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Rapid Assessment of Financing Options for Your Business Plan in Australia

Australia offers good opportunities for attracting external financing (bank loan) for the purchase of real estate (passive investment) to non-residents. In addition to that, it is also possible to get a bank loan for financing commercial and residential real estate development, financing of imports to Australia (both banking and trading), as well as venture financing of technological (innovative) startups (including state both state and federal). An investor is often unable to assess these opportunities due to their lack of necessary information, concerns about time-consuming bureaucracy, and often unwillingness to pay for expensive feasibility study of their business project (without any guarantees that the project will take place). You are offered a new product solving this issue. Rapid Assessment of Financing Options for Your Business Plan in Australia.

Rapid Assessment requires a minimum of initial data and is performed within three business days. At the same time, a total assessment of financing options in the form of a project rating calculated by a special methodology is reliable enough for the investor to make a preliminary decision on implementing their business plan in Australia. Assessment results are delivered in the form of a written report containing the following:

  • Overall project prospects and commercial potential;
  • Project rating according to the business commercial feasibility scale (the project feasibility scale is divided into three ranges, from the plan being impossible to implement to the high level of financing opportunity in Australia;
  • Original data validity assessment, and adjustment of the result accordingly;
  • Specific recommendation based on the current market trends in Australia and local financing sources.

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Prospects and Opportunities

In 2017, Australia was providing the best financing opportunities in the entire Asia-Pacific region for projects brought to the country from abroad. While similar opportunities for new projects in Western Europe and the US are being stiffened, Australia is taking all possible financial measures to attract new businesses. In 2016, the U.S. level of financing middle-sized (in terms of yield and other sales results) projects increased to 25 per cent, compared to 40 per cent in Australia. These figures confirm a milder approach to the project assessment in Australia compared to the U.S. Today, the number of investment deals in Australia (startups only) is equal to this number in the U.S.

In Which Direction Are You Moving?

An ancient wisdom says that the goal will rather be reached not by the one who moves faster, but by the one who moves in the right direction. When a project is under implementation, the need for additional financing arises frequently enough, but in order to get it, you need to move in the right direction. In other words, the original plan must meet a number of conditions:

  • Right ratio of your own and attracted financing reduces the need for equity and creates a good credit leverage;
  • Revenue for the period of the deal or project implementation allows you to decide whether the proposed direction is of interest to you at all;
  • Expected balance sheet profit for the period of the deal or project shows to what extent the project would be able to bear the expenses.

Quality and accuracy of the initial data also plays a significant role in assessing the intended ambition, so they are involved in the evaluation process.

Rapid assessment of financing options for your business plan in Australia will save you time and money in making your preliminary decision. We would like to emphasize that it would be just a preliminary decision because afterwards, if the results of this rapid assessment are positive, you will need to get an assessment for the market potential, real estate liquidity, as well as structure your deal or project in order to optimize taxes, etc.

Please do send to our email [email protected] the following details of yours:

  1. The essence of your business plan (project), in 50 to 100 words following no particular form;
  2. You project payback period, in years;
  3. Project revenue, expected within the implementation period;
  4. Project profit, expected within the implementation period;
  5. Full project costs including your own and attracted funds;
  6. Your borrowings;
  7. Currency that you prefer to use for the settlements (USD / other).

Also, please do specify how you got the figures mentioned in the list under numbers 2 to 6. Please put a relevant number of asterisks:

* Using the method of guesstimations and deliberations;

** I took it from a published source in my country. Please specify your country;

*** I took it from a published source in Australia.

We will send you our payment guidelines (we also accept PayPal) and within three business days you will receive the results of a rapid assessment of financing options for your business plan or project to be implemented in Australia.

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