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Cost: from 121 062 USD


Phuket houses and apartments for permanent residence or investment

Thailand continues to gain popularity among immigrants from various countries. People come here for vacation, for temporary residence, and to receive a permanent income from their real estate. It is high-quality housing in Thailand that is the key factor that affects the level of income of an investor in this direction.

Phuket houses and apartments

We offer you to consider four new projects on the famous resort island of Phuket, where you can buy real estate at a favorable rate directly from the developer and use the property not only for rent but also for relocation for a residence permit and permanent residence in Thailand.

Please note: Foreigners do not have the right to own land in Thailand; they are only allowed to own houses, villas, or apartments. The land is taken on a long-term lease for 90 years (Leasehold). Another right of ownership, Freehold, must be issued for indefinite ownership of a house or apartment.


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Brief information about Thailand for relocants and immigrants

Thailand is a Southeast Asian country popular among foreign investors looking for safe ways to diversify their assets and make money abroad.

Notable characteristics and features of Thailand that all potential immigrants should know about:

  • This country has a mild subtropical climate, where there is no winter, and the beach season is all year round.
  • There are vast stretches of tropical forests in the north of the country. The south features beautiful sandy beaches along the South China and Andaman Seas.
  • There are many attractions here, the main ones being the Buddha temples.
  • Unlike Spain, Portugal, Cyprus, Malta, or many other countries, Thailand does not offer residence permits. Foreigners can only obtain two types of long-term visas – Non-immigrant and Thai Elite. To get permanent residence, you must reside in the country for at least three years with a Non-immigrant visa.
  • Thai citizenship is granted through birth, adoption, naturalization, and special merit. Second citizenship is not allowed in Thailand.
  • Tax residents of Thailand pay taxes on global profits but can apply for concessions under Double Taxation Treaties.
  • Real estate on the island of Phuket is classified as popular due to the high influx of tourists and year-round occupancy of rental apartments. The income from rent can reach 10–15% per year.
  • You can buy a home in Phuket remotely through an agent. The list of requirements does not include a visa for buyers.

Please note: before you go to Thailand, please check if you are liable for a visa-free stay. This option is available to citizens of several countries. 

Ocean View Golf Residences / BT-369P from 121,062 USD

Apartments in the Laguna area represent comfortable housing that can become your permanent home or an investment for the future with a guaranteed income:

  • From renting it out – up to 15% annually;
  • From resale – up to 40%. 

Three low-rise condominium buildings are located next to the famous resort of Phuket Island, where infrastructure is well-developed: Phuket offers everything for recreation, permanent residence, and fun. The complex has 400 apartments with one and two bedrooms with a total area of 28 to 60 square meters.

Project description

  • Commissioning date — 2025;
  • Distance to the seafront — 700 m;
  • Installments — from 1 to 5 years with various rates: 3% for 1 year, 5% for up to 3 years, and 7% for up to 5 years;
  • Apartment layouts — open plan with an area from 29 to 60 m2.

The apartments feature a modern design, a dining area, a kitchen, a bathroom, and bedrooms (from 1 to 3). 

The premises of the complex house the following facilities:

  • parks;
  • swimming pools;
  • parking lot;
  • 24/7 security service;
  • access to the Laguna District ecosystem, including SPAs, restaurants, shops, free transportation, etc.

Apartment owners automatically become members of the Banyan Tree – a Sanctuary Club program. The program entitles its members to discounts at Phuket resorts and an array of privileges at the SPAs and galleries of Banyan Tree, Angsana, Cassia, Dhawan, and Laguna.

Location and prices

Following is the distance to the nearest administrative buildings, entertainment venues, and transport hubs on the island of Phuket:

  • The sea — 700 m;
  • Airport and Patong — 20 km;
  • Supermarkets, a golf club, and a restaurant within a short walking distance — 300/500 m;
  • Shopping center — 3 km;
  • Hospital — 20 km;
  • Yacht club — 15 km.

Our offer should definitely interest you if you are looking for inexpensive apartments in Phuket. Prices for apartments in Thailand are relatively small, especially compared with some of the busy capitals and large cities. The advantages include a tropical climate, resort atmosphere, and high profitability.

Today, a foreign investor can buy apartments by the sea at the developer’s prices, which will increase immediately after putting the facility into operation in 2025:

  • An open-plan apartment with a total area of 29 m2 — from 121,062 USD;
  • One-bedroom apartments with a total area of 31–39 m2 — from 134,954 USD;
  • Open-plan studios with two bedrooms and an area of 40–60 m2 — from 174,930 USD.

The general prices of apartments in Phuket include fine finishings. Furniture and decor can be ordered separately.

Residential complex in Phuket for life and investment / BT-384P from 259,986 USD

One of the unique projects in Phuket combines several notable advantages:

  • Comfortable conditions for permanent residence;
  • Favorable location in Laguna (Phuket);
  • Different apartment layouts;
  • Well-developed infrastructure;
  • High investment benefits;
  • Installments available for up to 5 years at a rate of 3-7%.

The residential complex is located in the Laguna area on the island of Phuket on the first line on the coast (200 meters from Bang Tao beach). This complex is designed not only for investors but also for foreign guests who plan to stay in Thailand for a long time. It is possible to live in the complex permanently, relax during the holiday season, or buy an apartment at the stage of unfinished construction at a low price to get a decent profit later, after the sale.

