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Opening Your Corporate Account in Liechtenstein for a Set-Up Fee

We are pleased to recommend you one of the most attractive investment banks with many years of successful business in Liechtenstein.

The bank operates internationally and renders its extensive services to the most successful and advanced entrepreneurs from all over the world. Offshore Pro Group is offering you the opportunity to open a corporate account in Liechtenstein remotely, with no unnecessary issues, to protect and increase your capital.

The bank welcomes corporate clients willing to engage not only in classic banking but also in investment cooperation. To establish a relationship with this bank, you need to be able to invest at least 500,000. This amount can be an excellent initial fund for the development of your individual portfolio.

Although the bank is committed to conventional investment principles, the bank is also interested in new and more innovative products.  This approach allows the bank to design for its private and corporate clients the most advanced personalized solutions that are entirely driven by the client’s wishes and plans.


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Why do we recommend this bank?

This classic private bank is so much customer-oriented and has such a manageable size that it can act most flexibly and tailor its state-of-the-art approaches to its customers’ needs.

In addition to the legislative, economic, and political appeal of Liechtenstein as a jurisdiction, the Neue Bank AG is proud to offer the professionalism and experience of its staff. Stability and responsibility are the main attributes of personal relationships between the bank and the customers.

This bank in Liechtenstein is both an investment bank, and a bank appreciated for its comprehensive investment advisory services and asset management by the highest quality standards.

The bank’s profile allows it to provide to every client only the best investment advice meeting individual preferences and wishes of the client.

Having invested only CHF 100 thousand, you can take advantage of PRIMUS-Passive service and thus qualify for a comprehensively serviced portfolio.

You can describe the Neue Bank AG as an experienced depositary that offers its clients:

  • 28 investment funds, 27 UCITS;
  • Cooperation with several fund administrators and fund managers;
  • Effective lines of communication with the regulator and the register of companies;
  • Support in creating an alternative investment fund;
  • Support for the transfer of an existing fund, including a business track.

The bank’s investment consulting and advice

Liechtenstein’s strategic location offers all the essential advantages for optimal asset diversification. High-quality asset management as well as clear realization of the goals and needs are a priority for this bank.

Investment advice and recommendations are part of the investment advisory service. It allows creating not only the most diversified but also a profitable portfolio of the investor.

The investment advisory services are created for those who personally wish to manage their investments and at the same time are looking for professional support in financial matters.

Asset management services

The Neue Bank AG in Liechtenstein offers ideal solutions for promoting your investment portfolio. A well-established and long-term relationship between the client and the bank is the key to a profitable and successful investment strategy.

A detailed discussion of goals and the client-consultant strategy helps to generate the most suitable working option for both the bank and the client.

But the bank actively participates in the lifecycle of the client portfolio not only at the development stage but also throughout the entire cooperation. Regular monitoring and verification of invested assets for compliance with the strategy and risks is the basis for regular contact between the bank and the client.


The active asset management mandate designated as PRIMUS-ACTIVE is a gateway to classic investment in the available traditional portfolios by the well-known traditional principles. The bank studies very carefully the opportunities for maximum diversification, both in terms of the strategy of asset classes and the choice of securities. In addition, the bank takes into account the fact that financial markets are subject to long-term cycles and trends, which allows using these circumstances in favor of the client.

To minimize the potential level of risk, all investments are made not only in well-known but also in modern investment instruments. Through daily monitoring, investment bankers work diligently to achieve their clients’ goals, especially in a rapidly changing market environment.

Historically, the development of stock markets shows that recovery phases always give way to long-term adjustment phases. At these stages, it is not worth holding equity continuously. Therefore, the bank has developed a system that is based on technical indicators and assessments of economic indicators and interest rates, and thus puts forward fixed criteria that are used to fully sell equity positions. That is how the bank can protect its clients from potential losses during the sustained correction phases.

Depending on your decision concerning the level of investment risk, the bank offers you a choice of three investment strategies within which you can invest in CHF, EUR, and USD. However, this does not mean that the bank is not prepared to cooperate on your individual alternative strategy.


PRIMUS-ETHICS is an opportunity to consider the environmental and social aspects of your investment. PRIMUS-ETHICS is the right product for those who want to invest in morally and ethically attractive securities and receive professional support from the Neue Bank AG. Scientific research is the basis for the correlation between sustainability and economic success.

