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Cost: 2999 EUR


Open a Personal Account with a Large Portuguese Bank Remotely

Your intention to open a personal account in Portugal is a very wise one. This country is a member of the EU, all payments are made in euros, it has a developed banking system and there are much less requirements for non-residents than in other EU countries.ЕС. Moreover, you can quickly set up the account remotely if you use the services of our Offshore Pro Group experts. You are welcome to send your request to [email protected].

Although Portugal does not have as strong an economy as Switzerland, the UK, France or Germany, the country is rapidly developing and welcomes investments from abroad. For this purpose, Portugal has introduced the Golden Visa program through which you can obtain citizenship of this EU state. 

A non-resident applicant is required to meet one of the following conditions: to acquire some property valued at 500,000 EUR or more, start a business and hire at least 5 Portuguese employees, buy government bonds with a par value of 1 million EUR or more, invest at least 500,000 EUR in the SME assets, invest a minimum of 350,000 EUR in research, invest at least 250,000 EUR in the development of arts or national heritage projects, etc.

A personal account, which you can quickly open, will help you obtain a residence permit in Portugal. Offshore Pro Group will assist you in setting up a personal account with a large Portuguese bank in a fast, easy, and cost-effective way. 

The Prestige program was designed by the Bank specifically for non-residents of Portugal. The minimum deposit required to open an account with the recommended bank under the PORTUGAL PRESTIGE program is 35,000 – 50,000 EUR (the actual sum will depend on this Bank’s decision). 


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The best private bank in Portugal

The Bank started its activity in 1985 as a limited liability company. The first shareholders of the Bank were 200 banking professionals. In 1995, it bought the largest private bank in Portugal. In 2000 it acquired several other Portuguese financial institutions, and in 2004 it gained control over local insurance companies.

Having strengthened its position in the domestic market, the Bank management decided to focus on the development of retail business in Europe and Africa, as well as in North America and Asia. The first markets across which the Bank expanded its services were countries historically connected with Portugal or where large Portuguese communities are located: Angola, Mozambique, Canada, France, USA, Luxembourg, and China. The Bank’s further attention was attracted by the developing markets of Poland, Greece, and Romania. Since 2006, all its subsidiaries in other countries have started operating under the brand of their parent company.

In 2016, the merger with another financial institution made the Bank the largest private bank in Portugal with 10% of the national market.

Starting from 2011, the Bank has cut its expenses by 40% and reduced bad assets by 44%. It adheres to three guiding principles in its work: the client-oriented policy, market efficiency, and a competitive international portfolio.

This recommended private Portuguese bank is a regular winner of various bank ratings. Thus, for example, according to the ‘Global Finance’, it became the best bank in the category the Best Digital Bank in 2017, received the Best Bank Model award from ‘Celent’, and the Best Private Bank title from ‘The Banker’, as well as many other awards and nominations. In 2020 it has earned the Golden Banker 2020 award in the category “Fin-Tech Innovation”. Besides the excellence of the parent Bank, its branches are highly recognized for their achievements in Poland and Mozambique, where they are repeatedly called the best in different nominations.

Financial services offered by the best private bank in Portugal

The recommended largest private bank in Portugal offers a comprehensive range of financial products. Here you can open a personal account for your own purposes and also enjoy other services:

  • deposit free assets on a savings account
  • issue a debit or credit VISA card
  • issue a Free Web card for making payments on the Internet
  • open a deposit box to store your savings or documents.

Bank clients enjoy mobile or online banking for quick and constant access to their accounts.

Private banking with the best private bank in Portugal

The Bank offers its customers package rates for integrated sets of services, which makes it possible to save on all commissions charged for every separate service.

For high profile clients wishing to open a personal account, the recommended Portuguese bank offers the Prestige program. This set of services includes your access to the personal account, allows you to make transfers, pay for goods and services, issue checks, order debit and credit cards, conclude insurance contracts. 

The special benefit of this Prestige program is that you can save 429 EUR by paying the  package price instead of the total par value of all the included services.

