Cost: 3999 EUR


Open a Corporate Account with the Banque de Luxembourg

We would like to offer you the opportunity of opening a corporate account with an investment bank specializing in all sorts of stocks and other products, located in Luxembourg. This account will promote your successful wealth management. Opening of a corporate account with the Banque de Luxembourg will be carried out remotely without the need for your personal visit to the bank.

Banque de Luxembourg has a long history of success. It is a reliable partner in wealth management. The bank has been operating since 1920 and specializes in high net worth private, corporate and institutional clients. In practice, the bank does not just serve as a financial institution, but becomes a partner of family offices and businessmen for many years to come, which ensures prosperity and protection of the clients’ capital from generation to generation.

When we say that the Banque de Luxembourg has a long history and background, it does not mean that the bank does not keep up with the times. The Banque de Luxembourg operates well on the international level, and offers its services to those clients who have come from afar. The main goal of the bank is to generate long-term investment solutions that would allow the bank and its clients to be succeeding for many years to come, regardless of any external macroeconomic factors.

Adhering to the classic principles of wealth management, as well as using the experience and knowledge of its investment bankers, the Banque de Luxembourg accurately predicts the consequences and developments of certain macroeconomic and micropolitical events that directly affect clients’ investments.

That is why should any legislative amendments, regulatory and fiscal changes arise, the bank’s goal is to offer its clients the maximum possible level of stability and trust.

In order to provide the necessary service and deliver the best solutions, the Banque de Luxembourg does not only scrutinize the regulatory documents regarding the country of residence of its clients, but also analyzes intangible assets (values, vision, education, reputation, experience, and so on) which are often the heart of the success of a family or a business.

The Banque de Luxembourg is managing about 5 billion euro which is a very impressive amount, and the reason to trust the professionalism of this credit and financial institution.

Together with that, professional services and the multilingual client account maintenance are provided by more than 200 European and foreign independent asset managers and insurance companies.

Open a Corporate Account with the Banque de Luxembourg

Corporate clients of the Banque de Luxembourg have an opportunity to get a full-fledged investment banking service, as well as independent investment services (iiS) for flexible structuring of their account. The main area of the bank’s operations is asset management. It it can be investments in various funds and the purchase of all sorts of securities and more. It all depends on the plans and resources of the client.

The minimum deposit for opening a corporate account with the Banque de Luxembourg is 500,000 EUR.

Account fees

Annual account maintenance 
Including Internet banking25 EUR
Correspondence sent by mail (weekly/daily)50 EUR/100 EUR
Keeping correspondence at the bank100 EUR
Additional address25 EUR per address
Annual account maintenanceNumbered account
Including Internet banking125 EUR
Correspondence sent by mail (weekly/daily)50 EUR/150 EUR
Keeping correspondence at the bank200 EUR
Additional address25 EUR per address
Annual account maintenanceAccount for a non-commercial company
Administrative services450 EUR
Digipass for Internet bankingThe 1st one is free, the 2nd is 10 EUR + VAT 17%
Certification and Payment Orders 
Standard order50 EUR + correspondent’s fees on special orders
Statement on the account for the current yearFree of charge
Statement on the account for the previous year (down to 10 years)50 EUR + VAT 0%
Tax returns statementMin. 125 EUR + VAT 17%

Business Services

Banque de Luxembourg has a long history and experience in providing conventional consulting services and supporting corporate clients in managing, developing and running their business. The bank has a holistic approach to each client individually, which allows to develop business plans making calculations for personal and family projects.

The bank chooses a unique approach to the client, as it considers not only the business, but also the businessmen and their family as a whole. Working with the Banque de Luxembourg you will have a single contact person at the bank to resolve all the issues. Thanks to an extended and reliable network of contacts and partners of the bank, the banker will always find the best solution for their client under the most flexible terms and conditions.

The main clients of the Banque de Luxembourg are not just companies, but family businesses, for which the bank develops individual strategies and solutions, also providing private banking services.

In addition to investment services, clients of  the Banque de Luxembourg get the following services:


This means you will get online access to your accounts on the ongoing basis. In addition, if you do business using different accounts with different banks with a large number of transactions, you can also use the MultiLine* service. This service was designed to consolidate account management and make group payments.


Your cash accounts will be managed by a team of professionals from the transaction department. This service includes automated harmonization of accounts in different currencies, overdrafts, foreign currency hedging, etc.


These services are aimed at the clients’ business development by providing a full range of services offered by classical banks, including investment loans, loans for equipment, settlement account services and bank guarantees.


If the client plans to establish a retirement mechanism for their employees, the bank can arrange for this process with the assistance of its insurance partners. The bank will carry out all the financial flows within the retirement plan on the basis of the guarantee capital fund and will select the best investment funds on the market.