Recently, it has become increasingly popular to invest in social responsibility (ISO). These investments are based on the principle of sustainability, which is based on economic, environmental, and social pillars. Socially responsible investments must not only meet the economic requirements of financial return but at the same time be environmentally, culturally and socially sustainable.

This type of investment can be easily compared with the magic square, since in addition to the classic components of financial investments, namely, liquidity, profitability and risk, this strategy includes sustainability as the fourth dimension. This is an additional requirement, as potential companies and positions must first be considered in detail as to their appropriateness, and then strict ethical criteria must be defined to which the investment must also comply.

PRIMUS-ETHICS proposes five investment strategies in CHF, EUR and USD.


The passive asset management mandate designated as PRIMUS-PASSIVE differs significantly from traditional investment strategies, especially in its intensity and implementation method. When using this strategy, the Neue Bank AG creates a passive portfolio. This means that investments are made in the index of profitable products based on a jointly prepared «Strategic asset allocation».

As individual investment classes develop in different ways, provisions are brought back to the previously agreed guidelines according to clearly defined criteria. This “rebalancing” helps to account for overvaluation and undervaluation in financial markets. Studies show that by using this structured passive approach, the performance gets superior to the average.

PRIMUS-PASSIVE allows you to manage assets worth CHF 100,000 and above. The strategy depends on the level of risk you choose, and investments can be made in CHF, EUR, and USD.

Trading with the Bank in Liechtenstein

Market trading with the Neue Bank AG is a direct way to the financial markets. A large team of traders from this Bank is always ready to help and follow the client’s instructions.

Trading covers all ordinary market products and works according to the best execution principle. On your behalf, the Neue Bank AG is looking for potential trading partners in international financial centers and executes your order.

The described Bank offers various electronic trading platforms and also cooperates with partners all over the world. This allows you to quickly carry out off-market trades for bonds in various foreign currencies.

The bank’s partners

Thanks to many years of experience, the bank has a large number of financial partners, which allows to maximize the focus and achieve the business goals of each client of the bank.

The Neue Bank AG in Liechtenstein offers a wide range of banking products with its core activity being investment advice and asset management for lawyers, professional trustees, independent asset managers, family offices, and other institutional clients. The bank acts as a reliable and competent partner.

Setting up a corporate account with the recommended bank

The aforementioned bank offers to open a corporate account for all private clients.  This will allow to start cooperation with the bank not only as an investor but also as a classic client of the bank.

To start cooperation with the Neue Bank AG, you should be able to invest from 0.5-10 million. In this case, this bank is not a transaction bank and expects no more than 2-3 transactions per month from the client.

Besides a corporate account, you can also open one:

– A deposit account

– Temporary deposits

– Make fiduciary investments

– Make a loan on demand

– Open a securities account

– Issue credit cards

and enjoy many other services – to ensure you have everything you need to implement your investment plans.

Procedure for opening a corporate account remotely with the Neue Bank AG  in Liechtenstein

  1. Your first and most important step should be to contact us for a bank account opening service in this jurisdiction. Please contact us by writing to
  2. Second, according to our mutual agreement, you should pay for our services. We will accept payment in any form: bank transfer or Western Union, payment card, PayPal, WebMoney. The cost of our services starts at 3999 EUR.
  3. Third, we will jointly prepare the required set of documents.

For the account holder as well as signatories and authorized persons the requirements are as follows:

  • Filled in, printed and signed copies of the bank for account opening
  • Notarized copy of the international passport (pages with photo and signature).– Proof of residence address (utility bills).

A notarized copy of the utility bill or the original utility bill or bank account statement to prove the address of residence.

  • Recommendation letter for a beneficiary from public partners or bank
    • Proof of legal origin of funds: tax return, certificate of income from the employer, etc
    • Complete package of corporate documents:

– Certificate of Incorporation

– Memorandum and Articles of Association

– Document on the appointment of a company manager (appointment of directors, power of attorney or other documents)

– Certificate of Good Standing if the company was incorporated more than one year ago.

  • Additional documents may be requested by the Bank.

Note: all documents must be in English and notarized.

If you have any questions about the remote opening of a corporate account with the Neue Bank AG in Liechtenstein, please write to us at

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