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Open a Corporate Trading Account in Mauritius

We would like to offer you opening a corporate trading account with a professional company headquartered in Mauritius. The service will be of interest to those planning to work with large amounts. The recommended size of investment capital is from USD 500,000.

A Few Words the Company

The company we are working with is a private holding company based in Mauritius. It obtained the Category 1 Global Business License as an Investment Broker. It is regulated by the Mauritius Financial Commission on the basis of the 2005 Securities Act.

Mauritius was not chosen by chance for the company’s incorporation. It is a politically stable jurisdiction with strong legislation and low level of corruption. Mauritius is focused on the international trade and partly thanks to that, the jurisdiction has been providing an average annual growth of 5% over the last 20 years.

Mauritius has no capital control, it uses a relatively stable currency, the corporate tax is 15%, and many double taxation agreements are in place.

Mauritius is renowned for its close cooperation between the public and private sectors that enhances the jurisdiction’s competitive advantages and enables it to play on equal terms with the major economies.

The company was established by specialists from all over the world and has a vast experience in asset management, including Switzerland.

Specialists of customer support speak English, Spanish, Italian, French, German, Portuguese, Russian and Ukrainian.

Thanks to the team’s experience, you will not only get quality services, but a completely customized approach.

The company is also offering debit cards to its customers.

Most often, the companies that are ready to invest 500,000 US dollars and more, decide to open an account with this investment broker.


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Corporate account with an Investment Broker Company in Mauritius

The investment broker offers clients both corporate and private accounts for investment and trading. You can trade:

  • Bonds;
  • Shares in funds;
  • Futures;
  • Options;
  • Structured products;
  • And other products and securities.

The account will be opened remotely with our assistance. You will need to prepare a set of documents proving the legal origin of your funds, the existence of your company and the reality of its beneficiaries and/or directors.

Documents for Opening an Account with the Investment Broker in Mauritius

  • A filled-out application form for opening an account;
  • A notarized copy of the beneficiary’s passport;
  • Proof of the address of residence no older than 90 days: electricity and gas bills, bank statement (certified);
  • Declaration for non-U.S. citizens;
  • W8 BEN from for individuals;
  • W8 BEN from for legal entities;
  • Other documents if and when necessary (such as an unlimited or limited power of attorney).

It will also be necessary to present the documents proving the legal origin of your capital. For this purpose, companies can use bank statements and other documents. We will supply you with the full list of such documents should the need arise.

Cost of Maintenance for the Investment Brokerage Corporate Account in Mauritius

Account Opening

  • Service fee: 0.6% per annum of the monthly average portfolio, collected quarterly. No less than USD 750.
  • Redirection of mail to more than 1 address is USD 30 per quarter for each additional address.
  • Mail storage is USD 375 per quarter.
  • Numbered account is USD 375 per quarter.
  • Certificate/audit request is USD 150 per certificate.
  • Online access to the account is USD 200 per month.
  • Debit cards issued by the third parties are USD 250 per quarter.
  • Customer and AML verification is USD 5,000 and is carried out when you open your account.
  • Account closing is 0.1% of the total annual portfolio (the minimum charge is USD 1,000).

Commissions for Securities Transactions (Percentage of the Transaction Currency)

  • Funds of foreign exchange markets 0.6%;
  • Bond funds 1,1%;
  • Equity Funds 2.0%;
  • Bonds 1.05%;
  • Shares/ETF 1.5%;
  • Options, structured products 1.9%;
  • Unconventional investment products 2.0%;
  • Metals 1.0%;
  • Minimum performance fee USD 250.
  • Commissions of exchanges, intermediaries and other third parties can be added.

Transfer Fees

  • Cash deposition and withdrawal, including checks is 7.5% per transaction;
  • Outgoing payment is USD 100 per transaction;
  • Incoming payment is USD 50 per transaction;
  • Currency exchange is 1-2%.

Procedure of Opening a Corporate Trading Account in Mauritius

  1. Did you decide to open a corporate account with an investment broker in Mauritius? Please feel free to write to us to
  2. You will have to answer the consultant’s questions and provide preliminary documents.
  3. After that we will ask you to pay for the corporate account opening procedure. The cost is from 3999 EUR.

You can make the payment using a bank transfer, a card, Bitcoin, WebMoney, Western Union, MoneyGram.

  1. After that, you will need to fill out all the necessary forms and provide the required documents in full.
  2. After that, we will start the procedure of opening your account. As soon as we are done, you will have to transfer your deposit to the specified account. After that you will be able to start working with the investments.

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