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Cost: from 7500 EUR


Offshore Business Registration in the TFZ, Tbilisi, Georgia: 3 Days

The worldwide offshore industry is undergoing yet another change, due to the pressure from the omnipresent FATF and other international initiatives promoting new agendas for the global financial system. However, there are still havens with benign tax regimes where clients can legally grow capital and move assets, enjoying the minimum or no accountability requirements. One of such retreats is the Tbilisi Free Industrial Zone (TFZ) in Georgia. It offers many incentives to investors. You can quickly and easily apply for your offshore business registration in the Tbilisi Free Zone (TFZ), Georgia, if you rely on our assistance. With our help, you will NOT have to travel to Tbilisi in person, book accommodation, buy air tickets, hire interpreters and legal translators, incur other expenses associated with an international trip.  Our competitive package deal will allow you to save a lot of time and minimize the overall costs. You will be able to discuss, order, monitor all the arrangements online, and receive all the papers within just 3 days.  

Establishment of a company in FIZ Tbilisi

Our offer of the offshore business registration in the TFZ, Tbilisi, Georgia, includes the following set of turn-key services:

  1. An online private consultation on the Tax Code in Georgia.
  2. The legal corporate address (the package price includes its retail value of €1500).
  3. An impeccable set of your application documents.
  4. The license.
  5. A corporate bank account.
  6. The notarized Articles of Incorporation and other relevant papers.

The online private consultation on the Tax Code in Georgia.

Georgia is a transportation node, conveniently linking the trade routes between East and West. Several years ago, it established 4 Free Industrial Zones to ensure merchants’ and manufacturers‘ access to Asian, Middle East, European, CIS markets. As a member of the WTO, it has Most Favored Nation trading relationships with all WTO member states. Georgia maintains comprehensive free trade regimes with the CIS, China, and Turkey. It enjoys preferential and duty-free treatment for thousands of items exported to the EU and the USA. The Government has concluded international trade agreements with many trading companies. The aim of this cooperation is to promote and leverage on the transport routes passing through the Georgian FIZs in Tbilisi, Kutaisi, and Poti

Georgia’s efforts, including the abolishment of most taxes and customs duties in its FIZs, are much appreciated by international investors. They get access to many perks after the offshore business registration in the Tbilisi Free Zone (TFZ), Georgia. They are free to use funds accumulated on the offshore corporate accounts in the Tbilisi FZ for any further development purposes. All the more so, they are exempt from the need to submit for the annual audit any financial statements or reports on their revenues.

As you know, there may be a gap between technical opportunities for new businesses and their practical implementation. No standard instruction is the cure for all issues that you may face in a foreign environment. That is why we treat each case as unique and offer client-specific arrangements. Therefore, a one-on-one discussion with our seasoned offshore market professional is a great aid in your sustainable strategic planning. 

During your online private session with our expert, you will receive comprehensive answers to any relevant question. You will understand how to use to the utmost the freedoms available to you after the offshore business registration in the TFZ, Tbilisi, Georgia. You will see the added value of our professional facilitation. And you will become more aware of all the benefits of offshore business registration in the TFZ, Tbilisi, Georgia that you should not miss. 

The main advantages of the taxation regime in the Tbilisi Free Zone (compared to the mainland Georgia) for companies selling their products abroad are as follows:

  • TFZ businesses are exempt from the Corporate Income Tax (while the standard rate in Georgia is 15%).
  • Dividends and interest paid by TFZ businesses are tax-free (while the standard rate in Georgia is 5%).
  • Trade between the TFZ businesses is VAT-free (while the VAT rate in Georgia is 18%).
  • No property tax (while its rate in Georgia is 1%).
  • No import tax on goods from other countries (which is in Georgia, up to 18%).
  • No export tax on goods to other countries (which is up to 18% in Georgia).

Please note that TFZ businesses are not responsible for the employees’ income tax, but are required to pay the Retirement Fund contributions and the import/export tax on goods traded with the mainland Georgia (4%). 

Besides, you should know that in May 2016, Georgia announced the creation of a register of beneficial owners of offshore companies. The recent important updates stipulated in the Law on Entrepreneurship n Georgia and the Law of Georgia on Public Registry include the data disclosure obligations and the publicity of the Registry. The Founders’ Agreement signed by all the founding partners of the new company needs to specify certain information on each partner. Nevertheless. only the data on partners/founders of a GP, LP, or LLC must be registered in the Registry. For updates regarding the JSC beneficial ownership data disclosure, please refer to our experts. 


Discuss the details with an expert

Check the list of required documents, and get the details of the process, terms, and costs.

Contact a consultant

Let’s talk via messenger

The set of your application documents. The license. 

During the online consultation on the remote offshore business registration in the Tbilisi Free Zone (TFZ), Georgia, our experts will discuss with you some meaningful questions and how to fill out the application form. After we receive from you the filled out form and the Power Of Attorney, our lawyers will need only 2 days to prepare documents and receive all permits.

