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Open a Corporate Account with the Deutsche Handelsbank in Germany Remotely

Not every bank today is ready to open an account for a company whose main business activity is e-commerce. At the same time, the number of such companies is growing rapidly everywhere in the world. If you are looking for a reliable bank in a stable European country, we offer you the service of remote opening of a corporate account with the Deutsche Handelsbank in Germany. This bank specializes in providing services to e-commerce companies.

Warning: A corporate account with the Deutsche Handelsbank is only suitable for e-commerce and processing activities.

No minimum deposit and no minimum balance are required for opening an account. The account is opened remotely after the customer provides all the necessary documents and filled-out bank application forms.

Having got your account opened, you can enjoy an online banking service offered by the bank that allows you to control your accounts and make the necessary transactions at any convenient time from anywhere in the world.


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Deutsche Handelsbank

Deutsche Handelsbank was established by experienced e-commerce professionals as a bank for online traders. In addition to their experience in providing conventional banking services, the bank’s employees have knowledge and experience in the field of entrepreneurship and are well-versed in the peculiarities of e-commerce in Germany.

Deutsche Handelsbank was founded to provide specialized products and services for e-commerce companies, as well as to facilitate and support their growth being their reliable partner.  Deutsche Handelsbank is a brand name by Deutsche Kontor Privatbank AG.

The Deutsche Handelsbank team understands all the needs of the e-commerce and trading companies and offers appropriate solutions related to finance, payment and banking standards.

Deutsche Handelsbank offers the opening of accounts exclusively to business customers and corporate customers. The service is provided in English and German.

The bank focuses on companies running business and incorporated in Europe, including Switzerland, the UK and Gibraltar. If a company’s business activity requires a license, the license must cover the European Economic Area. In particular, Deutsche Handelsbank considers the following sectors as the priorities:  SaaS (Software as a Service), e-commerce, IoT (Internet Services), InsurTech, FinTech, AdTech and all other innovative areas of business with the growth potential.

Financing at the Deutsche Handelsbank

Deutsche Handelsbank offers various e-commerce companies various financing options.

Corporate Loan

Deutsche Handelsbank offers advantageous corporate loans to companies that meet the following requirements:

  • The company is incorporated in Germany;
  • The company has been successfully operating in the market for more than three years;
  • No negative references or ongoing renovation/restructuring processes.

The main features of the loan are as follows:

  • EUR 50,000 to 250,000;
  • The loan period is from 1 to 5 years;
  • The customer gets money in 10 days;
  • No hidden fees;
  • Repayment of the full amount at any time at no additional cost.

Working Capital Financing

This type of financing is intended for companies that require financing in the amount of below EUR 250,000.

Requirements to the e-commerce companies (B2C):

  • The company must have an actual relevant business model with an annual turnover of at least EUR 5 million;
  • The company has a professional investor;
  • The rate of capital “burning” is balanced with the annual turnover and liquidity.

Requirements to the SaaS/AdTech companies (B2B/B2C):

  • The company must have a successful actual business with an annual turnover of at least EUR 1 million;
  • The company has a professional investor;
  • The rate of capital “burning” is balanced with the annual turnover and liquidity.


Use the various options and benefits of factoring by the Deutsche Handelsbank and exchange receivables for liquidity.

Here are the main advantages:

  • Fast, flexible and scalable liquidity provision;
  • Dynamic growth thanks to liquidity that retains capital;
  • New growth potential thanks to a comprehensive range of customers and improved conversions;
  • Less costs to maintain the established encounters with the customers.

Factoring by the Deutsche Handelsbank offers you a number of strategic advantages in the event when your customers have long payment periods. You can simply transfer the receivables directly to your account with the Deutsche Handelsbank.

Payment Transactions

The Deutsche Handelsbank corporate account provides more opportunities than a regular bank account, as it was specifically designed to meet the needs of the e-commerce service providers. You get efficient payment transactions and value-added features for innovative payment methods.

