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Open a Business Account in Hong Kong Payment System Online

Interested in an opportunity to open a corporate account in the Hong Kong payment system remotely? You can have a full-fledged business account with a direct number and your own SWIFT within a few days! Moreover, an account can be opened for both low and high-risk businesses, so don’t miss a chance to get a really flexible and convenient financial instrument.

This service cost starts from 3999 EUR!

Account in Hong Kong payment system

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Hong Kong Corporate Account

Hong Kong is a substantial commercial, financial, and business center. Nowadays, it is a gate to China and the entire rapidly growing Asian region. Despite the global pandemic, this region continues to develop at a good pace. According to many analysts, Asia is the future of the global economy and the breeding ground for the next generation of millionaires and billionaires.

Hong Kong plays an essential role in this process. Registering a company in Hong Kong will allow you to launch your undertaking quickly, efficiently, and with favorable taxation to take advantage of. This Special Administrative Region is subject to territorial taxation, which means you don’t have to pay tax on income earned outside of Hong Kong.

However, Hong Kong has one unpleasant gift for present-day international entrepreneurs: opening an account here becomes more and more challenging every year, especially for young companies. Local banks can delay the process for months or even up to a year without any guarantees of success.

This problem is easily solved if you buy a package that includes company formation in Hong Kong along with a bank account. The financial institution selected may be located in Hong Kong or abroad as it depends on the business structure, its residency, as well as the customer/partner network geography.

We are constantly looking for innovative solutions, and here is just one of them. This is a corporate account in the Hong Kong payment system, which has its own SWIFT and can issue direct bank accounts.

Hong Kong Payment System: Features and Benefits

It is possible to open an account in the Hong Kong payment system on a remote basis without even thinking of visiting the country. If the documents are prepared correctly, you will be able to access accounts within just a couple of days.

Main services provided by the Hong Kong payment system:

  • SWIFT and SEPA payments in USD, EUR, GBP, and RUB, with more currencies expected shortly.
  • Currency exchange (USD, EUR, GBP, RUB).
  • Instant internal payments.
  • You can get a debit card (MasterCard).
  • Payment processing for business transactions.
  • Remote account management.

If you need to open an additional account for your business in Europe, Asia, the US, or any offshore destination, please get in touch with our experts. We will help you choose the most suitable bank, open an account, and provide overall support in account customization for your needs.

Payment System in Hong Kong: Advantages

Here are the main advantages of the payment system that may help you opt for it:

  • The system considers the application and opens a business account as quickly as possible.
  • AN account can be opened for companies of various forms ( LLC, LP, LLP, corporations, etc.).
  • Companies are allowed to use professional director and shareholder services.
  • The payment system can work with low, medium, and high-risk companies. High-risk clients are checked individually, and it may take longer to open an account for them.

Companies that engage in the following activities are considered high-risk ones:

  • Financial services
  • Software development
  • Crypto transactions
  • Gambling
  • Adult services, etc.

The blacklisted countries whose residents are not served by Hong Kong payment systems include Panama, Liberia, Afghanistan, and the US, among others.

High-risk countries that are served in Hong Kong payment systems at higher rates include Russia, Uzbekistan, the majority of offshore countries (Marshall Islands, St. Kitts and Nevis, and others), as well as Ukraine, Belarus, Tajikistan, and other countries.

Documents Required to Open a Business Account in the Hong Kong Payment System

To open a company account, you need to provide the following documents:

  • passport copy scanned in high resolution
  • residential address confirmation (utility bill)
  • completed application form (beneficial owner data, company name, registration number, activity type, license requirements, etc.)

If the information about the company is not available in open registries, the payment system may require additional documents to lift restrictions on outgoing payments:

  • a complete package of corporate documents (with apostille)
  • passports of all owners, directors, and shareholders
  • beneficial owner’s CV, diploma (scanned copy), and personal account bank statement

More specific requirements may be set after the client has undergone the verification of the Hong Kong payment service security system.

Account Opening and Maintaining Costs in the Hong Kong Payment System

The standard service cost for opening an account in the payment system starts from EUR 3,999.

Hong Kong payment system rates in 2023:

Customer categoryOpeningMonthly payment% of turnover
Low risk€950€500% at the start, 0.3% later on
Middle risk€1,900€750% at the start, 1% later on
High riskfrom €2,500€200from 0.5% at the start to 1.7% later on
The minimum account balance is 150 euros
Account closing – 150 euros

Transaction fees:

  • SEPA: 0% for incoming transactions and 0.3% for outgoing ones (at least 70 euros).
  • Quick payments: from 70 euros for outgoing payments and free for incoming ones.

Other services provided by the Hong Kong payment system:

  • Transaction request: 100 euros.
  • Incoming or outgoing internal payments: free.
  • Report submission/auditor’s opinion: 100 euros.
  • Statement at account closing: – 200 euros.

The payment system is entitled to change the conditions for non-resident private and corporate customers. Check out the current rates with our experts when you apply for an account opening.

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How to Open an Account in Hong Kong Payment System with our Assistance

  1. Please contact us at and tell us you need to open a business account in Hong Kong.
  2. Answer the consultant’s questions for us to see that we have every possibility to provide the service to you.
  3. Pay for the service (from EUR 3,999).
  4. Provide all the required documents to us. We will help you prepare and submit an application to the payment system.
  5. You will get a fully-functional activated account in just a few days.

Hong Kong is an attractive place for business. Now you can open a corporate account within really short terms and without a personal visit!

How to open a company in Hong Kong?

Hong Kong is one of the most convenient jurisdictions in the world for doing business, including starting a new company. You can set up a business entity online (under certain conditions). We help open companies in Hong Kong remotely without personally visiting the jurisdiction.

How to open a bank account in Hong Kong?

Opening a bank account in Hong Kong is not an easy task. Local banks are very careful about their reputation and study each new client very thoroughly. It is practically impossible for new companies to open an account here (it may take several months of hard work). If you need to open a bank account in Hong Kong, be sure to use our expert services. This will help save at least some time and nerves. Also, we recommend opening accounts in payment systems rather than traditional banking institutions.

How to open an account in the Hong Kong payment system?

Hong Kong has payment systems that allow opening an account, accepting payments, and paying bills. This is a full-fledged banking service that covers all business needs. Opening an account in a payment system is easier and much faster than in a bank, especially if you use our professional services.

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