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Purchase Apartments in Aksu, Antalya from Developer to Qualify for Turkish Residency Program

Looking to invest in Turkish real estate and obtain a residence permit in Turkey, but unwilling to search for profitable properties or areas where foreigners may own real estate and get a residency permit? Your search is over. International Wealth offers a range of luxury apartments for sale at an attractive developer price in the Aksu district of Antalya (Turkey). These apartments are a part of the Golden Haven project, which is almost complete. The apartment prices are at a minimum level currently. Yet, soon after the project’s completion, the prices for apartments in Aksu are expected to increase significantly. Mind you, it won’t be long. Here’s your opportunity to invest in real estate in Turkey and secure a residency permit in the country.

Luxurious apartments in Aksu area in Antalya

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Act quickly and seize the opportunity to purchase a budget-friendly apartment in Antalya and get a residency permit for yourself and your family! Contact the International Wealth expert team to make your dream a reality, as they provide a comprehensive range of services, including support with bank account setup. Don’t hesitate to take advantage of this unique opportunity.


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Ways to quickly obtain a residence permit in Turkey when you purchase an under-construction apartment

To minimize investment loss risks, act promptly to acquire property rights to an apartment under construction in Turkey. Supported by a professional real estate or consulting company, you will soon get hold of this unique opportunity.. 

The apartments for sale in the Aksu district of Antalya are a great option. All documents concerned go through a thorough check-up. Experienced realtors, lawyers, and consultants from the reputable agency in Turkey do their best to meet all your real estate needs.

Apartments in Antalya

At International Wealth, we take our reputation seriously and prioritize the financial security of our clients. This is why we choose to exclusively collaborate with agents who have a proven track record of reliability and trustworthiness.

If you want to purchase real estate in Turkey while it is still under construction, follow these steps:

  • Select the property you’re interested in. 
  • Carefully review the documentation International Wealth partners will provide you. 
  • Submit your documents to International Wealth. 
  • Sign a corresponding sales agreement. 
  • Obtain the TAPU, which is the official title deed that confirms your ownership of the property.

To those purchasing a property in Turkey, the TAPU (title deed) is issued even during the excavation phase. It is then registered in the country’s Cadastre. The document is considered official. It enables the owner to apply for a residency permit from the immigration service at a later stage.

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Learn how foreigners may obtain a residence permit in Turkey with no investments or money from the International Wealth article: Residence Permit in Turkey (İkamet) – New Rules in 2023.

Aksu district in Antalya and its features 

Located in Antalya, Aksu is a rapidly growing resort district that appeals to both foreign tourists and new residents alike with its unique blend of modern infrastructure and strategic position near the Mediterranean Sea.

  • Discerning travelers prefer Aksu for their holidays because of the top-notch service the premium hotels provide. Prices for tour packages reflect the phenomenon.
  • Aksu (Antalya) is home to breathtaking sandy beaches and serene coves, perfect for those seeking a peaceful getaway with their loved ones.
  • The resort district offers a variety of entertainment options, including the AquaLand water park, dolphin park, caves, Kurshunlu waterfall, swimming pools, nightclubs, the ancient city of Perge, charming cafes, and an abundance of restaurants.
  • The business scene in Aksu is thriving, with opportunities available to new entrepreneurs in industries such as agriculture, fruit cultivation, and trade.

As the resort district of Aksu continues to develop at a rapid pace, the value of properties in the area is on the rise year after year. The best time to purchase a property is during the construction phase when prices are 20% to 30% lower compared to the completed phase. Aksu is not among the areas that are off-limits for obtaining a residence permit or citizenship in Turkey. Property owners who purchase an apartment worth USD 60,000 or more are eligible for a residence permit in the republic.

Apartments in Aksu, Antalya for those wishing to obtain a residence permit in Turkey: real estate overview

The apartments for sale come in 2 layouts:

  • 1+1 apartments ranging from USD 95,000 to USD 147,962, with 1 bathroom and an area of 60 square meters.
  • 2+1 apartments ranging from USD 134,000 to USD 168,024, with 2 bathrooms and an area of 116 square meters.
Apartments in Antalya

As of 2023, the completion progress stands at 52%. The development is conveniently located within the following distances from key landmarks in Antalya:

  • 10 minutes from the beach
  • 20 minutes from the center of Antalya
  • 8 minutes from the airport.

The Aksu district comes with various educational institutions such as private nurseries and kindergartens, public preschool institutions, Kazim Shanaz Primary School, Yavuz Selim Middle School, the British Association of Language Schools, Akdeniz University, and more.

For medical needs, residents have access to Ataturk State Hospital, Antalya Research Hospital, Aile Sagligi Merkezi Hospital for adults, Anatolia Hospital in Antalya, dental clinics, veterinary centers, and more.

Several shopping centers are within walking distance, as well as local markets and small souvenir shops.

With convenient transportation connections, residents can easily take a quick trip by private vehicle or taxi to visit the neighboring district of Dosemealti and its stunning coniferous forests at the base of the mountains. Those eager to explore the center of Antalya will build an itinerary to discover the natural beauty and attractions of Turkey.

Technical specifications, exterior and interior of Aksu apartments (Antalya, Turkey)

The Golden Haven development is nestled in the breathtaking Aksu district. It boasts a luxurious hotel that offers not only holiday apartment rentals but also permanent residence options through apartment purchases. The range of one and two-bedroom apartments in Antalya offer a wise investment opportunity and the perfect home for a long-lasting stay.

To guarantee new residents a comfortable and welcoming environment, architects and designers paid attention to every interior detail. They used only earthquake-resistant materials with enhanced noise insulation.

What else will you gain after purchasing an apartment in a Turkish resort area?

The building is designed with safety in mind, incorporating earthquake-resistant materials and state-of-the-art security features such as a video surveillance system, round-the-clock security personnel, steel doors, and an automatic fire suppression system.

In terms of technical equipment, here’s what you will enjoy:

  • elevator
  • cable and satellite television
  • natural gas supply
  • backup generator
  • central hot water supply
  • water booster and storage tank for uninterrupted water supply.
New housing in Antalya (Aksu)

The Golden Haven complex boasts a picturesque location with plenty of amenities and facilities for residents: 

  • gardens and playgrounds
  • swimming pool with sun loungers
  • amenities
  • recreation area
  • greenery
  • parking spaces.

At Golden Haven, apartment interiors can be customized to suit the owner’s tastes, or the apartments can be designed according to expert layouts. Opting for a fully-furnished apartment, here’s what you’ll get:

  • warm and welcoming ambiance complete with comfortable furniture, curtains, and innovative appliances
  • modern kitchenette
  • luxurious bathrooms with elegant sinks, fixtures, and a shower cubicle
  • bedroom with a spacious closet and ample storage for small items
  • decorative elements that complement the interiors, along with state-of-the-art lighting and air conditioning systems.

When choosing a design project for your future home in Antalya, feel free to discuss the color scheme, preferred storage systems, and other details with the developer.

Buying an under-construction Antalya apartment in no time remotely: take your chance

At International Wealth, we understand that purchasing a new property may be challenging, especially if you’re not based in the country. To make the experience seamless and stress-free, we offer a comprehensive remote service that covers all aspects of buying a property in Antalya:

  • online property tours
  • representation of the buyer’s interests in all administrative centers of Antalya via PoA
  • assistance with opening a bank account in the client’s name
  • independent property appraisals
  • TAPU (title deed) registration in Turkey
  • resolution of any other issues that may arise.

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If you have any inquiries or concerns, International Wealth profs are here to provide you with prompt and accurate answers. Feel free to contact us at [email protected] for feedback and assistance.

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