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Opening a personal account in the UK

The bank we recommend to you was established in Liechtenstein and is run by a family office. The main principle of the bank’s customer service development is to create long-term and personal relationships. Therefore, to open an account you will need to visit the bank in Liechtenstein or its branch in the UK.

The goal of the bank is to be always aware of the situation and status of each client to support them in achieving all their goals.

The bank offers not only the standard bank products but also, as far as cooperation with professionals and through a network of the partners allows, provides fiduciary, insurance, tax, investment, and legal services.

The bank is also a member of the Liechtenstein Bankers Association (LBA) and the LBA Investor Protection and Guarantee Fund. The bank is internationally licensed and offers its services to clients from all over the world.


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The history of the recommended bank in London registered in Liechtenstein

In December 1998, after a successful career in international banking and fiduciary services, Kuno Frick Sr. established the bank in Liechtenstein. Thanks to his extensive experience and outstanding connections, the bank gained immediate success.

Since its inception, assets under the management of the financial institution have grown considerably, and new business segments have been added to the service portfolio.

In autumn 2011, the bank’s international market grew with the opening of a branch in Great Britain. This was done in order to strengthen and develop long-term relationships with customers from the UK and other countries. The 2019 annual report estimated that Brexit turned out beneficial to the bank, thanks to its top-notch technologies, strategic agility, and well-coordinated operation in London and Liechtenstein.

Advisory services to holders of personal accounts with the bank in London registered in Liechtenstein

The bank carefully thinks through its cooperation strategy and offers its clients insightful customized services that will meet their expectations. The bank provides the top quality services and professional advice in various areas, such as investment, wealth management, taxation, pensions, insurance, trusts, foundations, financing, loans, real estate, charity, estate planning, third party asset analysis, fund creation, asset protection, and legal advice.

Wealth management services to holders of personal accounts with the bank in London registered in Liechtenstein

Thanks to the ideal combination of sustainable performance, reliable risk management, and attractive timelines, the bank invests wealth, monitors the portfolio, and makes necessary adjustments.

Thanks to the bank’s independence and agility, it is able to develop bespoke investment strategies that facilitate the achievement of the set goals while managing a certain risk. The bank offers investment products and instruments that can help meet both short-term and long-term goals.

The investment strategies vary from conservative to the most proactive ones.The choice depends on the analysis of the client’s individual situation. 

Asset protection services to holders of personal accounts with the bank in London registered in Liechtenstein

Asset protection shields your wealth from life twists and any potential risks. This strategy is ideal for individuals, business owners, and family offices.

Protecting your assets in the future

The goal is to secure your lifelong wealth protection and keep it protected even for generations to come. Due to the asset protection procedure, the unprotected status of your assets changes to the protected one.

Risk occurrence

Clients differ by the degree of risks that arise from where the assets are stored, the client’s residence, profession, nationality, and other factors. Asset protection planning should always be based on the client’s specific situation.


In order to protect your wealth in the long term, you must choose a strategy to integrate a variety of protection tools. Through cooperation with its international network, the Bank offers long-term solutions for asset protection.

Tools for asset protection allow you to achieve your goals, and the most attractive ones are: insurance, funds, trusts, pension funds, property planning, tax planning.

Family Office services to holders of personal accounts with the bank in London registered in Liechtenstein

Wealthy families need a partner who understands their unique status. The bank we recommend to you always provides consulting services that are aimed at wealth structuring and protection.

Each family office client is unique and the bank’s services are provided according to the family situation. The main services offered to family offices are financial, legal, and administrative services, which include:

  • Establishment of trusts, foundations and other legal structures;
  • Execution, monitoring, and analysis;
  • Control and management of budget and cash flow;
  • Consolidated reporting;
  • Tax planning;
  • Risk management;
  • Charity;
  • Property planning;
  • Investment management;
  • A range of legal services;
  • Design of real estate projects.

Main banking services to holders of personal accounts with the bank in London registered in Liechtenstein

Bank account

Various types of accounts are offered, according to the needs and financial status of clients

Payment cards

You can order a Maestro Card, which is an excellent payment instrument at shops, restaurants, hotels and such, and it is accepted at ATM’s for cash withdrawal across Europe.

International Transactions

International transactions are performed through the SWIFT and SIC/euroSIC international payment systems.

Online platform

Internet banking operates on the online platform that was specially designed for the bank. This platform guarantees online access to your assets safely and reliably at any time. 

Procedure for opening a personal account in London with the bank registered in Liechtenstein

To open a personal account, you should visit the bank office in Liechtenstein or the UK to meet your bank manager. The minimum deposit to open an account will be 100 thousand euros.

1. You should contact us by e-mail at for professional advice on opening a bank account.

2. For our assistance in opening a personal account, you need to pay a commission of 2999 EUR, which you can pay by a card or a transfer, through Money Gram, WesternUnion, WebMoney, or a bank transaction.

3. Then we proceed to the preparation of your portfolio required to open a personal account. You will need to provide the following documents about all account holders and signatories:

  • Filled in, printed and signed copies of the bank for account opening as well as FATCA forms;
  • Copy of the ID or passport (with the photo and signature);
  • Proof of residence address (utility bills);

Note: This document needs to be not older than 3 months by the time the registration package is submitted, and it must be in English clearly stating the individual’s residential address;

Note: all documents must be in English.

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