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Cost: from 95 907 USD


Purchase Property in Phuket, Thailand and Make a Hefty Profit

Investments into real property on the island of Phuket, Thailand are extremely popular today. You can buy a villa or an apartment with the view of the sea and the mountains at a very affordable price there. What is more, Phuket is a popular tourist destination and the infrastructure is well developed there. 

Tropical climate, wonderful nature, permanent summer, and ocean breeze attract thousands of tourists from different countries. Tourists need places to stay and because the tourist season is never over in Phuket, there is always high demand for residential accommodations on the island. If you purchase a piece of real property in Phuket, you can obtain a stable passive income from renting it out. Alternatively, you can sell it after a few years and your capital gains should be considerable because the prices promise to grow steadily.

Purchase Property in Phuket

We would like to bring four residential complexes to your attention that are located on the shores of Phuket. You can rent the property to tourists, use it when you go to Thailand for holidays, or simply live there. With legal support from our Thai partners, you can buy the property in a fast and secure manner. Hoteliers in Thailand will gladly manage your property for you, find renters, and transfer the money to your bank account on a regular basis.

Open a bank account to make a purchase deal in Thailand.

Apartments at Karon Beach to bring a 7% annual profit / Code KR-615P, price from $ 97,749

Karon Beach in Phuket is one of the largest beaches on the island located between two popular tourist places: Kata Beach (1 km away) and the bustling town of Patong (10 to 24 km away). The coastline of the resort is conventionally divided into two parts:

  • Little Karon (Karon Noi Beach) with a cozy coral bay; and
  • Big Karon (Karon Beach) that boasts active nightlife and various entertainment events.   

Close to the coral reefs of the Andaman Sea, sits a new residential complex consisting of two 8-story buildings. Purchasing an apartment in the complex would be a great investment option because you would be easily able to rent it out without going into any details of the renting process. Half of the residential complex is going to be used as a hotel and the apartments in the other half will be under the management of the hotel personnel.  


Project description

Some apartments face the sea while other apartments overlook the mountains. Bothe views are breathtaking. You have a chance to live in a modern apartment in Thailand or let it on a lease.

Project details:

  • Number of floors — 8.
  • Apartment types – 1 and 2 bedroom.
  • Project completion date — 4th quarter of 2024.
  • Apartment area — 28.4 to 115.5 m2.
  • Profitability — 7% per year under the management of the hoteliers.
  • Distance to the sea — 650 meters.

You will find numerous restaurants, cafes, shops, and beauty salons sitting close to the residential complex. Karon Beach is almost 5 kilometers long and it has a bicycle lane running along the sea. If you pay while the buildings are still under construction, you can buy an apartment there on an interest-free installment plan. 

Apartment equipment

All the apartments in the residential complex at Karon beach in Phuket are going to be finished. They will have kitchen equipment, air conditioning, and fully equipped bathrooms. You can choose to buy a 1 bedroom or a 2 bedroom apartment with the view of the sea or of the mountains. Whatever choice you make, it’s going to be great in any case!

Apartment prices and sizes

  • 1-bedroom apartment from 28.4 m2 to 44.2 m2 in size — from $ 97,749.
  • 2-bedroom apartment from 53.4 m2 to 115.5 m2 in size — from $ 181 619.

The price covers the following items: finishing, kitchen, built-in furniture, air conditioners, and bathroom equipment. You can order furniture in any style you wish.  

Residential complex location

Distances to various infrastructural objects:

  • Airport — 45 km.
  • Patong — 10 km.
  • Shopping center — 10 km.
  • Shops, restaurants, cafes, and entertainment facilities — 200 meters.
  • Phuket hospital — 10 km.
  • Yacht club — 25 km.
  • Golf club — 15 km.

Guaranteed return on investment

You can choose from two lease schemes if you would like to rent your apartment to tourists without taking part in the management process:

  • A lease scheme with a guaranteed annual income of 7% of the apartment price; the contract is signed for 5 years.
  • A lease scheme with the total income from rent shared between the apartment owner and the hotel management 60/40.

Without doubt, you don’t have to let your apartment on a lease. Summers last almost forever in Phuket (there is a monsoon season, however) so you can live a happy life in your well-equipped apartment.

