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Real Estate in Bodrum – Make All Your Wishes Come True in Bomo Suites Residence

Bodrum in Turkey is among the most popular tourist destinations in the world. It is a magnet for beach lovers, yachtsmen, and other wealthy people. International Wealth readers and subscribers enjoy an opportunity to profit from investing in Bomo Suites Residence, a local spa and resort in Bodrum. At the same time, they may get a second passport and citizenship by investment in Turkey. Are you intrigued? Take a chance and keep reading for more details.

With its unforgettable sea landscapes and mild relaxing climate, Bodrum spa and resort in Turkey is favored by luxury vacation lovers. Boasting a favorable location in the southwest of Turkey, Bodrum traditionally invites and welcomes millions of tourists both from Turkey and abroad, who willingly sing praises to it.


Citizenship by investment in Turkey and an opportunity to enjoy life in the eternal summer of Bodrum

As a top-quality resort, Bodrum harmoniously combines scenic outdoors, an endless blue sea with a variety of shades, modern well-equipped marinas, historical and cultural heritage sites that arose 3,500 years ago, superb sandy beaches to relax and enjoy the sun, and many other benefits. You will want to visit Bodrum over and over again to experience the unique atmosphere of joy, happiness and complete relaxation.

Tourists and expats who find themselves in Bodrum forget all their worries and enjoy incomparable luxury and comfort, either in a large hotel compound or outside, walking along local streets and beach roads, talking to locals, or renting yachts to sail the sea.

Bodrum real estate enjoys high popularity, and this is hardly surprising for a place where the Aegean Sea and the Mediterranean Sea meet and blend in perfect harmony. High net worth individuals are happy to spend their vacations or buy properties in the area. Bodrum is among the best tourist destinations in Turkey. It offers superb tourist service to the city guests. The number and quality of boutique hotels and high-end residential complexes boasting exclusive services is indeed striking.

Bodrum real estate buyers enjoy an opportunity to get citizenship by investment in Turkey. Applicants are not required to live in Turkey, speak Turkish, or take any exams. All you need to do to win your lucky ticket to this modern paradise is invest at least USD 400,000 in the Bodrum real estate market or purchase properties in any other district of Turkey. The holding period for the investment makes 3 years.

Are you already considering this possibility? Go ahead and study the Bomo Suites Residence development project. If you purchase properties in this Bodrum real estate, you will enjoy an opportunity to get a second passport and citizenship by investment in Turkey.

Bomo Suites Residence in detail for potential property buyers in Bodrum

The modern Bomo Suites Residence real estate sits in an extremely prestigious district, boasting breathtaking sea views and landscapes. Apartments for sale are on private property. The sea is just 1 km away. It takes 10 mins to get to the local airport, and the nearest shopping center is a 3-minute walk from the Bomo Suites Residence residential complex. The latter features two 5-star hotels providing free services to local residents. Potential buyers may choose from comfortable apartments with various layouts:

  • 2+1 on the first floor, with a community garden access 
  • 2+1 on the upper floors
  • 2+1 with a private garden
  • 2+1 penthouse with a roof terrace
  • 4+1 penthouse with a roof terrace

Here are the amenities you will enjoy in the Bomo Suites Residence real estate: exercise rooms, a sauna, a day spa, a sweating-room, private beaches, tennis courts, golf courts, a playground, regular swimming pools, an infinity pool, a restaurant, a coffee house, 24/7 security, and 24/7 video surveillance.

The Bomo Suits Residence complex offers unique benefits to its guests and residents:

  • Location. The Bomo Suits Residence development project is a unique place favored by luxury vacation lovers. Lots of golf courses, high-quality sports centers, and other appealing amenities are nearby. Many hotel chains have decided in favor of the region, thus promoting the resort’s image to a high degree. Stunning nature, several national parks, and proximity to the airport are the benefits that make the Bomo Suits Residence real estate such an appealing property to invest in.
  • Superb design, architecture, and German quality. According to industry experts, the Bomo Suites Residence complex is a modern architecture icon in Bodrum. The project was developed under the leadership of experienced German architects. Guests and owners of the Bomo Suites Residence real estate in Bodrum are happy to use American lacquered kitchens, modern style bathrooms, spacious bedrooms, ceiling-high doors, and facades of glass and wood. Future investors will enjoy Bodrum residential properties meeting the rigorous German standards. The Bomo Suits Residence real estate offers and guarantees European quality to its future residents.
  • Luxury vacations in a tropical paradise. Enjoy picturesque landscapes and unforgettable vacations in the nature’s embrace, with forest greens blending into the sea azure. Allow yourself to savor a dream holiday in a tropical paradise. Flamingo flocks flying by the woods along with dozens of waterfalls will make you feel yourself totally relaxed and immersed in the nature’s beauty. Unparalleled landscapes and the most gorgeous views of the sea are accompanied by the day spa offering multiple health services and a posh restaurant. Living in your own cottage in a place like this is beautiful beyond belief. Garden pools, balcony hot tubs, and barbecues will multiply your joy manifold.
  • Nice family memories. A regular house turns into a warm family home with the happy moments shared with your friends and loved ones in there. With this in mind, the Bomo Suits Residence complex designers provisioned for top-class entertainment and activities for the investors, their spouses, and children. You will relax and make new friends and contacts, while swimming, playing golf, tennis, or basketball in the Bomo Suits Residence project. Yoga retreats, spa time, and massage sessions will give you piece of mind and mental rest. Enjoy watching a movie together with your family in an outdoor theater. In a mood for some fun? Join any party held on the private beach or by the pool on a regular basis. You are welcome to take part in any social or cultural events in the Bomo Suits Residence complex, be it cooking classes, wine tasting or painting and photography courses. The Bomo Suits Residence designers thought about activities for children as well. They designed a children’s club, with a playground meeting the highest safety and security standards.
  • Services.  Day and night will the Bomo Suits Residence dwellers enjoy access to multiple amenities and services. Experience the 5-star hotel luxury without leaving home.  Revel in luxury and its pleasures, and leave the world behind. With impeccable services available to you in Bomo Suits Residence, including  concierge service, 24/7 security, CCTV cameras all round (providing for an opportunity to remotely watch surveillance footage in real time), free fitness classes, a day spa, a sauna, a sweating-room, free office premises, a conference hall, an events room, a pool lounge, a golf training center, tennis and basketball courts, 24/7 hotel and concierge services, free VIP-shuttle, private pier access, cleaning services, and childcare services, you are guaranteed to feel like staying in the complex forever.
  • Vacations to enjoy combined with stable passive income. Do you feel like a resort life is not your thing? If you are the one intending to stay in your Bomo Suits Residence cottage in Bodrum during vacations only, we recommend you instruct the local management company to take care of your Bomo Suits Residence property. Highly qualified experts will service and maintain it while you are away. They will provide for leasing out your Bodrum real estate and secure a stable source of passive income for you.

