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Purchase an Apartment in Solaris Park Residential Complex in Krakow, Poland

If you are thinking of investing in real property in Europe, Western European countries might be the first option to come to your mind. However, property in Eastern Europe is considerably less expensive and Poland in particular offers some attractive investment options indeed. The country borders on Germany and the high quality of real property there makes the local developers look up to the prosperous neighbor and try to come up to the standards. Even notwithstanding the COVID-19 pandemic, the construction industry is booming in Poland. We invite you to consider the opportunity to purchase an apartment in Solaris Park residential complex located in Krakow, the former capital of Poland and one of the most beautiful cities in the whole of Europe.  

Below we will provide the main reasons why you should consider buying an apartment in Solaris Park in 2021 and then we will describe the residential complex so that you can make an informed decision.

Solaris Park

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Reasons why you should consider purchasing an apartment in Solaris Park in Krakow

Krakow is the second largest city in Poland. It used to be the capital of the country and the place where kings resided and today it attracts the attention of many foreign tourists and investors. The city is truly unique and it leaves no visitor indifferent. The historic atmosphere that tourists find there makes many of them want to come back again and maybe even purchase a place of residence in Krakow. 


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Apartment in Krakow, a city of opportunities

History and traditions are combined with modernity and progress in Krakow. The old city is beautiful and there you can find a great number of ancient castles and fortresses. The uptown areas offer all the infrastructural objects required for a comfortable life in a modern European city. You are also going to be impressed with the recreational facilities found there when you visit Krakow.

Solaris Park

Apartment in Krakow, a city of culture and business

Of course, you should visit Krakow as a tourist before purchasing an apartment there but living in the city permanently is going to be a totally different experience. We promise that you will not be disappointed if you purchase an apartment in Solaris Park. Krakow is well known for its educational facilities that provide high-quality training to thousands of students. Uniwersytet Jagielloński, Krakow technological university, and the AGH University stand out against the background of other schools and universities in the city. Every year, 10,000 students are enrolled in various academic programs in Krakow. The total number of students who study in Krakow is about 200,000 people!

Art walks hand in hand with education in the city. There are multiple museums, galleries, cinemas, and various cultural events that you can attend. Krakow is regarded as the cultural capital of Eastern Europe.

Krakow is a tourist, educational, cultural, and scientific center of Poland but it is also a modern megalopolis with an advanced business infrastructure. The unemployment rate is extremely low in Krakow and there are wonderful business opportunities there. A superb location makes Krakow easily accessible from other parts of the world, which makes the city attractive both for global corporations who set up offices there and for thousands and thousands of smaller business companies that have their headquarters in Krakow. The vibrant business activities in the city do not allow the local real estate market to ever slow down.

Solaris Park

Purchase an apartment in Krakow from property developer

Even though seasonal price fluctuations may occur, the real estate market in Krakow is growing on the whole. This is especially true for newly erected buildings that boast high quality and numerous modern conveniences. The factors affecting the price of the apartment are the location of the building, its type, its class, and the floor where the apartment is located. The prices are the highest in the Old Town (Stare Miasto) but they are lower in the uptown areas such as Grzegórzki, for example. Attractive offers can also be found in the districts of Bronowice and Czyżyny. The least expensive apartments are located in Nowa Huta and Kurdwanów. Therefore, anyone can find an apartment in Krakow to his or her liking: the lover of the big city life and the lover of quiet green parks.

Another reason why purchasing an apartment in Krakow is worth considering is that rental apartments are in high demand in the city. You can let your apartment in Krakow on a long-term lease to students and young employees of numerous business companies or you can let it on a short-term lease to multiple tourists that visit Krakow all the year round. Thus, you can acquire a stable source of passive income by purchasing an apartment in Krakow and in the Solaris Park residential complex in particular.

The prices for apartments in Krakow are not going to become any lower. You can rent your apartment in the city out and you can easily resell it after a few years probably at a profit. 

Residential complex

Characteristics of the Solaris Park residential complex

InternationalWealth in cooperation with our Polish partners would like to bring to your attention the opportunity to buy an apartment in a residential complex in Krakow that is currently under construction. It is called Solaris Park and it is located in the district of Czyżyny.

  • The expected completion of the development project — 3-4 quarter of 2023.
  • The average price of apartments in Solaris Park — 200,000 euros.
  • The total number of apartments for sale — 245.
  • The number of floors — 5.
  • The distance to the center of Krakow – 3 kilometers.

The final price of the apartment will have to include the costs of the notary services (around 700 euros) and the realtor’s commission (2-4% of the price of the apartment).

The developer of Solaris Park is Semaco Invest Group.

The Solaris Park concept

‘Solaris’ means ‘sunny’ and the developer aims to make the residential complex always sunny and comfortable for the residents. In addition to that, the name of the complex is an allusion to a famous novel by a well-known Polish author Stanislaw Lem. The science fiction novel is called ‘Solaris’. The complex sits in the street that has been named in honor of the author. Close to Solaris Park, you will find  TAURON Arena Krakow, Impressions Garden, and Stanislaw Lem educational center.  

