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Open an External Asset Management Account with the Banque de Luxembourg in Luxembourg Remotely

Today, Luxembourg is the leading private banking center in the euro region and the second largest investment center in the world. Investors from different countries have chosen Luxembourg as a suitable place to control their capitals. Many of them are families and businessmen interested in various jurisdictions, but equally committed to stability and security. Laws of Luxembourg protecting privacy and investor rights are among the most stringent in the world. If you are looking for a reliable jurisdiction to keep and multiply your savings, we would like to offer you the remote opening of an account with external asset management with the Banque de Luxembourg in Luxembourg.

Here are the basic requirements for opening of an account:

  • Minimum deposit 500,000 CHF/USD/EUR;
  • Provision of the necessary documents and passing a telephone interview (there is also an opportunity of organizing an interview using a messenger: Telegram, Skype, WhatsApp, Viber, etc.)

Your personal visit to Luxembourg is not required, the account opening procedure will be carried out remotely.


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Why is It Worth Opening an External Asset Management Account?

Having opened an external asset management account, you will get many advantages compared to a regular bank account, no matter the quality of services in a particular bank.

First of all, this account offers the widest possible choice of financial, legal and other services all consolidated in one place. The external asset manager is an independent person who does not work for any bank, so he is free to offer you various options and solutions at other banks and by external service providers. Thanks to this approach you will get the following:

  • Comprehensive and efficient solutions to meet your needs, as well the needs and goals of your family;
  • The best selection of products and services;
  • The ability to significantly reduce your operating costs.

Secondly, it is a comprehensive protection of your interests:

  • Financial and legal protection when making transactions with the bank;
  • Ensuring compliance with any and all regulatory requirements and laws, including those in the field of anti-money laundering;
  • Due Diligence inspections, exchange of documentation and information with the banks under the current laws;
  • Legal advice;
  • Unbiased investment advice and trust management;
  • Protection from subjectivity and pressure put on you by certain banks;
  • The highest quality of both interaction with the bank and resolving potential problems and issues;
  • Settling of any issues with the bank to the best of your interests;
  • Improving your client status at the bank, the highest quality of service, additional services and benefits.

Finally, it is a unique service that will allow you to get dual attention, from the external asset management company and from the bank. This will give you the following advantages:

  • Getting services even after the banks are closed;
  • Double control of each operation to avoid any errors;
  • Financial and investment analysis by two sources;
  • The opportunity to get advice from different specialists, compare the information and shape a true picture of what is going on;
  • The opportunity of getting higher yields and a lower costs.

Banque de Luxembourg

Banque de Luxembourg has existed since 1920. It was established after the merger of two banks, Credit Industriel d’Alsace et de Lorraine and Banque Mathieu Freres. Today, the Banque de Luxembourg is considered one of the most important financial institutions in Luxembourg.

Banque de Luxembourg in figures:

  • Client deposits 73.727 million EUR
  • Net banking income 247 million EUR
  • Net profit 63 million EUR
  • Net worth 986 million EUR
  • Loans and advances issued to clients 2.767 million EUR

Wealth Planning at the Banque de Luxembourg

Banque de Luxembourg offers its clients customized, reliable and simple wealth planning solutions. The bank’s approach is based on the ability to listen and understand the big picture, as well as on prudence in decision-making.


Specialists of the Banque de Luxembourg are ready to assist their clients in protecting their fortune and safely passing it on to the next generation.

Wealth planning experts at Banque de Luxembourg are also experienced in the international and local law. They can help their clients solve peculiar issues and will point to the financial and tax consequences of certain decisions.

A lot of attention is also paid to intangible assets. Family Practice Department helps families and family businesses to prepare for asset transfers while maintaining harmony in the family.


Rel estate investment is an important component of any portfolio. In this regard, the Banque de Luxembourg offers financial solutions as a natural extension of the global capital management strategy developed for the client:

  • Financing of primary residence or second home;
  • Financing of residential real estate for subsequent rental.

Art and Jewelry Collections

Art and jewelry collections purchased or inherited by the client are an integral part of the overall fortune. Therefore, it is very important to ensure their best possible protection and transfer.

The Banque de Luxembourg can offer advice and coordination on all aspects related to ownership of precious collectibles:

  • Assessment;
  • Insurance and protection;
  • Tax efficiency;
  • Transfer and inheritance.

The Banque de Luxembourg can also offer the services of its partners in the field of:

  • Trust establishing;
  • Authentication/certification;
  • Restoration;
  • Storage/framing/preservation/mounting;
  • Contacts with museums and experts.


The Banque de Luxembourg has accumulated profound and long-term experience in philanthropy. The bank’s specialists can help both families and individuals structure their philanthropic projects, as well as offer responsible solutions for foundations, NGOs and public associations to manage their capital.

Investments at the Banque de Luxembourg

The Banque de Luxembourg investment strategy has been developed by the bank’s asset management team. Asset management is focused on protection of capital and long-term results.

Here are some of the good reasons to entrust your assets to the Banque de Luxembourg:

  1. More than 90 years of experience, the bank is regularly recognized for exceptional management by the international rating agencies and the media specialized in finance;
  2. Investment methodology with a long-term approach focused on capital protection and consistent performance over time;
  3. Simple principles, that is a pro-active management style, without distractions to fashionable trends and products with insufficient transparency;
  4. High quality securities, stocks and bonds selected under very tight criteria.

