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Cost: from 456000 USD


Purchase a Suite in Safa Two Hotel in Dubai and Become Eligible for Legal Residence in the UAE

Would you like to acquire legal residence in the United Arab Emirates and relocate there with your family? It is quite possible if you make a comparatively modest investment in real property in the country. Please read on to find out where exactly you can invest!

We would like to describe the opportunity to purchase a suite in a prestigious hotel complex with a beach and a swimming pool. The hotel complex is called Safa Two and it is located in the Emirate of Dubai. The construction of the hotel has just started, which means that you can buy a suite at the lowest price possible. When the hotel is put into operation (the construction is expected to finish in 2027), the prices are going to be higher! 

Even though the construction of the hotel is not completed yet, you will qualify for a residence permit in the UAE anyway, since you can acquire your ownership certificate now, long before the hotel opens its doors to first visitors.

Safa Two

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Please note that in addition to assisting you in purchasing real property in Dubai, we will gladly help you open a bank account in the UAE, re-domicile your business company to the country, and register a new company in the Emirates. Please check out the UAE section of our portal. Please do not hesitate to ask any questions about our products and services in the UAE.

Safa Two hotel complex in Dubai – a chance to relocate to the Emirates

The construction of Safa Two hotel complex is a joint enterprise of DAMAC Properties, a large developer operating in Dubai and de GRISOGONO jewelry company. Thus, you are going to find luxury, grace, and comfort in Al Safa, one of the most popular districts of Dubai.

The 83-story tower is going to have a futuristic look with its curving lines and modern, dynamic architectural solution.

  • There’s going to be an empty space in the center of the building’s façade. It will have a reflecting surface and the laser show in this part of the tower will make it the hotel’s signature. The building is going to look like no other building in the world.
  • The main entrance is going to be decorated with a curtain made of diamonds and rubies. 
Apartments Safa Two
Safa Two Dubai

The price of Safa Two suites

The Safa Two tower will contain several types of suites. All of them are going to be fully furnished and equipped. The following suites are for sale:

  • A studio of 64 square meters – US$ 456,000.
  • A one-bedroom suite of 73 square meters – US$ 468,000.
  • A two-bedroom suite of 98 square meters – US$ 640,000.
  • A three-bedroom suite of 127 square meters – US$ 770,000.

Please make a choice and contact us for purchasing a suite in the Safa Two hotel complex. We will be happy to provide consultations on acquiring legal residence permits in the UAE for all members of your family in exchange for an investment in real property in Dubai.

The blueprints and the characteristics of Safa Two hotel, Dubai

Inspired by the Greek word Chrysogonos that means ‘born from gold’, Fawaz Gruosi, an Italian citizen of Lebanese ancestry created a luxury jewelry brand called de GRISOGONO back in 1993. Grousi is considered a top expert on black diamonds. Everything made by de GRISOGONO has a flavor of the times of the European Renaissance – very elegant, very aristocratic.   

The stylistics of de GRISOGONO is unique combining age-old traditions and modern approaches. This is exactly what you are going to find in the interior and exterior designs of Safa Two hotel when it is built. The windows will give fantastic views of Safa Park, the busy Sheikh Zayed street, Bulgari island, Burj Al Arab, and Palm Jumeirah.

The complex exterior design

  • A swimming pool is going to be at the center of the hotel complex. Its decoration will give the visitors a feeling of infinity. The surface of the water is going to shine like a diamond in the dark. A water slide made of glass will imitate a misty forest and simply take your breath away.
  • A walking path around the tower will make you feel as if you were in a fairytale or on a different planet.
  • Safa Two will have four beaches in total, so every guest or resident of the hotel will be able to find the one that suits him or her best of all. Warm water, a lot of sunshine, and an atmosphere of paradise is to be found at every beach.
  • The landscape design and the green vegetation are going to play an important role in the hotel infrastructure. Every floor of the tower is going to have a recreation terrace and every terrace will have green plants growing on it.

Safa Two interiors

The entrance hall is going to have a modern look with some Arabic motives. The rooms are going to be cozy and nice not only to stay there for a short while but also to live there permanently.

Safa Two interiors
Safa Two interiors

The joint work of the designers of Damac Properties and de GRISOGONO company is going to show in many interior details. The designers’ goal is to make the areas look luxurious and provide enough comfort for happy living.

Safa Two interiors
Safa Two interiors

Safa Two infrastructure 

If you choose to reside in the hotel complex, you will find that a large number of infrastructure objects, Dubai administrative facilities, and tourist attractions are located in close proximity to Safa Two. For instance:

  • Jumeirah beach – 5 minutes away.
  • Dubai Mall / Burj Khalifa – 10 minutes away.
  • Burj Al Arab – 15 minutes away.
  • Dubai international airport – 20-35 minutes away.
  • Dubai marina – 22 minutes away.
  • There are also trade centers and part areas nearby: City Walk and Box Park (5 minutes away), The Dubai Mall and Oasis Mall (10 minutes away), and the Mall of the Emirates (15 minutes away).
  • Besides, several medical facilities are located close to Safa Two: Medcare Al Safa (5 minutes away), Mediclinic The Dubai Mall (10 minutes away), Emirates Hospital (15 minutes away), Aster clinic (20 minutes away), and Prime Medical Centre (25 minutes away).
  • Finally, there is a choice of schools that your children can attend if you relocate to your luxury suites in Dubai with your family: Al-Ittihad school (5 minutes away), Safa, a British schools (10 minutes away), Horizon, an international school (10 minutes away), a British college (15 minutes away), and a private school called JSS (20 minutes away).

Discuss the details with an expert

Check the list of required documents, and get the details of the process, terms, and costs.

Contact a consultant

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Infrastructure objects on the premises of Safa Two hotel complex

There is everything you need to relax and just live your day-by-day like on the premises of Safa Two. The facilities that you can enjoy include the following ones:

  • A SPA salon;
  • A well-equipped gym;
  • A residents’ club;
  • Numerous cafes and restaurants.

We will be happy to give you more detailed information about the properties that Safa Two in Dubai is going to possess if you contact our specialists. If you are interested in this offer, please do so without hesitation. 

Safa Two: an attractive investment option

The current prices are affordable because the construction project has started recently and the tower has yet to be erected. Making an investment in the hotel complex is an attractive opportunity indeed. The return on investment rate is comparatively high and the investment risks are close to zero. Why exactly should you consider making an investment in the Safa Two hotel complex? Here’s why:

  • If you let your suite in Safa Two on a lease, your return on investment will be 8%.
  • The demand for real estate is high in Dubai due to the increasing number of foreign nationals and companies relocating to the jurisdiction.
  • Mortgages are available to non-residents of the UAE.
  • If you receive an income from your property in Dubai, your income tax is going to be 0%: no rent tax, no capital gains tax.
  • The number of foreign visitors to Dubai is expected to reach 20 million visitors per year by 2025. This number has been constantly growing foe many years in a row.
  • Dubai is one of the most frequently visited cities in the world and it ranks vary high for the level of security that you can find there.

More than three million people of various nationalities live in Dubai and this number is also constantly growing. Property prices have grown considerably during 2022 and the opportunity to invest in an incomplete development project should certainly be given some serious consideration. The prices for Safa Two suites are never going to be any lower. If you invest now, you can obtain your Emirates residence permit within a short period.

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If you are interested in this offer, we will gladly assist you with all investment, immigration, banking, corporate, and legal issues. Please contact us at [email protected]

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