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Purchase an Apartment in Park Skandynawia Residential Complex, Warsaw

Real estate prices in Warsaw, the capital of Poland, keep growing. However, apartments in the city are still more affordable than apartments in the neighboring Germany, for example, and it is a good time to purchase property in Warsaw, as its worth will continue to grow in all likelihood. In addition to that, you can acquire a stable passive income if you let your apartment in Warsaw on a lease.

Park Skandynawia

Park Skandynawia residential complex is located on the right bank of the Wisla river in Goclaw district on Ostrobramska street. Apartments there are for sale and the price of one square meter starts at 2 600 EUR. The construction was completed in the first quarter of 2021. The owner of the building – Skanska Residential Development Poland Sp. z o. o – is selling the remaining apartments. The prices are not going to be any lower!

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Real property prices in Warsaw

New apartments in Warsaw sell at 10,000 zloty per square meter, which is more than 2,200 euros. The COVID-19 pandemic seems to have no effect on the real estate market in the city. According to the Emmerson Evaluation report, the prices have grown by 7% to 8% on average over the last year.

The district (borough) of Śródmieście is the most expensive one with the average price of real property of 4,400 euros (a 4% growth). Other central districts are expensive too as well as the areas close to subway stations. 

The district of Wola has shown a growth rate of 9%. The apartments there cost 3,000 euros per square meter on average. The district of Odolany has sold the largest number of apartments over the last year at the average price of 2,500 euros per square meter. 

The fastest growth rate of 19% has been registered in Bielany district. Apartments there sell at 2,800 euros per square meter. In Mokotów district, the price is the same and the growth rate is 14%. In Ochota district, the apartments cost 3,000 per square meter on average, which is 13% more than a year ago.

Praga Północ is the most expensive district on the right bank. Apartments there sell at 3,000 euros per square meter on average, which is 11% more than a year before. One of the reasons for that is the extension of the subway line to Szwedzka station. A similar growth occurred in Targówek district when two new subway stations appeared there.

On the other hand, the average price of apartments in Praga Południe district is 2,200 euros per square meter (a 6% growth). The most expensive part of the district is Goclav where apartments sell at 2,500 euros per square meter.

The least expensive apartments in Warsaw can be found in the districts of Rembertów (1,600), Wesoła (1,700) and Białołęka (1,750) where the prices have grown by 4-5%.


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A brief description of Park Skandynawia residential complex

We invite you to consider the opportunity to purchase an apartment in Park Skandynawia residential complex, Warsaw. The complex is located at the border of Goclav and Praga Południe on the right bank of the Wisla in the central part of Warsaw between Jana Nowaka-Jeziorański and Ostrobramska streets. The distance to the central square is 6.6 kilometers. The developer is Skanska Residential Development Poland Sp. z o. o.

Park Skandynawia
  • The construction of Park Skandynawia residential complex was completed in the first quarter of 2021.
  • The average price of apartments in Park Skandynawia is 150,000 — 200,000 euros.
  • The price of one square meter starts at 2,500 euros.
  • No real estate purchase tax is payable.  
  • The notary services cost around 700 euros.
  • The real estate agent will charge between 2% and 4%.
  • At the current moment, 60+ apartments are for sale.

Park Scandinavia reflects the Scandinavian lifestyle that is characterized by the use of high-quality materials, a massive but simple design, natural looks, abundance of light, and a good balance between work and leisure.

Located in Goclav, Park Scandynawia gives access to a comfortable infrastructure that will meet the highest expectations. There is a great number of kindergartens, schools, children’s playgrounds, shops, clinics, libraries, and service centers in the area. Other city districts are easily accessible from the location thanks to a superb transportation network: buses run on all directions. In addition, the Goclav canal running from Lake Goclav through the area is almost 2.5 kilometers long. Lake Balaton (an artificial lake) is located right in the middle of the district.

Park Skandynawia

Skanska Residential Development Company is filing an application for the international BREEAM certificate for Park Skandynawia residential complex. The certificate will confirm that the building has been erected in an ecologically sustainable manner. Serious effort was taken to preserve as many existing trees as possible while erecting the buildings. Non-toxic finishing materials with low emission of hazardous volatile organic compounds were used. The lobbies and the area around the buildings are equipped with LED-based lights that are activated by motion sensors.

