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Park Essence Apartment Complex: Luxury Offer for investors in Istanbul, Turkey

Turkey is one of the most pleasant and hospitable countries you may ever visit. It offers all that is necessary to live a happy life to its every guest. You will find everything a man can ever dream of in one place:

  • perfect climate
  • warm Mediterranean Sea
  • well-developed infrastructure
  • stable political situation in the country
  • robust economy
  • wide selection of high-quality properties to live in and reliable developers.

The real estate market of Turkey is booming and blooming, and this is what matters to foreign investors the most. The number of sale offers in Istanbul, Turkey is simply striking these days. Apartments in newly-built real estate projects are the most attractive of them all. We are about to tempt you with the Park Essence apartments in Istanbul. Let’s have a look at the most appealing features of the project, apartment standards, and last but not least the costs.

Park Essence

Park Essence Location

The Park Essence real estate project in Istanbul, Turkey is approximately 50% built at the moment. This apartment complex is about to be commissioned in June 2022. It is located in a quiet and rather comfortable Esenyurt district, a prestigious area of Istanbul.

Park Essence stretches along TEM connecting road between Beylikdüzü and Başakşehir. This is one of the most popular Istanbul development districts.

Park Essence

In a nutshell, Esenyurt is an attractive district for potential residents, and crowds are flocking to it as a result. It already includes several neighborhoods. You can find prestigious real estate projects, hotels, office buildings,  industrial enterprises, and cultural centers inside.  Esenyurt may strike your imagination as a rather expensive district, and real estate prices are high here. This is one more thing that makes an apartment purchase in Esenyurt  a smart and appealing investment with huge potential.

Apartments and residences for sale

Park Essence in Istanbul, Turkey is a multistage project. It will ultimately include residential real estate with luxury apartments, office premises, shops, boutiques, coffee houses, and recreation areas for local residents. The project’s decor will be delicately emphasized with landscaped greenery.

The Park Essence real estate project in Istanbul has been authored by a team of talented award-winning architectural designers, recognized for their creative achievements both inside and outside the country.

The Park Essence apartment complex is being built from the ground, and it will remain in its proper place for ages. You can afford to invest in an apartment in the Park Essence apartment complex at this stage. Considering the real estate market is rapidly growing in Turkey, this investment will bring you a sound profit in the future.

Park Essence in detail

The Park Essence apartment complex in Istanbul, Turkey comes with 4 high-rise multistoried apartment blocks with as many as 609 apartments inside. Apart from this, potential investors may be enticed by around 60 commercial premises for shops and offices.

Park Essence

Options for potential residents of the Park Essence real estate project are quite a few:

  • 1 bedroom + 1 living room
  • 2 bedrooms + 1 living room
  • 3 bedrooms + 1 living room
  • 4 bedrooms + 1 living room
  • penthouses.

Park Essence apartment areas range from 41 to 227 square meters.

Each apartment boasts an outer terrace you can step out onto to savor fresh air. Every potential buyer will be impressed by panoramic views from the apartment windows to their very core.

HVAC, water-supply, heating and electric systems are carefully designed to make your life in the Park Essence apartment complex as comfortable as possible.

Kitchens and bathrooms feature top-quality modern bathroom equipment. Home automation will secure optimal comfort in each apartment.

With perfectly detailed apartment layouts in the Park Essence Apartment complex, you are sure to savor every minute of your life here.

Infrastructure and benefits of the district. Project logistics

Now that you are sure the apartments in the Park Essence Apartment complex (Istanbul, Turkey) deserve high acclaim, let’s say a couple of words about the benefits of the district itself.

So we start with the project’s location. The Park Essence Apartment complex in Turkey seats in the very heart of Istanbul. The local subway, the airport and several bus stations are just a step away.  Where necessary, local residents can easily reach their destinations. Here’s how long it takes to get there:

  • 40 mins to Istanbul airport
  • 30 mins to the 15 July Martyrs Bridge (Turkish: 15 Temmuz Şehitler Köprüsü)
  • 25 mins to the bus station
  • 35 mins to the Eurasia Tunnel (Turkish: Avrasya Tüneli)
  • 7 mins to the Torium Shopping Center (Turkish: Torium Alisveris Merkezi)
  • 10 mins to the  Avcılar campus of the Istanbul University
  • 8 mins to the Marmara Park shopping center
  • 10 mins to the Medicana international hospital.

