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Cost: 1500 EUR


Open an External Asset Management Account with East-West United Bank in Luxembourg

Luxembourg is a world-renowned financial center that serves not only European clients but also clients from all over the world. Despite its modest size (the area of the country is less than 3,000 sq. km), Luxembourg ranks first on the global level in terms of personal safety and security, enjoys the second place in the world and the first place in Europe in terms of the number of investment funds, and has an AAA rating assigned by the leading rating agencies. Economic, political and legislative stability make Luxembourg an ideal place to keep, accumulate and invest your assets. We offer you a service of opening an external asset management account remotely with the East-West United Bank in Luxembourg.

In order to open an account, you will need a minimum required deposit of 500,000 CHF/USD/EUR. However, the best results can be achieved by increasing the minimum required deposit to 1 million CHF/USD/EUR or more (e.g. in this case you will get access to the development of a completely customized investment strategy).

To open an account, you must get interviewed by the representatives of a licensed external asset management company or a private banker. The interview is conducted by phone or using digital means of communication (Telegram, Skype, WhatsApp, Viber). You will not have to come to the country in person.


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External Asset Management. Trend of the 21st Century

Today, wealthy individuals are increasingly opting for an external asset management account when it comes to managing their savings. First, it allows you to use the services of an independent professional who will act solely in the interests of their client. Secondly, it is a way of protecting your interests as much as possible by entrusting every communication with the bank to an external manager. However, the external asset management account advantages are not always limited with that.

  1. Double Managing of Relations

The external asset management account holder is advised, and also benefits from other services provided by both the bank and the external manager, resulting in:

  • Minimizing the probability of operational errors, each operation is double-checked;
  • Getting more opportunities to shape an accurate and objective view of the situation by comparing financial and investment analytics from two different sources;
  • Being attended both during and after the bank operational hours;
  • Consolidating the knowledge and experience of investment professionals thus achieving the maximum returns.
  • Any issues and possible conflicts with the bank will be resolved by the external manager in a fast, efficient way, and to the best interests of the client.
  1. Access to the Full Set of Products and Services

The external asset management account can offer a lot more options than a regular bank account. For example:

  • The asset management company introduces the client to numerous banks in various jurisdictions so that the client is able to use their services promptly and at a reduced price;
  • The client gets an opportunity of opening accounts with other foreign banks without having to visit them in person. This will also be done in the fast-track mode and for a lower fee;
  • The client will be able to react as quickly as possible in the event of an adverse situation, i.e. to close their account and/or transfer their funds to another jurisdiction;
  • The client will be receiving comprehensive solutions that do not just meet their personal priorities, but also work well for their family.
  1. Advocacy

The external asset manager provides a range of services that help the client feel as safe and secure as possible:

  • Financial and legal protection when making transactions with the bank;
  • Legal advice;
  • Independent counseling;
  • Carrying out various checks, including Due Diligence;
  • Monitoring compliance with anti-money laundering rules;
  • Improving client’s status and bank service;
  • Special rates for banking services, additional opportunities and benefits.

East-West United Bank (EWUB) in Luxembourg

East-West United Bank was established in 1974 at the initiative of Luxembourg Prime Minister Pierre Werner. Until 1992, the main shareholders of the bank were the State Bank of the USSR and Vneshtorgbank. Since then, the bank’s shareholders structure has changed several times. In 2017, AFK Sistema PAO (81%) and MTS-Bank PAO (19%) bought control of the bank.

EWUB is headquartered in Luxembourg,, in a unique listed building, Villa Foch. It is a classic example of late 19th century architecture. The villa was named after the hero of the First World War, Marshal of France Ferdinand Foch who was repeatedly staying there in 1918.

East-West United Bank offers a wide range of products and services for both private and corporate international clients.

Asset Management at the East-West United Bank (EWUB) in Luxembourg

EWUB presents its wealthy clients the trust management services as well as investment insurance services (together with the bank’s insurance partners).

Trust Management

Using the portfolio trust management services, you delegate your portfolio management to a team of experienced investment professionals. Background and experience of EWUB in asset management gives you access to a wide number of investment strategies using all asset classes. The bank’s specialists will help you choose the most appropriate strategy to achieve your investment goals with an acceptable level of risk.

Here are some reasons to use the portfolio trust management:

  • Your assets will be managed by the experienced investment professionals who follow a meticulously designed procedure;
  • You will have access to the bank’s investment background in thematic investment;
  • Your investment portfolio will be shaped according to your priorities;
  • You will not have to worry about managing your portfolio on a daily basis;
  • You will be saving time and money.

