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Cost: from 3 999 USD


Open a Personal Bank Account in Turkey Remotely

Is it easy to open a personal bank account in Turkey remotely? Do you mean if opening a personal account in Turkey is possible for private persons with no business or residence permit in Turkey? Our answer is Yes. But the bank that we can recommend to you is the only reliable option. Its offer is for non-resident clients ready to make an initial deposit of €30,000 or a similar amount in US dollars. 

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Benefits, limitations, and tips for opening a foreign personal account in Turkey for non-residents

Turkey is a thriving market. Starting a local or international business here is a rewarding venture. No wonder, many foreigners grab the opportunity to obtain Turkish citizenship by investing in local real estate, open a company, and set up a corporate bank account.

Turkey attracts investors by geopolitical location and several economic advantages. They include a sound banking system. Besides, Turkey banks offer more reasonable tariffs, compared to other popular Middle East destinations (for example, in the UAE).

Benefits of opening a foreign personal account in Turkey:

  • with our help, you can open it remotely
  • Turkey and the Middle East is an attractive region for work and business 
  • the bank’s fees are lower than the fees charged in the UAE
  • you can have accounts in EUR, US dollars, and other currencies.

However, the challenge is that only local residents can open foreign personal accounts in Turkey. This challenge, though, should not discourage you if you need a Turkish account but have no relation to this country so far. We can offer you a unique opportunity for opening a foreign personal account in Turkey remotely. 

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Please note our IMPORTANT tip: you can open a foreign personal account with the recommended Turkish bank remotely ONLY VIA A REPRESENTATIVE. Without a recommendation from a trusted intermediary, the banking institution will reject the application.


Discuss the details with an expert

Check the list of required documents, and get the details of the process, terms, and costs.

Contact a consultant

Let’s talk via messenger

The recommended bank and tips for opening a foreign personal account in Turkey

The recommended bank is a well-established financial institution founded in the mid-1980s. It has over 200 branches nationwide.

The bank offers a wide range of services and a dozen types of personal bank accounts.

The bank offers checking, savings, investment, escrow accounts for real estate purchases, and others. 

The bank issues VISA and MasterCard credit and debit cards. They can be issued in plastic or virtually.

You can manage your money remotely via online banking, mobile app, and over the phone.

You can make SWIFT and EFT transfers and payments.

The main currencies are the Turkish Lira, USD, EUR. AUD, DKK, GBP, CHF, SEK, JPY, CAD, NOK, SAR, AED. 

Bank’s requirements and tips for opening a foreign personal account in Turkey 

The recommended bank in Turkey is ready to cooperate with serious clients who are ready to make an initial deposit of €30,000 or in US dollars.

The bank requires that the above-said sum should remain in the account. The account holder can spend, invest, use it at one’s discretion. The main condition is to replenish the account on time.

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In other words, it is recommended that the account should not remain empty. Otherwise, the bank may refuse further service.

The list of documents required for opening a foreign personal account includes:

  • personal government-issued ID or passport 
  • proof of address
  • filled out bank forms
  • proof of legal source of funds
  • a Turkish Tax Number (we will make sure you can get one)

We will be your representative at the bank – this is the only possibility at the moment for helping you with opening a foreign personal account in Turkey remotely. 

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IMPORTANT: a bank account holder must obtain a tax number in Turkey. This mandatory requirement does NOT make you a tax resident in Turkey.

Costs of opening a foreign personal account in Turkey

The fee for our facilitation and arrangements to open your personal account in Turkey starts from $3,999. The price may be higher in case of your plans to open an account for a solid deposit. The more significant is the sum, the more extensive scope of verifications and paperwork we will have to conduct.

Please note: you may also incur additional costs related to the translation of the documents if they are not issued in English.

The bank fees are lower than those in the rival banks of the United Arab Emirates and other jurisdictions in the region.

More than just tips for opening a foreign personal account in Turkey

You are welcome to contact us for help and answer our expert questions. By knowing your details and concerns, we can check if you match the bank’s requirements. If your profile does not meet them, we will suggest alternative solutions.


Pay the fee for our facilitation in opening a foreign personal account in Turkey for you – from 3 999 USD.


Send us the complete set of application documents executed according to our tips (including the requirement to get them translated if needed).


Our experts will check and verify your documents and forms. Then we will submit them to the bank in Turkey.


Wait till the bank is ready to approve your application for opening a foreign personal account in Turkey.


Transfer at least €30,000 or a sum in US dollars as a deposit, and start using the account.

You can rely on our experience and services of opening offshore/foreign personal and corporate accounts, company registration, citizenship/residence by investment abroad. Sign up for free consultations by writing to [email protected] or contact us in messengers given at the top of this page. When you explain your needs and plans, we can discuss your immediate opportunities, will continue our search for other unique offers for you, and will keep you informed.

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