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Purchasing Istanbul Real Estate in Kâğıthane Project

The Internet is full of offers to become a citizen by real estate investment in Turkey. How can you choose the best and the most profitable asset without backing the wrong horse? You should put the market analysis under the care of the International Wealth team. We have a collection of top-tier development projects built on the recommendations of our Turkish partners. The Kâğıthane Project in Istanbul, Turkey, is among our gems. It offers the best value for money to international investors interested in becoming citizens of Turkey by investment in Istanbul real estate.

It is no wonder that Turkey attracts lots of investors from politically unstable countries keen on moving to safer and more prosperous regions.  On the other hand, many experts are surprised at the surge in demand for the corresponding services on the part of advanced economy citizens last year. 

Kağıthane Project

The COVID-19 pandemic seems to be the obvious reason behind the exponential growth of interest to countries boasting advanced modern medicine, high level of food security, favorable climate, and decent living standards in general.

Turkey happens to be one of such countries. The Citizenship by investment in Turkey program is among the most affordable ones on the global scale. A potential investor shall invest in real estate of Turkey, with a 3-year holding period, to receive a Turkish passport. How can you make your investment profitable? An apartment in a highly liquid and promising market seems to be your first choice. Istanbul real estate in Turkey has it all. The Kâğıthane Project in Istanbul, with its comfortable modern apartments, is an obvious option.


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Kâğıthane Project in detail

The Kâğıthane Project is constructed in the Kâğıthane district, within easy reach of the Bosporus strait, where the Eastern part of the city joins its Western part. The project is to be commissioned in December 2022.  The Kâğıthane Project in Istanbul, Turkey, offers potential real estate investors several apartment types: 1.5+1 (6 residences), 1+1 (85 residences), 2+1 (282 residences), and 3+1 (41 residence).

Investment appeal and prices for Istanbul real estate in the Kâğıthane district keep growing. More and more foreign buyers are expressing interest in purchasing properties here. The Kâğıthane district in Istanbul, Turkey, boasts robust growth and development. It is noted for favorable strategic location and easy access to transportation.

The Kâğıthane district, known as a business and development center in Istanbul, Turkey, enjoys great popularity on both national and international levels. It promotes real estate investment in Istanbul properties.

By purchasing Istanbul real estate in the Kâğıthane Project, an investor receives an opportunity to quickly get to the city’s main landmarks and business centers. This development project in Kâğıthane offers easy access to the subway station and several public transport routes, offices, shopping centers, hospitals, universities, highways, bridges over the Bosporus strait, and airports.

A number of amenities are to be built within the Kâğıthane Project, including terraces, open public spaces, a swimming pool, a health and fitness center, a steam bath, a sauna, as well as nature trails. Apartment owners and their guests will enjoy access to the local workout facility, playground, basketball court, and football court. Investors in Istanbul real estate in the Kâğıthane Project will make use of the project’s infrastructure that comes as an appealing bonus to their purchase.

The Kâğıthane Project in Istanbul, Turkey, will house 4 high-rise buildings (14-story high), with 414 residences and  2 shops inside. The project sits on the land lot of almost 5,000 square meters. The development footprint area makes up 3,600 square meters. The total area of all outdoor and indoor premises therein amounts to 2,580 square meters. Roof terraces in the Kâğıthane Project will occupy 2,000 square meters. The Kâğıthane Project in Istanbul, Turkey, provides for an outdoor parking lot and a garage, as well as 24/7 security.

Apartment prices in the Istanbul Kâğıthane Project

The prices below include VAT. They do not cover an administrative fee for title re-registration, notary fees, and utilities. The re-registration of ownership shall be paid for by both the buyer (2%) and the seller (2%) in equal proportion. The whole procedure takes 14 days.

Apartment typeArea, square metersPrice
1.5+181.0881.89₺1,163,021 ₺1,178,000
1+149.6768.51₺729,000 ₺1,540,000
2+175.26112.25₺1,023,000 ₺2,275,000 
3+1111.93154.17₺1,421,000 ₺2,884,000 

The developer reserves the right to amend and update the above price list without notice. This price list with prices for the Kâğıthane Project apartments shall be valid till June 2021. For any further updates, please contact the International Wealth experts.

According to the developer, the expected rental income, accounting for the investment cost, ranges from 5% to 7%. The cost per valuer’s report (necessary to receive economic citizenship in Turkey by investment in the Kâğıthane Project real estate) makes up ₺4000.

Kâğıthane benefits and attractions for real estate investors in Istanbul

The Kâğıthane District sits in the central part of Istanbul, Turkey. Years ago, mostly workers lived here. The Kâğıthane District of today is a popular and prestigious neighborhood, with a great number of large, top-quality development projects.

The district is to be found in the European part of Istanbul. It extends on both sides of the Cendere Çay, flowing into the Golden Horn bay (a narrow bay meeting the Bosporus Strait, where the latter joins the Marmara Sea).

Back in the 16th century, the present-day Kâğıthane District in Istanbul, Turkey, was taken by the huge Sadabad forest. Lofty Ottoman aristocrats often came here to hunt and ride horses. Later on, Sadabad, with its tulip fields, clean rivers and lakes, as well as excellent holiday facilities,  turned into a popular holiday destination.


Cottages and summer palaces were actively built here in the 17-18 centuries. In the early 20th century, the district turned into an industrial area due to its beneficial logistic and strategic location.  It boasted a multitude of plants and industrial enterprises, including flour mills and paper mills. The name Kâğıthane logically originates from the Turkish world «Kâğıt hane» (paper house).