The Prestige Program implies a monthly package-account maintenance fee of 4.5 EUR, 6 EUR or 15 EUR depending on the Client’s age and financial involvement with the Bank.

The standard terms of use of this package by users who are 35-40 years old imply a monthly management fee of 4.5 EUR under the following terms:

  • the average monthly deposit amount on your account must be 35 000 EUR or more,
  • monthly receipts on your account must be 500 EUR or more.

If the monthly receipts are less than 500 EUR, the monthly fee is 6 EUR.

In all other cases the monthly fee is 15 EUR.

The monthly maintenance fee depends on the Client’s age and financial involvement with the Bank.

Please note that all payable dues are subject to a stamp duty.

The Prestige package offers its holder many benefits, some of them are mentioned below.

It implies exemption from payment of the standard fee for transfers in euros, Swedish krones and Romanian lei, when payment is performed with IBAN and BIC SWIFT details in the SEPA zone.

The Prestige debit card is exempt from the annual fee of 20 € for the primary cardholder and 20 € for additional holders.

Beneficial rates are offered for linked accounts. The owner’s account can be linked to an account of parents and children or spouse. These accounts will be exempt from internal transfer fees. The monthly account maintenance fee is at a reduced rate.

The package implies a 20% discount on the annual rental fee of the safe deposit box.

The Prestige program package includes services of a professional manager: a manager who knows you and ensures management of your banking affairs will implement your investment decisions, making your asset management most efficient.

Dossier Prestige service will provide you with an integrated detailed overview of your assets and help you plan your future investments. 

PORTUGAL PRESTIGE integrated insurance from the private bank in Portugal

The advantages of the PORTUGAL PRESTIGE package include protection against various unforeseen events through insurance policies specially designed for those who spend time both in Portugal and abroad.

  • Family Civil Liability Insurance, will relieve you from unexpected costs associated with an insured event caused by third parties to you or any of your family members. This plan comes with a maximum capital of 150,000 EUR per annuity and one sub-limit of 25,000 EUR per claim.
  • Home Medical Emergency Insurance in Portugal. Your health and that of your family is a priority. This insurance may cover all your household and is valid throughout Portugal (except for the Azores, where coverage is limited to São Miguel Island). Use requires a co-payment of 10 EUR per visit. 
  • In the context of the pandemic declared by the WHO and the evolution of the epidemiological scenario of Covid-19, home visits made by a physician are “suspended” and, alternatively, are carried out by video-appointment (available daily) or tele-appointment (during the off office hours). This service has national coverage.
  • Laptop Robbery Insurance is available to the primary holder of the Program Prestige demand deposit account, with a capital of 600 EUR maximum per year.
  • IT Electronic Equipment Multi-risk Insurance is offered to the primary holder of the Program Prestige demand deposit account, with 600 EUR per annuity, not exceeding 50 EUR per incident.

Bank cards for holders of private accounts with the best private bank in Portugal

Both debit and credit cards of the Visa payment system are available for the clients of the Prestige package.

  • Two free of charge Prestige debit cards are issued for participants of the Prestige program. The cards allow making purchases and withdrawals in any part of the world where the Visa network is available. The card allows quick and safe contactless payments up to 20 EUR where terminals are equipped for processing them. The card can also be used conventionally – for making purchases, withdrawing funds and other operations with a PIN-code. The contactless technology is activated after one payment is made with a PIN-code and the Visa network option is selected.
 EUROther currencies
Maximum amount per transaction that does not require a PIN code20Depends on the country where the transaction is conducted
Maximum cumulative amount after which PIN is required605 transactions
  • Two VISA Prestige credit cards are issued for each member of the Prestige program at no annual fee. Credit Prestige Card: 15.8% TAEG (Global Annual Effective Rate) and 9.800% TAN (Nominal Annual Rate) for a 2,500 € credit paid over 12 equal monthly repayments, plus interests and expenses.

Savings deposits in the private bank in Portugal

Non-residents can earn interest by placing a deposit in a Portuguese bank. All deposits up to 100 000 EUR are protected in Portugal. The interest income is taxed at the rate of 25%.

