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Purchase Istanbul Real Estate in Arena Nüans Apartment Complex

How to receive citizenship by investment and what for? This is a very interesting question for lots of people around the globe seeking an opportunity to invest in high-quality real estate in Istanbul and get a passport of Turkey. This investment may become very profitable in the long run as property prices are expected to grow. It applies to the Arena Nüans apartments in a new real estate project in Istanbul, Turkey.

With 3 seas surrounding it, Turkey is an excellent place to reside in on a permanent basis. The country boasts rich culture, and the people of Turkey are famous for their hospitality. Turkey is a perfect country to jumpstart your career and develop your business. It is a great destination to retire, too.

Arena Nuans

Regardless of what happens in your life at the moment, Turkey is the best option to settle abroad. Citizenship of Turkey by investment in Istanbul real estate may significantly simplify the relocation for you. With its huge tourist potential, Istanbul is a magnet for international investors.

To achieve their goals, an investor shall purchase properties in Istanbul worth at least USD 250,000. What investment options are the best? International Wealth recommends you pay attention to the new Arena Nüans apartment complex in Istanbul, Turkey. It offers not only the unique combination of affordable prices and a favorable location, but also a high real estate quality.

Insights into the Arena Nüans apartment complex for potential real estate investors in Istanbul properties

The Arena Nüans apartment complex in Istanbul is promoted as premium properties. It sits in the popular Beylikdüzü district of Istanbul, with lots of posh residential real estate, shopping centers, educational establishments, and medical institutions nearby. Investors in Istanbul properties in the district may witness stable growth of their assets, with simultaneous development of the country’s social and economic infrastructure.

The Arena Nüans apartment complex in Istanbul, Turkey, is within a 5 mins drive from the E5 highway. It takes 2 mins to get to the hospital, 5 mins to reach the shopping center, 5 mins – the Cumhuriyet subway station, and 15 mins – the international Istanbul Ataturk airport.

Investors in the new Arena Nüans apartment complex in Istanbul, Turkey, will enjoy access to well-developed recreation facilities. Buildings occupy 30 % of the land lot, while the remaining 70% is taken by greenery.

Both apartment owners and guests of this Istanbul apartment complex will enjoy the landscaped area, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, the hammam, and the sauna. The project provides for a basketball court, a tennis court, a playground, as well as several walkways and bicycle lanes.

All Arena Nüans residences are managed via the smart house technology using the project’s advanced technological infrastructure. It allows apartment owners to monitor their Istanbul properties remotely from their tablet or smartphone.

A special app provides for an opportunity to use several instruments designed to facilitate the resident’s life, with room temperature control, HVAC system activation, checking the status of plugged-in devices, with a possibility to disconnect them immediately, curtain closing and blind drawing, as well as lighting control.

The Arena Nüans apartment complex may be found not far from the Marmara Sea coast and several beaches. This Istanbul real estate offers you unforgettable top level views. The project’s developer is the reliable Pusula İnşaat company from Turkey.

Approximate commissioning date H1 2022
Property type in Istanbul Multipurpose real estate project comprising residential and commercial real estate
Location Beylikdüzü district
Project structure Residential premises (242 units) in 2 multistoried buildings; commercial premises (14 units); recreation area (2,500 square meters); development footprint (8,532 square meters)
Apartment types 1 + 1; 2 + 1; 3 + 1; 4 + 1; 5 + 1
District amenities Shopping centers: • Marmara park
• TUYAP Fuar Merkezi
• Ekinoks AVM.
Schools and universities • Beykent University
• Era Kolejleri (Era College)
• Beykent private school
• Umut Işıkları training center
• Beylikdüzü Okyanus Koleji (Beylikdüzü Okyanus College)
• Beylikdüzü Uğur school.
Hospitals Dunya goz hastanesi Medicana International Hospital
Transport • Е-5 highway
• Beylikdüzü metrobus station (5 mins).
Arena Nüans project infrastructure Sport and leisure facilities • Health and fitness center
• Outdoor and indoor swimming pools, 250 meters long
• Basketball court
• Tennis court
• Sauna and hamam.
Amenities • Reception desk
• Garden houses
• Playground
• Walkway and bicycle lane
• Tearoom.
Car parks • Indoor parking
• Outdoor parking.
Security • 24/7/365 security
• CCTV cameras all around the project
• Home intercom system.
Home appliances and equipment • Satellite TV
• MDF kitchen furniture
• Air extraction, kitchen sink, and oven
• TV outlets, safety devices (manufactured by Siemens or Viko)
• Wet areas with tiled floors from Kalebodur tiles (manufactured by Canakkale)
• Laminated double lock flooring (Camsan / Vario or Moonloc)
• Steel entrance door
• Lacquered inner doors
• PVC windows (Pimapen / Firatpen / Winsa / Egepen)
• Wallpaper on the walls
• Satin paint for decor (Marshall / Polysan / Elephant)
• Central heating and water supply system (with 24/7 hot water supply)
• Panel-type radiators
• Spa tub
• HVAC systems (with indoor units in living rooms and bedrooms)
• Smart house technology
• High-speed elevator
• Escape staircase
• Separate generator for each building
• Water tank.