Park Skandynawia residential complex consists of two apartment buildings six to eight stories tall each having two underground floors. The total number of apartments is 210. Around 60 of them are still available for purchase. Their areas are between 29 and 64 square meters. The price starts at 2 600 EUR per square meter.  

Квартира в ЖК

Apartments for sale in Park Skandynawia:

  • Studio apartments between 29 and 38 square meters – from 88,000 euros.
  • One-bedroom apartments between 35 and 56 square meters – from 130,000 euros.
  • Two-bedroom apartments between 45 and 64 square meters – from 146,000 euros.

Surface and underground car parking is available. Forty-four storage units are also at the residents’ disposal.

Main characteristic of Park Skandynawia residential complex

  • Construction dates: construction was launched in the second quarter of 2019 and finished in the first quarter of 2021.
  • Number of buildings: 2 apartment buildings.
  • Number of floors: the buildings have 6 and 8 stories above the ground level (ground floor included) and two stories below the ground level.
  • Number of apartments: 210.
  • Apartment height: 2.70 meters.
  • Construction material: reinforced concrete.
  • Entrance doors: reinforced, with branded locks and an entrance roof overhang.
  • Wall and ceiling cover:            calcium sulphate plaster.
  • Ownership: apartment ownership and open-ended land usufruct.
  • Additional space: garden, terrace, balcony.
  • Storage units: 44.
  • Parking: surface parking and 157 underground parking lots.
  • Facilities: round-the-clock security surveillance, children’s playground, special facilities for people with disabilities, bicycle storage, a patio, and a gated yard.
  • Nature: a park and a lake within walking distance.
Residential complex Poland

Location of Park Skandynawia residential complex

Park Skandynawia has a great location in Warsaw indeed. All sorts of destinations and facilities are easily reachable from the area.   

  • 11 bus lines run nearby.  
  • Many bicycle tracks and Veturilo stations.  
  • 15 minutes to the center of Warsaw by car.  
  • A large trade center, shops, drugstores, restaurants, a fitness center, a bowling club, a trampoline center, and a swimming pool in proximity.
  • Kindergartens and a primary school nearby.
  • City parks: Balaton Park and Forester’s Park.

The district of Praga Południe on the right bank of the Wisla is full of life. The residential and industrial buildings reflect the modernist tendencies of the 20th century. The architecture is quite diverse in the area. 


There are both industrial and cultural sectors of Praga Południe. The Powczechny Theater is an important cultural center and the National Stadium hosts various sports events. 

A number of green areas are to be found in the district, including Park Skaryszewski, one of the most beautiful parks in Europe, and Olszynka Grochowska nature reserve.  

Transportation system

You can cross the Wisla using one of the three available bridges: Siekierkowski, Lazienkowski, and Poniatowskiego. The central street in the district is called Grochowska. The available public transport includes buses, trams, and SKM Fast City Rail. A subway line is soon to be built in the area. The bus stop closest to Park Skandynawia is 190 meters away.

Infrastructure objects

  • Six different educational institutions are in proximity to the Park Skandynawia residential complex. The closest one is a private kindergarten.
  • Medical centers are also close to the building. In particular, there is an Enel-Med branch 150 meters away and Vita Med clinic 300 meters away.
  • The closest mall – Atrium Promenada – is 200 meters away. 
  • Recreational and sports facilities are also not far away from Park Skandynawia: 380 meters to an open-air fitness center and 450 meters to a sportsground.

If a business company is the owner of residential accommodations in Poland rather than a natural person, the property taxes are going to be a bit smaller. We will be happy to help you register a company in Poland.

An apartment in Park Skandynawia residential complex in Warsaw is an attractive investment option indeed. If you would like to learn about the opportunity to purchase an apartment in Krakow, the old Polish capital, please follow this link.

What is the national currency in Poland?

The national currency in Poland is the Polish zloty. Its rate to euro is 1 to 0.22.

Why should I invest in real property in Warsaw?

Real estate prices grow at a faster rate in Warsaw than in many other European capitals. With the growth rates as high as 11% to 16%, the price of your apartment in Warsaw may double in a few years.

How much do apartments in Park Skandynawia cost?

Currently, around sixty apartments in Park Skandynawia are currently for sale. These include apartments of the following sizes: Studio apartments between 29 and 38 square meters – from 88,000 euros; One-bedroom apartments between 35 and 56 square meters – from 130,000 euros; Two-bedroom apartments between 45 and 64 square meters – from 146,000 euros.

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