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Purchasing Properties in Istanbul Dünya Şehir Kartal Apartment Complex

Would you like to receive citizenship by investment in Turkey? The International Wealth team offers you to have a look at the high-end Dünya Şehir Kartal apartment complex in Istanbul. It will meet and exceed the expectations of the most demanding customers.

The modern world with its troubles and challenges calls for an effective Plan B. A ready way out of trouble, with an opportunity to move abroad in case of need, may come handy for every person in challenging times.

Dünya Şehir Kartal

A decision to get a second passport and citizenship of Turkey by investment in Istanbul real estate is an excellent way to implement the above Plan B at a competitive price within approximately 3 months. You will need to invest at least USD 400,000. What projects deserve your attention? You are welcome to take a look at the new Dünya Şehir Kartal apartment complex in Istanbul, Turkey.

Dünya Şehir Kartal Apartment Complex in Detail

The development project in question provides for 3 high-rise residential buildings with built-in commercial premises totaling 14,500 square meters to be built in Istanbul, Turkey. They will house 360 apartments, a 3-level parking lot, 2 indoor swimming pools, a business hall and a kindergarten. The project boasts street stores, landscaped areas, and several playgrounds. It is to be commissioned in December 2022.

The 1 + 1 residences of 39 – 51 square meters, 2 + 1 residences of 62 – 80 square meters, and 3 + 1 residences of 103 – 151 square meters are offered for sale to potential dwellers. Real estate investors in the Dünya Şehir Kartal apartment complex in Istanbul, Turkey, will enjoy under-floor heating, a central heating system, and an opportunity to step out onto the balcony. They will be happy to have wardrobes and storerooms in their apartments.

The real estate project was designed with due consideration to new seismic stability regulations. The latter secure extra safety in case of an earthquake by demanding that buildings be put up on stony soils. The Dünya Şehir Kartal apartment complex in Istanbul, Turkey, meets all STC and insulation standards.

You will savor the unique combination of modern architecture in Turkey and an opportunity to admire the view of the Marmara Sea and the Prince’s Islands while breathing clear and fresh air of the Aydos forest. The Dünya Şehir Kartal apartment complex in Istanbul, Turkey, is a 15-minute drive from the Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen International Airport. The Marmaray Tunnel is within a walking distance from the project, hence, local residents may use the subway and reach the highway without any trouble.

Property type in Istanbul Mixed-use development: residential properties + commercial premises
Location Kartal district (full address: Hürriyet Mahallesi, ıracı Sokak, №: 1 34876 Kartal / Istanbul)
Project area 14,500 square meters (residential and commercial premises; recreation areas; utility areas).
Apartment types 1 + 1; 2 + 1; 3 + 1; 3 + 1 (loft)
Total number of apartments 360
Surrounding infrastructure Shopping centers: • Istmarina
• Kartal Viaport
• Kurtkoy
• Home City Piazza
• Hilltown.
Universities: • Gedik Üniversitesi
• Medeniyet Üni. Kurtköy Kampüsü
• İTÜ Denizcilik Fakültesi
• Sabancı Üniversitesi.
Hospitals: • Marmara Üni. Pendik Eğitim ve Araştırma Hastanesi
• Özel Pendik Bölge Hastanesi
• Yakacık Doğum ve Çocuk Hastalıkları Hastanesi
• VM Medical Park Pendik Hastanesi
• Lütfü Kırdar Eğitim ve Araştırma Hastanesi.
Central destinations: • Taksim Square – 34 km
• Eminönü – 33 km
• Kadıköy – 22 km
• Maltepe – 12 km
• Kartal – 4.8 km
• Pendik– 4 km
• Tuzla – 14.5 km
• Gebze – 25 km
• Pendik Marina – 10 mins
• Aydos Forest – 8 mins.
Transport: • Pendik Metro İstasyonu – 2.2 km
• Kartal Metro İstasyonu – 4.4 km
• Pendik Marmaray İstasyonu – 3.9 km
• Kartal Marmaray İstasyonu – 7 km
• YHT Pendik İstasyonu – 3.9 km
• Pendik İDO İskelesi – 6.5 km
• D100 otoyolu bağlantısı – 2.2 km
• Sabiha Gökçen Havalimanı – 15 mins.
Amenities Healthcare, recreation and other amenities: • Gym
• Indoor swimming pool
• Bike lanes
• Walkways
• Playgrounds
• Recreation green spaces
• Terraces
• Shops
Car park Outdoor and indoor parking (3 levels)
Security 24/7/365 security, with CCTV cameras all round the project

Apartment prices in the Dünya Şehir Kartal real estate in Istanbul

Potential real estate investors are welcome to have a look at the apartment prices for residences in the Dünya Şehir Kartal project (Istanbul, Turkey) in the table below:

Apartment typeAreaMinimum priceMaximum price
1+156 square meters – 82 square meters₺ 809,500 ₺ 1,351,500
2+191 square meters – 118 square meters₺ 1,082,000₺ 1,966,500 
3+1148 square meters – 163 square meters₺ 1,928,500 ₺ 2,784,500 
3+1 (loft)278 square meters – 281 square meters₺ 4,747,000 ₺ 5,271,500 

Sale prices include VAT. Expenses for title document issuance with ownership re-registration and notarial costs shall be paid by the seller. The installment plan is as follows:

  • With a 40% down payment, the installment period shall make 18 months
  • With a 50% down payment, the installment period shall make 24 months.