Apartments at Kata Beach in Phuket / Code KT-715P, price from $ 95,907

Kata Beach is located close to Karon Beach on the western side of the island. The beach is not very long (1.5 km) but it is beautiful and well-equipped. This part of Phuket is highly popular with tourists. A large number of residential complexes and infrastructural objects are currently under construction there. 

You can sign a contract with the developer that will provide a guaranteed annual income if you decide to purchase an apartment in the complex and let it on a lease.


Project details

The residential complex is still under construction, which makes the prices lower. Here again, you can buy an apartment on an interest-free installment plan if you pay before the construction work is completed. The return on investment is going to be between 7% and 10% per year.

  • Expected construction completion — 1 quarter of 2025.
  • Number of bedrooms — 1 or 2.
  • Apartment area — from 31 m2 to 153 m2.
  • Number of bathrooms —1 or 2.

Some apartments have their own swimming pools and loggias with greenery on the façade.  


Project description

The residential complex is an ecologically friendly construction project. The building is well-integrated with the nature around it and it has an advanced interior infrastructure. Karon and Chalong are the neighboring districts and the bright town of Patong is not too far away either. Besides, you are free to walk inland through the tropical jungles or visit quiet coral bays.

The roof of the building is its infrastructural center. There you will find the following objects:

  • Bars;
  • Swimming pools;
  • Recreation areas;
  • A gym;
  • Children’s playgrounds;
  • A children’s club.

The apartment interiors have a modern design and only natural materials are used in construction as well as for decorations. The residents will find the following items in the apartments: 

  • Comfortable floorplans.
  • Fully equipped kitchens.
  • Soundproof stained glass windows.
  • Modern bathroom equipment.
  • Air conditioning systems.

Unless you would like to let your apartment at Kata Beach on a lease, a family with kids would find it very comfortable to live there.

You can sign a 5-year agreement with the developer who will rent your apartment in the residential complex to tourists and pay you a guaranteed 7% income every year.

Complex location and apartment prices

The residential complex at Kata Beach in Phuket sits between the sea and the mountains and it boasts an advanced infrastructure. Apart from its aesthetic qualities, the complex has a nice location too. Here are the distances to the main infrastructural objects:

  • 47 km to the airport.
  • 8 km to Patong.
  • 10 km to a large shopping center.
  • Within walking distance to restaurants, supermarkets, etc.
  • 2 km to a hospital.
  • 15 km to a well-known golf club.
  • 6.5 km to a yacht club.
  • 300 meters to the sea.

The price of an apartment in the residential complex is quite affordable. Depending on the size and the number of bedrooms/ bathrooms, the apartments have the following prices:

  • A studio apartment 30.9 m2 to 37 m2 in size — from $ 95,907.
  • A one-bedroom apartment 42.7 m2 to 64.8 m2 in size — from $ 150,132.
  • A two-bedroom apartment 52.6 m2 to 152.9 m2 in size — from $ 178 623.

Please note that the price does not cover the furniture, decorations, and home appliances. It does cover the bathroom equipment, the kitchen, the closets, and the air conditioners.

Apartments by the sea in the north of Phuket with a 5% return on investment / Code LN-227P, prices from $ 144,873

The northern part of Phuket is as colorful as its western part but it is quieter and often referred to as ‘remote’. There you can find calm bays and lush tropical vegetation. If you purchase an apartment in the residential complex that we are advertising here, you can qualify for a permanent residence permit in Thailand. Alternatively, you can let it on a lease and have a guaranteed 5% return on investment.

The complex is located close to the shore of the Andaman Sea and you can find tennis courts, golf courses, and 5-star hotels around the place. The infrastructure is rather well developed and it takes only 14-20 minutes to get to the airport from there.


Project description

The construction process has been already completed and the apartments can be lived in. The first residents moved in in 2023. The complex consists of the following components:

  • 3 multistory buildings;
  • A large swimming pool;
  • A children’s swimming pool;
  • A recreation area;
  • A reception area р;
  • Concierge service;
  • A fitness center;
  • A ground for games and yoga practice;
  • A restaurant;
  • A lounge bar;
  • Walking paths and many other infrastructural objects.

