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Cost: from 4500 EUR


Open a Corporate Bank Account in Mauritius

We are happy to say that you will not need to put a lot of effort in opening a corporate bank account in Mauritius. But having opened it, you will understand how many advantages are now available to your business. Please feel free to ask the professionals about the documents to be prepared and the peculiarities of the account opening procedure.

Banking System of Mauritius

A corporate bank account in Mauritius will ensure a number of advantages for modern foreign companies. These advantages will help you successfully start and develop your business based on international trade or investment activities.

Although Mauritius is an African country, its economy is one of the strongest in the region. The banking sector in the country is one of the oldest, maintaining the economy since the early 19th century. In recent decades, banking and offshore services built up in the territory of this country demonstrate steady development.

Mauritius has a conventional banking system. The Central Bank was established using the experience of the English financial regulator, and has been operating since 1967. Licenses are issued to the banks that have undergone the local and international audit. The Central Bank regulates commercial banks and manages non-bank deposit financial institutions.


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What Does a Bank Account in Mauritius Give a Foreigner?

The country has a low level of corruption, banks are operating reliably. The country is very much business-friendly, offering a favorable business environment, including the one for foreign offshore companies that seek discovering of the new markets and expanding the field of their interests. It is quite easy to open an account with one of the reliable banks not only of the region, but of the world as well.

Choosing the Mauritius bank for opening a corporate account is justified by the fact that this financial institution does not have overstated and inflated requirements to their clients compared to most European banks. First-time entrepreneurs and start-uppers stand a good chance of opening an account reasonably quickly. At the same time, the clients enjoy excellent service, for which a fair and affordable price is set.

Here are some advantages of opening a corporate bank account in Mauritius:

  • Competitive maintenance fees;
  • Remote access to the account;
  • Complete privacy for the client;
  • English-speaking support of excellent quality.

Who Can Open a Bank Account in Mauritius?

The Mauritius bank does not impose any special restrictions on clients, so almost any foreign company will be able to open an account. However, in order not to get disappointed afterwards, we recommend you to expeditiously study some of the restrictions that are in place at the moment.

Country Restrictions

Opening of a corporate account with the Mauritius bank will be quite problematic those non-residents whose companies are incorporated in the post-Soviet countries. Due to the sanctions imposed, the bank does not accept funds and does not allow transfers of funds from/to Russia and Ukraine.

Restrictions on Business Activities

When opening a corporate account with the Mauritius bank, a non-resident will need to disclose what kind of business their company is doing. Business activities must be understandable to bankers, so as not to lead to the more thorough Due Diligence check.

Opening of the account will be denied to companies whose activities are related to crime or terrorism. Also, legal entities engaged in illegal or prohibited activities will not be able to become the bank’s clients.

Client Notification on Information Disclosure

Under the current national laws, banks in Mauritius are required to disclose information on the credit exposure and services used by their clients to the Mauritius Credit Information Bureau (MCIB). As necessary, you it may be needed to collect tax-related information in accordance with the international agreements approved by the Republic of Mauritius, i.e. resident status, tax identification number.

Under the Financial Intelligence and Anti-Money Laundering Act (FIAMLA), the bank will not accept any suspicious transactions in cash in the amounts exceeding 500,000 rupees (or the equivalent amount in foreign currency) unless they are classified as “exempt” by the financial intelligence. The bank retains the original checks paid from the client’s account (or legible copies of these checks) in any form required by law for 7 years.

Corporate Bank Account in Mauritius for a Non-Resident. Rate Plans

The Mauritius bank provides their clients with the most convenient and beneficial terms and conditions for cooperation. To use them, you only need to contact a reliable company that will help you open your account. This can be done within a short period of time, provided all the recommendations are implemented.

In order to make transactions, clients can use an online platform that can be accessed not only from a personal computer, but also from mobile devices i.e. tablets, smartphones. With online banking, you can remotely view your accounts, accept transfers and make payments. The Mauritius bank offers reasonable fees, and carries out SWIFT transactions within the same business day.

Currency for Account Opening and Transfers

Clients’ accounts can be multi-currency or single currency. The main currency is USD, but operations in EUR, GBP, MUR, AUD, CHF, AED are also allowed.

