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Open a Non-Resident Personal Bank Account in Curacao

Offshore Pro Group is bringing a unique banking opportunity to your attention. We will gladly help you to set up a personal bank account with one of the best international banks located in Curacao, an island in the Caribbean. 

Remote account in Curacao

What makes Curacao an especially attractive jurisdiction where you can open a personal bank account is the fact that it is not exactly an independent Caribbean country. Legally, it is an overseas territory of the kingdom of the Netherlands. At the same time, Curacao has a special status (status aparte) and enjoys a high level of autonomy from the Netherlands. The jurisdiction is famous among international investors for its stable and well-developed financial sector. It is important to note that Curacao is not found on any of the ‘black lists’ of countries compiled by the OECD and other international organizations. The political situation in Curacao is stable and the economy of the island is thriving.

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If you would like to set up a personal bank account in a foreign country to make international transactions and/ or to diversify and protect your financial assets, please do not hesitate to apply for our consultations. We will be happy to help you choose the most suitable foreign bank and open a personal account there. It can be in Curacao or in another country.


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Services provided to foreign nationals by the Curacao bank

The Curacao bank that we are promoting has several characteristics that make it dissimilar to some other offshore banks. These include the following ones:

  • Banking services are provided to both individual clients and corporations from around the world.
  • The bank offers a wide range of financial services that include loans and fixed-term deposits in euros and US dollars.
  • The quality of the banking services and the client support are superb.
  • A personal account with the Curacao bank will let you make transaction fast whether they are incoming or outgoing transactions.
  • Your personal information will be efficiently protected in conformity with the international requirements.
  • The bank is licensed by the Central Bank of Curacao.

The bank administration prioritizes providing stable and reliable services to the customers. It guarantees personal information confidentiality and the laws of Curacao efficiently protect the bank clients.

The Curacao bank boasts a perfect international reputation and has a large network of correspondent banks in different countries of the world. The latter fact will let you make fast transactions in various currencies to and from almost anywhere.

Foreign nationals opening personal accounts with the Curacao bank are happy with the advanced online banking opportunities that they find there. With the tokens that they acquire from the bank, they can make perfectly secure international transactions.

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Please note that the Curacao bank follows the OECD and FATF recommendations and does not provide services to sanctioned persons and those who come from sanctioned countries. Please also note that residents of such jurisdictions as St Kitts and Nevis, the Marshall Islands or Belize can set up personal accounts with the bank in Curacao without any trouble.  

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Personal bank account in Curacao: International payments

As we have noted above, the Curacao bank uses a highly secure electronic banking system. Moreover, the bank administrators are proud to have an up-to-date infrastructure and a banking platform that allows them to support clients’ transactions in a fast and efficient manner. The bank customers are free to choose from a large number of banking services and fund management instruments.

  • Current and savings accounts in US dollars and Euros.
  • Online examination of bank accounts.
  • International payments at any time of the day with the help of the online banking application.
  • Various loans to non-residents of Curacao including commercial and corporate loans, mortgages, factoring, letters of credit, and so on.
  • Fixed-term deposits.
  • State-of-the-art safety technologies.

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In addition to opening a personal bank account in Curacao, you can consider the opportunity to register an offshore company in the jurisdiction. Please contact us to find out more about it or read the articles that you can find at our portal.


Personal bank account in Curacao: Tariffs and fees

As of November 2022, the following fees and tariffs are set for non-resident clients opening personal accounts with the Curacao bank:

1) Account opening – free.

2) Maintenance fee (per month) – 30 US dollars.

3) Commission if the monthly balance is below 10,000 US dollars – 30 US dollars.

4) Inactive account commission – 50 US dollars.

5) Account closure commission – 150 US dollars.

6) Transaction commissions:

  • all incoming international payments (excluding correspondent expenditures) – 20 US dollars;
  • outgoing international payments (including correspondent expenditures) – 20 US dollars;
  • intra-bank transfers внутренние переводы – 5 US dollars.

7) Online banking – transaction commissions:

  • below 30,000 USD – 165 USD;
  • from 30,001 to 60,000 USD – 195 USD;
  • from 60,001 USDtoо 100,000 USD – 245 USD;
  • payments exceeding 100,000 USD США – 1.61% but not more than 500 USD.

8) Cancellation or revocation of a payment order (if it is possible) – 50 USD.

Please note that the minimum required deposit amount is 10,000 USD if you want to open a personal bank account in Curacao.

Other services provided by the Curacao bank to non-resident individual clients:

  • USD and EUR deposits.
  • Standard bank confirmation – 75 USD.
  • Letter of Recommendation from the bank – 150 USD.
  • Transaction verification – intra-bank 60 USD, inter-bank (to or from another bank) – 90 USD.
  • Account statement – 25 USD. Copy – 20 USD.
  • Token device (token fee) – 75 USD.
  • Credit commission when account is closed – 1% of the credit amount before payment.

You can inquire about other products and services that the Curacao bank offers to foreign individuals opening personal accounts there by contacting Offshore Pro Group experts. We can also discuss those in the process of setting up an account for you.

How you can open a personal bank account in the offshore jurisdiction of Curacao

Please bear in mind that opening a non-resident personal account in an offshore bank requires professional support. The risk of service denial will be greater without it. Besides, you should realize that the bank Compliance Department checks every prospective customer before the bank takes him or her onboard. This is required by international regulators.

Application documents for opening a personal bank account in Curacao 

  1. Completed, printed out, and signed application forms for personal account opening.
  2. Notarized passport copy of the applicant or the trusted agent (if applicable).
  3. Proof of residential address (a utility bill).
  4. A Letter of Recommendation from the bank that you have been working with for more than two years. The Letter shall be less than 3 months old and it shall reflect the types of your relationships with the bank.

Please note that all the documents need to be translated into English if their originals are in a different national language. Translations have to be notarized. You can submit electronic copies of the documents when filing your application but paper copies have also be supplied within 14 days.  

Open a personal bank account in Curacao with professional assistance

If you apply for our professional assistance in setting up a personal bank account in Curacao, the process will be comfortable and secure and your personal participation will be minimal.  

  1. Please contact our experts by writing to and acquire a professional consultation on opening a personal bank account in Curacao.
  2. Please discuss other opportunities in Curacao with our experts such as corporate account opening or company registration.
  3. Collect the application documents mentioned above.
  4. Make the payment to cover the cost of our services. You can use any payment method that you prefer (bank transfer, electronic transfer, crypto payment, etc.).
  5. You will have to wait a bit before your personal bank account in Curacao is opened but when it is, you will have access to a number of powerful financial instruments available in the Curacao bank.

The international bank licensed in Curacao can become your reliable partner and assist you in many financial operations. You are also welcome to learn about other opportunities to open foreign bank accounts. We have quite a lot of options that you may be interested in considering.

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