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Cost: from 2999 EUR


Open a Private Account with an International Bank in Nevis Remotely

Open a private bank account with an offshore bank in Nevis remotely. You will not need a minimum account balance to open the account and the bank does not charge any monthly or annual account maintenance fee. The bank can process SWIFT transfers in both euro and dollars and euro, as well as other major currencies on request. This Nevis bank account is available to individuals as well as companies, trusts, LLCs etc.

The bank is also willing to work with those individuals who receive income from trading digital assets, including bitcoins. They are part of an international financial services group present in USA, EU, Africa and Asia.

Nevis bank account

Private Account for Your Convenience, Security and Profits

We would like to offer you the opening of a private account with an international bank in Nevis. The bank offers quick and convenient transfers in dollars and euro via the SWIFT system. The bank has strong correspondent relations including Bank of China and a regional bank in the USA, as well as a UK correspondent. There are therefore multiple channels for optimal routing of SWIFT transfers.

The bank offers safekeeping of not only your money, but also your securities (stocks, bonds). The bank’s clients have unfettered access to the financial markets and instruments. You will be able to use banking, private banking, brokerage services, make investments, outsource your assets and so on. This bank also specializes in trade finance instruments such as Letters of Credit (LC),  Standby Letter of Credit (SBLC) and issue and discounting of other trade finance instruments, should you need these services.

Also, the bank can conduct large transactions such as opening of escrow accounts for the purchase and/or sale of real estate and other assets.

With an account in this bank you are also taking the first step to obtaining citizenship by investment in the Federation of St Kitts and Nevis.

Open a Private Bank Account in Nevis

The bank offers the opportunity of opening the following types of accounts:

  • Private personal account;
  • Private banking for high-net-worth individuals;
  • Business account for companies;
  • Escrow account.
  • Trade finance (Letter of Credit etc)

In this article we will keep things private and personal, drilling down to the simple private banking account for non-resident individuals..

The account opens absolutely remotely. The bank’s USP is the rapid and efficient transfers of euro and dollars. The bank does not accept cash, except by special arrangements. Neither do they accept cryptocurrencies directly, but source of funds can be crypto as long as you are sending fiat money and everything is properly documented.. 

Transfers to and from the bank can be made from and to anywhere in the world. 

In order to open an account, you will simply need to fill out a questionnaire and provide your personal KYC documents (please see the list below).

You will also need to make a minimum deposit of USD 100,000. For private banking, this is a very reasonable minimum deposit. It can also be negotiated if, for example, you want to open the account ahead of receiving expected funds.

Citizens of all countries except Iran, North Korea, Syria and Venezuela can open the private account. USA citizens are very welcome.


Discuss the details with an expert

Check the list of required documents, and get the details of the process, terms, and costs.

Contact a consultant

Let’s talk via messenger

Citizens of most countries can therefore open an offshore private bank account provided that they undergo the due diligence check. Please specify your country of residence in your request. 

According to the bank, the account is opened within 1-2 weeks of confirmation that your application for opening the account was fully accepted for consideration. The initial deposit must normally be transferred within 5 days of opening the account.

The amount of the deposit can be transferred in dollars, euro or other major currencies, as well as in securities. It can also be money from the sale of bitcoins and other digital assets.

At the same time, you have every right to use the funds at your discretion. No monthly maintenance fee is charged. There is an annual account maintenance fee of $5,000 due after the first year. This gives you plenty of time to see that the account is right for you before you pay a penny in fees. Is this expensive?  Yes, compared to onshore accounts. However, private banking of this nature and quality is unfortunately something you have to pay for. We have no doubt that you can also negotiate this fee downwards if you area good client of the bank.

Cards by the bank in Nevis

The bank currently focuses on core banking services and does not issue cards directly. You can always buy a separate, prepaid credit card not linked to your bank account, for additional security and confidentiality.

Apply for Union Pay anonymous card in 1 day!

Get a card →

Internet Banking

The account is of course controlled via online banking. The interface language is English. Access is available 24 hours 7 days a week.

In order to ensure security, the bank does not send paper statements to its clients. 


The bank in Nevis understands the value of cryptocurrency assets so it is ready to accept funds in USD or EUR from other banks that trade cryptocurrencies. The bank is also ready to open escrow accounts for large transactions related to the purchase and/or sale of digital assets of any kind. 

Documents Required for Opening the Private Account in Nevis

In order to open an account, you will need the following:

  • Passport;
  • A second government-issued identification document (second passport, driver’s license, national ID card etc) with photo, proving your identity;
  • Proof of residential address;
  • Letter of reference from your existing bankers or professionals.

All documents are submitted in digital form only. You do not need to send the originals by courier. Digital copies must be in color and in high quality. Scans in pdf format made on a scanner are best – digital photos generally do not work.

If the documents are not in English, they must be translated by an accredited translator. We can arrange this for you.

All documents must be no older than 6 months by the time of submitting your application to the bank.

All documents must be notarized or otherwise certified. We can advise on the best way to achieve this via online notary services if required.

The bank also has the right to request additional documents, that they consider necessary to comply with their “know your customer” obligations.

Procedure: How Do I Open a Private Bank Account in Nevis?


Please contact us by email to [email protected] and let us know that you would like to open an account in Nevis remotely.


We will kindly ask you to answer our expert’s questions so that we could assess the feasibility and work out the best way to present your case for compliance purposes.


After that we well ask you to pay the cost of assisting you in opening your private account, the cost starts from 2999 EUR. (Note: we offer substantial discounts on bank account opening fees if you are already our client for trusts, Nevis LLCs, citizenship by investment etc)


Please provide a complete set of documents. We will review it and submit it to the bank.


The bank will accept your application for consideration.


After the bank makes a positive decision, they will send your account number and wire transfer instructions, you will have 5 days to transfer your initial deposit.


Once the money has landed in your account, you can use it as you see fit as permitted by law.

You can sign up for a consultation and apply for the service at [email protected]

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us via WhatsApp, Signal, etc, or live chat.

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