Family office of the Banque de Luxembourg is Compagnie Financière de Gestion. For more than 30 years, a multi-disciplinary team has been working with wealthy clients to evaluate, structure and transform the various components of their assets.

Today, the Banque de Luxembourg offers its clients long-term banking relations. All of this is the basis for building up relations with families by means of private protection, attention to detail and the ability to implement the most customized requirements.

Here are the main services offered by the Banque de Luxembourg in addition to the corporate account:

  • Investment consulting;
  • Management of non-financial and alternative assets (private equity, real estate, etc.)
  • Structuring wealth, particularly using Luxembourg structures (SIF, SICAR, etc.)
  • Diversified assets consolidated statements;
  • Wealth planning;
  • Concierge services.
Securities Trust ManagementMinimum investment amount of 2,000,000 EUR
All-inclusive annual management fee1.2% (min. annual fee of 12,000 euro without VAT)
All-inclusive annual management fee + Performance fee 20.60% + 10% (min. annual fee of 6,000 euro without VAT)
Trust Management at the Banque de LuxembourgMinimum investment amount of 150,000 EUR
All-inclusive annual management fee 10.15% (min. annual fee of 100 euro without VAT)
All-inclusive annual management fee + Performance fee 30% + 10% (min. annual fee 0 euro )
Management of External TrustsMinimum investment amount of 150,000 EUR
All-inclusive annual management fee 11% (min. annual fee of 1,000 euro without VAT)
All-inclusive annual management fee + Performance fee 40.50% + 10% (min. annual fee of 500 euro without VAT)
Flexible Investment Fund Management at the Banque de LuxembourgMinimum investment amount of 150,000 EUR
All-inclusive annual management fee 10.15% (min. annual fee of 100 euro without VAT)
All-inclusive annual management fee + Performance fee 30% + 10% (min. annual fee 0 euro )
1 Annual fee on the portfolio value in euro is charged quarterly + 17% VAT. 
2 Fixed annual management fee of 0.60% + 10% of the portfolio positive yield + 17% VAT. 
3 10% of the portfolio positive yield + 17% VAT. 
4 Fixed annual portfolio management fee of 0.50% + 10% of the portfolio positive yield + 17% НДС. 

Investment Approach of the Banque de Luxembourg

Since the Banque de Luxembourg is a professional investment bank, the main priority and policy of the bank is to increase the capital of its clients.

Investment strategy of the Banque de Luxembourg is was developed by a team of asset managers in Luxembourg. Asset management is focused on capital protection and long-term plans.

Core investment products of the Banque de Luxembourg are associated with such investment products as BL investment funds, investments to individual funds, and asset management mandates, alternative investments, and money market products.

For detailed information on all of the Banque de Luxembourg investment products please click here.

In order to explain the reasons why entrusting your assets to the investment team of the Banque de Luxembourg is worth it, the bank has brought out six explanations:

  • Asset management capabilities based on the 90 years of history

Banque de Luxembourg is regularly awarded for quality asset management by the international rating agencies and professional media in the field of finance.

  • Long-term analysis

The bank’s investment methodology is long-term and aimed at protecting capital and achieving all of the set goals.

  • Focus on simple principles and transparency

The bank’s investment strategy is based on simple principles which also mean avoiding “trendy” investments with insufficient transparency.

  • Privileges of an open structure

The bank’s clients have access to a range of international investment funds providing strategies and management styles that are in line with the bank’s policy.

  • Getting a fully independent advice

Since the bank does not invest in its own accounts, it can independently advise the most attractive and profitable products to invest in.

  • Privileges of international presence of the Banque de Luxembourg

The bank offers access to different stock markets around the world, as well as professional asset management at the same international level.

Internet Banking by the Banque de Luxembourg

Banque de Luxembourg provides a digital iiS Web-based platform to all of its clients. Designed specifically for asset management professionals, this platform will allow you to control your accounts and submit your directions to the bank in line with your organizational set-ups. In addition, the platform will also allow you to use convenient reporting services.

Digital and mobile banking services of the Banque de Luxembourg are available at any convenient time from anywhere in the world. Banque de Luxembourg provides all of its clients with secure access to their assets and guarantees real-time service 24/7 via a banking website or mobile banking using the BL Mobile Banking app.

Payment Cards and Account Control

The Banque de Luxembourg offers a wide choice of debit and credit cards by the leading providers such as VISA/Mastercard. For a detailed comparison of card products by the Banque de Luxembourg, please click the link.

VISA Infinite Credit Card

The VISA Infinite credit card is an up-scale card product with attractive opportunities to facilitate your daily life and achieve the maximum level of convenience during your international trips.

VISA Infinite provides a professional concierge service. Like concierge service at boutique hotels around the world, this card provides a number of top-class services.

