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Purchase Real Estate in Turkey to Become Citizen: Five-Floor Villa Overlooking Sea

In June 2022, the Turkish government amended the citizenship by investment program threshold. To be eligible to apply, foreign investors and businessmen shall now invest USD 400,000 to USD 500,000 in the Turkish economy (in the 1st case – to purchase real estate in Turkey, and in the 2nd one – to deposit funds with a Turkish bank or make fixed capital investments).

The International Wealth experts suggest you obtain citizenship by investment in Turkey via purchasing a modern 5-floor Antalya villa under the corresponding sale and purchase agreement. The Antalya property of EUR 3,990,000 sits in a high-end Antalya neighborhood. Furnished apartment owners will enjoy a simplified citizenship by investment procedure, and their dependents may be included in the application and qualify for citizenship in Turkey.

five-storey villa in Turkey

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FYI: if you need to urgently set up or manage your own business, open an account with a foreign bank, select properties and get a residence permit or citizenship abroad, you are welcome to contact the International Wealth team at or via our online chat.

Citizenship by investment in Turkey – why is 5-floor Antalya villa appealing to foreign investors?

For a great many people, Turkey means golden beaches, mild climate, and annual summer vacations. With its lion’s share of the country’s GDP, tourism is the most important industry. Comfortable high-end housing is a profitable investment in Turkey. With a short payback period and an opportunity to enjoy a stable passive income. It is an excellent way to shelter your funds from inflation and possible negative market developments.

Turkey allows foreigners to purchase residential and commercial real estate as well as land plots in the country and register the properties in their own name. The acquired property units may be either solely or jointly owned. The other option is registering your properties under a company’s ownership. Here are the factors to consider when selecting the real estate:

  • property’s liquidity
  • location – Antalya and Istanbul real estate enjoy the highest demand
  • future plans – while a villa requires constant maintenance and is perfect for permanent residence, an apartment makes a great source of passive income when leased out
  • property price shall be mentioned in the certified appraiser’s report and the title certificate.   

Potential buyers planning to get citizenship by investment in Turkey should remember that management companies are in high demand here. They take care of property lease, utility payments, and resolve any insurance issues. This way, the property owner does not need to constantly visit Turkey to take care of their assets.

International Wealth is sure the 5-floor furnished modern villa for sale in Antalya is a perfect investment option due to its favorable location and strong ROI. With the Antalya property price of EUR 3,990,000, owners thereof qualify for the citizenship by investment program in Turkey under a simplified procedure. The real estate comes with multiple benefits for investors about to live in Turkey on a permanent basis or lease out the property unit later on.


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Citizenship by investment in Turkey – general characteristics of modern villa in prestigious Antalya district

Real estate in Turkey enjoys high popularity even in challenging times, e.g., the recent COVID-19 pandemic. Foreign investors actively purchase properties on both primary and secondary real estate markets and invest in facilities under construction. In the latter case, a preliminary sale and purchase agreement together with USD 400,000 invested in Turkish properties make the property buyer eligible for citizenship by investment in Turkey.

The modern 5-floor villa in a popular Antalya district opens the door to full citizenship of Turkey you will receive after purchasing elite apartments within a walking distance of the Konyaaltı pebble beach. The villa sits in the Gürsu neighborhood of Antalya. It is a clean and comfortable place away from the city’s hustle and bustle. Most local property owners reside here either on a permanent basis or at least  through much of the year.

The 5-floor Gürsu villa overlooking the sea in Antalya is priced upwards of EUR 3,990,000. It is a high-end property surrounded by upscale hotels. Below you will find its key characteristics:

  • housing market – primary
  • total area – 1,610 square meters
  • land plot – 1,000 square meters
  • No. of rooms – 6+2
  • 6 isolated bathrooms
  • 6 bedrooms with separate entrances
  • 2 swimming pools – an outdoor and an indoor one
  • spacious terrace
  • OTIS elevator for 8 persons
  • commissioning year – 2012.

The stylish Antalya villa boasting breathtaking sea views is perfect for one or several families to permanently reside therein. Property owners are eligible for a residence permit or citizenship by investment in Turkey (in the latter case, the Antalya property may be sold 3 years after the purchase date).