Apartment prices in Istanbul Arena Nüans apartment complex

Below you will find an up-to-date developer’s price list for the Arena Nüans apartments for sale in Istanbul, Turkey, to decide whether it makes sense to purchase any of the above properties.

Apartment typeArea, square metersPrice, TRYPayment by installments, months
1+177–140731,500 – 1,330,00018–24
2+1 (A)110–2051,045,000 – 1,947,50018–24
2+1 (B)150–1871,425,000 – 1,770,50024–36
3+1190–2561,005,000 –2,432,00024–36
4+1321–3593,049,500 – 3,410,50024–36

FYI: the apartment prices above do not include title assignment payments, notary fees, and other expenses resulting from an asset purchase.

They also include neither administrative expenses related to receiving citizenship by investment status in Turkey, nor immigration agent’s commissions.

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More about Pusula İnşaat development company in charge of Arena Nüans project

The Pusula İnşaat development company has been on the Istanbul construction market since 1995. It successfully commissioned thousands of new apartments in various Istanbul regions and created many work places. Pusula İnşaat  is known for its dedicated attitude to construction quality.

The developer successfully implements ambitious top-quality projects due to its trusting relationships with the customers and long-term development strategy combining knowledge, experience, cutting edge technologies, quality, comfort, and attention to aesthetics.

With its deep understanding of customers’ needs and counting on its high standards and flawless construction materials, Pusula İnşaat successfully develops high-end real estate in Istanbul while meeting the stringent environmental requirements. 

The company adds various sport and cultural facilities to apartment complexes it builds, including the Arena Nüans real estate project. It allows real estate investors to enjoy cutting edge architectural solutions and high-tech systems like the smart home technology mentioned above.

Beylikdüzü district in detail

Beylikdüzü is among the most prestigious districts in Istanbul, with the Marmara Sea to the south, Avcılar to the east, Büyükçekmece to the west, and Esenyurt to the north of it. The district area makes up 360 square kilometers.


Beylikdüzü is an affluent Istanbul district. The town council data suggest that over 40% of its residents are university graduates. With foreigners residing in Beylikdüzü in great numbers, this part of the city is among its most cosmopolitan areas.

Wide streets, boulevards, and sidewalks of Beylikdüzü boasting lush greenery are enjoyed and favored by both the district’s guests and local residents. The district enjoys careful planning and attention to detail. With green area density of 10 square meters per person and above, Beylikdüzü meets current European city standards. Almost every street and boulevard boast lots of trees and other greenery.


The Byzantine Greeks supposedly populated the territory of the present day Beylikdüzü district back in the 2nd century AD. Later on, the region turned into a popular resort and spa for Constantinople dwellers. The territory preserved this status after the fall of Constantinople and the district’s takeover by the Ottoman Empire.

Due to active migration in the 20th century, the Beylikdüzü district grew rapidly. Migration numbers surged after the 1999 earthquake, when the Istanbulians started leaving old city buildings in Beylikdüzü and moving into the new ones. A second migration wave originated against the background of the Metrobus line construction.

The Beylikdüzü real estate in Istanbul, Turkey, has recently grown in popularity in no small degree.  The district currently attracts lots of real estate buyers investing in high-quality properties.


The average seawater temperature on the Beylikdüzü coast makes up 14.4°C. The average precipitation per year reaches 54.2 mm, with the minimum amount in August and the maximum amount in December. Winds in Beylikdüzü are the strongest in December. The maximum snowfall in Beylikdüzü amounts to 60 centimeters. The climate is more humid and windy as compared to central Istanbul districts, and the winters are colder as the district sits 150 meters above the sea level. Abundant in forests and woodland, Beylikdüzü  boasts picturesque changing of the seasons admired by tourists.


The district’s Industry and commerce are the backbone of its economy. Port of Ambarli, the biggest seaport in Turkey and one of the top-50 largest container ports of the world, is to be found in Beylikdüzü. Fuel distribution and replenishment facilities as well as the thermal power plant in the east of the Ambarli seaport are important for the district’s economy. The marina nearby plays an important role in the life of local residents.

The short-term rental housing sector is growing in importance. The 24/7 metrobus line connects Beylikdüzü with the other city districts, and local apartments and cottages enjoy high popularity.


Sports fans will like it here in the district. The Beylikdüzü beach disposes of a windsurfing club and the TSSF underwater sports training center. The Beylikdüzü district alpine skiing club welcomes visitors in winter. The Olympic swimming pool is currently under construction. The district’s boulevards and beaches boast bike lanes that are not available for any vehicles.


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What makes Istanbul real estate prices grow constantly?

The drop of interest rates on mortgages in H2 2020 resulted in an exponential growth of real estate sales in Istanbul and other cities of Turkey, as local buyers re-entered the market inspired by available mortgages. In 2021, real estate sales are forecasted to grow further due to the reactivation of foreign buyers.

