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Cost: 2999 EUR


Open a Personal Bank Account in Georgia through an In-Person Visit

We offer the opportunity to open a personal bank account in a Georgian bank for non-residents. This service is available regardless of your citizenship. To open an account, a personal visit is required.

A foreign bank account can serve a multitude of purposes, ranging from savings to travel expenses and overseas utility payments.

The Georgian bank we propose is ready to open accounts for foreign citizens through an in-person visit.

Open a personal account in Georgia with a visit

Key features of the Georgian bank for opening non-resident personal accounts

Third-country nationals (non-residents, expats) have the right to open a bank account at the proposed bank in Georgia. Here are the distinctive features of the bank:

  • multicurrency account
  • MasterCard plastic debit card – issued within five days
  • VISA virtual card – issued instantly
  • fee-free withdrawal of local currency (GEL) at ATMs of several banks
  • fee-free cashing money transfers at ATMs and bank cash desks in EUR, USD, GEL
  • access to banking services through mobile and Internet banking
  • currency conversion.

Expat services are located in Tbilisi and Batumi.

A personal visit to the bank in Georgia is required to open a bank account. The account will be opened within one day, and the debit card will be issued within five days. This means you will either need one 5-day visit or two one-day trips.

Additionally, the bank offers other services such as credit facilities, insurance, and deposit accounts.

Documents required to open a bank account in Georgia

The standard list of documents required to open a personal account in Georgia is relatively straightforward:

  • completed application form
  • passport
  • local phone number (we can assist with the registration)
  • proof of the legal origin of funds.

The bank reserves the right to ask additional questions and gather information before opening an account for a client. Our experts will assist you in preparing a comprehensive document package tailored to the bank’s specific requirements.

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Bank tariffs for opening and maintaining personal accounts

Monthly account maintenanceFrom GEL 1
Operations in foreign currencyFree
Operations in RUR5% of the amount
Cash withdrawals
Withdrawal in GEL0.2%, min. GEL 20
Withdrawal of foreign currency0.6%, min. GEL 50
Fees for using a plastic card
Debit MasterCard monthly feeGEL 40
Daily limit for cash withdrawal at ATMsGEL 5,000
Purchase amount<GEL 10,000
Fee for withdrawing cash at ATMs0.6%, min. GEL 0.5
Cashing money transfers
From any country except RussiaFree
From Russia (up to USD 3000)Free
From Russia (over USD 3000)0.6% for USD, other currencies free

How to open a personal bank account in Georgia through an in-person visit?

  1. Contact our experts and inform them of your desire to open a Georgian bank account.
  2. Pay the service fee for assistance in opening an account — 2999 EUR.
  3. Prepare the necessary documents for account opening.
  4. Coordinate with our team the date of your visit to Georgia and the bank.
  5. On the appointed day, visit the bank and open your bank account.
  6. A debit card will be ready within five days.

For this service, please contact us at [email protected] or use any other convenient communication method. Feel free also to send us any questions.

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