With its ingenious architectural solutions, the modern style high-tech Antalya villa is sure to catch the eye of the onlooker. The building’s facade comes with one-of-a-kind marble decor, giving it a splendorous and impressive look.

Citizenship by investment in Turkey for buyers of 5-floor Antalya villa overlooking sea: amenities, equipment, and housing conditions

If you are about to get citizenship by investment in Turkey, you are welcome to purchase the high-end Gürsu villa in Antalya. The latter comes with all amenities necessary for a comfy life. Foreign investors and businessmen looking to buy the lux furnished villa facing the Mediterranean Sea will enjoy a number of extra benefits:

  • well-groomed lawn of 1,100 square meters
  • swimming pool of 50 square meters
  • 5 parking spaces
  • maisonette apartment occupying the 1st and the 2nd floors and totaling 568 square meters
  • studio of 16 square meters on the 1st floor (with a separate entrance, suitable for the staff)
  • apartment of 380 square meters on the 3rd floor
  • apartment of 380 square meters on the 4th floor
  • common areas totaling 266 square meters in the basement (a children’s playroom, a bathroom, a gym, a cinema, a boiler room, and a utility room).

Investors wishing to get citizenship by investment in Turkey via purchasing real estate may pool efforts. The 5-floor Antalya villa disposes of comfortable detached apartments for several families, including the ones with kids.

An outdoor swimming pool deserves special attention. Due to a special-purpose water heating and cooling system from Gullberg & Jansson AB, Sweden, you can use it all year round. Kids will be happy to swim, splash, and play in the paddling pool. The Antalya property boasts a stainless steel waterfall, a spa tub, and hydro-massage. For more convenience, the swimming pool disposes of a telescopic opening and closing system using rails. The underfloor heating makes your pool experience nice and relaxing. Where necessary, stall showers, a sauna, and locker rooms may be added.  

Investing in the comfortable 5-floor Antalya villa overlooking the sea is a way to get ownership of spacious thought-out residences. Apart from bedrooms, the 1st floor of the maisonette has a living-room, a dining-room, a study, a walk-in closet, a full kitchen with a pantry, a utility room, and a guest bathroom with a bidet and a urinal stall. The 2nd floor houses 4 bedrooms, each having a separate bathroom. The laundry room is provided for as well.  

Here’s what you will find in a single-level apartment on the 3rd floor:

  • 3 bedrooms
  • living-room
  • dining room
  • kitchen
  • walk-in closet
  • laundry room
  • 2 balconies.

Save for a walk-in closet and a living-room, the apartment on the 4th floor disposes of 2 bedrooms, a dining kitchen, large sea view terraces, a guest bathroom, and bedrooms with private bathrooms.

Citizenship by investment in Turkey – exteriors of high-end villa in prestigious Antalya district

With its stylish modern ventilated facade, the 5-floor Antalya villa stands out and can be seen from far. The real estate in Turkey is complete with all the necessary security systems, efficient heating facilities, and hot and cold water supply using the NIBE (Sweden) water heat pump. The Antalya villa comes with the REHAU underfloor heating. The ventilation and recuperation systems are installed in the basement. The DAIKIN and McQuay fan coil units are provided for.

Foreign investors and businessmen about to purchase the 5-floor villa in a prestigious Antalya district will enjoy not only citizenship by investment in Turkey, but also European living conditions and a brand-new   household approach. The 5-floor Gürsu villa in Antalya features modern and stylish rooms and is fully equipped with the SIEMENS household and kitchen appliances. Solar panels produce electricity for the villa equipment, including, inter alia, a 1,000-liter boiler. The windows, stained-glass windows, and the German SCHUCO balcony units are a technology masterpiece. The apartments boast the REHAU central vacuum cleaner. 

Priced upwards of EUR 3,990,000, the elite apartments overlooking the sea and sitting in a prestigious Antalya district are a worthy purchase. 

