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Park Jade Avenue Apartment Complex in Istanbul, Turkey

Turkey looks like paradise lost and regained. It is an ideal place for living, studying, working, and doing business. Turkey is a fave destination for tourists from all countries. You also have a chance to become a Turkish citizen. You just need to buy real estate of USD 250,000 and above and take part in the Citizenship by Investment program. The information below will come in handy to you if you are considering an apartment purchase in Park Jade Avenue real estate project in Istanbul. It contains useful details about the rel estate project itself, its infrastructure, transport connections, and many more. International Wealth experts will supply you with lots of useful facts to make an informed choice.

Park Jade Avenue

Park Jade Avenue apartment complex and what it has to offer

You can find Park Jade Avenue apartment complex in the Maltepe neighborhood of Istanbul, Turkey. Local residents enjoy nearby resorts and sights. It is also a modern district with lots of luxury apartment complexes and well-developed infrastructure. The Park Jade Avenue real estate project is in the very heart of the Maltepe neighborhood in Istanbul. Apartments in the Park Jade Avenue real estate project are for investors who value comfort, luxury, and excellence in every detail. The Park Jade Avenue apartment complex is well-suited for the dynamic metropolis of Istanbul, Turkey. The following are the hallmarks of this ambitious real estate project:

Park Jade Avenue
  • Unmatched architectural concept.
  • Custom landscape design.
  • Superb unobstructed views.
  • Perfect location.
  • Well-developed infrastructure of the complex, with shady walking alleys, sports grounds, and playground structures.


Park Jade Avenue is a modern real estate project rising above the land lot of 11,700 square meters. The project consists of 4 apartment blocks, with 253 apartments, as well as office and trading premises.

Most common and popular apartment types in this real estate project are listed below:

  • 1+1
  • 2+1
  • 3+1
  • 4+1.

Apartment sized range from 76 to 229 square meters. Most apartments boast unforgettable sea views. You can enjoy the warmth of the sun and fresh air without leaving your apartment, It is enough to simply go out on your spacious balcony, sun porch, or veranda.

Park Jade Avenue architects won many professional awards in the Multi-Apartment Building Architecture category. The Park Jade Avenue real estate project in Istanbul is a perfect sample of modern and innovative real estate.

Park Jade Avenue infrastructure

The Park Jade Avenue apartment complex offers comfortable modern amenities to the residents of its newly-built comfort-class  apartment blocks:

  • car park with individual parking spaces
  • garages
  • outdoor swimming pool
  • indoor swimming pool
  • paddling pool
  • tearoom
  • sports facility and fitness center
  • workout facility
  • hammam and sauna
  • soccer court
  • basketball and volleyball courts
  • landscapes
  • nature trails and bike lanes
  • playgrounds.

The Park Jade Avenue real estate project in Istanbul, Turkey also houses a lot of shops, coffee bars, restaurants, beauty parlors, child development centers and many other appealing points of interest.

The Park Jade Avenue territory is guarded and CCTV monitored 24/7.

Park Jade Avenue

Project logistics

Istanbul is a city constantly attracting active and modern people. The life in a modern metropolis is all hurry-scurry, and it gives a lot more value to your days and even minutes. That is why living close to the district’s main arterial routes is of utmost importance. The location of the Park Jade Avenue apartment complex is simply ideal in this context. The Park Jade Avenue apartment complex seats in the very center of the Maltepe neighborhood, and this saves you a lot of time to enjoy your private life. You don’t have to waste it in heavy traffic and tie-ups.

Take a look at how close the Park Jade Avenue apartment complex in Istanbul is to the neighborhood’s main landmarks:

  1. 5 mins from the Maltepe coastal road
  2. 5 mins from the Bağdat Avenue (Turkish: Bağdat Caddesi)
  3. 20 mins from the Kadıköy District and the 15 July Martyrs Bridge (Turkish: 15 Temmuz Şehitler Köprüsü)
  4. 23 mins from the Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge
  5. 3 mins from Highway E-5, the main road of the district
  6. and only 1 min from the Metrobus Söğütlüçeşme bus station.

Developer prices

Apartment prices in the Park Jade Avenue apartment complex in Istanbul range from USD 146,000 to USD 559,000. Let’s detail this below.

Apartment typeArea, square metersPrice, ths. USD

FYI: the Park Jade Avenue apartment complex in Istanbul is at the final stage of its construction. As of now, it is 75 % built. Please, mind that if you purchase an apartment in a newly built real estate project at the final stage of its construction, this will be a rather profitable investment for you. Apartments in an already commissioned housing project of the kind would be much more expensive.

 Citizenship by Investment in Turkey

You should remember that when purchasing an apartment in the Park Jade Avenue apartment complex, you get the chance to become a citizen of Turkey.

Let’s consider the key terms of the above migration program:

  1. Minimum amount to be invested in Turkish real estate – USD 250,000.
  2. Minimum waiting period to get your citizenship – 2 months.
  3. The applicant’s close relatives (including their husband, wife, and children) may take part in the program alongside with them.
  4. Real estate you purchase in Turkey is sure to yield profit to its owner in the future.

It is fairly easy to become a citizen of Turkey following the standard procedure. It is even possible to get your Turkish citizenship remotely. The right to citizenship you’ll get will remain yours for life. You may pass it on to your offsprings and descendants. You are not required to speak Turkish or know the history of the country to become a citizen under this program. The following possibilities will be available to you, If you get your Turkish citizenship:

  • Visit over 115 counties on a visa-free basis.
  • Work in Turkey without any limitations whatsoever.
  • Receive full medical coverage and social benefits.
  • Enjoy simplified rules of doing business.
  • Open the door to trade on the world market.
  • Move to the US on the fly and quickly receive your Е-2 visa
  • Move to the United Kingdom. It is way easier, when you have a Turkish passport.

Citizenship by investment in Turkey is a working solution. Join the program, and you will receive an opportunity to get your Turkish passport in next to no time. If you have any questions or would like to receive further information, International Wealth experts are always by your side to give you a hand with this. Just contact us using any contact details on this page, and we will come to your assistance.


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How to purchase real estate in Turkey

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What are the peculiar features of the Park Jade Avenue apartment complex in Istanbul?

The Park Jade Avenue apartment complex in Istanbul will provide you with tranquilizing silence and immersive comfort amidst the huge and busy metropolis. It is a unique real estate project that combines modern architecture and technology innovations with stylish design.

What is the minimum price for a Park Jade Avenue apartment?

The minimum price you will have to pay for an apartment in the Park Jade Avenue apartment complex in Istanbul makes up USD 146,000. A 2-room apartment comprising 1 living room, 1 bedroom, and 1 bathroom will cost you that much. The apartment area reaches 76 square meters. This option is ideal for a student or a small family.

What advantages and benefits do the amenities in the Jade Avenue apartment complex in Istanbul offer to the residents?

Several playgrounds and sports areas, a swimming pool, a coffee shop, a sauna and a fitness center in-between the apartment blocks promote a comfortable living. Once you settle here, you will never want to leave this place and move elsewhere. The unique landscape design gives a special charm to the area.

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