Investment Solutions

The Banque de Luxembourg offers three solutions intended for the growth and protection of wealth together with ensuring reliable long-term results:

  1. Portfolio Management Delegation

The Banque de Luxembourg is famous all over Europe, combining experience and the investment strategy of avoiding non-transparent solutions. This is the key to determining quality investments. The bank’s specialists manage the client’s portfolio in accordance with the investment strategy defined by the client together with the financial advisor.

  1. Investment Advice

BL-INVEST. The client is guided by an advisor who ensures the portfolio reflects a predefined investment strategy, taking into account the client’s personal circumstances, their financial awareness and experience in the stock market.

BL-SELECT provides access to the services of investment professionals and personal advisors. Together, they develop the most appropriate investment proposals to multiply client’s assets in accordance with their goals and acceptable level of risk. This service is designed for portfolios worth more than 5 million EUR that require more detailed monitoring.

  1. Independent Decision-Making

BL-ACCESS is a solution for those clients who would like to manage their own assets. The bank provides custodian services and access to all types of financial instruments in most of the international stock markets.

The Banque de Luxembourg Investment Funds

The Banque de Luxembourg offers a wide range of investment funds that meet a variety of investment needs and cover a whole range of investment profiles:

  • Bond funds;
  • Equity funds;
  • Thematic funds;
  • Lifestyle funds;
  • Flexible funds.

Payment Cards at the Banque de Luxembourg

The Banque de Luxembourg offers its clients a variety of debit and credit cards (VISA/Mastercard).


The VISA Infinite credit card is a perfect solution for those who travel frequently and have a busy business schedule. This is the most upscale card in the Banque de Luxembourg offer. It makes life easier by providing a range of customized services: concierge service, access to VIP lounges at airports, full insurance coverage and assistance in various cases.


This card will allow you to make absolutely safe purchases on the Internet. It provides flexible limits and monthly reports. It is not intended for use in offline shops or ATMs. In order to achieve the greatest security of purchases, VISA WEBCARD uses 3D Secure (an international identification process that improves the online payments security and reduces the risk of fraud).


This is a free debit card for clients between the ages of 12 and 18.

Other cards:

  • Debit cards: V Pay Jeunes, V Pay;
  • Credit cards: VISA Web, VISA Classic/Mastercard Blue, Mastercard Gold, VISA F, VISA Premier, VISA Infinite, VISA Business/Mastercard Silver.

Internet banking at the Banque de Luxembourg

Access to the bank’s services is maintained 24/7 with the help of the Internet banking system.

Here are the main advantages:

  • Access to your accounts at any time. You will be able to keep track of your portfolio growth;
  • Easy to use;
  • An account that is easy to manage day-to-day;
  • You will be able to control and manage your investments;
  • You will have access to the most up-to-date information.

BL Mobile Banking App

With the Banque de Luxembourg mobile banking app, access to the bank’s services is maintained 24/7, be that at home or on the go. The app complements the Internet banking system, providing the client with the safe banking services via their smartphone.

Have a look at its main advantages:

  • Convenient overview of the day-to-day banking operations;
  • Fast and easy access to asset review;
  • Payments are easy to make;
  • Communication with your personal advisor;
  • Secure and fast connection using Touch ID.

Procedure for Opening an External Asset Management Account with the Banque de Luxembourg in Luxembourg

The procedure for Opening an External Asset Management Account with the Banque de Luxembourg consists of several steps:

  1. First of all you should decide about opening an external asset management account with the Banque de Luxembourg and to send your request to our specialists to

Together with your request, please provide the answers to the following questions: 

2. The second step is paying for the services of our specialists. This payment can be made by various means such as a bank transaction, card payment, and via PayPal, WebMoney, Western Union. The cost of this service is 1500 EUR.

3. And the third step is taking an interview with a private banker and/or a representative of a licensed asset management company. The interview is usually conducted by phone or messenger: Telegram, Skype, WhatsApp, Viber, etc.

4. And the final step is getting all the necessary documents and bank forms processed in order to open an account. At this stage you can count on the full support of our specialists.

Note: even after having paid for the services, but before you start filling out the bank forms for opening your account with the Banque de Luxembourg, you can still change your mind and choose another bank from our list if it corresponds your goals and needs in a better way:

Switzerland:Liechtenstein:Principality of Monaco:United States:Singapore:Dubai:
UBSLGT* ANDBANKMorgan Stanley*Bank of SingaporeMirabaud
Credit SuisseVP Bank CMB*JP MorganDBSMashreq
Pictet*Volksbank*  CFMCitibank*OCBCNoor
J. Safra SarasinLuxembourg:VALL BANC J.SAFRA SARASIN 
Edmond de Rothschild (Geneva)BANQUE DE LUXEMBOURGLatvia: Cyprus: 
Corner BankFinland:BLUEORANGE   
CIM BankGermany:    
VP BANK     

Note: the banks marked with an asterisk seemed to our specialists to be the most attractive ones (in terms of their interest in doing business, their staff, prices, parameters, platform, etc.).

If you are ready to start the process of opening your external asset management account with the Banque de Luxembourg in Luxembourg today, please feel free to contact our experts by email to

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