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Your Company’s Maltese Bank Account: Open Remotely

Companies that are aware of the benefits of having a Maltese bank account often ask which bank is the most reliable and customer-focused. 

We have every reason to recommend the bank with the longest roots in the history of Malta. 

For our personalized advice and quick professional service in helping you become the owner of a corporate account with this Maltese bank please refer to our Offshore-Pro Group experts at Please note that this service is available only to companies that are formally registered in Malta. However, our team can also assist your business in getting incorporated or continued in Malta.

Why do we recommend this bank in Malta?

The modern history of the Bank dates back to 1974 when the Government of Malta and the Malta Development Corporation reached an agreement to establish a new bank that would be able to take over the responsibilities and assets of the National Bank of Malta, which had existed since 1809. 

In 1992 the Bank became the first public company listed on the Malta Stock Exchange. At that time, 51.2% of the assets of the Bank were held by the Government of Malta, 14.56% by the Banco di Sicilia S.p.A. and the remaining 34.23% by various public investors. In 1995, the Government of Malta offered everyone interested to purchase 12 million shares, thus reducing its ownership of the bank. Presently, 25% of the Bank’s equity is held by the Government of Malta, 10.20% – by UniCredit S.p.A., and the remaining 64.80% is in the hands of the general public. 

This Bank offers a wide range of banking products both for private and corporate customers – wealth management and investment services, retail banking, insurance, and card services, capital market services, fund administration. 

It is today the largest bank in Malta (in 2018, its total assets were 12 094,44 mln EUR), with a very important role in the local economy and international markets.  

It runs the largest retail network – 36 branches, 1 satellite branch, and 4 agencies, including representative offices in Malta and Gozo. The Bank also has an extensive network of correspondent banks around the world: in the UK(London), Brussels(Belgium), Italy(Milan), and Libya(Tripoli). This approach has facilitated the development of reliable and fast international banking services and trade transactions.

The Bank’s success extends far beyond the quality of its standard banking activities and services but involves also the ongoing revision of its portfolio of products and their continuous refinement. 

One of the most pivotal accomplishments of the bank was the launch of its Bank On the Go internet / mobile/mobile pay banking software, which received awards for its uniqueness before many other banks in Malta introduced similar platforms. This system allows the bank to improve the clients’ experience and provides their access to their accounts 24/7 via telephone or computer, as well as to enjoy unlimited banking support. Over the past years, the Bank has invested extensively in its technological infrastructure to digitize its banking services at large. 

The Bank is the parent company of a solid banking Group which features two impressively successful daughter companies specialized in high-quality investment products and insurance. It is also the founder of the Mediterranean Banking Network of several banks in the Mediterranean region. 

This year the Group’s profits have been impacted by the economic downturn caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. However, the Group remains highly liquid, with cash and short-term funds increasing by €178.3 million (4.3%) during the six months. Customer deposits have grown by over €500 million since the start of the financial year. Net loans and advances increased by €91 million since December 2019, an annualized growth rate of 4%, and equaled €4.7 billion at 30 June 2020.  

Current corporate account in Malta

The Bank offers its corporate clients attractive conditions for opening current accounts. With your current account, you can perform any transactions, settle accounts on time, pay your invoices and bills. The Bank guarantees your free and secure online access to your account 24/7.

Your corporate eAccount in Malta

If you’re looking for a way to save money, but want flexible and easy access to your funds and attractive interest rates, the eAccount is definitely the perfect solution for you. This account is an ideal alternative to a conventional savings account.

With eAccount you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • high interest on your deposit
  • fee-free overdraft facility on this account
  • fee-free Cashlink Visa Card, which allows you to access your account through all ATMs and EPOS terminals that accept VISA cards worldwide
  • free Classic Credit Card from the bank during the first year
  • 24-hour access to your money.

International Corporate Centre

The International Corporate Centre serves the mission of meeting the needs of international corporate clients. It designs its offerings with consideration of their specific needs: the companies can open an account in any currency with a very small minimum deposit.

International Personal Banking

The International Personal Banking Division offers high-quality personal banking services meeting the wishes and needs of international clients.

The main priority of the bank is to develop and offer its clients a diversified range of services and services that will help to increase their capital. That is why almost all offers to customers are developed individually according to the requirements of international customers.