Types of Accounts

Clients are encouraged to open the following accounts:

  • Deposit account;
  • Current account;
  • Credit account.

Term deposits are available in USD, GBP, EUR, CHF, AUD and MUR. The minimum balance for opening an account is USD 100,000.

If you are interested in a trading account, please study yet one more offer.

Types of Bank Cards

The Mauritius banks issue prepaid MasterCard payment cards. They are convenient for paying for goods and services. Cash can be withdrawn not only from the ATMs in Mauritius, but also in other countries around the world.

A client credit card can be connected to your current account to quickly and easily repay the cost of card maintenance.

Account Opening Terms and Service Arrangements

Minimum balance for opening an account is USD 200,000. Subsequently, if the amount that remained in the account went below the minimum balance and has been intact for at least one year, the bank will try to contact the client. If the client does not respond to the bank within six months, the funds will be moved to a deposit account with the Central Bank of Mauritius. Why is this so important to understand? Because banks are interested in active accounts that demonstrate account activity.


Monthly account maintenance fee is set by the bank upon assessing the complete company profile, but it is not less than 50 USD.

Incoming payments in USD/EUR/GBP are USD 25.

Outgoing payments in USD are 0.1% (Minimum 40, maximum 75 USD).

The complete list of banking rates is available upon request.

Asset Management Services

As a modern financial institution, the Mauritius bank, in addition to banking, is also happy to offer its clients asset management services. The most popular asset management rate plans as follows:

  • Discretionary plan offers services for high-income clients. The services are provided by the bank in partnership with a London-registered subsidiary regulated by FCA, and major global banks from Switzerland and Singapore. The institutional asset portfolio management service is available.
  • Advisory plan is one of the areas of private banking and asset management in developed and emerging markets. The Asset Storage Program allows the clients to access 65 global markets.
  • Treasury plan is very good for those clients who value innovative customized solutions. Holders of the foreign currency assets are given the opportunity to trade spots, perform various financial operations. Fixed-term deposits at the attractive flexible rates in any convertible currencies and rupees are available. OTC deals with fixed income can be made on behalf of the clients.

We also have a package offer that includes company incorporation with the simultaneous opening of an account in Mauritius.

How Do I Open a Corporate Bank Account in Mauritius?

Open a bank account in Mauritius if you have an interest in doing business in the Asian and African regions. To start our cooperation, please provide all the required information and documents that the bank will request during the adaptation phase.

It is important: Please note that in the future, the compliance department can request other documents from the client at any time.

Corporate Account Opening Procedure:

  1. To open a corporate bank account in Mauritius please send us your corresponding request to: [email protected].
  2. We will issue an invoice. The service cost is from 4500 EUR. For payment, you can use one of the ways that you find convenient, i.e. payment cards, bank transfer, WebMoney, PayPal, Western Union.
  3. Having received your payment, we will start working and helping you in filling out the application, collecting the documents that are on the list provided by the bank. Please make sure to use English when filling out the forms.

When preparing your documents, please consider these requirements:

  1. Completed bank forms must be of high quality.
  2. Clear scanned copies of incorporation documents must be apostilled and notarized.
  3. Color copies of passports of the company representative and the beneficiary must be presented.
  4. Contracts and invoices of the main counterparties must be presented as well.
  5. You will need to provide the description of your company’s activities.
  6. Financial statements should be the most recent.

Documents Required for Opening a Corporate Bank Account in Mauritius

  1. Incorporation and statutory documents of the company.
  2. Certificate of Good Standing if the company is more than a year old.
  3. Reference letters, and statements on the account for the last six months from you current banks.
  4. A completed bank’s questionnaire and your application.
  5. – Documents of beneficiaries, shareholders, directors (identity cards, proof of residence address no older than 3 months).

Please explore a super-attractive offer that includes incorporating an offshore LLC with opening an account in Mauritius.

Timelines for Opening a Corporate Bank Account in Mauritius

To open a non-resident corporate bank account with the bank in Mauritius, we would ask you to fill out a form and send us the scans of your documents. We will help you fill out the questionnaire should you have any issues with it.

Having received the confirmation that you will be able to become a client of the Mauritius bank, we will send the documents to your postal address within 7 days. You will need to sign them.

Please contact us by email to [email protected] if you wish to open a corporate bank account in Mauritius. 

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