Property buyers at a loss as to what to do to secure a safe and speedy move to Turkey are welcome to contact the International Wealth team. Our experts are here to give you a hand and support your efforts by providing full legal and consulting support necessary to move to Turkey, including, inter alia, getting a residence permit or citizenship by investment in the country. We will assist you with cultural adaptation, airport transfers, and getting to know Antalya neighborhoods and Turkish regions to see what properties may be the best for you.

Citizenship by investment in Turkey for buyers of 5-floor Antalya villa 100 meters from Konyaalti pebble beach

The International Wealth experts recommend property buyers about to get citizenship by investment in Turkey pay attention to the comfortable Gürsu villa in Antalya and purchase it as joint owners. International Wealth will take care of all the sale and purchase transaction related legal issues. The customer will receive full information about the step-by-step sale and purchase procedure and receiving the title certificate for the above real estate.

The deal closed, we will assist you with submitting a residence permit or a citizenship application to the Turkish migration service. FYI: it takes around 20 to 30 days to get a Turkish passport. You should remember the citizenship by investment program terms stipulate that the real estate sale and purchase transaction shall be made with a Turkish natural or legal person only. A deal made with a foreign national does not authorize the applicant for a residence permit or citizenship in Turkey.

Benefits for non-residents about to invest in Turkish properties and get citizenship by investment in Turkey are listed below:

  • visa-free entry to 77 countries, simplified visa procedures in Schengen states (29 all in all)
  • all privileges Turkish residents enjoy
  • opportunity to vote and be elected
  • escape hatch in case of any negative political or economic developments in the investor’s home country
  • profitable asset with price growth potential
  • comfortable housing conditions in an elite Antalya district.

The Gürsu district infrastructure secures direct access to all the necessary amenities. The Antalya International Airport is within 20 km, while the superb Konyaalti pebble beach is a hundred meters away from the 5-floor villa. We can’t but mention the district’s popularity with foreign HNWIs. A good many investors, politicians, and diplomats already live here, while overseas ambassadors and officials are looking for local properties in the area. The furnished 5-floor villa overlooking the sea combines reasonable price and superb comfort. The Antalya property price is upwards of EUR 3,990,000.  

If interested in purchasing the above real estate to get citizenship by investment in Turkey, you are welcome to contact the International Wealth industry experts at or via our online chat. We will arrange for meeting you in Turkey within the shortest time possible and organize a property tour for you. Where necessary, we will cherry-pick another residential or commercial real estate matching your preferences. The deal may be closed remotely, where the customer so wishes.  

Is the above villa a highly liquid Antalya real estate asset?

The spacious elite apartments are located in the popular Antalya district of Gürsu Konyaalti. The district is of special interest to overseas investors, who already purchased over 100,000 properties in the area. Foreign tourists favor Konyaalti as their holiday destination of choice. With around 16,000 visitors in 2019, Antalya enjoys even higher tourist numbers at present. The city still lacks comfortable top-level hotels, and a stylish marble-finished villa is an appealing long-term rental property. If resold, the real estate unit’s price will go up 7 to 10% per annum.

What is the condition of the 5-floor Gürsu villa for sale in Antalya?

The above Turkish property was commissioned in 2012. It is ready-to-move-in real estate that you may live in for a long time. The new construction totaling 1,610 square meters, with the land plot of 1,000 square meters comes with 6+2 rooms, and 2 swimming pools (with one of them outdoors). The 5-floor property has the modern OTIS elevator for 8 persons, 6 fully furnished and equipped bathrooms, and 6 private bedrooms. The building houses 1 maisonette (568 square meters), a studio apartment (16 square meters) with a separate entrance on the 1st floor, and 2 residences (380 square meters each) on the 3rd and the 4th floors.  Common facilities in the basement (a cinema, a gym, etc.) occupy 266 square meters.

Is Turkish real estate worth purchasing in 2022?

Investors currently need to use extra instruments to properly protect their savings. At present, real estate investment in Turkey is a highly liquid and reasonably priced asset, since Turkey was late to enter the global property market. Due to the tourism infrastructure expansion, large-scale national projects, and growing tourist numbers, both residential and commercial properties are significantly going up in price in the country. The 5-floor villa sits in the center of Antalya, with the location contributing to a 5 to 10% property price growth per annum.

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