Mass settlements first appeared in the Kâğıthane District as illegal slums back in the 1950ies. The city welcomed thousands of Anatolian migrants back then, who came here to work at local plants, construction sites, and service enterprises. As time went on, the illegal settlements became legal. They were gradually substituted for residential buildings.

Thanks to its central location and connection to the new Istanbul intra-city public transportation systems, the present-day Kâğıthane District has changed a lot. A third Istanbul international airport, Istanbul Havalimanı, is to be found in its northern part. A 3-level underwater tunnel is not far away.

Developers offer a wide range of multifunctional projects, shopping centers, hotels, campuses, offices and residential buildings to both local and foreign real estate investors wishing to purchase properties in the Kâğıthane District of Istanbul, Turkey. The Kağıthane Project is a worthy addition thereto.

What makes citizenship by investment in Istanbul real estate so appealing?

Why should you decide in favor of Turkey? Real estate investments in Istanbul and citizenship of Turkey you may receive when purchasing properties in the Kağıthane Project are a rational way to utilize your free disposable capital due to a number of reasons:

  • Traveling gets easier: Turkey, in its capacity as a host country, offers investors a perfect combo of a trusted passport and visa-free access to 114 different countries (or a visa issued when entering any of them).
  • Mild climate and food security: the weather is sunny in Turkey almost 300 days every year. The country boasts mild winters. Vegetables and fruit are abundant, readily-available, and cheap. These factors become extremely important in challenging times, including the recent pandemic crisis.
  • Access to transportation: a real estate investor purchasing properties in Istanbul, Turkey, gets direct access to one of the largest airports in both Europe and the world. The Marmaray tunnel under the sea and beneath the Bosporus Strait, linking Europe and Asia, makes it easy to reach any other parts of the city. Turkey boasts a well-developed and wide airport network, encompassing almost all Turkish cities. All expats, tourists, or citizens of Turkey enjoy an opportunity to take a flight to practically any destination in the country for as little as USD 15-20.
  • Top-quality affordable housing: soaring real estate prices in Istanbul are partially explained by the increased ease of travel and transport accessibility. Where high-quality residences or cottages in Istanbul cost approximately EUR 400,000 in Turkey, prices for analogous real estate in Spain or France reach around EUR 1,500,000 (according to the data provided by independent organizations). Current research indicates that market saturation in Turkey has not yet been achieved, and the prices will keep growing.
  • Popular resort: with its 486 superb beaches, Turkey has a consistently high world ranking as one of the most appealing beach resorts. The country enjoys great popularity with beachcombers and summer vacation enthusiasts. Besides, it offers an opportunity to visit dozens of mountain ski resorts in various regions of Turkey that bask in popularity during winter holidays. Turkey offers perfect conditions for adrenaline junkies (including those into rafting, diving, and paragliding).  Golf amateurs will enjoy convenient green golf courses here. Turkey disposes of top-grade infrastructure and leisure facilities. Hence, your decision to purchase Istanbul real estate to lease it to tourists later on is perfectly rational and well-grounded.
  • Famous Turkish friendliness:  friendly attitude to foreigners is an important part of the Turkish culture. Guests enjoy respect, and their requests are granted. You can hardly expect to be offered help if you knock on a stranger’s door in any other country, while in Turkey it is a matter of honor.
  • Other benefits: most goods and services are extremely cheap in Turkey. This is especially beneficial for foreigners due to high TRY/USD and TRY/EUR exchange rates. A user-friendly app developed on order of the Turkish government allows expats to perform many other procedures without personally applying to state bodies and institutions. Hospitals, schools, shopping centers, and apartment complexes are close by. The country boasts careful city planning. Foreigners’ succession rights are protected in Turkey. Where a foreign citizen passes away, their assets are successfully inherited, and the title thereto is transferred to their heirs. Turkey has a lofty share of young people, which secures high consumer demand and availability of productive manpower.

Expert assistance with purchasing Istanbul real estate

A decision to buy properties in Istanbul or any other city of Turkey may be among the most important ones in your life. To succeed with your investment, expert assistance will come in handy. With their deep understanding of the market and rich experience of working with officials, consumer oriented pros at International Wealth are always ready to offer you help where you need it.

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The International Wealth experts will offer you customized consultations, high-quality services, all-in-one support, and affordable prices. We guarantee your success where you pass security screening and enjoy financial security. You are welcome to make use of our vast expertise to achieve success at minimum time and money expenses.

How can I become a citizen by investment in Turkey?

An applicant shall invest USD 400,000 or a higher amount in the country’s economy and visit Turkey at least once to get their residence permit and submit their biometric data to the host country’s officials. The applicant shall have a clean employment record and no criminal history. They are not authorized to submit any forged documents or false evidence. Applicants have no right to withhold any important information, that may prove relevant for the applicant’s chances to become a citizen by investment in Turkey.

How much does it cost to get Turkish citizenship by investment in Istanbul?

Since June 13, 2020, the amount to invest makes up USD 400,000, pursuant to the decision of the Turkish government.

How can I become a citizen of Turkey without investing in the country’s economy?

You may apply for citizenship of Turkey on the basis of your origin or descent (if you have Turkish ancestors) or if you have lived in Turkey at least 5 years and are able to give documentary evidence thereof (naturalization). Naturalization procedures may be sped up if you marry a citizen of Turkey. You may reapply for citizenship of Turkey where you previously lost it due to any changes in your family status. This may be the case with citizens of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. Besides, you may get a Turkish passport if you were adopted by a Turkish citizen.

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