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Opportunities for real estate investors willing to buy the 5-star Side hotel

In 2022, the Turkish government amended its citizenship by investment program and changed the investment limit for foreign real estate buyers wishing to get a Turkish passport. From now onward, they shall contribute at least USD 400,000 to purchase real estate in Turkey. The other option to become a citizen in Turkey is to acquire state bonds worth USD 500,000 or deposit the same amount with a Turkish bank.

The citizenship by investment program in Turkey appeals to overseas real estate investors with an eye for land plots, luxury villas and cottages, as well as commercial facilities (i.e., ready-made businesses.  A 5-star hotel worth EUR 42,000,000 in the popular Side spa town is an appealing option for you to start your business in Turkey and get citizenship by investment. Let’s see how you should act to get your coveted prize.

Hotel Turkey

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Citizenship by investment in Turkey for Side hotel business buyers

Investments like these come with great potential, and it is perfectly clear to both foreign real estate investors and businessmen with operating hotels in Turkey. The latter is a booming tourist state that enjoys a growing popularity and is overflowing with travelers and visitors from all over the globe, who mostly flock to Antalya, Ankara, and Side.

An investor, about to purchase the profitable 5-star Side hotel and get citizenship by investment in Turkey as a bonus, receives a superb capital multiplication instrument, together with an opportunity to get a Turkish passport under a simplified procedure.

Side is an ancient Hellenic spa town in Turkey, boasting multiple architectural and historical monuments and multiple sites. With its clean sandy Mediterranean beaches, the place sits comfortably between Antalya and Alanya. Local hotels are seldom empty, and comfortable apartments enjoy great popularity with foreign tourists due to the unparalleled service and at-home experience they offer.

A ready-made business in Turkey comes with multiple benefits for citizenship by investment in Turkey seekers:

  • Turkish passport under a simplified procedure with the waiting period of 3 to 6 months
  • applicant’s dependents (a spouse and minor children) are eligible for the Turkish citizenship
  • profitable 5-Star Side hotel is a commercial real estate with a sure and speedy investment return
  • secure investment with excellent profit prospects
  • foreigners enjoy the same rights as local citizens – Turkish passport holders may use the country’s social support system, participate in elections, run for public office, and get elected.

The profitable 5-star Side hotel upwards of EUR 42,000,000 is an active business with all the necessary permits available. The Turkish government puts great emphasis on enticing overseas investors to the local tourist sector. The already implemented and forthcoming reforms are designed to create a favorable business climate in the country and make it even more attractive to the outside capital.


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Purchase elite 5-star hotel to get citizenship by investment in Turkey – real estate characteristics

The above highly profitable 5-star hotel upwards of EUR 42,000,000 is a new construction on the primary commercial real estate market. Here’s what it has to offer to potential investors in the ready-made Side business in Turkey:

  • total building area – 100,000 square meters
  • land plot area – 10,000 square meters
  • rooms – 400
  • beds – 780
  • bathrooms – 400
  • floors – 6
  • balconies facing the sea – available
  • indoor and outdoor swimming pools – available
  • elevator – available.

Commissioned in 2015, the property is fully furnished and equipped for you to start your hotel business without further delay. With the real estate upwards of EUR 42,000,000, the investor is eligible for the citizenship by investment program in Turkey and may apply for it under a simplified procedure. The only thing to keep in mind is that the real estate may be sold only after the 3-year holding period is over. The applicant willing to acquire citizenship by investment in Turkey shall confirm their consent with the program terms in writing.

The 5-star Side hotel comes with luxury apartments that will suit any tourists, regardless of their income. Hotel guests will enjoy numerous amenities and benefits:

  • short distance to the sea and the beach – 300 meters
  • Antalya International Airport is 55 km from the hotel
  • 400 rooms to host up to 780 guests
  • indoor lounge sitting 450 visitors, with a 2-section restaurant
  • cozy terrace with a breathtaking view, holding 250 people 
  • 24/7 service (for 300 guests)
  • conference hall with high-tech equipment (for 600 participants).

If you are about to get citizenship by investment in Turkey via purchasing a profitable Side business upwards of EUR 42,000,000, you’ll get a superb asset bearing almost no risks. It boasts quick returns. The hotel business in Turkey is among the most profitable and highly developed industries.

Being a Turkish citizen, you’ll be able to cross the country’s border without any restrictions. Hotels in Turkey will hardly ever experience any lack of tourists, and your 5-star Side hotel will remain a reliable financial instrument.

Purchasing a profitable Side hotel to get citizenship by investment in Turkey – real estate specifics

The property is beneficially located. With numerous shopping and entertainment centers, recreation facilities, and sights nearby, it is hard to miss. An investor purchasing the Side hotel to get citizenship by investment in Turkey, will get access to a reliable and highly profitable financial instrument, with an opportunity to learn more about the Turkish city’s nightlife. The ancient Side is famous for its multiple extreme rides and attractions, and boasts superb children’s entertainment and activities.

The profitable 5-star Side hotel in Turkey is distinguished by the unique modern architecture. It comes with its own sandy beach as well as swimming and paddling pools for the grown-ups and the little ones. It is a true paradise for those in love with high-quality service and recreation.

You are welcome to contact the International Wealth industry experts if you took fancy in purchasing the profitable Side hotel upwards of EUR 42,000,000 to get citizenship by investment in Turkey. In the hands of a professional management company, the all-inclusive Side hotel will earn you approximately EUR 7,000,000 per annum.

We’d like to draw your attention to the 5-star Side hotel hallmarks. The ready-made business in Turkey provides for its own spa with a full range of healthcare, rejuvenation, and body care services. Hotel guests are welcome to visit and enjoy its superb amenities:

  • hamam
  • cozy Finnish sauna with an indoor swimming pool
  • steam sauna
  • snow room.