The apartments in the residential complex will captivate you by their beauty and premium finishing. The room height is 2.7 meters and the stained glass windows make the rooms look spacious. Ecologically friendly materials used in decorations are dust- and dirt-resistant. On top of that, each apartment has a large balcony where you can greet the morning with a cup of coffee.   

Complex location and apartment prices

The residential complex is within walking distance (700 meters) from a very quiet beach. Distances to some other infrastructural objects are as follows:

  • A golf course — 1 km;
  • Supermarkets and restaurants — 500 meters;
  • Patong — 10 km;
  • An airport — 20 km;
  • A hospital — 15 km;
  • A yacht club — 10 km.

Apartments in the residential complex sell at the following prices:

Apartment typeApartment area (square meters)Price
Studio30from $ 144,873
1-bedroom46from $ 217,071
2-bedroom92from $ 483,024
3-bedroom120from $ 578,059

You can sign a 3-year contract with the complex management and have a guaranteed 5% return on investment.

Inexpensive apartments in Phuket to let on a lease / Code NH-829P, price from $ 112,501

The bright and colorful Nai Harn Beach in the south of Phuket is the place to be for romantic persons. Families with children and lovers of solitude will also find it highly comfortable. Clear water, a flat coast, and soft sand make the beach highly popular with locals and tourists.


Complex location:

  • Airport— 50 km.
  • Patong — 20 km.
  • Shopping center — 10 km.
  • Supermarket and restaurants — 500 meters.
  • Hospital and golf club — 15 km.
  • Yacht club — 40 km.

The resort is also popular with those fond of spearfishing because the water is shallow and you can rent a mask, fins, and a harpoon gun right on the beach. Many other waterfront activities are also available at Nai Harn Beach and it is not surprising that tourists as well as foreign investors into property love the place.

Complex characteristics and apartment prices

The interior design of the residential complex is simply amazing. Each floor is done in its own style: Zen, reign, den, atelier, myth, noir, and zephyr. The areas of the apartments are between 20 m2 and 40 m2. Ecologically friendly materials are used in construction and modern air conditioning systems are installed.  

Complex characteristics:

  • Construction completion — November 2024.
  • Apartment type — 1-bedroom apartments.
  • Apartment area — from 20 m2to 40 m2.
  • Bathrooms — fully equipped.
  • Return on investment — 8% per year; a 3-year contract can be signed with the managing company.
  • Interest-free installment plan until construction is complete.
  • Apartment price — from $ 112,501.

The price covers the finishing, bathroom facilities, a fully equipped kitchen, closets, and air conditioners.

Description of the residential complex at Nai Harn Beach

A well-known Thai development company is building the complex. It consists of two multistory buildings that will hold 292 apartments, restaurants, a gym, a karaoke bar, and a car park. The interior design is perfect and the complex is under 24/7 video surveillance. The residential complex sits 900 meters away from the Andaman Sea, 1 km away from Rawai Beach, and 500 meters away from a lake. 

You will find Promthep Cape nearby that gives fantastic views of the sunset and the island’s nature. Three water bodies in the vicinity, tropical vegetation, and affordable prices: this is a dream for many people indeed. You can make it come true!   

You can buy an apartment in the residential complex and sign a lease agreement with the managing company if you wish. Your return on investment will be 8% per year, which is more than you can get on a bank deposit. Besides, it is a safe investment. 

However, the apartment is going to be your private property and you are free to live there permanently or from time to time. There is also an opportunity to sell the apartment back to the developer at the purchase price after three years of ownership.

Would you like to buy an apartment in Phuket and move to the island?

You can use your apartment in Phuket when you go to Thailand on vacation. However, you can also acquire a residence permit in Thailand and live in the country permanently. All the comfort that you can think of is going to be at your disposal. Besides, purchasing an apartment in Phuket would be a valuable asset diversification tool. We will be happy to help you if you are ready to invest in Thailand!

Our experts can also assist you with following tasks:

  • Purchase property in other countries;
  • Open a foreign bank account;
  • Register a foreign company;
  • Apply for a ‘golden visa’ to, or citizenship of, a foreign country.

Please request a personal consultation on any of these and related matters. You are welcome to find out more about our products and services by following the link.

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