Standard Investment Strategies

The EWUB clients are offered a choice of seven standard investment strategies. Every client can choose the most appropriate strategy based on their preferred level of risk and their own goals. All the strategies are categorized according to the proportion of shares/fixed income instruments:

StrategyStructureInvestment time frameService fee
Bonds: Conservative100% investment grade rated bondsFrom 2 years0.75%
Bonds: Dynamic100% investment grade and lower-rated bondsFrom 3 years1%
ProtectiveUp to 25% of shares, and investment grade rated bondsFrom 3 years1%
ModerateUp to 25% of shares, and investment grade and lower-rated bondsFrom 4 years1.15%
BalancedUp to 50% of shares, and investment grade and lower-rated bondsFrom 5 years1.25%
Mixed DynamicUp to 75% of shares, and investment grade and lower-rated bondsFrom 6 years1.35%
AggressiveUp to 100% of sharesFrom 7 years1.45%

Customized Investment Strategies

Customized investment strategy is available based on the client’s preferences and priorities if the client has assets of 1 million U.S. dollars and more.

Thematic Investment

Investment preferences of the EWUB specialists largely depend on the global trends. Their view of investment differs from the classic mechanisms that are based on the company’s capitalization, geographical location or belonging to certain sectors.

Instead, EWUB takes a thematic approach to shaping the investment portfolio. The bank’s specialists are convinced that thematic investments are the best way to turn generalized analysis into specific positions and overcome the short-term uncertainty faced by investors.

Thematic investment means:

  • Converting ideas into investments;
  • A well-structured approach from the general to the particular where the whole world is a platform for investment;
  • Fundamental approach to the investment process;
  • A long-term approach to investment in order to identify the structural trends that will be shaping the world of the future, as well as the companies that benefit from them most.

Services for Wealthy Clients at East-West United Bank (EWUB) in Luxembourg

EWUB offers wealthy clients not just a wide range of standardized financial solutions. The main task is to ensure that these solutions are in line with the clients’ business objectives and all the paperwork is done correctly from the legal standpoint, both in terms of Luxembourg law and from the point of view of the client’s jurisdiction.

EWUB strives to meet the client’s needs by minimizing market and regulatory risks as much as possible.

Money Management

EWUB offers its wealthy clients the following money management services:

  • Settlement operations in different currencies;
  • Internet banking;
  • Deposits;
  • Credit cards.

Client Business Support

The external asset management account is not intended for active business. However, EWUB can offer the qualified client business support services, in particular:

  • Opening and maintaining settlement accounts of legal entities;
  • Tax and financial planning (in partnership with the leading experts in relevant areas), including support for obtaining a residence permit in Luxembourg.

Brokerage and Depositary Services

To those clients who prefer making their own investment decisions, EWUB offers the following services:

  • Buying/selling financial instruments;
  • Depositary services;
  • Bank cells.

Procedure of opening an external asset management account remotely with East-West United Bank in Luxembourg

The procedure for opening an external asset management account with East-West United Bank in Luxembourg consists of several steps:

  1. First you make a decision on the necessity of opening an external asset management account with this bank and apply to our specialists with a corresponding request to [email protected].

The second step is paying for the services of our specialists. This payment can be made by various means such as a bank transaction, card payment, and via PayPal, WebMoney, Western Union. The cost of this service is 1500 EUR.

2. And the third step is taking an interview with a private banker and/or a representative of a licensed asset management company. The interview is usually conducted by phone or messenger: Telegram, Skype, WhatsApp, Viber, etc.

3. The final step is getting all the necessary documents and bank forms processed in order to open an account. At this stage you can count on the full support of our specialists.

Note: even after having paid for the services, but before you start filling out the bank forms for opening your account with the East-West United Bank, you can still change your mind and choose another bank from our list if it corresponds your goals and needs in a better way:

Switzerland:Liechtenstein:Principality of Monaco:United States:Singapore:Dubai:
UBSLGT* ANDBANKMorgan Stanley*Bank of SingaporeMirabaud
Credit SuisseVP Bank CMB*JP MorganDBSMashreq
Pictet*Volksbank*  CFMCitibank*OCBCNoor
J. Safra SarasinLuxembourg:VALL BANC J.SAFRA SARASIN 
Edmond de Rothschild (Geneva)BANQUE DE LUXEMBOURGLatvia: Cyprus: 
Corner BankFinland:BANK M&M EUROPE   
BordierEVLI BANK    
CIM BankGermany:    
VP BANK     

Note: the banks marked with an asterisk seemed to our specialists to be the most attractive ones (in terms of their interest in doing business, their staff, prices, parameters, platform, etc.).

If you are ready to start the process of opening your external asset management account with the East-West United Bank in Luxembourg today, please feel free to contact our experts by email to [email protected].

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