The International Wealth team is ready to assist you with your real estate transactions in Istanbul, Turkey, regardless of your choice and preferences. If you wish to buy properties in the Istanbul Dünya Şehir Kartal apartment complex, the International Wealth experts will execute the necessary documents for you, secure the transaction performance, and see to it that your investment is used to support your citizenship by investment status in Turkey.

Location of Dünya Şehir Kartal apartment complex

International Wealth recommends that you study the Kartal district that the Dünya Şehir Kartal apartment complex is to be found in, in every detail, before you make up your mind to purchase properties here.


The Dünya Şehir Kartal apartment complex in Istanbul, Turkey, sits in the Asian part of the city. It is conveniently located on the Marmara Sea coast, between Maltepe and Pendik. The district boasts high population numbers, in spite of its location away from the city center. The total number of inhabitants here exceeds 500,000. The terrain away from the sea coast rises to the Yakacik and Aydos hills, with the latter being the highest city point.


During the times of the Byzantine Empire, Kartal (stands for “eagle” in Turkish) was a fishing village on the Marmara Sea coast of Turkey. Back then, it was known as  Kartalimen (or Kartalimin). This settlement was founded in the early 6th century. According to one of the versions, the district’s name originates from the name of the Aydos hill nearby. It means “eagle” in Greek.

The Seljuks conquered the city back in the 11th century. In 1329, Kartal became a part of the Ottoman Empire. The Byzantines captured the city in 1403. They had controlled it for over 20 years before Kartal was again taken by the Ottomans. Lots of artifacts from the Byzantine, Anatolian, Ottoman, and Seljuk times were found by Turkish archeologists during the excavation.


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Present day realities and infrastructure

In the 2nd half of the 20th century, demand for Istanbul real estate in Kartal was low. With the current trend of shutting down plants and moving industrial premises to the center of the country, the district’s appeal for real estate investors has grown significantly. Many properties are subject to gentrification, with a large cement plant on the sea coast closed in 2003. It is currently being reconstructed and turned into a cultural center.

The district disposes of several famous private and state schools. The Maltepe University and the Süleyman Şah University are the most popular private universities in Kartal. Lush apartment complexes are built on the sea coast, with the Dünya Şehir Kartal residential properties among them. As a result, prices for Istanbul real estate in this district have been growing.


Kartal boasts a Mediterranean climate, with its cool winters and warm or hot summers. The Yakacik and the Aydos hills protect the district from heavy rains and cyclones, making the local microclimate warm and dry. Due to this, Kartal is often mentioned as one of the warmest Istanbul districts.

Average maximum °C (° F)7.6 (45.7)7.5 (45.5)10.7 (51.3)15.6 (60.1)21.4 (70.5)26.2 (79.2)27.8 (82.0)28.9 (84.0)24.6 (76.3)19.8 (67.6)15.0 (59.0)11.9 (53.4)18.1 (64.6)
Daily average °C (°F)5.5 (41.9)5.4 (41.7)7.8 (46.0)12.6 (54.7)18.7 (65.7)21.6 (70.9)23.6 (74.5)23.6 (74.5)21.8 (71.2)16.5 (61.7)12.0 (53.6)8.3 (46.9)14.8 (58.6)
Average minimum °C (° F)2.4 (36.3)2.3 (36.1)4.5 (40.1)8.5 (47.3)13.0 (55.4)17.4 (63.3)18.8 (65.8)19.7 (67.5)16.2 (61.2)13.5 (56.3)9.3 (48.7)5.0 (41.0)10.9 (51.6)
Average precipitation, mm (inches)116.8 (4.60)73.4 (2.89)71.1 (2.80)53.0 (2.09)24.6 (0.97)17.9 (0.70)11.9 (0.47)19.5 (0.77)53.0 (2.09)61.1 (2.41)71.4 (2.81)139.3 (5.48)713.0 (28.07)

Climatic data for the Kartal district 


With its unsurpassed natural beauty and clean air, the Aydos forest not far from the Dünya Şehir Kartal district is one of the precious Istanbul forest zones welcoming visitors. The forest is the highest city point 537 meters above sea level offering breathtaking views. The Aydos forest is favored by sports fans, hikers, and picnickers.

