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Purchase Real Estate in Turkey: Adabükü Homes

Are you looking to buy a villa on the Mediterranean coast? Would you like to have a second passport? You are on the right page then. This article could have been written especially for you. A foreign investor, deciding in favor of the Adabükü Homes residential real estate in Bodrum, will get premium properties close to the Bodrum peninsula and citizenship by investment in Turkey as an invaluable bonus.

The recent COVID-19 pandemic brought inevitable global changes with it. Many investors accepted the brand-new world and are now looking for a reliable backup plan. Oftentimes, they see it as building a passport collection and purchasing properties abroad.

Adabükü Homes

Stable and safe options interest primarily wealthy singles and families. Citizenship by investment is a highly appealing opportunity for many high net worth individuals at the moment.

Something like a dozen countries offer this possibility to potential investors. Turkey, with its well-developed medical system and high food security level, stands out among the competitors. Abundant in splendid, breathtaking beach resorts, Turkey is an ideal investment and immigration destination for many property buyers ready to settle abroad.

There is a wrinkle, though. The choice of assets for sale is unbelievably broad. The country’s laws provide for investing in any properties to get your second passport and citizenship by investment in Turkey. The International Wealth team is rushing to your rescue by sieving away all disadvantageous options and listing just the most attractive ones to our readers and subscribers.

The Adabükü Homes resort residential complex by Bodrum is definitely on the list. Foreign property buyers selecting it well get not just top-grade real estate on a luxury resort, but also a second passport and citizenship by investment in Turkey to enjoy their life to the max.

The Adabükü region in Turkey

The Adabükü Homes real estate complex enjoys a great location in the Adabükü settlement, northwest of the Bodrum peninsula. Being far from huge cities with their never-ending hurry-scurry and noise, the resort town in the vicinity of Bodrum, together with its surroundings, is a fascinating corner of the world to enjoy pristine nature in peace and quietness.

Many investors neglect this area by Bodrum when choosing properties in Turkey, only to regret it afterwards. With its scenic lagoon next to the ancient city of Bargilia boasting picturesque ruins, Adabükü by Bodrum is a magnet for tourists. Here’s where the Mediterranean Sea meets the hills and turns into a secret harbor. The Tuzla Bird Paradise on the Bodrum Peninsula homing over 200 bird species, with flamingos among them, no doubt deserves a special mention.

If environmental well-being is of major importance to you, the Adabükü properties by Bodrum are the real estate you are looking for. With its clean air coming from the Aleppo pine forest protected by the Turkish law on national parks, Adabükü is a pure joy to the hearts of so many nature lovers. This is another factor to consider if you are one of them and about to purchase properties in Turkey.

The benefits of investing in the Bodrum and Adabükü properties in Turkey are multiple and indisputable:

  • Turkish resort fans consider Bodrum to be the best and most popular spa area in Turkey and the most prestigious beach place in Europe and the whole world
  • Both guests and local residents enjoy the mild Mediterranean climate with warm weather all year round. Vacationers and regular beach goers savor fresh wind and warm seawater of the Bodrum Peninsula
  • History connoisseurs enjoy multiple ancient items of interest in Turkey and Bodrum in particular
  • Both Bodrum and the region boast numerous cultural events 
  • Bodrum, with its picturesque and magnificent bays, awaits enthusiastic yachtsmen
  • The area has well-developed social and economic infrastructure, with multiple hospitals, schools, and shops
  • The Adabükü region is the closest beach district to the Bodrum International Airport, serving multiple flights from all corners of the world on a daily basis
  • With its fertile lands and mild climate, the Bodrum Peninsula secures food safety, which is extremely important during crisis times.

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Adabükü Homes resort for Bodrum real estate investors in Turkey and property characteristics

The project with properties for sale in the vicinity of Bodrum, Turkey, is Fabay Adabükü Homes, or Adabükü Homes for short.  The construction site is in the Mugla Province.

The development footprint for Phase I construction makes 27,800 square meters. The usable area of all structures to be built during Phase I amounts to 60,000 square meters.

The big brand Adabükü Homes residential project offers the total of 143 property units by Bodrum, Turkey, to potential buyers. Future residents will enjoy 1+1, 2+1, 3+1 apartments as well as 4+1 villas.

Apartment owners in Adabükü Homes by Bodrum, Turkey, will savor panoramic views of the nearby coastline. Both real estate investors and their guests have the right to use multiple parking lots, with communal outdoor parking and private indoor parking areas among them. The recurring parking fee is USD 1.5 per square meter.

