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Open a Corporate Account for Your International Business with a Payment System in Kazakhstan

We invite you to consider the opportunity to set up an account with a Payment Service Provider in Kazakhstan. With our assistance, you can do it remotely and chances for service denial are small whatever country you come from.

We are actually promoting an international Fintech company here that has offices not only in Kazakhstan but also in Cyprus, Canada, Kenia, and Israel. The payment system services residents of different countries and territories including offshore zones and high-risk jurisdictions. You can set up a multicurrency account with the Payment Service Provider (PSP), which will enable you to send payments anywhere in the world and receive payments from any country. Besides, you can add a cryptocurrency to your wallet and freely convert it into a fiat currency.

Corporate account in the payment system of Kazakhstan

The Kazakh payment system offers a wide range of banking products to international customers and our experts will gladly assist you in applying for its services. Please find more information about the financial products available to non-residents in different countries on other pages of our portal.

Characteristics of the Kazakh payment system

Corporate clients from various countries often have to spend a lot of time before they can find reliable channels for making payment in different currencies. We are offering a perfect solution to you: the international PSP that we are advertising here has an office in Kazakhstan and this fact makes it easier to obtain the services from the Fintech company.

Companies non-resident in Kazakhstan can open accounts with the PSP without sending their representatives to the country as accounts can be opened remotely. An account with the Kazakh payment system will let you make and receive payments to/ from various destinations.

The main qualities of the Kazakh PSP that deserve special attention:

  1. The company is licensed to provide financial services and its activities are regulated by Astana Financial Services Authority (Astana is the capital of Kazakhstan). 
  2. Citizens of almost any country can open accounts with the PSP from the comfort of their home.
  3. You can make and receive payments via banks or via electronic wallets.
  4. Each PSP’s client has an account with an IBAN, which makes it look exactly like an account with a traditional bank. The Kazakh payment system makes it possible to have different IBANs for accounts in different currencies.
  5. Transactions are made through SWIFT and SEPA systems. 
  6. You can order a pay card from the PSP if you want to.
  7. The payment system is integrated with a large cryptocurrency exchange platform, which will let you buy and sell cryptocurrencies.

The Kazakh PSP provides ‘all-in-one’ services: a payment account, money transactions, funds collection, payment processing, etc.

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If you are interested in setting up a bank account for your company in Europe or elsewhere, please book a free consultation with our experts.

Services that the Kazakh PSP offers

The Fintech company will service customers from almost any country of the world. The main financial instruments that will become available to you when you open an account there include the following ones:

  • SWIFT-transactions;  
  • Multicurrency IBANs;  
  • Instant currency exchange;  
  • Debit and prepaid cards;  
  • Remote account opening;  
  • Full control over your account;  
  • Full-fledged Internet banking;  
  • A blockchain module that enables you to send and receive cryptocurrencies and exchange them into fiat currencies.
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We would like to stress the fact that you can deal in crypto with the help of the Kazakh PSP that we are promoting. This opportunity is not available with some other payment systems.

Who can open an account with the Kazakh PSP

The Fintech company is open for cooperation with all sorts of businesses including companies engaged in IT, e-commerce, Forex trading, and gambling business. The PSP mainly services customers from the following jurisdictions:

  • Offshore-registered companies;
  • Companies registered in Europe, Asia, Middle and Far East.

When you set up an account with the payment system, a risk level is going to be assigned to your company. The PSP’s fees and tariffs will depend on the risk level:

  • Risk Level A – low risk. 
  • Risk Level В – medium risk.
  • Risk Level С – high risk.

In addition to the types of business activities that your company is engaged in, the jurisdiction of its registration will also matter. However, no jurisdiction can automatically serve as the basis for service denial. If you have an offshore company, Risk Level C is going to be assigned to you but you can use the financial services anyway. The same holds for companies working in the following areas: Forex, Crypto, Gaming, Pharma, Raw Materials, MSB/PSP, Precious Metals, Speculative Trading, and the like.

Restricted countries

Even though the Kazakh PSP is not overly demanding when it comes to taking clients onboard, there are three blacklisted jurisdictions anyway and a few greylisted ones. Companies registered in the blacklisted countries will not be able to obtain services from the PSP. Companies from those countries that are on the grey list will be assigned Risk Level C.

  • The black list of countries includes the following jurisdictions: Iran, North Korea, and Syria.
  • The grey list of countries includes, first of all, the countries that FATF monitors closely such as Seychelles, Mauritius, Malta, Cayman Islands, Cyprus, Georgia, Latvia, Vanuatu, Saint Vincent, and Dominica. Secondly, the Kazakh PSP has its own list of high-risk countries.

Application documents required for opening an account with the Kazakh PSP

We will gladly help you set up an account with the payment system in Kazakhstan if you supply the following documents to us:

The corporate documents such as Certificate of Incorporation, Memorandum and Articles of Association, Certificate of Incumbency, and Certificate of Good Standing, that have to carry the following information:

  • Company name (including former names if there were any);
  • Registration or company identification number;
  • Legal and actual address;
  • Types of company activities;
  • Corporate telephone number;
  • Registration date;
  • Registration location;
  • Company website address;
  • Extract from the Public Company Register carrying the following information:
    • Company legal address;
    • Names of company directors;
    • Names of company shareholders;
    • Main types of business activities;
  • A utility bill serving to confirm the company actual address;
  • License or deed;
  • Register of company shareholders;
  • Register of company directors;
  • Sources of wealth and operational funds:
    • Company bank account statement;
    • Contracts with clients;
    • Contracts with suppliers;
    • Invoices.