Solaris Park would be ideal both for single investors and for families. Small but highly functional studios as well as large apartments with multiple bedrooms are available in the residential complex. Parking spaces and storage facilities are going to be at the residents’ disposal. Besides, there will be a special get-together area where the residents of Solaris Park can meet for pleasure or for co-working sessions. Both apartments and common areas are built of ecologically friendly construction materials of the highest quality. 

Solaris Park location

The district of Czyżyny is located in the central part of Krakow and it occupies the area of 1,225 hectares. Around 27,000 people live there. It is an industrialized part of the city. Krakow heat-electric generating plant and Krakow techno-park are found there. Previously, Czyżyny used to be an industrial area but not a residential one. However, in the 1970-1980s, residential complexes started to come to the district to provide accommodations for the plant workers. Over the recent years, the old residential buildings have been refurbished and new ones erected. The infrastructure has also been improved. In particular, several new schools and kindergartens have been built in the district. Krakow physical training university is also located in Czyżyny.

Many green areas can be found in the neighborhood. There is Leszek Lengovski Park and Polish aviators park of 60 hectares. This is the second largest park in Krakow. Czyżyny has good transport links to all other parts of the city. Two primary highways also run through the district.


Solaris Park component elements

The first order of Solaris park will have 145 apartments in a five-story building with eight entrances. The smallest apartments are going to have a bit less than 32 square meters of floor space and the largest ones will have more than 110 meters of floor space. You can choose a studio, a one-, a two-, or a three-bedroom apartment in Solaris Park. Those who have a car can use one of the 161 parking lots in the basement. The ground floor will host commercial units.  

The territory of the residential complex is going to be fenced and put under round-the-clock security surveillance. There will also be a children’s playground and an open-air fitness center.

You can purchase an apartment in Solaris Park with rough or fine finish. The buildings will be connected to the central heating system and the utility provider is Miejskie Przedsiębiorstwo Energetyki Cieplnej (MPEC) Company.

The neighborhood of Solaris Park

As we have noted above, TAURON Arena Kraków, Impressions Park and Polish Aviators park can be found in the vicinity of Solaris Park. There are also multiple facilities for active recreation including workout machines, a skating park, a street workout for those who like exercising in the fresh air, bicycle trails and walkways.

The largest park in Krakow — Park Lotników Polskich – is also not too far away and you will be able to take an evening walk through the park, sit at the pond, or lie on the beach. The residential complex will also give you access to an electric car charging station.

Close to Lotników Polskich Park, there is a physical training academy with a stadium, a sports hall, tennis courts, and indoor swimming pools. A few hundred meters away from Solaris Park, you will find a medium-size water reservoir that is a popular place with the local people who want to spend some time by the water.  

Solaris Park infrastructure

Many objects of business, service, and recreational infrastructure are found in the neighborhood of the Solaris Park residential complex. There is M1 mall with a number of shops and service points nearby. Across Stanislaw Lem Street, there is a Decathlon sportswear store and Galeria Plaza trade center that also has a Cinema City movie theater and a Fitness Platinum bowling club. 

Medical services can be obtained from the Woś and Piwowarczyk medical center 240 meters away from the place.

The district where Solaris Park is being built boasts a well developed transportation network. It takes about 10 minutes only to get to the center of Krakow by public transport. Multiple bus and tram lines are readily available and a couple of bus lines run at night.

Other districts of Krakow are easily accessible from the neighborhood whether you use public transport or drive your own car. The fourth Krakow ring road runs nearby and it will take you to the A4 highway running through Poland.

Educational opportunities in Solaris Park neighborhood

If you purchase an apartment in Solaris Park, you will have access to educational institutions in the vicinity. There are seven of those in total including kindergartens, primary schools, secondary schools, and higher education institutions.

The price of the apartment in the Solaris Park residential complex starts at 2 500 EUR per square meter.

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You will be able to save on property taxes a bit, if you register a company in Poland and make it the owner of the apartment. Please apply for our assistance in the matter.

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Why should I purchase an apartment in Krakow in 2021?

An apartment in Krakow is an attractive investment option for several reasons. First, it will give you an opportunity to relocate to a dynamically developing European country. (You will have to register a business company in Poland to qualify for a permanent residence permit but we can help you with that.) Krakow is a tourist, cultural, and scientific center in Poland and it opens wide horizons for your international business ventures and gives wonderful opportunities for professional growth. Second, the prices for apartments in large Polish cities such as Warsaw or Krakow are constantly growing. Experts estimate that the price of your apartment in Krakow will double after 5 to 7 years.

What is the average cost of the apartments in Solaris Park?

The price for one square meter starts at 2,500 euros. Studio, one-, two-, and three-bedroom apartments are available in Solaris Park. The floor space can be between 23 and 110 square meters. The total price of the apartment will also have to include the costs of the notary services (around 700 euros) and the real estate agent commission (2-4% of the apartment price). The construction of the building will be completed by the end of 2023.

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