Here are the main advantages:

  • Services and functions that are being continuously improved and developed specifically for the e-commerce business;
  • International transfers in all major currencies. Take advantage of the bank’s experience in running international business, and having attractive exchange rates.

Extra Features:

  • Account administration uses online banking software in accordance with the HBCI (Home Banking Computer Interface) standard;
  • Banking operations of medium-sized enterprises are carried out using EBICS (Electronic Banking Internet Communication Standard).

Direct Account Debiting

The correctly used debit note is a source of liquidity for the company and an opportunity to increase customer loyalty. In order to be able to use the debit notes, you must make a separate agreement in addition to your bank account.

Here are the main advantages:

  • No liquidity shortage thanks to the integration of the popular classic direct debit mechanism;
  • Automated payment processing for existing customers without unnecessary bureaucracy.

International Payment Transactions

Opening an account with the Deutsche Handelsbank, you will get access to all the benefits of international business. To make an international payment, simply enter the necessary data into the online banking system. You will then receive confirmation of the transaction and confirmation of the transfer to the recipient’s account.

Your customers from Europe will be able to make local payments in their currency, and Deutsche Handelsbank will take care of processing the international payment.

Procedure of Opening a Corporate Account with the Deutsche Handelsbank in Germany

The procedure of opening an account with the Deutsche Handelsbank consists of the following steps:

  1. You should decide about the need to open an account with this bank and contact our specialists for the professional assistance by email to: [email protected].
  2. You can pay for our professional assistance in one of the following ways: bank transaction, payment card, via WebMoney, PayPal, Western Union.
  3. Then we will prepare the necessary documents.

Documents for Opening a Corporate Account with the Deutsche Handelsbank

Each beneficiary, account holder, legal representative, as well as other persons having access to the online banking system must provide the following papers:

  • Notarized copy of your travel document (pages with your photo and signature).
  • Proof of address, i.e. original utility bill or a notarized copy of a recent bill (no older than 3 months);
  • Confirmation of the source of income (i.e. tax certificate or certificate from your employer).

Required corporate documents:

  • Notarized copy of the company’s Certificate of Incorporation;
  • Notarized copy of the company’s Memorandum and Articles of Association;
  • Notarized copy of the company’s Certificate of Good Standing or a notarized copy of the Certificate of Incumbency (if the company is older than 6 months);
  • Notarized copy of the Resolution on the Director Appointment, Power of Attorney or other identical document;
  • Copy of the Trust Deed (in the case of using a nominee shareholder).

Note: all the documents must be translated into English and notarized. A notarized and apostilled file of documents sewed together is only acceptable. All the documents must be in English. The apostille must be issued in the country of the company’s incorporation.

The bank may also request other documents.

The account will be opened remotely, upon the provision of all signed forms and notarized copies of documents to the bank.

It will take at least 20 working days from the moment all the necessary documents are submitted to process the account opening application.

In order to start the process of opening a corporate account with the Deutsche Handelsbank in Germany or to get more information, please do not hesitate to contact us by email to: [email protected].

Why is Corporate Account with the Deutsche Handelsbank in Germany Worth Opening?

Today, not every German bank is ready to open a corporate account in the name of a company that is founded by foreigners. Deutsche Handelsbank is ready to cooperate with foreigners. The bank specializes in online trading customers. The bank’s experts can assist you in setting up e-commerce with the banking services connection. 

How Can a Foreigner Open a Corporate Account with a German Bank in 2020?

For our clients who decided to engage in online trading, opening a corporate account with a German bank is a simple procedure. We offer the services of Deutsche Handelsbank. There are a few steps you would need to take:Consult our experts.
Decide about opening a corporate account with the Deutsche Handelsbank.
Enter into contract on the provision of our services. 
Pay for our services in any way that is convenient to you: bank transfer, payment card or such digital payment systems as PayPal or WebMoney.
Prepare and compile the necessary documents with the assistance of our specialists.

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