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Personal Accounts with Antigua and Barbuda Bank

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To achieve success with asset management, a personal account with the Antigua and Barbuda bank is a plausible solution that comes highly recommended by the International Wealth industry professionals. Being a traditional financial institution offshore, the bank works with the most popular hard currencies. It remotely opens USD, EUR, GBP, and CAD personal accounts for its overseas customers. 

Personal bank account in Antigua

The Antigua and Barbuda bank has been successfully operating in the Caribbean for over 30 years. Within the said time, it has acquired useful global business connections, strengthened its position in the international market and has been efficiently developing alongside with the latest trends in the banking industry.

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To embrace the offer above, you are welcome to contact the International Wealth professionals using the contact info at the International Wealth corporate website. Alternatively, feel free to complete the corresponding form in order to select a servicing bank that would be in line with your goals and meet your business requirements.


with seasoned professionals on international
banking and where it is best to open
non-resident corporate accounts.

with seasoned professionals on international banking and where it is best to open non-resident corporate accounts.

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Antigua and Barbuda bank services for non-resident customers

Multiple HNWIs and international corporations enjoy the Antigua and Barbuda bank services. In 2022, the principal customers of the Antigua and Barbuda bank were from the OECS states, the Caribbean, Latin America, Asia, Canada, and Europe.

The bank’s expert team in charge of HNWI wealth management works closely with its clients and comes with custom-made investment solutions. The services its clients enjoy are listed below:

  • asset and investment portfolio management
  • retirement fund management
  • financial budgeting, trust and corporate structure setup
  • securities trading
  • bank guarantee services
  • investment consulting services
  • consulting services for investors
  • private retirement accounts
  • savings plans for teenagers and the like.

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Alongside with setting up a personal account with the Antigua and Barbuda bank, feel free to open corporate accounts therewith and make use of its multiple financial services.


Private banking in Antigua and Barbuda

The Antigua and Barbuda bank offers private banking services to customers willing to both protect their wealth and assets and enjoy professional assistance with asset, estate, and trust management, including, inter alia, services rendered to international corporations.

The offshore bank works closely with professional asset management companies offering its services to the best in business. Its investment partners render services analogous to those enjoyed by bank customers in the global financial centers like the United Kingdom, Switzerland, and Luxembourg.

Below, you will find the most popular private banking areas:

  • discretionary investment services for customers intending to diversify their investment portfolios globally
  • investment consulting services
  • international trusts and estate management services.

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At International Wealth, we offer Foreign Trust and Fund Registration and Maintenance services to our customers.

Online banking 

Well-developed online banking systems in Antigua and Barbuda promote global fintech service growth. With the Globex Secure online platform boasting a user-friendly interface and 24/7 access to its resources, fintech customers enjoy affordable high-quality services. 

Online banking customers use a fully automated online banking system. Private account holders therein have no issues with managing account balances, consulting the bank’s experts, and checking account balances or savings. For your convenience, bank services and tariffs for corporate customers of the Antigua and Barbuda bank are listed on the International Wealth website.


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Custodian services for Antigua and Barbuda non-residents

The modern offshore Antigua and Barbuda bank comes with various accounts for overseas customers. Using them, non-resident bank clients can both manage their assets and accumulate wealth and capital.

Operating account

An offshore operating account comes with a number of benefits, including an opportunity to make transactions abroad and full access to multiple currencies via online banking anytime, day or night. Here’s what the Antigua and Barbuda bank tariffs for non-resident customers include:

  • minimum opening balance that shall remain permanent – USD 25,000
  • monthly account maintenance fee – USD 25
  • interest-free payments via the online banking platform. 

The operating account is the best fit to make day-to-day transactions both in Antigua and Barbuda and abroad.

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Savings account

A savings account with the Antigua and Barbuda bank is a good start to make profitable investments for you, providing for an opportunity to save money and accumulate funds to finance the customer’s short- or long-time goals.

Savings accounts with the Antigua and Barbuda bank come with the following rates for non-residents:

  • high interest rates on USD, EUR, GBP, and CAD savings accounts 
  • minimum deposit – USD 25,000.00
  • permanent balance – USD 25,000. Where the permanent balance on the account has been reducing for 3 months, the bank charges the fee of USD 100
  • monthly account maintenance fee for offshore savings accounts with the Antigua and Barbuda bank – USD 25.

Personal accounts with the offshore Antigua and Barbuda bank are best designed for high-interest personal savings.

Fixed-term deposits – GOLD BOND – FIXED DEPOSIT

The above account with the Antigua and Barbuda bank comes with a fixed interest rate and minimum risks for bank customers about to make long-term high-yield investments. The said interest rate shall be determined by reference to the investment amount and is set for up to 3 years.

General conditions and terms for fixed-term deposits with the Antigua and Barbuda bank are to be found below:

  • minimum amount: USD 100,000 
  • rates: fixed interest rates set for the period of 6 months to 3 years
  • interest is paid on a quarterly basis, a biannual basis, or an annual basis.