Complex characteristics

The residential complex in Laguna Phuket lies next to Bang Tao Beach. It features its own beach area and well-developed infrastructure. Despite the unfinished construction, the demand for apartments is high, and only a few are available for sale. You can buy one of those properties through our agents today.

General description:

  • Commissioning date — 2025;
  • Distance to the sea — 200 m;
  • Total area — from 59 to 131 m2;
  • Number of bathrooms — 1, 2, or 3.

Internal infrastructure:

  • Private beach;
  • Recreation areas, including tables and sun loungers on the roofs of the complex buildings;
  • Green zone included in the complex premises;
  • Parking;
  • Shopping and leisure facilities.

In addition, residents of the complex have access to the main facilities of the Lagoon: SPA, golf club, beach area, cafes and restaurants, playgrounds, and much more.

The project location is also an undeniable advantage:

  • Boat Avenue and Central Porto de Phuket shopping centers are within a short walking distance;
  • The airport is within a 19-km long drive;
  • The distance to Patong is 18 km;
  • There are restaurants (700 m), cafes, and a hospital (300 meters) near the complex;
  • The distance to the golf club is only 1.7 km;
  • The yacht club is 13 km away.

Also, the island of Phuket offers all modern amenities for permanent residence – schools and kindergartens, banks and administrative institutions, sports clubs, and much more.

Prices for apartments in Phuket from the developer

The apartments near the Andaman Sea in Phuket come at the following prices:

  • 1-room apartments, 59–60 m2 — from 259,986 USD;
  • 2-room apartments, 99 m2 — from 495,873 USD;
  • 3-room properties, 131 m2 — from 706,528 USD.

The prices incorporate the following elements: finishings, plumbing, windows, and doors. Furniture and air conditioning systems are purchased separately upon the buyer’s request.

For those planning to buy real estate in Thailand or another country, it is advisable to open a bank account in foreign currency in advance to make payments quickly and hassle-free.

Apartment on Bang Tao Beach / BT-391P from 2,188,762 USD

A project consisting of five-star residences on Bang Tao Beach in Phuket is waiting for its residents. The properties are part of a new complex in Laguna, where you can live all year round or get a significant return on investment.

An apartment in a luxury residential complex on the island of Phuket on the sea coast and one of the best beaches at the resort can become your home or a profitable investment. The layout of the apartment includes three bedrooms; the properties on the upper floors offer amazing views of the sea and the tropics. 

General characteristics of the complex

  • Apartments with private pools and sea views.
  • Commissioning – 2025;
  • Number of bedrooms – 3;
  • Number of bathrooms – 3;
  • The building has 3 floors;
  • Total area – from 354 to 498 m²;
  • Distance to the sea – 100 meters.

It is possible to buy this real estate in installments over a term of 5 years. The interest rate depends on the installment period — from 3 to 7%.

Infrastructure and interiors

  • Residences with three bedrooms; each room has fine finishings and furniture (available at the request of the owner and paid separately);
  • The windows offer sea views;
  • Each residence has a private swimming pool and terrace;
  • There are security guards in all residences;
  • The distance to Bang Tao Beach is 100 meters;
  • Cafes, restaurants, SPAs, entertainment centers, and tennis courts are within walking distance.

The residential project is part of the premises of the gated resort complex Laguna Phuket, and the owners of the apartments become members of the Sanctuary Club community. Membership in the club entitles you to benefits and privileges in the brand’s network in different countries. 


Distance to some crucial facilities is as follows:

  • Airport – 20 minutes;
  • Shopping center – 3 km;
  • Restaurants and cafes – just a 5-minute walk away;
  • Hospital – 20 minutes.

There are schools and kindergartens, hospitals, and medical facilities in Phuket.


The properties on the shores of the Andaman Sea in Phuket come at the following price:

  • Residences with three bedrooms and three bathrooms, with a total area ranging from 195 to 251 m2 – from 2,188,762 USD.

The prices include built-in furniture, fine finishings, air conditioning, and modern plumbing.

Apartments in Phuket / KM-411P from 114,484 USD

Introducing a ready-to-move-in complex in Phuket that includes four seven-story buildings interconnected into a single complex. The project has a well-developed infrastructure and an advantageous location by the sea coast and not far from other resort areas in Phuket.

Project description:

  • Condition — ready to move in, completed in 2019.
  • Phuket, Kamala District stretching between Patong and Bang Tao Beaches.
  • Apartment layouts include one or two bedrooms.
  • The total area ranges between 35 and 70 m2.
  • Distance to the sea is 800 meters.

The internal infrastructure of the complex includes a SPA center, a swimming pool, a restaurant, a cafe, a reception desk, a parking lot, and a fitness center.

According to experts, the annual profitability from renting apartments in Phuket will reach about 10–15% in 2024.

Please note: a well-known hotel operator takes responsibility for managing the complex. These involve searching for residents and renting out apartments without the owner’s participation. Profitability is divided 70/30%, with the larger share given to the owner.


The cost of apartments depends on the layout and equipment:

  • One room, a total area of 35 m2 — from 114,484 to 152,886 USD;
  • Two bedrooms, a total area of 58–70 m2 — from 249,740 to 307,956 USD.

The prices include final finishings, built-in furniture, kitchen, plumbing, and air conditioning systems.

If you are ready to buy an apartment on the island of Phuket or are looking for a larger-scale project, please study the offers on our portal. Type “Thailand” on our website or contact specialists for a personal consultation.

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