The bank pays particularly great attention to confidentiality and individual approach in all matters. All employees of the bank understand the importance of privacy and secrecy and serve their clients by the world standards of confidentiality.


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Debit, Credit and Pre-paid banking cards with your Maltese bank account

CASHLINK VISA debit card with your corporate account in Malta

Cashlink Visa Card is a debit card that can be used worldwide at any ATM and EPOS displaying the Visa sign. The card is a convenient payment instrument in online shopping and settlement of accounts. 

The holder can benefit from a free Purchase Protection Insurance Policy that safeguards the interests of the client on certain purchases.

With the Cashlink Visa you can:

  • withdraw cash up to €500 daily from any ATM worldwide displaying the VISA Sign (subject to having sufficient funds in your account or an agreed overdraft)
  • spend up to €1,400 daily through any EPOS (Electronic Point of Sale Terminal) bearing the VISA logo (subject to having sufficient funds in your account or an agreed overdraft)
  • deposit cash and/or local and/or foreign drafts in any currency 
  • deposit into any other account with this bank, as well as into this bank’s Mastercard and/or Visa
  • transfer funds between any Cashlink-driven accounts
  • request a balance inquiry
  • request a mini-statement
  • order a cheque book
  • pay your regular bills and dues (TV Licence, Telephone, Rent, Driving Licence, Water & Electricity, Car Road Tax, Income Tax)
  • send written messages or instructions to the Bank
  • purchase protection insurance up to 90 days both locally and abroad.

CASHLINK ELECTRON debit card with your corporate account in Malta

This card is very similar to the CASHLINK VISA debit card. However, unlike the CASHLINK VISA debit card, the holders of this card will be able to spend only €700 daily in EPOS terminals of all shops. Other features and benefits are identical to the CASHLINK VISA card.

Credit cards with your corporate account in Malta

There are many reasons why private and corporate customers like to use cards instead of cash.

The Bank works with the main issuers of VISA and MasterCard credit cards, which provides the Bank’s customers with a double guarantee of security and seamless access to their funds.

  • These cards are accepted all over the world, where they work with Visa and MasterCard
  • The cards allow you to shop online
  • There is free 24-hour access to the cards via the Internet Bank
  •  Monitoring services for fraud cases are provided
  •  Travel insurance, accident insurance, car rental insurance and other benefits are provided

Visa & MasterCard credit cards with your corporate account in Malta

This is the fastest and most convenient way of paying for your purchases. With the Bank’s credit cards the client has direct access to his funds in his current account anywhere in the world. This allows for simplified financial management as well as cost tracking.

With a Visa or MasterCard credit card you can:

  • have the 24-hour access to your funds at ATMs or points of sale
  • enjoy attractive currency exchange rates
  • have confidence in safe storage and easy access to your funds
  • receive secure limits for transactions
  • appreciate the convenience of keeping track of transactions via internet bank or based on a bank statement
  • use special offers and discounts (for example, BUPA –  Britan’s leading health insurer, offers all cardholders a 10% discount on the normal subscription rates for private health care insurance).

SKYPASS Credit card 

SKYPASS is a Premium credit card offering you higher flexibility and more benefits compared to classic credit cards. Its added value is particularly obvious to customers traveling on business or for leisure.

Business SKYPASS

It is a card with unlimited credit card capabilities, which is designed for successful entrepreneurs and their companies.


VISA Gold Card is associated with the superiority of precious metals over other metals. This card by its prestige level and general characteristics is superior to other credit cards and corresponds to the way of life of the most successful and respectable people who lead a dynamic and busy lifestyle. This card is welcomed worldwide.

VISA Platinum Card

It’s the highest tier of credit cards. These cards are usually owned by elite customers. By becoming a holder of this card, the user gains more financial freedom with a minimum credit limit of €15,000. This credit will allow you to make all planned purchases, financial management, and make the most of the flexibility of the offer.