Rates and tariffs for fixed-term deposits in the Antigua and Barbuda bank 

USD GOLD BOND6 m12 m24 m36 m48 m60 m
100,000 – 300,0002.0%2.1%2.2%2.3%
301,000 – 500,0002.4%2.5%2.6%2.7%
501,000 – 1,000,0002.8%2.9%3.0%
1,000,001 – 3,000,0003.1%3.2%3.3%
3,000,001 – 5,000,0003.4%3.5%3.6%3.75%3.9%
5,000,001 – 7,000,0004.05%4.2%4.35%4.5%4.65%
7,000,001 – 10,000,0004.8%4.95%5.1%5.25%5.4%
10,000,000 or above5.55%5.7%5.85%6.0%6.15%
EUR GOLD BOND6 m12 m24 m36 m  
above 500,0000.75%1.5%2.5%3.0%  
GBP GOLD BOND6 m12 m24 m 36 m  
500,000 or above1.0%1.75%2.75%3.25%  

FYI: Antigua and Barbuda bank customers with Gold Bond term deposits are free to decide how to use the resulting interest. In the absence of the corresponding written notices, interest on accounts shall be capitalized and deposits themselves shall be extended automatically for analogous terms at the interest rates prevailing as of the extension date. 

Personal debit cards for retail customers of Antigua and Barbuda bank

Foreign citizens willing to freely dispose of their finances abroad may not only set up accounts with the Antigua and Barbuda bank but also obtain a debit UnionPay International (UPI) card in multiple currencies.

Below, you will find the basic features of the said offshore debit card:

  • safe PINs and secure personal data storage for each customer
  • access to cash assets in various currencies at favorable exchange rates
  • UnionPay ATMs to be found in over 170 countries.

Feel free to use UnionPay cards to pay for online and offline purchases, withdraw cash, and top up your accounts with no limitations. 

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Overseas tourists, travelers, and business people willing to have permanent access to their financial assets, are welcome to take a look at Anonymous China UnionPay Multi-Currency Cards (USD/EUR).

Personal accounts with Antigua and Barbuda bank for foreigners set up remotely

To order account opening services from the Offshore Pro Group and have an account set up for you with the Antigua and Barbuda offshore bank, it is enough to send us a request using the contact info above.

  1. Once all details and additional services from the available service list have been discussed and agreed upon, the customer will prepay the service ordered and submit the documents requested.
  2. Having received their commissions and fees, the International Wealth profs will proceed with setting up a non-resident account with the Antigua and Barbuda bank.
  3. All procedures completed, the customer will be granted access to their bank account and the online banking platform as well as the right to make contributions, set up term deposits, withdraw cash, and make other transactions provided for by the Antigua and Barbuda offshore bank.

FYI: we accept payments in any hard currencies and cryptocurrencies, including bank transfers, payments via Western Union, or WebMoney. As of now, it costs upwards of EUR 2999 to open a personal account with the Antigua and Barbuda bank. For more information and/or updates as to the International Wealth rates, you are welcome to message our consultants.

Documents you shall submit to have your personal account with Caribbean bank opened

For your convenience, the documents foreign natural persons wishing to have a personal account set up for them with the Antigua and Barbuda bank in the Caribbean shall submit are listed below:

  • notarized copy of the individual’s foreign passport or any other ID with their photo and signature
  • proof of the applicant’s residential address in the form of utility bill copies or bank account (bank card) transcripts. The above utility bill copies shall be notarized documents in English, bearing the notary’s signature and issued within 2 months before the submission date.
  • bank certificate or a reference letter from the bank containing information as to the customer’s bank service duration (it shall be at least 1 year) and the applicant’s full name.
  • application for opening a personal bank account with the Antigua and Barbuda bank

If and when requested by the bank, additional information may be necessary. The requirement results from risks related to providing banking services to sanctioned persons and persons from unreliable jurisdictions.

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FYI: Antigua and Barbuda banks do not accept Nigeria, Afghanistan, and Iran nationals as well as citizens of blacklisted OFAC or FATF states as their customers.

Recommendations as to opening personal accounts with Antigua and Barbuda bank

Antigua and Barbuda is a country in the Caribbean offering an opportunity to start their own businesses or acquire citizenship of Antigua and Barbuda by investment to foreign nationals. Its main advantage is that the jurisdiction offers banking services to non-residents, including companies incorporated in traditional offshore jurisdictions.

Geographic limitations for Antigua and Barbuda bank customers are set on the legislative level, meaning they are established by the local government. These restrictions apply where the bank’s policy supports them. All prohibited industries and activities are not welcome, including the ones suspected of money laundering. Customers dealing in digital marketing and media sales may be subject to in-depth due diligence. Currently, businesses incorporated in the Russian Federation and Ukraine, are not accepted as customers.

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To increase the chances your customer application will be accepted by an Antigua and Barbuda bank, you should send your PREAPPROVAL application to several banks assisted by the seasoned International Wealth bank and offshore industry professionals. For any other questions or comments you may have, please, contact our online consultants or support personnel. Alternatively, feel free to email your request and/or question(s) to

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