In May 2021, the real estate market in Turkey grew by 16.2% YoY in terms of closed deals. It is a striking result as far as foreign investor activity is concerned. Foreign buyers purchased the total of 1776 properties. The number grew by 106.5% YoY. Around half of the deals were made for Istanbul properties. The prices for Istanbul real estate grow, driven by the demand.

Experts from the Turkish real estate international promotion association (GIGDER) forecast that real estate sales in Turkey will hit an all-time high in 2021. Over 50,000 properties are expected to be purchased by foreign investors, and the economy of Turkey will receive over USD 7,000,000,000.

Please note that a surge in the external demand does not result from the popular and successful citizenship by investment program only. The latter accounts for just 20% of the total sales volume. The current stats indicate that Turkey is an appealing investment region with a great number of investment opportunities unrelated to migration. Even in this case, it makes perfect sense to get a second passport in Turkey when purchasing properties in a modern and convenient apartment complex like Arena Nüans.

Opportunities for Istanbul real estate investors with second passports of Turkey

  • Easy terms and competitive prices: the citizenship by investment program implemented in Turkey is cheaper and more effective as compared to any other analogous immigration schemes, providing for an opportunity to be admitted to citizenship by investment. The Turkish program sets no demands as to staying in a host country within a set period of time before becoming its citizen (residence qualification) and does not require potential applicants to pass any language tests. With all this, the above program is simple and available to the max.
  • Simplified relocation to Turkey: the country combines old and modern traditions, with the best of the Asian and the Western civilizations, as well as a rich ancient history and a promising future. This is why so many people are happy and proud to hold Turkish passports, and an opportunity to get citizenship by investment in Turkey is considered to be a real gift.
  • Full range of medical services: Access to high-quality medical infrastructure and services is among the greatest advantages enjoyed by Turkish passport holders. If you become a citizen of Turkey under its citizenship by investment program through purchasing Istanbul real estate in the Arena Nüans apartment complex, you will be able to receive complex medical assistance and top-quality healthcare services at low cost. Both the investor themselves and their family members have the right to enjoy medial services in Turkey provided by top-tier private and state healthcare institutions. All Turkish residents have the right for emergency care, regardless of whether they have a government state insurance.
  • Access to educational system and retirement insurance: the country’s laws provide for free secondary education. Local students are compensated for their university expenses. Investors in the Arena Nüans apartment complex in Istanbul will not only receive Turkish passports, but also an opportunity to enjoy the right to apply for pension schemes as Turkish citizens.
  • Useful second passport for travelling: the passport of Turkey ranks 52nd as far as visa-free destinations available to the passport holder are concerned. As of June 2021, holders of Turkish passports enjoyed an opportunity to visit 111 countries either on a visa-free basis or by getting their visas or electronic entry permits on arrival. The list of these countries includes Japan, South Korea, Argentina, Brazil, and lots of other Latin American states. Turkish citizens enjoy an opportunity to receive Schengen, British, and American tourist visas by submitting the necessary documents.
  • E-2 visas to the United States: Turkey has signed a trade and investment treaty with the USA, allowing Turkish citizens to apply for the E-2 investor visa. This visa allows you to move to the USA even if you don’t have any tax residency there (as in the case with green cards). E-2 visas are unavailable for citizens of the countries with no corresponding treaties made with the USA.
  • High-quality consumer goods and services at available prices: living costs are much lower in Turkey as compared to many European or Western countries. Turkey may become your ideal destination if you wish to live closer to Europe and avoid high living expenses at the same time. Housing, food and utilities are cheaper in Turkey, especially for those with income in hard currency. Istanbul real estate is also cheaper versus comparable properties in many other states.

Expert assistance from International Wealth with purchasing Istanbul real estate in Arena Nüans real estate project

Does citizenship by investment in Turkey seem an appealing opportunity to you? Are you going to invest in Istanbul real estate and the Arena Nüans properties appear to be a perfect choice to reach your goal? The International Wealth team is here to offer you any related services, including transaction support and assistance with immigration procedures.

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Does Turkey allow dual citizenship?

The laws of Turkey provide for dual and multiple citizenship. You don’t need to refuse your old passport to receive citizenship by investment in Turkey. This is a great benefit for people wishing to stay in their native country and invest in the citizenship of Turkey. They may lawfully hold several passports.

How much does it cost to become a Turkish citizen?

You should keep in mind that getting a passport and becoming a citizen are 2 different things. You may not get a Turkish passport without being a citizen of the country. After being admitted to citizenship on any legal grounds (including citizenship by investment of at least USD 250,000) you receive the right to apply for a Turkish passport. The passport of Turkey valid for 6 months will cost you around USD 45. In case of a 10-year validity period, you will have to pay USD 145.

Are male citizens of Turkey bound to military service?

The Turkish laws oblige every male citizen of the country aged 20 to 41 to perform military service. A foreigner with a citizenship by investment status in Turkey that has already completed military service in their country of origin may submit the corresponding supporting evidence to Turkish authorities and be exempt from military service in Turkey. When applying for citizenship by investment in Turkey, foreigners aged 22 and above are exempt from compulsory military service in the Turkish army.

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