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банковский счет в багамском банке

Cost: from 3999 EUR


Open Your Corporate Bank Account in the Bahamas

We encourage you to open a corporate bank account with one of the oldest and most respected banks in the Bahamas. It is possible to open it remotely and conveniently, and our consultants are ready to help you apply smoothly and effortlessly.

This is your opportunity to keep your assets and operate with a reputable bank with more than 60 years of history. The Bank in the Bahamas provides clients with private banking services as well as other financial services.

The mission set by the bank is to ensure continuous protection and continued growth of customers’ assets not in the short term, but throughout generations.

The bank manages assets worth more than USD 7.6 Billion. 

The Bank is subject to the Bahamian legislation and is subordinate to local supervisory bodies: the Central Bank of the Bahamas and the Bahamas Securities Commission.

The bank employees offer services in different languages Italian, Spanish, German, French, Greek, and even Chinese.

The bank offers correspondent accounts with major banks around the world: First Caribbean International Bank, Bank of The Bahamas, Merrill Lynch, National Bank of Canada, Credit Suisse, Morgan Stanley, Deutsche Bank, and UBS.

The Bank strives to provide an individual approach to each client and therefore is not striving to increase the number of clients, preferring a qualitative approach. Despite this, the bank charges relatively low fees, which makes it a reasonable choice for those who are committed to long-term cooperation.

Let us help you open a corporate bank account in the Bahamas. Just send us your request and the package of documents required by the established procedure. [email protected].

When you open a corporate bank account in this bank in the Bahamas, you get not only an account but also an individual approach. The Bank makes every effort to design an offer for each client, not to sell a maximum of similar impersonal services. It provides tailor-made specific solutions to each and every client.

•    The bank offers you the following standard services:

– Multicurrency accounts

– Online access to the account

– Storage of securities (Global Custody)

– Deposits and short-term investments

– Currency exchange

– Trade and investments.

The minimum recommended deposit for opening a corporate account is USD 250,000 or the equivalent in another currency.


Discuss the details with an expert

Check the list of required documents, and get the details of the process, terms, and costs.

Contact a consultant

Let’s talk via messenger

Secure Online Banking

Like any modern bank, the bank in the Bahamas offers its customers secure access to their accounts via Online Banking. Particular attention is paid to the security of access, including those provided:

– Multi-level identification system;

– Token log-in;

– Additional password;

You can make payments online, trade stocks online, and exchange instant messages on the secure platform.

Plastic cards

The bank issues credit cards to any taste, both for individuals and companies. The winning features of the bank’s service include:

– Secure prepaid credit and debit cards;

– Currencies of cards: euros and dollars;

– You can pay with your card and withdraw money from ATMs;

– Gold Card has a credit limit of up to USD 100,000;

– The bank offers reasonable interest rates on the loans – 14%;

– You will get the card within 5 working days;

– You can deposit your credit card into the same investment portfolio managed by your Personal Manager.

Extra services 

In addition to working with finances, bank specialists can help you organize work with other technical and financial instruments and solutions to protect and grow your assets. In particular, register trusts, holding companies, funds, and provide financial advisers.

How to open a corporate bank account in the Bahamas remotely?

1. Send your request to open a corporate account with the Bahamas bank to our consultants at [email protected].

2. Provide the consultant with the documents required for verification.

Here is a standard list of documents you will need to submit when applying for the corporate account:

1.    For directors and beneficiaries of the company:

•    A notarized copy of your ID / passport

•    Notarized proof of address of residence

•    CV (resume)

2.    Documents for the company:

•    Notarized copy of the Certificate of company registration;

•    Notarized copies of the Memorandum and Articles of Association of the company;

•    Notarized copy of the Certificate of Good Standing;

•    A certified copy of a Document outlining the recruitment of the Director, Power of Attorney or other documents;

•    If a nominee shareholder is used, a copy of the Trust Declaration.

•    Description of business activities in English.

3.    The bank also has the right to request other documents necessary for checking the company’s activity for compliance  (contracts with partners, bank account statement, financial statements for previous years, etc.).

       4. You will need to pay the fee for the service of opening a corporate account remotely. The fee starts from 3999 EUR.

After receiving the payment and the full set of documents, we will move on to opening a bank account. It takes about 20 days to open an account after submitting the full set of documents to the bank.

Are you ready to open a corporate account? Or do you have any questions left? Write to us at [email protected]. Send the required documents. In 20 days start your transactions in your digital account.

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