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Cost: from 2,250,000 EUR


Profitable Investments in Villas in Northern Cyprus, Just Fifty Meters from the Sea

Northern Cyprus property under construction is an attractive option for buyers on a limited budget. Objects whose estimated completion date is postponed (for example, for a few years) allow you to save a lot of money and to control the work in person. The last argument is crucial if the buyer has specific requirements for an apartment or villa.

However, equity participation in construction also carries risks. The developer may go beyond the budget, so you may have to refuse some options or agree to additional payments. You should also take into account the likelihood of encountering fraudulent activities. Even though such cases are rare in Northern Cyprus, it is better not to forget about them and exercise caution.


However, there is an alternative to these two options that buyers and investors interested in housing real estate in Northern Cyprus often overlook. The idea of buying real estate under construction appears quite attractive if you evaluate the safety, profit prospects, justification of costs, and attractiveness of your investments. We are talking about projects to be completed and commissioned in the next few months. That is exactly the kind of project we are presenting to you – villas in the Turkish town of Çatalköy.

General description of the project 

Luxury villas with a good balance of characteristics aimed at sophisticated buyers and investors are a pleasant exception to the Northern Cyprus property market. Most housing projects in public catalogs represent two types of real estate objects.

The first includes conditionally inexpensive (by European standards) housing for which low price is the focus of the sales pitch. The approach presupposes that for a slightly lower price, you are expected to give up numerous options, like home appliances, visually pleasing design, an area with a clean environment, a large area, high investment attractiveness, etc.

The alternative is expensive properties. However, in this case, you often have to sacrifice comfort and coziness, too. The main goal of the sales teams is to try to justify the immodest prices and prove to the buyer that they are making the right choice. And yet, regarded objectively, such properties often exhibit a problem typical of luxury real estate – they are cold, abstract, and do not have the warmth of a home.

Villas in the town of Çatalköy break the usual stereotypes and established rules. The property is expensive (from 2.25 million EUR). However, it will give the owner more than just a roof over his head or the opportunity to make a profitable investment. It will provide a cozy feeling of home, an inner peaceful state that makes you understand that you feel good there. In the world of real estate – and not only in Northern Cyprus – this is a great rarity, a pleasant exception to the rule. That makes this offer hard to turn down.

Çatalköy villas lie within a short walk or drive from all the crucial infrastructure:

  • 6 minutes – private access to the sea;
  • 9 minutes – a supermarket where you can buy food and essentials;
  • 5 minutes by car – hospital with experienced doctors and modern equipment;
  • a 21-minute / 65-minute drive – Ercan and Larnaca airports;
  • 6 minutes by car – Girne;
  • 16 minutes – Esentepe.

Çatalköy villas – distinctive features:

  • Layout – 5+1;
  • 5 bedrooms;
  • 5 bathrooms;
  • 1 garage;
  • Commissioning date – 2024;
  • Plot of land – 610 m2;
  • Terrace – 224 m2.

Çatalköy villas – general description:

  • location – quiet embankment (great place for leisurely walks and unity with nature);
  • private beach;
  • private pool;
  • spacious and well-kept garden;
  • covered garage;
  • own gym;
  • own sauna;
  • elegant architecture – a successful combination of traditional, classical solutions and trends of the times;
  • the villas are “fitted” into the surrounding space with harmony and taste.

Please note: When providing expert assistance for purchasing a villa, we will not just help with all the paperwork. We extend support for obtaining a residence permit, a driver’s license, medical insurance, and opening a bank account in Turkey.

Floor plans, internal features 

Buyers and investors can currently choose one of two villas located nearby. Their general characteristics (private access to the sea, garage for two cars, number of rooms) remain unchanged. There are some differences in design, interior, and layouts. Whatever choice you make in the end, it is guaranteed to satisfy you.

Çatalköy villa, Type A (total area of 195 m2), Ground floor:

  • total covered area – 165 m2;
  • living covered area – 80 m2;
  • open area – 36 m2;
  • swimming pool – 65 m2;
  • garden – 300 m2.

Çatalköy villa, Type A, First floor:

  • total covered area – 133 m2;
  • terrace – 20.85 m2.

Çatalköy villa, Type B, Ground floor:

  • total area –203 m2.

Çatalköy villa, Type B, First floor:

  • total covered area – 175 m2;
  • terrace – 40 m2.
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Design features 

A typical feature of many luxury properties is an overemphasis on status. When getting to know the villa, they actively prove to buyers that they have become the owners of something rare and premium. Something that no one else has. The methods used are different, but most often, it is the elaborate “design” that stands out the most. It may include expensive trinkets, a mixture of styles, and features that may seem attractive if you do not analyze them in detail.

We do not claim that investing in such properties in Northern Cyprus is a mistake. It is a reasonable way to invest money; the design is less important or secondary for many, and external or internal glamor is often regarded as one of the positive arguments. However, if the pursuit of perfection and comfort is a priority, villas in Çatalköy are a compelling offer worth considering.

Interior design

  • main shades: white, light brown, gray;
  • modern, consistent design, based on straight lines and angles, but without being eclectic;
  • a lot of free space;
  • large panoramic windows;
  • a complete set of upholstered furniture;
  • designer light sources neatly integrated into the interior;
  • 100% readiness to accept new owners (there is everything necessary for life);
  • very cozy living rooms


Villas in Çatalköy require a sizable investment and careful financial consideration. We and our partner in Northern Cyprus always meet customers halfway and select suitable conditions. Therefore, the payment plan is discussed individually.

Analyzing the investment attractiveness of the property, we can see that according to the general standards of premium real estate, investments in villas in Çatalköy pay off fairly soon. Therefore, such transactions can be considered as one of the options for protecting and diversifying assets.

Payback calculation, and approximate plans:

CalculationRental DaysDaily Rate, EURTotal Revenue (Thousand EUR)Net Profit (~70%), thousand EURNet Profit per yearEstimated Payback Period (years)

Explanation of plans:

  • Negative – the villa is rented daily (or for short periods) only during the holiday season;
  • Realistic – high season + 1–2 months before and after it;
  • Favorable – high and middle season.

Investors seeking to minimize risks can choose a long-term lease option. The gains will be slightly lower, but this will eliminate the issues associated with finding guests and monitoring the condition of the villa.

You can receive any additional information on the object in an individual consultation. We are looking forward to your request by email.

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