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Opening a Private Bank Account in Antigua and Barbuda with the Global Bank of Commerce

It is vital to be able to manage your funds successfully. So, we are happy to offer you opening a bank account with the Global Bank of Commerce in Antigua and Barbuda. This can be done remotely without your presence.

The Bank has been successfully operating in the Caribbean since 1983. During this whole time, the bank has gained a vast experience working with the international clients, strengthened its position in the international market, and is now successfully developing in accordance with the latest banking trends.

The Global Bank of Commerce (GBC) can be called with no doubt the oldest bank of the island nation, as this financial institution was the first one of all banks in Antigua and Barbuda that obtained a banking license under the 1982 International Business Corporations Act.

The Bank is a conventional offshore financial institution that works with the main convertible currencies, and offers to open a private account in USD, EURO, GBP and CAD.

The Bank also offers a range of investment products managed by its Investment Department, GBC Wealth Management Ltd. If you have already decided that you do want to open a private bank account in Antigua and Barbuda, please apply for a prompt and exhaustive advice on the matter by emailing to

GBC Wealth Management Ltd (GBCWM)

GBCWM was established in 2006 under the umbrella of the Organization of Eastern Caribbean Countries (OECS) and was approved by its members. Usually, clients of GBCWM were mostly from OECS, Caribbean community and the diaspora, and Latin America. However, the customer market will very soon be expanded to Asia, Canada and Europe.

A team of asset management experts work closely with the wealthy individuals, developing tailor-made investment solutions for the clients on a case-by-case basis. Services in this field include the following:

  • Asset and investment portfolio management;
  • Pension fund management;
  • Financial planning, establishing of trusts and corporate structures;
  • Securities trading;
  • Investment consulting services;
  • Guarantee services;
  • Consulting services of the investment club;
  • Private pension accounts;
  • Savings plan for teenagers and others.

Private Banking with the Global Bank of Commerce

The Bank offers private banking services to the clients who are interested in the asset management assistance, inheritance planning, trusts and international corporations.

The Bank works closely with the professional asset management companies and offers its services at the highest level. These investment companies that are partners of the Bank are similar to those you can find in other international financial centers such as the UK, Switzerland and Luxembourg.

The following services can be noted among the most common ones:

  • Discretionary investment management services for the clients who decided to diversify their investment portfolio internationally;
  • Investment consulting services;
  • International trusts and property planning services.

Globex Secure Online Banking

Globalization is now the main reason for the developing Internet banking at the Global Bank of Commerce. The Bank offers a sophisticated online platform with a convenient interface and continuous access to its funds.

Private account owners can easily contact the Bank via their online bank app, check the account balance and their investments, and give instructions to their banker.

Globex Secure is a fully automated online banking system, completely accessible and convenient to the Bank’s customers, since the financial needs of each client are unique.

Custody Service with the Global Bank of Commerce

The Global Bank of Commerce offers you an advantageous choice of different types of bank accounts that will not only allow you to manage your funds, but will also increase your capital.

Money Market Deposit Account:

  • Minimum balance is USD 20,000.
  • Interest is calculated daily and paid once a quarter.
  • If the balance goes below the specified amount, there will be no quarterly interest payment.

Classic Savings Account:

  • Minimum balance is USD 5,000.
  • Interest is paid quarterly on the basis of the minimum balance within the quarter.
  • If the account balance goes below USD 1,500 within any month, the quarterly interest payment does not occur and the monthly maintenance fee is charged.

Golden Savings Account:

  • Minimum and average balance is USD 10,000.
  • If the account balance goes below USD 10,000, the interest is calculated at 2% per annum, and the maintenance fee of USD 50 is charged.
  • If the account balance goes below USD 1,500 during the month, the interest is not paid.

Gold bonds – Fixed-Rate Deposit:

  • Minimum amount is USD 25,000.
  • Fixed-rate deposit can vary from 3 months to 5 years.
  • Interest is paid quarterly, or every six months, or annually.

International Flexible Account:

  • Minimum amount is USD 100,000.
  • Fixed-rate deposit can vary from 3 months to 5 years.
  • Interest rates are not fixed and may vary in line with the market trends.

In addition, the deposit can be issued from your account at any time and thus you can get the best interest rate.

Within a year, cash withdrawals from your deposit of no more than 25% of the balance are allowed in accordance with the following conditions:

  • The balance in the deposit account is at least USD 100,000;
  • No more than four cash withdrawals within one calendar year.

Private Account with the Global Bank of Commerce

In addition to the extended choice of savings accounts, the Bank also offers you a settlement account for daily operations. Thanks to your settlement account you will be able to easily and quickly manage your assets, carry out the necessary financial transactions, pay your bills, and use the funds for your personal purposes.

The minimum balance in the account is USD 5,000.

No cumulative interest.

The printout of the account operations is available from the online bank system.

Minimum balance and service rates  
AccountMinimum balanceRates
Settlement accountUSD 5,000.00USD 20 per quarter
Deposit accountof money marketUSD 20,000.00USD 50.00 per quarter
Classicsavings accountUSD 200.00USD 10 per month
Goldensavings accountUSD 1,000.00USD 50.00 per quarter
Gold BondsFixed-Rate DepositUSD 25,000.00USD 5.00 per month
Transfer rates 
Rate for direct payment of credit/debit ordersUSD 20.00
Standing orderUSD 5.00 per each transaction
Internal transfersUSD 3.00 per each transaction
Payment of other banks’ checks and their storage/collectionUSD 2.00 per each check
Inactive account 
Maintenance rateUSD 25.00
Bank certificateUSD 25.00
Confirmation for auditUSD 40.00
Credit reportUSD 25.00
EmailsUSD 5.00 per month
Account look-upUSD 25.00 per hour

Procedure of Opening a Private Account with the Global Bank of Commerce

  1. In order to get this service provided by our experts and get your account with the Global Bank of Commerce opened, you should contact us by emailing to:
  2. Then you will need to pay a service fee charged for the assistance in opening your account with the Global Bank of Commerce. The service fee can be paid with a card, via Western Union, WebMoney or a bank transaction. The service cost is 2999 EUR.
  3. Having received your payment, we will begin the process of preparing your papers.

For opening an account, individuals will be required to provide the following documents:

  • Notarized copy of the travel passport or another ID with the photograph and signature pages.

Note: If the notary refuses to endorse your travel passport, it is necessary to get it translated into English with a sworn translator (main pages: photo and signature), then sew the copy of the passport original copies with the translated copy, get it apostilled and notarized.

  • Proof of residence that should include copies your of utility bills, or bank statements (credit cards), which reflect the valid address required to confirm your residence address.

Note: the utility bill information should not exceed 2 months by the time the package of documents is submitted for registration. They must be translated into English, notarized and clearly reflect the residence address of a particular individual.

  • Bank certificate

Note: The certificate provided by your bank must confirm the information that you have been working with this bank for at least one year by the date of application. If you cannot provide a bank certificate, you can provide two professional references about you;

  • Filled and signed bank forms for account opening

The bank can only provide communication with the client in English or Spanish.

If you would like to open an account with the Global Bank of Commerce, do not hesitate to contact us by emailing to And we will help you become a Caribbean bank account holder.

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