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Cost: from 2999 EUR


Open a Private Bank Account in the Seychelles Remotely

One of the most attractive offshore banks for protecting and multiplying your assets is a bank registered in the Seychelles. We would like to offer you the opportunity of opening an account remotely.

This bank is an offshore bank incorporated in the Seychelles, regulated by the Central Bank of the Seychelles. The bank is co-owned by the Al Salam Bank (Seychelles) and the Nouvobanq Seychelles bank, each of them holding 50% of the shares. The bank we are talking about has the right to the operational authority and manages the operations, implementing this with the help of an experienced and independent management team based in the Seychelles.

The bank offers its clients a full range of innovative and unique banking products and services, and renders these services to its clients via an extensive network of ATMs and branches situated in strategic locations. The award-winning online banking system, including the bank’s corporate website, was given three prestigious awards at the international competition, the 3rd Pan Arab Banking Web Awards in 2012. The bank also received the Straight Through Processing (STP) award from J.P. Morgan Chase in 2011 for its excellent quality in the international money transfer services and payment processing. This helped the bank to take a leading position in the country and become one of the main players in the market.

In addition to that, the bank in the Seychelles holds a franchise and offers its clients Diners Club cards in Bahrain. The bank’s shareholders are the major and well-respected financial companies from the Middle East, including Bank Muscat (SAOG), the leading financial services company in the Sultanate of Oman. With more than USD 18 billion in assets, it is the leading financial services company in Oman, offering services in such fields as corporate and private banking, investment services and many more.


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Multicurrency Settlement Account in the Seychelles

We are happy to offer you a perfect opportunity of opening a private foreign multicurrency bank account in the Seychelles remotely. This will allow you to enjoy the following privileges and bank services:

  • The account can be opened in three main currencies, i.e. GBP, EUR or USD;
  • The incoming payments are free of charge, and the outgoing money transfer rates are very reasonable;
  • Transfer of funds from any account within the bank in the Seychelles is also free of charge;
  • It is possible to link your account to your VISA Debit Card;
  • Monthly or quarterly bank statements are provided free of charge;
  • It is possible to control the account from anywhere in the world using the online Net Banking system;
  • The bank’s specialists provide free assistance in managing your account.

In order to open an account, you will need to make an initial deposit of USD 10,000. And also in the future, you will need to maintain the minimum required account balance at USD 10,000.

Settlement Account Rates in the Seychelles 
Monthly account maintenance (in each currency)USD 15
Intrabank transferFree of charge
Transfer of an amount below USD 500,000USD 50 + correspondent costs
Transfer of over USD 500,000USD 150 + correspondent costs
Correspondent costsUSD 25
Local transferUSD 15
Tracking of SWIFT payments to reconfirm themUSD 60
Tracking of SWIFT payments to stop themUSD 25 + correspondent costs
Internet banking 
Connection, subscriptionFree of charge
Intrabank transferFree of charge
Intrabank transfer to someone else’s accountUSD 10
Foreign transfer (SWIFT)USD 50 + correspondent costs
Fixed-term deposit from 1 to 36 monthsMinimum required balance from USD 500,000

VISA Electron Debit Payment Card

Along with opening a current private bank account in the Seychelles, you can become an owner of the VISA Electron Debit card.

Using this card, you can pay in more than 24 million retail outlets, and more than 5 million ATMs supporting VISA cards will be available to you around the world.

Main Advantages of the VISA Electron Debit card by the Bank in the Seychelles:

  • Smart chip is more reliable and easier to use;
  • The card is accepted everywhere across the world;
  • Call center providing support 24 hours a day available at +973 17 508080.
  • It is an instant opportunity to get cash all over the world.
  • It ensures access to all possible shopping channels, i.e. by mail, internet, telephone.
  • It allows booking cars, hotels and more.
  • It performs automated currency conversion.
  • It is possible to get the card issued in USD or EURO.

* The card shipping cost is to be paid separately

USD RatesEUR Rates
Sending by mail *By courier serviceBy regular post USD 100USD 30Sending by mail *By courier serviceBy regular postEUR 80EUR 24
Card replacementUSD 30Card replacementEUR 24
Payment by card2% of the purchase amountPayment by card2% of the purchase amount
Cash withdrawalUSD 10Cash withdrawalEUR 8
Balance enquiry at ATMUSD 10Balance enquiry at ATMEUR 8
Annual feeUSD 100Annual feeEUR 80
Conversion fee3% of the transaction amountConversion fee3% of the transaction amount

Investment Financing by the Bank in the Seychelles

The bank in the Seychelles offers a special program of financing the purchase of real estate in the Eden Island.

Eden Island – the Paradise Island

Paradise Island, the Eden Island, is one of the most beautiful islands in the world. It is situated in a few minutes from the capital of the Seychelles archipelago, Mahe, and is connected to it by a specially built bridge. The total area of the island is 138 acres.

Paradise Island can now become your estate. The facility has its own well-developed infrastructure and consists of separate residences such as private villas with a pool, spacious mansions and luxury apartments that are available for sale. All the offers suggest breathtaking views of the ocean, the surrounding landscape and the neighboring islands of Cerf and St. Anne.

Each villa has its own yacht berth located directly in front of the house, nearby or in an international class marina capable of serving super yachts up to 328 feet long. For more information, please refer to

Mortgage Program for Buying Real Estate in the Eden Island

The bank in the Seychelles is proud to be the main partner of the Eden Island real estate financing project. The bank’s experience in financing such projects over the past 3 years has made it possible to attract many clients and meet their needs and expectations.

The bank’s license allows it to carry out offshore banking in the Seychelles and serve both private and corporate clients around the world. Such a license has been issued in the Seychelles 2 times in 7 years only.

The bank offers its international clients a wide range of products and services, including current and deposit accounts, internet banking, a personal manager and Visa Cards.

The bank’s strategy is to meet and exceed the requirements and expectations of its clients, offering them innovative and high-quality financial solutions and the highest level of service. For this, the bank has created a team of top-level professionals, and also uses the opportunities offered by its parent companies.

Procedure for Opening a Bank Account in the Seychelles:

  1. First of all, please feel free to contact us at [email protected] to receive our professional advice on opening a bank account in the Seychelles.
  2. Next, we will ask you to pay our fee using the most convenient method (via Western Union, Pay Pal, WebMoney, by card or using a bank transaction). The fee is charged for the services we provide and our assistance in opening your bank account in the Seychelles. The service cost starts at 2999 EUR.
  3. Having received your payment, we will begin the process of preparing your papers. In order to open an account, all beneficiaries and signatories of the account must provide the following:
  • Notarized copies of their passports or other Identification Documents, if they contain pages with their photos and signatures;
  • Proof of the address of residence (bank / card account statement or utility bill). These documents must clearly and explicitly reflect the address of residence required to confirm the address. The statement on the account or the utility bill must not be more than two months old and must be translated into English and notarized.
  • You will also need to submit all signed and completed bank-account opening forms and indicate the purpose of opening a current account in the Seychelles.

Note: all documents, if originally drawn up in another language, must be translated into English and notarized.

If you wish to start the procedure for opening your current bank account in the Seychelles, please do not hesitate to write us at [email protected]. We will help you to become the holder of an offshore bank account quickly and professionally.

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