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Cost: from 2999 EUR


Private Bank Account Opened Remotely with the Bank in Dominica Having Strong European Ties

We invite you to remotely open a private bank account with the bank in Dominica. The bank is a member of an international financial group and has strong ties with Europe. The account can be opened remotely, all the necessary verifications will be performed as quickly as possible.

The bank works with both conventional currencies and cryptocurrencies.

Once you successfully pass the verification, you will be able to have a multi-currency account in EUR and USD.

The bank’s distinctive feature is the rapid client verification under AML/KYC procedures by means of engaging their own compliance department that is located in Europe.

You can open a regular settlement account or a private banking account.

Why Do I Need a Private Foreign Account?

How much money are you ready to lose in any recession? This assessment is always subjective, but clearly you do not want to lose all of your savings at once. How can this happen? For example, the economy of the country where you live could collapse, or the authorities could decide to lay their hands on the deposits. Or it could be even simpler: inflation and hyperinflation could eat your savings faster than a moth eats a wool scarf.

Not to mention the distrust of local bankers that exists in many countries, collapsing banks and specific managers who like to run away into the sunset with a bag of cash withdrawn from your account.

It is impossible to provide 100% protection from such adverse events, and that is why reasonable people diversify the risks. They open accounts in different banks and in different countries.

In addition, a private foreign account can also be useful in the following cases:

  • You are planning to move abroad and you need a foreign account;
  • You are buying foreign real estate or other assets;
  • You need access to trading platforms and other investment opportunities that are not available or too expensive in your country;
  • You would like to trade cryptocurrency quietly and safely.

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What the Bank in Dominica Offers Individual Investors: Services

The bank is based in Dominica (Commonwealth of Dominica) and operates under the local regulations. However, any modern bank is subject to the international requirements, too.

In addition, this bank is part of an international group of companies that has subsidiaries and partners all over the world: Switzerland, Luxembourg, Estonia.

Among the services available you can find the following:

  • Private and corporate accounts;
  • Private banking;
  • Electronic currencies (EMI UK and Luxembourg licenses; licenses of Malta and Hong Kong underway);
  • Cryptocurrency trading including large volumes.

Private Bank Account with the Bank in Dominica

You can get your private bank account opened without coming to the bank in person. The opened account will have its own IBAN number.

Client verification is carried out by a modern banking verification system. In order to open an account, you will need to provide high-quality scan copies of your documents.

After the verification, you will get access to a multi-currency account in dollars and euro. You will be able to manage your account completely remotely via Internet banking and a mobile application.

Transfers in EUR are made to SEPA, and all other currencies are transferred via the SWIFT transfer system.

Payment Cards for the Private Account Holders

The bank issues Visa and MasterCard debit cards. These cards can be issued as both virtual and physical. They can be used to pay for goods and services online and offline.

There is no monthly or annual fee for using these cards.

If you wish, you can order additional cards with a separate account.

A special opportunity is issuing a card integrated with cryptocurrency exchanges. This will allow you to buy and sell cryptocurrency with profit, using it for shopping in the real world.

Privileged Access to the Crypto-Exchange Aggregator

Would you like to trade cryptocurrencies and do it on a large scale? The bank offers integration with the cryptocurrency exchanges aggregator that scans more than 30 liquid exchanges and offers the asset purchase and sale at the best prices.

Internet Banking and Mobile Application by the Bank in Dominica

We are talking about a modern developed bank that allows their clients not only to open accounts remotely, but to manage their accounts remotely as well. You will have access to Internet banking and the mobile app via which you can transfer your funds, accept them, check your payment history and fully monitor what is going on.

Private Banking

Private banking is available for those clients who are interested in an individual approach. The total balance for such an account should be no less than USD 250,000.

Documents Required for Opening a Private Bank Account in Dominica

In order to open an account, you will need the following documents:

  • Notarized scan-copy of the account holder’s passport;
  • Notarized proof of residence (usually it is utility bills no older than 3 months);
  • Proof of your finds being of non-criminal origin (at the request of the bank);
  • Reference letter to the bank (original) (at the request of the bank).

The bank has the right to request other documents if necessary.

Costs for Opening a Private Bank Account in Dominica

The cost of facilitation service to open a bank account in Dominica for private individuals starts from 2999 EUR.

The bank also takes a commission for opening an account which is 1500 EUR. This commission includes verification of your documents by the bank and your account activation.

IMPORTANT: If for some reason the bank refuses to open an account for you, they will return the commission you paid with 100 euros deducted (1400 EUR).

Commissions of the bank:

 For EU residentsFor non-EU residents
For reviewing the documents and opening an account1500 EUR;
SEPA interbank transfers0.75% (min 6 EUR)1.25% (min 10 EUR)
SWIFT interbank transfers2% (min 40 EUR)
Intrabank transfer0.5% (min 1 EUR)
Cryptocurrency transactions3% of the transaction amount

The full price list is available upon request. Specific rates are calculated and provided depending on the volume of operations and their frequency.

Procedure: How Do I Open a Private Account with the bank in Dominica Remotely

  1. Please contact us by email to [email protected] and let us know if you would like to open an account remotely.
  2. We will kindly ask you to answer your consultant’s questions so that we could assess the feasibility of the service delivery.
  3. After that you will need to pay for this service, the cost is 2999 EUR.
  4. Please provide a complete set of your documents (scan copies).
  5. We will apply for opening an account and await the bank’s decision.

Your private account abroad is an instrument to protect your assets and peace of mind. Make sure to worry less and open an account with us: [email protected].

Why Do I Need a Foreign Account for Individuals?

A foreign account will help protect your assets from devaluation, from theft, from economic recession. The account will also be of use to enter international markets, live abroad and invest in new assets: real estate, companies, shares.

How Do I Open a Foreign Account Remotely?

First of all, you should choose a bank that opens accounts remotely (without a personal visit to the bank). After that, make sure you are the right type of client for this bank, and that the bank is ready to open an account for you. Prepare your documents and fill out the bank forms, then pay for your account opening. The bank will consider your application and make a decision. It is very important to prepare your documents very carefully and avoid any possible errors. Experienced consultants can assist you in that.

Are Russians and Ukrainians Allowed to Open Foreign Accounts?

There is no prohibition on opening foreign accounts in the law. Sometimes you are required to report them to your local tax office at the place of residence, but there is no prohibition. In any case, before opening an account abroad, make sure the bank you chose is reliable, has a clean reputation and that you can easily deposit and withdraw funds to and from your account if necessary.

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