Nearby landmarks:

Seafood restaurants5 mins
Karia Port shopping center
Vita Golf Course
Bodrum International Airport10 mins
Güvercinlik beach
Lassas Port Marina and Gulluk Marina 
Downtown Bodrum25 mins

Real estate owners in the Adabükü Homes resort by Bodrum, Turkey, will enjoy a vibrant social life. No matter whether you spend time with your kids or loved ones, the sea, the sand, and the sun will give you all immense joy and pleasure.

The real pearl of the Adabükü spa district by Bodrum is its sand beach of 2,000 square meters. It is the only sand beach in the Adabükü district. Here are the recreation areas and sports grounds guests of this resort residential complex will enjoy:

  • yoga retreat
  • jogging tracks and walkways suitable for the disabled. You are welcome to enjoy walking in the oxygen rich coastal area. Go ahead and use the spa walkways and jogging tracks to improve your health and stamina.
  • water park for both children and grown-ups 
  • snack bar at the beach
  • infinity pool facing the sea
  • coffee shop by the swimming pool
  • beach volleyball courts
  • outdoor jacuzzi on loggias
  • scenic view terraces
  • amphitheater
  • playground.

You will enjoy 24/7 security and concierge services.

The boutique bazaar, with its 15 shops and 1 supermarket, indoor swimming pool, coffee shops, boutiques, the unique SPA center, and a health and fitness center deserves special mention. The boutique bazaar offers professional services and access to premium brand shops to both local residents and guests of the spa district. They are all within a walking distance from the Adabükü residential properties by Bodrum.

Local coffee shops are ideal if you need to have a cup of coffee or a snack. They offer a picturesque view of the sea coast close to Bodrum that you will enjoy in peace and quiet. The health and fitness center and the gym go together with a steam bath, a sauna, a hamam, massage rooms, an indoor swimming pool, and a workout facility. The property is managed by a famous professional fitness brand in charge of multiple similar facilities in Turkey.

Adabükü Homes real estate in spa area by Bodrum in Turkey: available properties, prices, and payment methods

No doubt, the Adabükü district by Bodrum is a superb place to live in. The project developers offer many options for potential investors in the Adabükü Homes spa real estate by Bodrum, Turkey, with apartments and villas among them. Potential property investors may choose from a wide variety of available properties matching their needs, expectations, and possibilities. Here are the lots for sale offered to potential real estate investors:

  • Safir Villas: 29 villas comprising 4 rooms, with 1 living room. A private swimming pool and a private indoor parking are available
  • Safir Link villas: 8 villas comprising 4 rooms, with 1 living room. A private swimming pool and a private indoor parking are available
  • Pearl villas: 8 villas comprising 4 rooms, with 1 living room. A private swimming pool and a private indoor parking are available
  • Carnelian:  duplex apartments 3+1, luxury terrace apartments 1+1
  • Diamond: luxury apartments 2+1
  • Amethyst: duplex apartments 3+1; duplex apartments 1+1; luxury terrace apartments 1+1.
Property typeInternal areaBalconyTerrace / gardenSwimming poolParkingTotal areaPrices
1 + 158 square meters12 square meters58 square meters (terrace)CommonOutdoor128 square meters€146,500 +
2 + 175 square meters13 square meters79 square meters (terrace / garden)CommonOutdoor167 square meters€179,500 +
3 + 1116 square meters9 square meters24 square meters (terrace) 30-40 square meters (garden)CommonOutdoor179 square meters; 189 square meters€259,000 +
4 + 1148 square meters82 square meters47 square meters (garden)21 square meters27 square meters (indoor)323 square meters€475,000 +

The prices above account for the installments plan. In case of a full single payment, the terms thereof shall be agreed accordingly. Payment by installments terms are as follows: the investor makes a down payment of 25%, and the remaining amount shall be contributed within 48 months, at a 0% interest rate (payment is possible in EUR or USD).

As provided for by the laws of Turkey, when title transfer transactions are made, 50% of the property register fees shall be paid by the buyer and the other 50% by the seller. The fee amount shall be calculated on the basis of the actual sale price.

The developer offering real estate for sale in the Adabükü Homes resort in Turkey in detail

FABAY A.Ş., a member of the ÖZYER GROUP, is in charge of the project. The company does its best to develop and sell high-quality projects boasting optimal comfort and price balance. The developer focuses on building customer trust. It has been operating on the construction market of Turkey since 1948. As of today, FABAY A.Ş. has successfully commissioned a multitude of projects in various industry sectors.