The terms for money deposit in the bank are as follows:

Name of the programinterest, %amount, EURperiodfeatures
Flexible0.018 – 0.036250 – 200 00015 – 360 daysDeposit can be made only via the Internet, interest is paid at the end of the term, without the right to top up
Economy0.018%, after automatic prolongation 0.036%25 – 100 000180 daysTop-up allowed from 25 EUR
Savings1st month – 0.075%, then – depending on the bank tariffs10 000 – 120 000360 daysMonthly payment of interest, Top-up allowed from 25 EUR

Non-residents should open an account with the recommended bank for the following reasons:

  • It is a large and reliable bank, which stability is confirmed by many well-known financial publications and ratings
  • It offers the possibility to use the services of the bank in its subsidiaries in other countries
  • The European jurisdiction of the bank is an important advantage 
  • The bank is involved in the Golden Visa program and therefore is very attractive to those who would like to get the Portuguese citizenship
  • It renders a large number of banking services, which can also be used remotely through the online or mobile applications
  • You can open a personal account remotely, without visiting the bank.

Steps needed to set up a personal account with the large Portuguese bank

To become a client of one of the best Portuguese banks, a foreigner should do the following:

  1. Contact our specialists for professional help in opening an account. The easiest way to do this is by sending a message to the contact e-mail address: [email protected]
  2. Pay for professional help in opening an account. You can make payment in the following ways: bank transaction, payment card, WebMoney, PayPal, Western Union. The cost of the service will be 2999 EUR.
  3. Collect and submit all necessary documents to the bank.

Documents required for opening a personal account in Portugal

Non-residents wishing to open a personal account with a Portuguese bank will be required to submit the following:

  • Notarized copy of the internationally valid passport
  • Notarized confirmation of address (utility bill).
  • Certificate from the place of work, which states the position, length of service, salary amount. The date of its issue should not exceed six months;
  • The taxpayer number (NIF).

All documents must be not older than 6 months.

The Bank accepts documents in English, French, and Spanish.

Clients, who are in the process of the Golden Visa application, will need to additionally fill in a special declaration on legal entry and stay in Portugal (A Declaraçao de Entrada em Portugal).

In addition to the preparation of documents, when opening a personal account in Portugal, it is necessary to consider several important points.

Portuguese banks are not willing to open a local account for non-residents with plausible justification or reason. It is desirable to indicate that you have some connection with Portugal. There are two working schemes to convince them to open an account:

  1. To make a statement that you are going to invest funds into the Portuguese economy (for example, buy some property). We recommend this only in case you really are planning to make some investment. Please note that your money transfer will be checked for compliance and legality of origin. 
  2. The most successful option would be a lease agreement in Portugal for a period of 6 months or more. If you have a local company, it is sufficient. If there is no company or you want to get some better justification for your application, it is necessary to conclude an employment contract for a period of 3 months with your income of at least 600 euros per month (in a foreign or own company).

When you open a personal account in Portugal with us, we will help you organize a rental agreement in Braga.

Please note that having a personal account will make it much easier for you to open a corporate account in this bank.

If you remain a non-resident, then your account will be the non-resident type. This means that you will have to pay taxes in Portugal only from the income received on the territory of the country.

Why do we recommend opening an account in Portugal?

Portugal is the easiest place to save money if you do not commit gross violations and work quietly so that the bank does not have to be focused on your activities.  This feeling of freedom of banking is actually not available anywhere else in Europe outside Portugal.

The process of opening an account via Offshore Pro Group:

  • Collect the necessary documents, scan them, and send them to us.
  • After we get the bank’s approval of the documents, the bank awards the IBAN number to your account and sends to your e-mail address the bank forms to be signed, scanned and submitted via us.
  • Then we will forward your documents and forms in the originals to the bank by courier mail.
  • Upon receipt of the full set of duly certified documents, the bank will activate your account. The estimated time needed for processing and activation is about 3 working days.

If you are interested in this service, please contact us today by e-mail: [email protected].

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