A vacation in the 5-star Side hotel is a pure joy and comfort that will be extremely beneficial for your health. Tourists flock here due to the wide range of extra services the real estate offers. With all this in view, you won’t have to look for anything better elsewhere. Assisted by local pros, hotel visitors may select and enjoy the best and the most beneficial healthcare and rejuvenation programs to their liking.

Citizenship by investment in Turkey for Side hotel business buyers – step-by-step procedure

Foreign buyers and businessmen about to get citizenship by investment in Turkey are recommended to contact the International Wealth consultants. Our representatives in Turkey provide all the services necessary to make your real estate sale and purchase deal and get a residence permit and citizenship by investment in Turkey. The profitable 5-star Side hotel is for sale at EUR 42,000,000.

The International Wealth experts will submit the investor’s documents to the local migration service to get a residence permit in Turkey for them. Please, mind that a residence permit and citizenship by investment in Turkey is not the same thing:

  1. Non-residents may get only a residence permit in Turkey without getting the country’s citizenship. It will allow them to stay in Turkey for an indefinite period of time. The above residence permit is indefinitely renewable. Holders thereof are not entitled to participate in elections or use the country’s social system the same way Turkish citizens do.
  2. Foreigners with Turkish citizenship enjoy the same rights as local residents. They are full citizens with a Turkish passport and have the right to elect candidates for public office and be elected thereto. Citizenship of Turkey comes with an opportunity to use all the social benefits and other privileges provided for by the legislation.

A residence permit in Turkey is a mandatory middle ground to purchase the 5-star Side hotel upwards of EUR 42,000,000. The real estate sale and purchase deal closed, the non-resident investor will get their TAPU (a title certificate in Turkey), stating the property’s price under the corresponding report of a certified Turkish valuer. Getting a residence permit in Turkey is your next step. With the residence permit and TAPU available, you are eligible to apply for citizenship by investment in Turkey.

The International Wealth industry experts will take care of all the red tape, including, inter alia, getting the TIN necessary to make property deals in Turkey. You will have to open a bank account in any currency with a Turkish bank in your capacity as the buyer (as either natural or legal person) to make settlements with the seller. 

Citizenship by investment in Turkey for profitable business acquirers – why 5-star Side hotel is a great deal

A business like this will never go bust in Turkey. It comes with numerous advantages for the owner:

  • tourism industry in Turkey is above the global average in development terms
  • property mentioned above comes with extra services providing for both relaxation and wellness treatments
  • both the Side hotel and facilities nearby offer multiple entertainments and leisure activities appealing to foreign guests
  • located in the ancient Hellenic city, the real estate provides for an opportunity to conduct various excursions for hotel guests to get acquainted with local sites and attractions
  • with its splendid interiors and exteriors, the 5-star Side hotel keeps up with other elite Turkish hotels
  • novelties like diving and yachting services may potentially attract guests seeking maximum comfort and variety.

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You are welcome to contact the International Wealth pros at if you wish to get citizenship by investment in Turkey under a simplified procedure and acquire a profitable business.

The International Wealth team is here to offer you a personal or a virtual property tour (the latter is an option when you don’t wish to visit Turkey in person for whatever reason, and the other procedures may be carried out remotely as well). The experienced industry experts at International Wealth provide a full range of services and make sure you and your family members receive Turkish passports. The 5-star all-inclusive Side hotel of EUR 42,000,000 will earn you around EUR 7,000,000 per annum. Where necessary, our employees will cherry-pick another residential or commercial real estate or a land plot for you to meet all your expectations and the citizenship by investment in Turkey program requirements. We are ready to offer you a hand with getting several less expensive immovables with the total price authorizing you to apply for citizenship by investment in Turkey.

Is purchasing the Side hotel in Turkey profitable?

The hotel hosting 780 guests sits 300 meters from the sea, which is especially comfortable for tourists. The property offers enhanced comfort. The premium 400-room Side hotel comes with multiple extra services, restaurants, and an indoor saloon. With the above in mind, real estate investment in the said property results in high annual profits. Assisted by a professional management company (the service available on demand), you may enjoy an 85% occupancy rate that will bring you approximately EUR 7,000,000 per annum. The 5-star Side hotel boasts a sauna and a hamam.

What is peculiar about the above real estate in Turkey?

The high-end Side hotel hosts 780 guests and offers everyday services to 300 visitors. The property’s total area makes 100,000 square meters. The real estate sits on the land plot of 10,000 square meters. With its 400 rooms, spacious balconies offering breathtaking sea views, outdoor and indoor swimming pools, the 6-story building is a pleasure to stay at. The property has an elevator. The 5-star Side hotel is an operating business, fully furnished, with all the necessary equipment, bathroom accessories, utility and engineering systems. Hotel guests will have access to a conference hall sitting 600 people, with high-tech, cutting edge equipment therein. The terrace holds 250 persons, and the main restaurant consists of 2 sections.

How can I purchase the above profitable business in Turkey?

Foreign real estate investors shall prepare certain documents and file a written application confirming they wish to purchase the said operating business in Turkey to take ownership. A personal visit to Turkey is not required. You may acquire the profitable 5-star Side hotel remotely (under a corresponding PoA). You shall receive a TIN in Turkey and open an account with a local bank to make settlements with the seller beforehand. The International Wealth experts will be glad to assist you with reading all the documents and visiting the property, You are welcome to book your consultation with us using the online contact form on the site or the above email. If you are not able to visit Turkey in person, a virtual property tour to go round the 5-star hotel in Turkey is always an option.

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