The ÖZYER GROUP is among the most respected companies in the Aegean Region. The Group was established in 1948 and initially traded in Fethiye. Seventy years later, the number of the ÖZYER GROUP employees was above 4,000. At present, the group invests in jewelry, construction, hotel, and energy sectors of economy.

As for the construction industry, the ÖZYER GROUP focuses on investing in the Bodrum peninsula real estate. It is also present on the Aegean coast, in Fethiye, Göcek, Dalaman, Kıyıkışlacık, and Didim.

How can a foreigner get a second passport and citizenship by investment in Turkey?

Turkish citizens enjoy multiple benefits in their own country and abroad. Various ways exist to become a citizen of Turkey, with the citizenship by investment program among them. Like many other states, Turkey invites high net worth individuals from any corners of the world, offering them citizenship by investment status in the country. Here are the main requirements applicants shall meet to be eligible for the above citizenship by investment program in Turkey:

  • no previous criminal history
  • being an adult of legal age (18+)
  • being able to prove the legal origin of your assets or financial resources

Real estate investments in Turkey are limited by a certain investor’s budget only. The amount necessary to get citizenship by investment in Turkey currently makes USD 400,000.

  • investing in Turkish real estate (you may use a real estate mortgage to finance your citizenship by investment application and purchase properties in Turkey, where the latter are over USD 400,000)
  • valuation of the purchased asset by an accredited expert. The valuation results shall be reported to the Turkish government, including the property register employees and the corresponding ministries
  • applying for a residence permit in Turkey and preparing the necessary supporting documents therefor, with those certifying your investments and tax payments among them
  • obtaining a residence permit in Turkey (you will have to personally visit the country therefor)
  • applying for a Turkish passport and preparing the necessary supporting documents, with those certifying your investments and tax payments among them.

Successful applicants are granted citizenship by investment in Turkey within 3–6 months after the application submission. The holding period in case of the above investments shall make at least 3 years.

You should remember that the laws of Turkey allow dual citizenship. Both singles and families consisting of spouses and children may apply for citizenship by investment in the country. Most procedures may be performed online, and it is very convenient.

Expert support with citizenship by investment in Turkey

You may purchase comfortable properties in a prestigious holiday resort complex by Bodrum in Turkey and enjoy quiet and comfortable life due to citizenship by investment you may receive. Investing in top-quality real estate of your dreams at the seaside by Bodrum is a wise and well-grounded decision at all times.

The International Wealth experts are ready to assist you with any issues you may have. The only thing you need to do is fill in the contact form on our website or use any other contact information provided to contact our team for your detailed customized consultation.

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You are welcome to contact International Wealth to discuss anything important to you. Our experts will answer all your questions and offer you the best options available, with due regard to your needs, resources, and opportunities.

The International Wealth experts offer supporting legal advice and services, with administration, immigration, banking, and corporate law services among them. We will assist you with exchanging your foreign driver’s license, putting your children in a local school, getting your medical insurance, and many more.

What documents shall an applicant have to get their citizenship by investment in Turkey?

Here are the documents you will have to submit for your application to be considered: the application per se, an investment certificate (bank certificate confirming the corresponding funds have been transferred to pay for your properties in Turkey), a notarized power of attorney issued to your lawyer for the latter to initiate citizenship by investment procedures, your birth certificate, your passport (proof of current citizenship), a copy of your residence permit in Turkey (valid for more than 6 months since the application submission date), a family status certificate (if you have any children – copies of their birth certificates), and a clean criminal record certificate. You will also need to submit 4 pictures for your biometric passport.

What are the benefits of citizenship by investment in Turkey?

Turkey has lately achieved great success in multiple industries. It boasts a dynamic and vibrant economy, high-quality medical services and education, high living standards, affordable prices for goods and services, and well-developed infrastructure. Any investor moving to Turkey will enjoy its mild climate and friendly population. Apart from the immediate benefits listed above, Turkish citizens may move to Great Britain. Turkey has signed the E2 agreement, allowing its citizens to start business in the USA under a non-immigrant investor visa.

Is it profitable to get citizenship by investment in Turkey?

Citizenship by investment in Turkey is the most profitable way to get a second passport for any investor. The applicant only needs to invest at least USD 400,000 in purchasing Turkish properties, and they will enjoy the right to lease out such real estate and resell their asset at a profit in 3 years. Property investors will keep their second passport. The other important benefits include a rapid application submission and consideration, an opportunity to get a citizenship status for all family members, and no need to declare your assets and income originating from any other countries.

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