VISA Infinite is accepted in many hotels, restaurants, and luxury outlets. Multilingual staff is on duty 24/7 to meet the needs and wishes of the card holders around the world.

Holding Visa Infinite while traveling is a great way to improve your journey by getting a better travel experience whether you are travelling alone or with your family.

Attractive travel insurance that will protect you against losses if your luggage is delayed or lost, or your flight and related flights are delayed.

If your flight is delayed (for at least 4 hours), cancelled or overbooked and so on, the card insurance will cover your food, accommodation, transfers and additional expenditures for the purchase of new flight tickets.


Thanks to flexible limits and monthly card statements, VISA WEBCARD is an excellent instrument for online shopping. This card is not intended for use in offline shops or ATMs.

VISA WEBCARD is connected to the 3D security system that performs an international identification process to ensure secure online payments, and limits the risk of fraud.

VPay Debit Card

This card was developed for the bank clients’ children. It is a free debit card for teenagers aged 12 to 18.

VPay allows cash withdrawals and payments for purchases. Also, the card ensures the opportunity for depositing money and earning the interest using the loyalty program that will allow you to gain from the regular card use, and of course the card guarantees access to internet banking.

The VPay card provides an opportunity of getting advice from a professional consultant, and of taking advantage of discounts in many chain stores of Luxembourg.

Credit and Debit Cards 
Annual fee 
VISA Classic / Mastercard Blue25 EUR
VISA Premier100 EUR
VISA Business100 EUR
VISA Infinite350 EUR
MasterCard Gold75 EUR
MasterCard Silver100 EUR
Urgent issuing of card or PIN75 EUR
Cash2.00 EUR + 2%
Payments in minicash outletsFree of charge
CAPITOL VISA or MasterCard 
CAPITOL VISA or MasterCard250 EUR
Urgent issuing of card100 EUR
Urgent issuing of PIN50 EUR
Cash3% (minimum 6 EUR)
Payments in minicash outletsFree of charge
Annual account maintenance25 EUR
Withdrawals from ATMs in the European UnionFree of charge

For more details on the debit and credit card fees at the Banque de Luxembourg please visit this page.

Procedure of Opening a Corporate Account with the Banque de Luxembourg Remotely

The minimum deposit for opening an account is 500,000 euro.

  1. You should contact us by email to: This e-mail address is protected from spam bots, so you will have to enable Javascript in your device to view it, and inform us on your intention to get a professional consultancy regarding opening a bank account. For our assistance with opening your corporate account with the Banque de Luxembourg, you will need to pay a fee of 3999 EUR, which you can pay by card or transfer, via Money Gram, WesternUnion, WebMoney or a bank transaction.
  2. After that we will move on to collecting the information that is required for opening your account.

Account signatories that are individuals must provide the following:

  • Filled out, printed and signed copies of the bank papers for opening an account;
  • Notarized copy of your travel passport (pages with your photo and signature).
  • Proofs of residence (utility bills);

Translated and notarized copy of a utility bill or a bank account statement to confirm your residence address.

Note: This document must be no older than 3 months by the time the account-opening package is submitted, and it must be translated into English and notarized.

  • Reference letter from your bank and from a professional (a notary, a certified accountant, etc.) for all Directors/Managing Directors/Owners of the Company (desired but not required).

Note: Reference letters must be no older than 3 months and issued by financial institutions with which the client has had relations for at least 2 years. It should also describe the type and status of these relations.

  • Proof of the legal origin of your funds.

The full package of corporate documents, as well as details about the structure of your company or trust (in case it is a trust), and all the other details that the bank may request:

  • Notarized copy of the share certificate (if the company has registered shares); the declaration of trust, if the company has a corporate shareholder(s).
  • Notarized copy of the Power of Attorney if the company has a Corporate Director(s).
  • Notarized copy of the General Meeting Minutes and the Articles of Association of the legal entity/structure/operating agreement and the Memorandum. 
  • Signature samples of the company’s owners.
  • Notarized copy of the Company’s Certificate of Incorporation/Certificate of Good Standing (if the company has been operating for more than one year).
  • Letter of undertaking (applied in the case of shares to bearer). 
  • Certificate of shareholders/subscribers.
  • Subscribers appointment of the company’s director.
  • Resolution of the Board of Directors/General Banking Resolution/Minutes of the Meeting/Power of Attorney that will indicate who will be the account signatory.

Note: all the documents must be translated into English and notarized.

The opening period of your account will be about 2 weeks upon providing a complete package of documents required for opening of the account.

The Banque de Luxembourg can be your trusted partner in building a reliable system for protecting your assets and purchasing investment products. Please feel free to email us to to open a corporate account with the Banque de Luxembourg.

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