Cost: $1,526,000 - $2,723,915


Purchase a Villa in Yalikavak, Bodrum to Qualify for Citizenship of Turkey

Endless Blue Villas is a residential complex in the settlement of Geriş located in Yalikavak, a region of Turkey. The villas are going to be fully equipped and the views that you can find in the region are breathtaking indeed. Endless Blue Villas give direct access to the sea and they are surrounded by marvelous gardens. Each villa has a swimming pool and you can spend a wonderful time there.

Villa in Yalikavak

The real estate in Yalikavak is becoming more expensive day after day and it is already hard to find an affordable piece of property there. We have a unique offer, however. The villas that we are advertising here are still under construction (41% complete), which makes their prices lower. When the construction process is complete, the price of the villas is going to be at least 30% higher.  

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You can qualify for Turkish citizenship if you invest in real property in the country. The investment has to be made via a Turkish bank and we will be happy to help you open a bank account in the country.


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Yalikavak for a peaceful life

Yalikavak used to be an anglers’ village before and today it is a prestigious resort location in the western part of Mugla province on Bodrum peninsula. The peaceful place gives direct access to the Aegean Sea and you can enjoy the views of the hills, the windmills, the beaches, and the tangerine groves if you settle down there.

Exclusive villas in Yalikavak

Main advantages of residing in Yalikavak:

  • You can easily get around in the location even if you do not speak Turkish. The area is extremely popular with foreign tourists and investors and English is spoken everywhere you go.
  • Turkish Riviera is a landing place for a great number of luxurious yachts and besides, many famous brand outlets, boutiques, and entertainment centers can be found there. The marina extends from the northern coast of the Aegean Sea to the eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea. There you can find around 620 piers and 70 yacht docks where Roman Abramovich, Mick Jagger, Bill Gates, King Charles, and Nathaniel Rothschild, among others, dock their yachts. 
  • You can live a quiet life in Yalikavak or you can engage in a world-scale business there. Whatever your intentions are, you will find wonderful opportunities at the location if you purchase a comfortable villa there.

The settlement on Bodrum peninsula is also known for the high level of personal security that it provides. It is located off the mainland, which tells on the lifestyle that you will find there. Life is peaceful, quiet, light, and easy at the place. There are plenty of things to do in Yalikavak and if you would like to find a job there, it is quite possible too. The main sectors of the economy at the location are tourism, service, and agriculture.

Endless Blue Villas residential complex

Endless Blue Villas is a new residential complex of 13 villas on the beach. All of them are going to be fully equipped when the construction is completed. You can choose one of the following two types of villas there:

  • A 3-bedroom villa with a luxurious adjacent area; or
  • A duplex villa 250 m² in size.

The cottages are located in a picturesque settlement of Geriş. There you will find fruit and decorative trees, palms, bushes, and green lawns covered with soft grass.  

Exclusive villas in Yalikavak

Each villa has modern furniture, household appliances, closets, a veranda, and a swimming pool. The developer is also taking good care of the security of future residents: the villas have iron doors and solid fences. Besides, the complex is under 24/7 video surveillance.

Those who love outdoor activities can take endless walks around Bodrum that is a huge peninsula indeed. Besides, you can go on boat trips around the peninsula or visit the nearby Greek islands. The place also offers great opportunities for diving, snorkeling, and fishing. Your children will enjoy visiting the local aqua parks and numerous playgrounds.

You can watch the sun sinking in the sea from the windows of your villa in Yalikavak. Geriş is not a megalopolis at all and you can enjoy the silent whisper of the waves washing the shores and sip on a cup of wonderful Turkish tea sitting on the veranda in the evening and listening to the bird songs.  

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Characteristics of the residential complex in Yalikavak

You can find one- and two-level villas in Geriş, Yalikavak. They are made of durable materials that are resistant to earthquakes and other natural phenomena. Modern exterior finish materials and state-of-the-art home appliances are going to add to the overall comfort of the villas.

The interior design is in a minimalistic high-tech style but you can alter the interiors the way you wish. The developer can put you through to the best interior designers in the area. 

Residential complex in Yalikavak

The price of the villas and the floorplans

Endless Blue Villas have two different floorplans:

  • 3+1 – a one-story villa with a car park, a swimming pool, furniture, and household appliances at the price of US$ 1,526,000. The area of the villa is 180 m². It has three bathrooms.
  • Duplex 3+1 – a luxurious two-story villa of 250 m² with three bathrooms at the price of US$2,723,915.

You can gain full access to all the technical documentation before you decide to purchase one of the villas. 

Technical characteristics of the villas

The villas that we are advertising have the following properties and items:

  • A garage and a covered parking lot;
  • A well-designed adjacent territory;
  • A garden and a children’s playground;
  • A swimming pool outside the villa;
  • Television (cable and satellite);
  • A water reservoir, hot water supply, and a water pump;
  • Electricity generator;
  • Natural gas supply;
  • A steel door, an intercom, and video surveillance.

Endless Blue Villas are under 24-hour security guard so you will feel perfectly safe there.

Infrastructure in Yalikavak

  • Distance to Bodrum – 18 km.
  • Time to the airport – 1 hour.
  • Distance to the sea – 5 minutes.
  • More than 10 banks and ATMs.
  • Kindergartens and secondary schools (state and private).
  • SPA salons, fitness centers, beauty salons, etc.
  • Children’s playgrounds and aqua parks.
  • An entertainment park, the largest in the Turkish Riviera.
  • Numerous trade centers. 
  • Cafes, restaurants, and clubs.
  • Theaters, art galleries, and so on.

The infrastructure of Yalikavak allows living in the area all around the year. You can have a wonderful time doing business from there, raising your kids, and enjoying the things you like if you purchase one of the villas.

A villa on Bodrum peninsula, Turkey: an attractive investment opportunity

Bodrum offers some opportunities that can rarely be found in other regions of Turkey. Yalikavak is a resort area by the sea but it is different from other places in similar locations: it has managed to preserve a unique atmosphere. No wonder the place attracts wealthy investors from all over the world. 

There are two main reasons why you may want to purchase a villa, a house or an apartment in Turkey on the shores of the Aegean and Mediterranean Seas. First, the investment can make you qualified for Turkish citizenship. Second, real estate prices have been steadily growing in the country and you can sell your property at a much higher price after keeping it in your possession for some time. Besides, if you invest in Turkish property that is still under construction, you can save a considerable amount of money.

Yalikavak is a seaside settlement in Turkey that certainly should be attractive for any foreign investor thinking of purchasing property in the country. The crime rate is extremely low there, the climate is wonderful, the sea is beautiful, the nature is pristine, and life is easy! Endless Blue Villas residential complex is worth considering without any doubt.

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Purchase a luxurious villa at the coast of the Aegean Sea in Yalikavak, Bodrum, Turkey in a safe and fast manner by contacting our experts! We provide a wide range of services related to immigration, second citizenship/ foreign residence, investments, and business relocation.

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