Bodrum real estate prices in Bomo Suites Residence

International Wealth readers and subscribers are welcome to purchase the below Bodrum properties in the high-end Bomo Suites Residence complex.

Apartment typeRoomsAreaPrice
Apartment with a community garden access (Garden Floor)2+1136 square meters$300,000
Apartment with a private garden2+1166 square meters$325,000
Apartment with a sea view2+1136 square meters$325,000
Penthouse with a terrace2+1220 square meters$350,000
Penthouse with a terrace4+1400 square meters$600,000

An investor purchasing Bodrum properties to get citizenship by investment in Turkey or achieve any other goals, shall also pay administrative fees and any other related charges.

Miscellaneous expenses *Amount
Drawing up a bill of sale (4%):$10,400
Taxes (1%):$2,500
Licensed valuer’s report commission  + title transfer fee$1,100
Total costs$14,000

* The apartment price of USD 400,000 is used as a calculation basis. The said amount makes an investor eligible for citizenship by investment in Turkey

International Wealth readers and subscribers may purchase Bodrum real estate in the Bomo Suites Residence complex to get their Turkish passport in 2 ways:

  • Pay the full property price of USD 400,000 and above and become eligible for a second passport and citizenship by investment in Turkey at the moment of purchase (costs of obtaining citizenship are included into the above price).
  • Pay a part of the property price, and the management company or a developer shall pay the rest, in exchange for making a supplementary agreement with the investor to grant the management company or the developer the right to lease out the corresponding apartment for 4 years as a 5-star hotel room. The investor does not have to repay a loan in this case. The property owner will also have the right to annually spend 15 days in winter and 15 days in summer in the apartment they transferred to the management company or the developer.
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FYI: you may only apply for citizenship by investment in Turkey and get it within 3-6 months if you use the first payment option. Applicants choosing the second payment option will be authorized to get a residence permit in Turkey and receive their Turkish passport after a 5-year naturalization period is over. 

Please mind that the legislative requirements are subject to change. Be sure to contact International Wealth for any possible updates or new information.

Expert support with citizenship by investment in Turkey and real estate purchase in Bodrum

It will do you a world of good to contact the International Wealth team if you are contemplating to purchase Bodrum properties and get citizenship by investment in Turkey. Our lengthy experience and expert knowledge of investment immigration let us effectively assist you with applying for citizenship by investment in Turkey from start to finish. We are ready to consult you on any citizenship-related issues and provide you with any help you may need. Here are the useful things the International Wealth experts offer you in cooperation with our Turkish partners:

  • professional communication with local authorities
  • assistance with getting citizenship by investment in Turkey from start to finish, including the following:
    • collecting and executing the necessary support documents (with apostille legalization)
    • opening a bank account in Turkey
    • getting your taxpayer number in Turkey (a must, if you want to make any property transactions in Bodrum)
    • legal consultations on contractual relationship
    • assistance with choosing the best investment assets
    • preparing and considering a valuation report on the corresponding Bodrum properties
    • making and executing a sale and purchase agreement
    • applying to the land registry for a sale and purchase transaction registration in respect of any Bodrum real estate
    • preparing and submitting your residence permit application
    • support during your interview (you will have to visit Turkey in person once to receive your residence permit; no further visits are necessary)
    • submitting a citizenship by investment application for the investor or their family members and assisting them with any related issues
    • assistance with getting your Turkish passport
  • consultations on various investment-related tax effects and citizenship by investment in Turkey
  • safe personal data transfer
  • transparent process management
  • assistance with any procedures to be carried out in the applicant’s country of residence
  • help with immigration to any third countries as Turkish citizens (including the E2 Visa immigration to the US).
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If you have any questions or suggestions as to this article or wish to get more specific information and request more photos or videos, you are welcome to contact the International Wealth team. Our highly qualified experts are here to help you. 

May I include my family members in my citizenship by investment application in Turkey if I purchase Bodrum real estate?

Absolutely. The citizenship by investment program in Turkey is available to both spouses and children of the main applicant. This way, investors may submit family applications and move to their new native country without breaking any family ties.

What benefits will I enjoy if I apply for citizenship by investment in Turkey after purchasing Bodrum real estate?

Holders of Turkish passports have the same rights as indigenous citizens. They are allowed to stay in Turkey within any period of time and use local infrastructure and services.

Will I have to visit Turkey while getting my citizenship by investment?

You will, but 1 visit to get your residence permit is enough. Any previous or subsequent procedures are carried out in the applicant’s absence. The corresponding powers shall be granted to your immigration agent as provided for under a power of attorney. Successful applicants are not obliged to live in Turkey after they receive their citizenship status.

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