various real estate projects. Take a look at the Asteria Houses apartment complex. Provided you pay 50% of the apartment price as a down payment, you may settle the rest by installments within 12 months.

May I and my dependents get a residence permit in Turkey if I purchase an apartment in any of the above projects?

Absolutely. Residence permits issued to both the property owner and their family members is the primary benefit they enjoy in case of investing in Turkish real estate.

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