Let’s make a point on the infrastructure that the Park Essence Apartment complex in Istanbul, Turkey offers to its dwellers. Around 85 % of the Park Essence real estate project is represented by unique amenities like the ones mentioned below:

  1. delicate green landscapes
  2. hobby gardens
  3. Zen garden
  4. special-purpose recreation areas
  5. pet park
  6. landscape zone
  7. swimming pool for both kids and adults
  8. hammam and saunas
  9. sports grounds.

We should also mention here that the Park Essence apartment complex in Istanbul, Turkey is designed with your kids’ interests at heart. Quite naturally, it disposes of a private school, a day care center, modern playgrounds, and a child development center.

Park Essence investment offer

You should really consider purchasing an apartment in the Park Essence apartment complex. This investment will be your best decision ever. Take a look at the prices and payment terms:

Apartment typePrice, ths. USDArea, square meters

The payment terms provide for payment by installments within 36 months, with a 40% down payment of the total real estate price, or within 24 months, with a 50% down payment.

Why buying an apartment in the Park Essence apartment complex is a worthy investment

The real estate market of Turkey offers you many attractive options. Just consider these:

Look through this page Turkey: citizenship by investment, company registration, and bank accounts to find many more investment options that deserve your attention.

We can now get on with the Park Essence apartment complex, and why it is profitable for you to invest in this real estate project:


It is always profitable to purchase apartments while they are still under construction. The prices are the lowest at this very stage. It is quite natural that after the real estate project has been commissioned, the price thereof multiplies.


Investing your money in a Park Essence apartment will yield you high profit in the future. Several arguments support this statement. To begin with, Turkey is a reliable jurisdiction with a real estate market that grows and develops from day to day. On the second hand, if you purchase your future apartment while it is still under construction, you will pay a lot less compared to the price of the already commissioned property.


If you purchase real estate in the Park Essence apartment complex, you will receive a reliable, clean deal from the developer with a strong reputation in the industry. Risks for a buyer of properties under construction are minor, while profit and benefits are fully guaranteed.

Use our services to buy an apartment in the Park Essence apartment complex in Istanbul, Turkey

Did you always dream of living by the sea? If the sun, sea waves, and fresh wind from the sea bring you to life under any circumstances, you should consider buying an apartment in the Park Essence apartment complex (Istanbul, Turkey). International Wealth experts will be happy to assist you with registering the newly-bought property under your ownership and provide full legal support for this sale and purchase deal at every stage thereof.

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Where can I find the Park Essence apartment complex?

The Park Essence apartment complex is comfortably located in the modern district of Esenyurt (Istanbul, Turkey). This is a highly-developed district. It disposes of luxury real estate with top quality infrastructure. Business is on the rise, and private enterprises are booming. It is indeed profitable for foreigners and Istanbul newcomers to invest in real estate in this district.

What benefits do properties in the Park Essence apartment complex offer?

The Park Essence apartment complex is a modern real estate project, where living life, relaxing and working are rolled all into one. Modern apartments compliant with the highest industry standards are waiting for their dwellers. The internal infrastructure and amenities in the Park Essence apartment complex offer everything you need to live a comfortable life in Istanbul, Turkey. The Park Essence apartment complex enjoys impeccable location almost in the heart of the district. The subway station and the bus stops are just a couple of steps away. The Park Essence apartment complex seats at the crossroads of the TEM connecting road between Beylikdüzü and Başakşehir.

How much are the apartments in the Park Essence apartment complex?

The price range in case of apartments in the Park Essence apartment complex makes up USD 86,000 to USD 423,000, with the apartment areas of 66 to 363 square meters.

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