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Purchase an Apartment in Browary Wrocławskie Residential Complex in Wroclaw, Poland

Poland is a dynamically developing European country with high living standards but real property still sells at available prices there. We would like to bring to your attention the possibility to purchase an apartment in the Browary Wrocławskie residential complex located in the Polish city of Wroclaw. The price per square meter starts at 2 500 EUR.

Below, we are going to describe the residential complex highlighting its advantages. We hope that you will become interested in the opportunity to buy an apartment in Browary Wrocławskie.

Browary Wrocławskie

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Why should you purchase an apartment in Wroclaw?

Wroclaw is one of the most beautiful cities in Poland and because developers realize this, many of them want to erect apartment buildings for sale there. The capital of the Polish region of Dolny Śląsk is loved both by the old and by the young. Living in the city is very comfortable and everyone will find something of interest there. Let us give a few reasons why you should consider purchasing an apartment in Browary Wrocławskie.

The choice of real property for sale is vast in Wroclaw indeed and everybody can find residential accommodations to his/ her liking. Whether you are a single person or you have a large family, you can choose the apartment in Browary Wrocławskie that fits your needs. You should also be aware that many people invest money in new apartments in Wroclaw to rent them out to students and those residents of the city who do not have residential accommodations of their own.

Browary Wrocławskie

The infrastructure in Wroclaw

The municipal authorities finance the infrastructure development in the city heavily. The transportation system is improving and new sections of the bypass road are added. Things are not perfect yet as far as the city infrastructure is concerned but Wroclaw is the Polish city that is improving at the fastest rate.

Recreational opportunities in Wroclaw

The atmosphere in the city is superb. When you purchase an apartment in Browary Wrocławskie, you will have a wide choice of cultural and sports events that you can attend. Life can never be boring in Wroclaw as there are multiple restaurants, clubs, and other entertainment facilities. The suburbs are tempting for their lush vegetation: you will find numerous parks and squares both in the uptown and in the downtown areas. The fresh air that you can breathe in Wroclaw is famous not only in Poland but also throughout Europe. 

Wroclaw zoo attracts visitors from all over the country and from abroad. If you have children, they will want to visit the zoo more than once! Communication with animals has a positive effect on the development of the child’s personality. The proximity of the zoo is probably not the main reason to buy an apartment in Browary Wrocławskie but this would be a good idea for many other reasons too.

Browary Wrocławskie

How can you earn money while owning real property in Wroclaw?

You can acquire a nice source of passive income especially if you buy more than one apartment in Wroclaw. Apartments in popular European cities, including Wroclaw, are easy to rent out especially if it is a nice apartment in a newly erected building. In addition to that, you can take a mortgage from a Polish bank at a low interest rate.

When you have a rental apartment in Wroclaw, its profitability rate is going to be around 5%. This is high by the European standards. So, if you take out a mortgage, you will be able to use the rental payments to pay it back and gradually accumulate enough funds to make the first payment for one more apartment in Wroclaw and take out another mortgage.

To play safe you should consider buying rental apartments in different apartment buildings and from different developers. This will let you rest assured that the income keeps coming even if your apartment in a certain city district cannot find a renter for some time or if one of the developers is late completing the construction.

It could also be a good idea to register a business company in Poland and make it the owner of your rental apartments. In this way, you will be able to save a little bit on property taxes. We will gladly help you to form a company in Poland.

Browary Wrocławskie

Our offer

We invite you to consider the opportunity to purchase an apartment in Browary Wrocławskie in the city of Wroclaw, Poland. Below please find the defining characteristics of the residential complex: 

  • The construction of the complex has been completed.
  • The price of the apartments is between 2,500 and 3,000 euros per square meter.
  • The apartment prices range between 100,000 and 200,000 euros.
  • There is no property purchase tax in Poland.
  • The notary services will cost you around 700 euros.
  • The real estate agency is going to charge you 2% to 4% of the cost of the apartment.
  • The buildings contain studio apartments with 30 square meters of floor space – from 100,000 EUR.
  • One-bedroom apartments with 50 square meters of floor space – from 135,000 EUR.
  • Two-bedroom apartments with 56 square meters of floor space – from 165,000 EUR.
  • Three-bedroom apartments with 65 square meters of floor space – from 200,000 EUR.
  • The residential complex consists of 14 buildings 5 to 15 stories high.
  • The room height is 2.6-2.8 meters.

Description of the Browary Wrocławskie residential complex

The Browary Wrocławskie residential complex (the name translates as ‘Wroclaw breweries’ from Polish) is located in the center of Śródmieście district. This development project will meet the expectation of those who are looking for a combination of the city atmosphere and entertainment opportunities.

Browary Wrocławskie is a place where the present meets the past. The designers of the residential complex have practiced a creative approach to restoring the old Piastowski breweries. Now buildings where beer used to be brewed and beer barrels used to be kept have been redesigned to serve as residential accommodations. Today, the revitalized old breweries are an integral element of the city infrastructure.