Visa Card or Master Card€21
Visa Card and Master Card€28
Cashlink Electron Cardfree
Cashlink Visa Card (personal)free
Cashlink Visa Card (non-personal)€15
Flypass/Skypass Business Card€35
Visa Gold Card€69
Platinum Card€115
ATM withdrawals with the branded Credit Card via branded ATM network0.4% (Min. €0.23)
Cash Advance from other Banks€3 plus 0.33% 
Prepaid Cards 
Monthly processing fee€2.00
Chargeback fee€5.00

For updates and more details of the tariffs, please contact our experts at

Prepaid cards with your corporate account in Malta

MasterCard Prepaid Card is a great opportunity to optimize your business by providing your employees, partners, suppliers, etc. with a prepaid card to which you can credit at any time. These can be salaries, service and maintenance payments, etc. A prepaid card can also be a great gift for your friends and family.

Lending, Overdraft, Investment and Stockbroking Opportunities

Lending services of the recommended bank in Malta

The Bank willingly cooperates both with mature professionals and with start-ups, corporate and private customers. It offers them a variety of credit products to help them get up and running, provides excellent leasing and credit rates, can assists in purchasing a car, building a house, or repairs.


The bank offers both small and large amounts of money for an overdraft. If you as a private person needing some money for an unplanned purchase, an overdraft from the Bank will always help you. If you are a dynamic entrepreneur developing some aspects of your company, the bank will support you with an overdraft or offer the option of opening a credit line.

Structured products

Structured products are hybrid investment instruments tailored to meet and fulfill the investment needs of specific investors. This mechanism ensures capital protection and participation in various markets, including stock, bond, and currency markets. It typically includes the use of derivatives which value is derived from an underlying asset – equities, shares, bonds, Forex indices, or any other financial assets.

The key benefit of this product is diversification which is generally not offered by other conventional asset classes. There are other benefits as well. To use them, customers need to have adequate knowledge and experience to be able to understand the mechanism and then assess the feasibility and the offer. It is recommended that the Bank’s investment advice is applied. 

Stockbroking services

Whether you are a regular investor or a newcomer to the concept of investing in stock markets, the Bank can help you access local and international capital markets through its stockbroking services.

Buying and selling bonds, shares and other securities through the Bank will not pose any problem for you, especially with the support of a team of experts who trade on the Malta Stock Exchange and other major international markets.

How to open a corporate account in Malta:

1. The first and main step is your intention to become a corporate account holder in Malta. You should contact us by e-mail at We will promptly reply and discuss with you benefits of the recommended Bank and other options with consideration of your needs and interests.

2. According to our Service Agreement, you will need to pay for services of opening a corporate account with the chosen bank. The set-up fee can be paid by card, via Pay Pal, Western Union, WebMoney, or a bank transfer to our account. The basic fee is 3999 EUR

If you decide to register your company in Malta via us and open a bank account with the recommended Bank, the fee for opening the account will be 700 EUR.

3. Thereafter, having received your payment, we will proceed to the collection of information and documents necessary to open your corporate account.

To open an account, you need to attach the following documents, including papers of the beneficial owner of the account, all signatories and authorized persons, and the corporate papers:

  • Application form for the account opening – filled in, printed and signed 
  • Notarized copy of the international passport (pages with photo and signature) of every person concerned
  • CV of the beneficiary of the company (signed by him/her)
  • Proof of residence address (utility bill) – a notarized copy of the utility bill or the original utility bill or the bank account statement to prove the address of residence. Note: This document must be no older than 3 months by the time the registration package is submitted, it must also be translated into English and notarized. 
  • Two letters of recommendation for the beneficiary from public partners and the current or previous bank.
  • Notarized copy of the share certificate (if the company has registered shares) a copy of the trust declaration (if the company has corporate shareholders).
  • Notarized copy of the Power of Attorney (if the company has the Corporate Director(s).
  • Notarized copy of Articles and Memorandum of Association or By-Laws
  • Signature samples of the company owners
  • Notarized copy of the Certificate of Incorporation / Certificate of Good Standing  (if the company has been in business for over 1 year).
  • Letter of undertaking
  • Certificate of Shareholders/subscribers
  • Subscribers appointment of the company’s director/s
  •  Description of the client’s field of activity (partners, regions of work, mutual settlement system, preferably a scheme of work, etc.), signed by the agent or client

Note: all documents must be in or translated into English and apostilled.

We are sure that the recommended Bank can become your reliable facilitator in your business, and your Maltese bank account will meet your expectations. 

Please contact us by email at to open your company’s Maltese bank account.

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