The most common types of business structures in Georgia, are: LLC, JSC, IE, GP, LP, Coop. The list of documents required for offshore business registration in the TFZ, Tbilisi, Georgia, is basically the same as anywhere else. The application for the Free Zone preferential regime is to be attached to your registration portfolio. 

All companies incorporated in the Tbilisi FZ need to obtain a trade license. There are several types of licenses issued by the TFZ administrator (the retail prices are license-specific):

  • Special Trading License (restricted to 1 type of goods) – $4,000/year.
  • General Trading License (for 2 and more types of goods) – $8,000/year.
  • Special and General Service License – $4,000/year.

Notice blue

The above-mentioned special license fees are covered by the package price of our offshore business registration in the TFZ, Tbilisi, Georgia.

Here is the list of all the notarized documents that you will obtain from us as the deliveries of our package service:

  •  The Tbilisi Free Zone resident certificate.
  •  The Trading license.
  •  The Memorandum / Articles of Association of the company.
  •  The Transcript from the state register.
  •  The Minutes of the Board meeting.

Additionally, you will get a pleasant bonus – a free legal address, which you will not have to pay for during the entire life cycle of your company.

A corporate bank account.

When ordering your offshore business registration in the TFZ, Tbilisi, Georgia, you can rely on our promise to help you select a reputable bank that will best suit your needs.

Georgia has a two-tier banking system. The first tier is the National Bank of Georgia, and the second one features 17+ commercial banks.  Georgian banks are quite reliable, have ample liquidity, maintain banking secrecy. On top of that, Georgia has not yet signed an agreement on automatic exchange of information, and has clearly made it clear that it is not going to join the CRS (Common Reporting Standard) before 2023. 

Whether you are a resident or non-resident in Georgia, you can open a personal account in Georgia.

As for corporate accounts, please note that non-resident beneficial owners of Georgian companies (i.e., residents of other countries, including the EU member-states), cannot open corporate bank accounts in Georgia at the moment. For updates, you should refer to us at [email protected]

On the other hand, you can set up a corporate account for your company registered in Georgia with very many banks and payment systems abroad. It will take you at least 10 working days.

Notice blue

Please note, however, that we can help you obtain the resident status in Georgia. 

How can you order our package service of offshore business registration in the Tbilisi Free Zone (TFZ), Georgia?

With our help, your process of company incorporation will be very fast, safe, and simple: book a private consultation – issue the power of attorney or visit Georgia in person – compile the application set of documents under our guidance – submit them via us for registration at the House of Justice of Georgia – choose a corporate bank account we’ll open for you. We are ready to make it all accomplished in 3 days. The process will take the following 4 steps:

  1. Send us your request to our email address: [email protected]. Our manager will promptly contact you to discuss all the arrangements and details of your offshore business registration in the Tbilisi Free Zone (TFZ), Georgia. 
  2. Pay the package service fee for the remote offshore business registration in the TFZ, Tbilisi, Georgia. The price is from 7500 EUR. You can do this by a bank transfer or in the payment systems of PayPal, WebMoney, Western Union.
  3. Within 24 hours, our expert on the Georgian tax code will contact you and provide comprehensive information customized for your business needs, including recommendations on how to benefit from the Free Zone regime and minimize your costs of running your company. 

All most relevant nuances will be discussed with you during this session with the expert before we take our practical steps towards your offshore business registration in the TFZ, Tbilisi, Georgia. 

Please note: the topical consultation on the specifics of the Tax Code in Georgia can be paid for separately. The remaining sum of the package price will be invoiced by us later – after you have all your questions answered by us, and you have complete trust in the benefits of our unique turn-key offer.  

  1. After opening a corporate account with a foreign bank or payment system, you can start banking transactions. The notarized incorporation documents will be delivered to you by mail.  

What will you get as a result of the offshore business registration in the Tbilisi Free Zone (TFZ), Georgia?

By having an offshore company registered in the Tbilisi FZ, you will obtain the cost-effective vehicle for your assets management and growth in Georgia – the jurisdiction rated as one of the Top 10 countries (№ 3) in the World Bank Doing Business 2020 ranking

Our services will allow you to quickly get access to the following mix of privileges: 

  • the legal on-site support in the territory of Georgia
  • the tax exemption
  • the freedom to develop your business without any liability to file mandatory reports or financial statements 
  • the free legal address, valid for the entire life cycle of your company
  • a secure corporate account with access to online banking from anywhere in the world
  • expedited turn-key registration within 3 days.

You are welcome to contact us right now for more information at the email address or messengers given at the top of this page. 

It will take you only 4 easy steps to obtain the offshore business registration in the TFZ, Tbilisi, Georgia, join the successful local community of international companies, and have access to all the perks of the preferential free zone regime.  Just imagine: you are only 3 days away from becoming the owner of an offshore business in the Tbilisi Free Zone (TFZ), Georgia.

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