A “foggy” park with its artificial fog, colorful light effects, and classical music opened in Kartal back in July 2018. It is a magnet for local residents and tourists on hot summer days.

The Aydos Castle used to be an Eastern gate to the city. It occupies 26,000 square meters and sits on the top of the Aydos Hill, 325 meters above sea level. The castle construction supposedly began in the 6th century. Its inner defense wall boasts 6 towers, while the external one – 7 towers. The castle enjoys great popularity with both local residents and tourists as an admired and well-liked holiday destination.

2B Global Mühendislik A.Ş. development company

The 2B Global Mühendislik A.Ş. development company is in charge of the Dünya Şehir Kartal real estate construction. The developer was incorporated back in 2018. It operates as a member of 2B Global Group (a group of companies in the sphere of development and investments).

As of now, 2B Global Mühendislik A.Ş. and other subsidiaries of 2B Global Group have successfully commissioned development projects over 5,000,000 square meters. They always achieve the desired quality and meet the deadlines.

Not only 2B Global Group operates as a residential real estate developer, but also invests in logistics facilities (warehouses and other logistics infrastructure), electrical engineering, information and communication technologies, building automation systems, SCADA systems, and tourism. It strengthens its global presence on an everyday basis.

The group is known as an active exporter of services. It establishes local subsidiaries abroad and promotes strategic cooperation with strong partners dominating local markets. 2B Global Group implements current projects in Qatar, Kazakhstan, and Uzbekistan. The group has successfully completed a number of projects in Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Libya.

Current developments to reflect Istanbul real estate market trends

According to recent official stats, 59,166 residential properties in Turkey changed owners in May 2021. The figure has grown by 16.2 percent YoY. The Istanbul market accounts for the most properties sold. The Ankara and Izmir markets follow.

Sales on the secondary housing market in Turkey reached 48,606 in May. The figure has grown by almost 50 percent. 18,204 houses and apartments changed owners for the first time. This figure grew by 8 percent YoY. New residential real estate in Istanbul enjoyed the highest demand at the country level (3,153 transactions).

Experts claim, Istanbul and Turkey real estate market stats confirm the local assets remain attractive to potential investors. According to analysts, the property market of Turkey attracts foreign buyers and is still among the most dynamic ones on a global scale.

The tourism and travelling sector in Turkey has an immense significance for both the country’s economy and the Istanbul real estate market. The Covid-19 pandemic resulted in the slowdown of foreign investments in Turkey, and this led to reduction in the number of transactions made by foreign investors on the Turkish real estate market.

Experts expect standard figures for the travelling sector to restore after the pandemic ends and the ban on international travelling is lifted. This is likely to promote growth of prices for Istanbul real estate in Turkey.

Expert support for investors in Istanbul real estate

The modern world is often troubled and complicated, and many people are forced to look for a safe haven abroad for various reasons.

They often decide in favor of a friendly and welcoming Turkey, offering an opportunity to get a second passport and receive citizenship by investment status without any delay and extra expenses. The only thing a potential foreign investor needs to do is buy properties in Istanbul or any other city of Turkey. The country and its largest city have been popular immigration destinations for ages. The growing economic, cultural, and political potential of Turkey make it an ideal destination to invest in.

The only thing left to do is choose an asset that will work best for you. The high-end Istanbul Dünya Şehir Kartal apartment complex in Istanbul, Turkey, meets and surpasses the expectations of the most exacting customers. They will enjoy the beneficial location, competitive prices, and superb consumer qualities of the property.

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The International Wealth subscribers and readers may use a unique opportunity to get citizenship by investment in Turkey and invest profitably. Our team will be happy to offer you a customized consultation as to purchasing real estate in the Istanbul Dünya Şehir Kartal apartment complex and getting your citizenship by investment in Turkey.

May my wife and children become economic citizens together with me?

Yeah, your spouse and children have the right to apply for citizenship by investment together with you. They don’t need to wait for you to become a citizen of Turkey to get their Turkish passports, as family members enjoy the right to apply for their Turkish passports together with the investor.

Will I have to wait for 3 years to get my Turkish passport after I purchase properties in Turkey?

Real estate investors have the right to apply for citizenship by investment in Turkey right after they invest in real estate in the country. This way, you won’t have to wait for 3 years to apply. The main thing is to buy one or several properties in Istanbul or any other Turkish city amounting to at least USD 400,000. You won’t be able to sell your properties within 3 years after you purchase them. If you do, you will lose your citizenship by investment status in Turkey.

Will I be obliged to live in Turkey on a permanent basis to get my citizenship by investment status?

Living in Turkey for a certain period either before or after you receive citizenship by investment in the country is not required. Please, mind, that you will need to visit Turkey at least once before you get your economic citizenship to submit your biometric data to local authorities, receive your residence permit, and carry out a number of other formalities.

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