The Browary Wrocławskie residential complex is a large development project and the construction has been done in several stages. The complex includes some newly erected 7-story buildings as well as restored buildings of the 19th century Piastowski brewery. The complex occupies 6 hectares and consists of 14 buildings in total including such historic buildings as Bottling House, Kapslownia, Korkownia, Lounging House, Malt House, Stable, Brewhouse, Windmill, Wozownia, and Coffee Factory. The Browary Wrocławskie residential complex combines the charm of the old brewery houses and the splendor of the modern buildings. The facades are made in subdued tones (hues of grey) with red brick elements.

Browary Wrocławskie

Browary Wrocławskie is a multifunctional complex that has commercial, office, and entertainment spaces in addition to residential apartments. Many shops, restaurants, medical and recreation facilities are found nearby. And it is the very heart of Wroclaw!

Purchasing an apartment in Browary Wrocławskie you will find recreational and entertainment opportunities right at hand. There is a get-together lounge where you can watch movies or drink coffee with your neighbors and friends.  

The buildings sit in National Unity Street and their architecture is in harmony with the neighboring buildings. Some windows overlook the Oder River that gives a special charm to Wroclaw. The lofts give especially breathtaking views of the river. 

Browary Wrocławskie

Browary Wrocławskie location

The Browary Wrocławskie residential complex is located in the center of Wroclaw, which gives easy access to the city infrastructure. It is surrounded by other buildings and it borders on some green areas and the Oder. Walking or bicycling along the river is something you are going to love doing when you purchase an apartment in Browary Wrocławskie: lots of fresh air and the peaceful flowing of the river.

Browary Wrocławskie neighborhood and infrastructure

The tramlines running nearby will give you easy access to any location in the city. Besides, everything you need is close to the place, from supermarkets and service stations to movie theaters and medical clinics.

The following trade centers are located close to the Browary Wrocławskie residential complex:  Biedronka, abka, Simply Market, Lidl, E.Leclerc, Pepco, and Rossmann.

Besides, there are beauty salons, tailor’s shops, gas and car wash stations, banks, a post office, cafes, a Four Seasons restaurant, and Italian art-cafes called Ti Amo! and Mango Mama Nadodrze.

Several bus stops are also close to the residential complex. Bus running on 6, 11, 23 and 251 lines stop at MPK Mosty Warszawskie bus stop and you can catch a 106, 115, 128, 148, 246, A, or N line bus if you use Damrota bus stop that is just a little further away. A few minutes’ walk will also take you to two more bus stops: Wyszyńskiego and Nowowiejska.

Educational institutions near Browary Wrocławskie

There is a kindergarten, five primary schools, and two secondary schools in the vicinity of the Browary Wrocławskie residential complex. Besides, the Architecture Department of the Wroclaw Technological University is located nearby.

Medical institutions near Browary Wrocławskie

If you purchase an apartment in Browary Wrocławskie, you will find several medical institutions in the vicinity. These include the Health Center in Senkewicz Street, PRIMA-MED medical center, and a spine therapy center. Besides, the following pharmacies are found nearby: Silesia Pharmacy, French Pharmacy, and Damrota Pharmacy.

Sports and recreation facilities near Browary Wrocławskie

Notwithstanding its downtown location, Browary Wrocławskie gives access to several green areas including Jan Kasprowicz Park, Slowinski Park, Stanislaw Tolpa Park, and St Edith Stein Park. A beautiful boulevard running along the Oder is also going to be available to you. If you would like to keep fit, you can visit the Fitness World center, GOjump trampoline park, a skating rink that one of the nearby schools has, AZS Environmental Club swimming pool and Street Workout Park.

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Why should I purchase an apartment in Wroclaw in 2021?

The real estate market in Wroclaw is dynamically growing. New buildings are erected in the center of the city and the uptown areas are seeing a number of development projects as well. The suburbs are easily reachable from the center due to an efficient transportation system. Over the recent years, the prices for real estate in Wroclaw have been doubling every 5-7 years. The average price of an apartment in a newly erected building is about 3,000 euros per square meter at the moment.

What are the prices of apartments in Browary Wrocławskie?

The price per square meter is between 2,500 and 3,000 euros. The prices for apartments range between 100,000 euros and 200,000 euros. The cost of the notary services is about 700 euros. The real estate agent will charge you 2-4% of the apartment prices. The following apartments are available in Browary Wrocławskie:
One-bedroom apartments with 50 square meters of floor space – from 135,000 EUR.
Two-bedroom apartments with 56 square meters of floor space – from 165,000 EUR.
Three-bedroom apartments with 65 square meters of floor space – from 200,000 EUR.

What are the main advantages of purchasing an apartment in Browary Wrocławskie?

The Browary Wrocławskie residential complex is located at the very heart of Wroclaw in National Unity Street at the site of an old brewery. It consists of 14 buildings, some of which are restored old brewery buildings while others are newly erected 7-story buildings. The complex occupies 6 hectares in total and it is easily accessible due to a large network of tram and bus lines nearby. There are multiple shops, restaurants, banks, schools, and other objects of infrastructure in the vicinity.

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