If the company has been registered only recently and you are unable to provide certificates of the sources of wealth, the Kazakh PSP will accept bank statements indicating the salaries of the company officers and any other financial certificates that you can provide.

Company beneficiary owner’s documents if the owner is a corporate entity

If the company that needs a corporate account in Kazakhstan is owned by a corporate entity (that is, by another company) rather than natural persons, the following documents need to be submitted:

  • Company constituent documents;
  • Extract from the Public Company Register carrying the following information:
    • Company legal address;
    • Directors of the beneficiary company;
    • Shareholders of the beneficiary company;
    • C&P, company clients’ list;  
    • Main types of business activities that the beneficiary company is engaged in.
  • Utility bills serving to confirm the beneficiary company actual address;
  • Register of beneficiary company shareholders.

Personal documents for company owners and directors:

  • A color passport copy; 
  • A utility bill serving to confirm the owner/ director’s residential address not more than three months old;
  • A résumé.

All application documents with the exception of the application forms need to be certified when you apply for opening a corporate account with the Kazakh PSP.

Please bear in mind that the payment system administration may request some additional documents when you apply for services. It can be related to their source of wealth check procedures or to the partners of your company. Besides, the PSP reserves the right to deny the client an opportunity to send payments to certain jurisdictions or to receive payments from there. 

Kazakh PSP’s fees, tariffs, and commissions

We can help you open an account with the payment system in Kazakhstan. The cost of our professional services is 2,999 EUR.

The amounts of fees and commissions that the Kazakh PSP charges depend on the risk level that has been assigned to the client company. Please see the tables below.

Kazakh PSP’s commissions and fees for A-level (low-risk) clients

Minimum deposit amount is 1,000 USD

Account opening and maintenance
Processing the application for account opening199 USD
Monthly maintenance fee30 USD
Incoming payments
Internal transactions0.25%
Incoming payment (SWIFT)49 USD + 0.55%
Incoming payment (BTC)0.25%
Outgoing payments
Internal transactions0.25%
Outgoing payment (SWIFT)49 USD + 1.25%
Outgoing payment (BTC)0.25%
Currency exchange operations
Currency conversion0.75%
BTC into FIAT (and reverse exchange)5%

Kazakh PSP’s commissions and fees for B-level (medium-risk) clients

Minimum deposit amount is 2,000 USD

Account opening and maintenance
Processing the application for account opening200 USD
Monthly maintenance fee55 USD
Incoming payments
Internal transactions0.55%
Incoming payment (SWIFT)49 USD + 1.25%
Incoming payment (BTC)0.25%
Outgoing payments
Internal transactions0.55%
Outgoing payment (SWIFT)49 USD + 2.25%
Outgoing payment (BTC)0.25%
Currency exchange operations
Currency conversion0.75%
BTC into FIAT (and reverse exchange)6.5%

Kazakh PSP’s commissions and fees for C-level (high-risk) clients

Minimum deposit amount is 5,000 USD

Account opening and maintenance
Processing the application for account opening499 USD
Monthly maintenance fee75 USD
Incoming payments
Internal transactions0.75%
Incoming payment (SWIFT)49 USD + 1.75%
Incoming payment (BTC)0.25%
Outgoing payments
Internal transactions0.75%
Outgoing payment (SWIFT)49 USD + 3.75%
Outgoing payment (BTC)0.25%
Currency exchange operations
Currency conversion0.75%
BTC into FIAT (and reverse exchange)8%

Additional services that Kazakh PSP provides to corporate clients 

Online bankingFree
Personal account manager
AML/KYC checks
Currency exchange0.75%
Letter of Recommendation49 USD
Bank statement49 USD
Cancellation of a SWIFT transaction49 USD
SWIFT transactions with OUR instructions49 USD
Deal verification49 USD
Annual payment processing fee99 USD
Account closure199 USD
Amendments to company UBO information199 USD
Inactive account service (fewer than 3 transactions)199 USD

Supplemental information about the Kazakh PSP’s tariffs

  • The account opening fee will be charged only once when the account is opened.
  • An additional fee of 250 USD is due if the transaction is made after 16:00.
  • An additional fee (15%-18%) is due for instant exchange of BTC into fiat currencies (and back) to compensate for the volatility risk.

If you have any questions about the terms and conditions that the Kazakh PSP puts forward, please do not hesitate to apply for our consultations. 

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The procedure of setting up an account with the Kazakh payment system: do it safely and remotely

  1. Apply for a consultation to find out if it is possible to open an account for your company with the Kazakh PSP.
  2. If it is, cover the cost of our services – 2 999 EUR.
  3. Supply a full package of application documents.
  4. We will launch the account opening procedure.
  5. As soon as the account is opened, you will have to sign in to it via an online application.

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